Perfect surprise


As you know I am currently in New York for work and have been here for about two months at this point. At first it was exciting, I love cities and this city in particular (it’s not the first time I’ve stayed here for work) but after this long of being on your own it just becomes lonely.

I talk to Mistress daily, obviously, and we have had some fun with the vibrating egg and plug that she sent back with me last time I was home. Those of you who follow me on Tumblr will have seen the effect she can have on me even from across the Atlantic.

The story behind that picture is that she had been torturing me with both plugs set to full for an hour and I was dripping wet and desperate to cum, that’s when I sent that snap to her, two hours later when I still wasn’t allowed to cum I was a drippy shaking mess begging for some relief that she never gave me, not that day anyway!

Anyway, last Friday night I was sitting in my apartment reading, dutifully plugged and waiting for Mistress to contact me, she had told me she would be unavailable for a few hours, when there was a knock at the door. No one has ever knocked at the door so it was a little bit of a surprise but I got up and went to open it.

I’m sure you’ve guessed who it was! I involuntarily burst into tears and they my arms around Mistress forgetting any pretence self-control and she hugged me back just as tightly until finally she pulled my arms from around her and led me back into the apartment.

That night we ate take away food, drank a couple of bottles of wine and had some amazing, passionate but fairly vanilla (for us!) sex and it was the happiest I’d been in weeks!

I won’t go into loads of detail about what we spent the weekend doing, we did a few of the touristy things together and quite a significant amount of shopping. Mistress had fun making me try on outfit after outfit until she found things she liked me in, I of course had no say in what I ended up buying!

The whole time we were out I was wearing both my vibrating egg and plug and she would set them off at random. At least it was random to me, to Mistress I’m quite certain each one was meticulously planned. For instance when I was paying for some items and talking to the checkout person and all of a sudden both vibes went to full speed. Or when I went to the bathroom in a restaurant and was just about to pee when the egg turned on!

One thing I really loved was walking around Manhattan hand in hand with Mistress, kissing her and hugging and no one batting an eyelid. We do walk around holding hands and things at home and most people don’t make any indication they have noticed but there are always a few second glances or whispered “look, they’re lesbians” comments, no one even noticed here. Another thing I love about big cities like New York and London.

Whilst I’ve been here I’ve obviously not played and have certainly not had any pain inflicted on me and Mistress doesn’t want my pain to start going backwards again so on Sunday she used some rope that she had bought and we found somewhere in the apartment where I could have my arms tied above my head.

She’d brought some toys with her and I happily took the ball gag into my mouth as I stood there naked, arms bound, helpless for my Mistress. She started with a flogger, warming the backs of my thighs, my ass, my breasts and finally, after ordering me to spread my legs, my pussy.

Once everywhere was nice and pink she took out her cane. Mistress has a black wooden cane that is her favourite, I’m not sure what type of wood it is but it is a long, smooth black wooden cane with no handle or anything, just a simple cane. She started on my ass with some firm, painful but not severe strikes spaced about an inch apart and then continued down the back of my thighs.

Each swat left a stinging red line where it hit and she gave me just enough time in between for the pain to register before the next one landed. After my rear was nicely marked she pushed her hand between my legs and found it as you would expect, very wet. She smiled, I blushed, then she put her other hand between her own legs and showed me her equally wet fingers before wiping them over my lips.

I watched her smiling eyes as used the cane to stripe my chest, being careful to strike both of them equally with each swat and causing a particularly wide-eyed squeal from me when she hit directly on my nipples and, with my piercings preventing the cane hitting any more flesh, my nipples exploded in pain.

Round two started on my ass again, this time she definitely upped the severity of the impacts and I had to bite down on the gag as I took the pain of each hit. The one which struck at the crease between my ass cheeks and thighs was particularly painful and very uncomfortable for a good few days afterwards. By the time she got back to my breasts she was really in her stride and I watched my drool soaked breasts as she raised angry red welts across them.

The pain was intense and when tears were flowing when she let me down and I fell into her arms. She took me to the bed, sitting me on the end and then pushing me down onto it. She stood back up and said “spread”. Obviously I knew what was coming and it took quite a bit of willpower to open my legs and watch as she lined up the cane and brought it down in a swift flick striking my pussy lip hard. I couldn’t keep my legs from shooting together as I screamed into the gag but she just waited patiently while I recovered my composure and opened them again. When my legs went together again after she caned my other pussy lip I could already feel them beginning to swell up.

