Good news and bad news

The bad news first, there has been a bit of a set back with the microchip plan. I actually have the chip now but when it came down to it the vet backed out. They were worried about getting into trouble which I totally understand, for them it’s not worth being unable to practice after seven years of training.

It’s a bit of a blow though, I was getting really excited about it because I knew it was happening soon, I’d even booked an appointment at Mistresses friends studio to get the paw print done over it but I’ve had to cancel that now until W/we can find someone else to implant it. I thought about just doing it ourselves, how hard can it be? but Mistress veto s that plan, She read up about it and the microchip can move inside you if it isn’t placed properly which wouldn’t be good.

The plan we decided upon was to put the chip in the top of my inner thigh with the paw print over it. I think that is a nicely intimate place for it. When I know more about when it will happen I will let you know, in the mean time Liz (aka painslutliz) has given me details of the company who made her brand and W/we may look into having one made to Mistresses design, I will keep you posted.

The good news? As you know I recently took my Mistress to meet my Mother and make the revelation that She was in fact my “girlfriend”. My lesbian status has always been a secret from my family and, up until recently, my friends.

The plan was to tell my Mother over the phone in advance so that it wouldn’t be so awkward when we were there, unfortunately that plan fell apart due to my cowardice! I completely chickened out and when we arrived at the house I was extremely nervous.

The house isn’t very big, only two bedrooms as my parents moved there after I went to university. The second room was mine because I still technically lived at home but in actual fact I only stayed there when I was on holidays from Uni, I never went back to live there afterwards because I wanted to live in London where I’d lived my whole life, I LOVE London!

Anyway, we would be staying together in my old room so we went and dumped our stuff and Mistress went for a shower and sent me off to break the news.

She took it well, I told her that “Kayleigh isn’t just my friend, she is my GIRLFRIEND, as in my partner”. My mother was like “oh, you mean you are together, romantically?” I said yes and then she just said “oh, ok then” and then that was it really! I feel a bit like it didn’t sink in properly, five minutes later Mistress was there being all sweet to my Mother and it was just like nothing had changed.

We went out for a meal that night, Mistress and my Mother (that sounds like a movie!) got on really well, it was weird for me sitting there while they talked about me like I wasn’t there.

Mistress managed to be respectful to my Mother without ever seeing to lose Her dominance, I don’t know if that’s just the way I saw it and was influenced by the fact that She is my Domme but it just felt like She as respectful and courteous but that it was clear She wasn’t going to be told what to do or bossed around. And my Mother, who is always bossy to me and had me running around doing errands for her didn’t ask Mistress to do anything except have another glass of wine!!

Anyway, so it went well and I feel really good now that She knows although I think there will be another talk any day now once she has fully processed the information. I’ll keep you posted on that too.

Two other posts are in the works by the way, the party post has stalled a little but WILL get finished eventually and a brief write up of my latest dice game is almost done so check back soon.

7 thoughts on “Good news and bad news

  1. techno555

    Hi Lois, thanks for this great post! I’m very happy to know you feel good now that your mother knows.. Anyway, I’m very curious to your further talk with your mother! Let me know again – THANX!

    • Lois


      Thank you for your message, I have messaged you on SF. Any advice you can give that would make my Mistress confident enough to do it would be great.

      Lo xx

  2. BB

    Well done telling your Mother, and good luck with the follow up sessions… Hopefully they won’t be too nerve wracking. It seems that within your readership there are many skills you might be able to use to fulfil your chip fantasy. The wisdom of crowds slightly modified I suppose.
    Enjoy tonights punishment.

  3. Onohara

    Congratulations on coming out to your mum! Here in Washington state (USA), voters passed a referendum legalizing same-sex marriage, so my partner of 18 years and I are very, very excited! Yesterday was the first time US voters anywhere had approved same-sex marriage; states that already had it got it through the courts or state legislature. The federal government still doesn’t recognize it, of course, and yes, I’m painfully aware that the US is behind a whole lot of other countries (including my other home country of Canada) in this regard. But we live *here*, so we’re pretty happy. When we actually get it done it’s likely my 88-y-o mother, who’s always managed to completely ignore my sexuality, will have a heart attack. C’est la vie.

    As for the microchip, it’s a pretty minor surgical procedure. My former mistress was a nurse and she could have done it easily. (In fact, I’m sure she would have if such things were around 20 years ago!) Anyone with reasonable medical training can probably advise your Mistress on placement, the procedure, aftercare, and what to watch for. Good luck!

  4. MrJ

    That is good news indeed!
    Especially everything you describe sounds so much like that everbody went her natural way – and that worked!

  5. IflyHG

    Glad coming out to your mum went well. I can’t begin to imagine the stress it caused you. My wife and I eloped and told both sets of parents a week later. I found that hard but that seems small potatoes compared to your revelation.

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