She let me lay on the bed for a little while and then she unbuckled and removed my ball gag, quickly replacing it with a dildo gag. This gag has a small cock shaped mouth piece that goes fairly deep into my mouth and then it has a three strap harness that goes around my head. Protruding from the front is a large, thick dildo.

With it in place Mistress straddled my head and I could see there was no lube needed as I felt pressure in my mouth and watched her beautiful pussy open around the dildo and slide down until her lips touched mine. She fucked my face for at least ten minutes, slapping my hands whenever they wondered up her thighs until eventually she pushed deep onto the dildo until she was smothering me whilst her pussy pulsed on my face as she came.

When she removed the gag she reversed it so I could lick it clean before discarding it, my face was covered in her juices, my hair was wet with it and my mouth and nose were full of her taste and scent, it was amazing. She manoeuvred my body until we could slide our pussies together and then she began to grind into me slowly. She slapped my ass whenever I tried to reciprocate, she wanted to be in control and she made it last until I was begging her to let me cum, when she did it was explosive!

On the Monday we didn’t do much, there was an attempted terrorist attack in the city and it put us off travelling to far. Eventually we travelled to the airport together and I said a quite tearful goodbye before travelling back to my apartment which seemed emptier than ever.

The good news is that I am going home tomorrow and it looks like I won’t need to come back so yay!!

Finally, to everyone who took part in the present for my lovely friend HitMeHarrder, thank you. And to everyone that I didn’t manage to invite, my apologies!

Merry Christmas everyone xx

Immediate correction

One of the things that Mistress says I “let slide” whilst I was single is my discipline towards my Dominants and it is something she has concentrated training on. Usually this comes in the form of what she terms “immediate correction” although that can come in many forms, for example humiliation or…pain. 

A couple of weeks ago I was out shopping with Mistress, we were in a well known (in the UK) high street shop and She was looking at some clothes. I honestly can’t remember what I said to her now but it was some off-hand sarcastic comment at her expense. This is part of my personality, I can be very “cheeky” and often use sarcasm especially with my friends. I have to mentally keep this in check when speaking to Mistress especially when in public as she considers it highly inappropriate for me not to speak to her respectfully in public. 

I knew I’d slipped up as soon as I spoke, her demener changed from casually browsing clothes to focussing directly on me, she walked over and said “What did you say?”, I blushed and looked at my feet but she pushed my chin up with her finger and I repeated what I’d said. She told me to spread my legs which I did despite being conscious of other people being close to us, although the clothes racks hid us well. As I spread my legs slipped my skirt up a little and then with no warning kneed me in the pussy.

The combination of the unexpectedness of it and the pain buckled my knees and I basically fell into Mistress clutching my pussy with one hand, she hugged me and held me tight and stroked my hair for at least a couple of minutes until I was ready. She asked if I was ok and I nodded so she let me go and continued shopping, nothing more was said but my pussy throbbed for the rest of the shopping trip and I was respectful every time I spoke to Mistress. 



I don’t know if this happens to anyone else or if it’s just me but small ideas that I have just seem to escalate into these huge crazy plans!

A few weeks ago my Mistress and I were discussing various kinks over a bottle of wine, as you do, and I mentioned that I have been having thoughts about cuckolding or rather more accurately, cuckqueaning. For those that are unaware a cuckquean is a female who’s husband or partner sleeps with other people, it is basically the female version of a cuckold.

Mistress pressed me and I ended up revealing that I liked the idea of her forcing me to watch her have sex with a man and then forcing me to clean them up afterwards but never take an active part in pleasuring them or myself. This is most certainly psychological masochism on my part because I would not enjoy seeing her with someone else especially as she is 100% bisexual and I know she enjoys straight sex and only gave it up to be with me.

I don’t often voluntarily engage is this sort of psychological torture because I have struggled with it in the past but I feel so comfortable with Miss Fiona that it is something that has started to drift into my fantasies again after a long time.

Anyway, we discussed it at the time and then it wasn’t really mentioned again until yesterday when she announced that it would be happening this weekend. An old Dom friend of her’s is in the UK for a few days and he will be coming to visit us on Saturday. We discussed it at length and she reassured me that there are no romantic feelings between them and that he will be gone after the weekend, he simply enjoys sex, likes my Miss and agreed to take part in this scene. She assured me we wouldn’t go through with it if I wasn’t happy and I could safe word out of the scene at any time and it would stop so we agreed to go ahead with it.

However, whilst discussing the details of how it would happen, again over some wine, things escalated. Miss had been hoping that the chastity belt option would win the poll, in fact she voted for it herself, as I have been reluctant to wear it due to me really disliking it immensely and for some reason she has never really pushed the point, until now. She decided that as she would be otherwise engaged she wouldn’t be able to guarantee I wasn’t pleasuring myself whilst watching her and so I would wear my belt for the whole evening. Obviously I protested this because I hate wearing the belt so now I’m wearing it all weekend.

There was one other problem, tomorrow was the day we had put aside for my punishment, the punishment you chose of 655 needles being pushed into my breasts. Mistresses hated the asymmetry of having 327 in one and 328 in the other so she decided, with a large smile on her face I might add, that she would push 327 needles into each of my tits and then find somewhere “fun” to put the last one!

BoundHonestly my breasts aren’t that big, I wear a 30-32 C bra and I’m not even certain there is enough room for that many needles. Mistress intends to bind them tightly first which will make them more of a ball shape and may create a larger surface area where it is possible to push needles in. I’m quite excited to see what it is going to look like whilst quite petrified about how its going to feel to have that many needles in them, it will definitely be a first for me. I’ve spoken to a nurse (a friend who is also in the scene) and they said it will be safe as long as the needles aren’t too large a gauge but there will likely be significant bruising so I should plan on covering up for at least a week afterwards.

I’m not exactly sure what order everything will happen in, Miss will deal with those details, but I do know that my other duties for the evening include cooking and waitressesing. It’s going to be an interesting evening to say the least, I think I am looking forward to it and fearing it in equal measure and they usually turn out to be the best scenes so overall I think I’m excited!

Friends past and present


As I mentioned some people have expressed an interest in reading more about my normal life and quite often I mention people from my past in passing of in blog posts and people don’t know who they are. So, I thought it would be of interest to write about some of them.


About ten years ago I used to visit a very sadistic person called Tom, he had no interest in me as friend, partner or lover but he enjoyed playing with my body and did some quite creative and painful things to me. I haven’t been in touch with him in years.


She was my first real full time Domme and the person who help me realise that I liked girls, although that was probably as much for her benefit as mine. She was very dominant and very sadistic and I was really happy with her.

She is the person who had my pubic hair permanently removed, she had me tattooed (although I later had it removed) and she (forcibly) introduced me to inter-species sex!

In 2008 Joanne was offered a temporary position in Australia for six months which turned into a permanent position which was too good to refuse and that basically ended our relationship.

She took with her various videos of me that I’ve never seen and have completely lost control of but I trust her to keep them safe.


I’ve known Luke longer than anyone else I know in the BDSM lifestyle, he is a true friend and I trust him implicitly. He has no interest in me romantically, as far as I know, and we rarely spend time together socially (although it’s fun when we do) but we have played together on many occasions.

Luke is a really twisted sadist, extreme is his default and loves to push the bounds of what is acceptable even within this very liberal of communities.

He is the person who has been organising the fulfilment of my fantasies and is also the person who removed part of my clit hood and inserted an obscenely large ring through my clit piercing and soldered it shut.


When I was with Joanne she was very close friends with another Domme and that Domme had a sub, Hannah was that sub. Our Mistresses spent a lot of time together therefore we spent a lot of time together.

For the enjoyment of our dominants we pleasured each other and other people, we spent time sleeping in cages together, were left bound together and did everything that sister subs do together.

I lost touch with Hannah when Joanne and I split and when we got back in touch she was more of a switch and became more and more dominant as time went by. We played a little together but it never developed into anything more serious.

Hannah is now completely dominant and has her own sub and I spend time with them both socially quite often. Hannah has written a few posts on this blog and still has access to do so.


Kayleigh was my Domme for most of 2012, I was very close to her and was upset when it ended.

She is a wonderfully creative, clever and perverted person who seemed to love finding unique ways to torture me that did not involve physically punishment. That said she was also very adept at inflicting physically pain on me as well, although she always managed to do it in unexpected ways.

As well as dominating me in a sexual way Kayleigh controlled my wider life and I loved that too, by forcing me to do certain things she had a profound impact on my life. For example, she forced me to reveal my true sexuality to my friends and family and despite my fears they all accepted me and I loved her for that.

The time I spent with her was probably the most content time of my life.


I am no longer with Kayleigh, we split up in early December. I will continue to blog when I feel like I have something worth telling you about, at the moment I am just miserable and bad company. Thanks for your patience.

A long kiss goodnight

Embedded image permalink As those who follow me on Twitter may already have seen, I had a note waiting for me on the lounge door when I got home last Wednesday night. I read the note whilst listening to the person (people?) inside the room trying to be quite an for good measure I took a photo and tweeted it before heading upstairs as instructed in the note.

Removing my clothes took no time as all but I wanted to look good for my Mistress so I had a quick wash and then put some smoky black eye makeup on as quickly as I could, then I grabbed a black velvet blindfold from my box and went back down.

I knelt in front of the door, spread my knees a little and then put the blindfold on casting me into completely blackness, it is a very good blindfold. Then I knocked once on the door and quickly folded my arms behind my back in the way that Mistress likes, pushing my shoulders back and my breasts out.

Seconds later I heard the door open and then Mistress was next to me, I could smell Her scent and it immediately made me wet. She gently put my collar around my neck and then moved my freshly dyed blonde hair and fastened, then padlocked it at the back.

She moved back in front of me and roughly grabbed my nipple and said “Up”, She pulled on my pinched nipple as I got to my feet keeping my arms crossed behind my back and then I followed Her as she led me by the nipple into the room.

I could sense that there was at least one other person there and suddenly felt very self conscious of my nakedness, I’m pretty sure I was blushing. Mistress took me across the room by my increasingly sore nipple and then told me to stop and kneel. When I knelt down I could tell that there was someone else very close in front of me, and they didn’t smell like Mistress although I could tell they were female.

I heard someone leaving the room and then I felt a hand cup my right breast, a rough big hand, a mans hand. He gave my tit a squeeze and then pinched my nipple then did the same to the other one, then his hand went between my legs and I had to widen them a little to allow his large hand between them. I gasped as he twisted my tag, presumably to read it, and then he pushed a finger inside me.

He pulled his finger out almost immediately and then shouted “Your girl is really wet already!” to which I blushed madly, then I heard him suck my juices off his finger. I was so horny, the whole situation was turning me on and the brief penetration of my pussy just left me wanting more.

Mistress returned and crouched behind me, She gently unfolded my arms and then buckled a cuff to each wrist and locked them, then locked them together. Then She pulled my hair back into a tight pony tail and fastened it with a bobble. She pulled my hair back so tight that it was painful on my skull. Once she was done she bent around me and asked if I was OK, I nodded and She gave me a deeply passionate kiss that just left me even more horny and frustrated.

The guy spoke next, he said “OK, both of you kneel up” and when I obeyed I could sense the other person almost touching me they were so close. I sensed Mistress behind me just before She placed her hands either side of my head and gently tilted it left and pushed it forward, when my lips touched the ball gag I instinctively opened my mouth and took the ball into it.

This was apparently no ordinary ball gag though, as it slipped into my mouth my lips touched skin, I would have flinched away in surprise but Mistress held my head firm until She was sure I wouldn’t move and then buckled the gag around my head and locked it with a padlock.

I tried to move but I there was resistance from the gag when I did, I realised that the other girl was attached to the same gag somehow! We both instinctively tried to pull away but we couldn’t and we ended up almost falling over until Mistress and the Dom caught us and told us to stay still. It was good advice!

After a couple of minutes we managed to stay knelt up without assistance although it wasn’t very comfortable! Then Mistress and the Dom were there again, one on each side of us, Mistress pinch my left nipple and then applied a strong clamp to it, then simultaneously she tugged on the clamp and the Dom pinched my right nipple before attaching a clamp to that too. It took me all of five seconds to work out that painful clamps on my nips were attached to something similar on the other girls.

I could feel some drool start to form around my mouth by this point but I had no idea if it was mine or hers, or a mixture of both! They left us for at least 15 minutes, they were still in the room but they didn’t talk, I think they were just watching us as we tried to keep still. Every now and again one of us would sway a bit and pull on the others nipples which would cause us to wobble more and yank on each others mouth and nips until we got steady again. I’m sure it was very amusing to watch but my jaw was aching and my nipples were in agony!

Mistress spoke first, it was a simple order, walk backwards on your knees until you’re bent over. It was directed at both of us and I for one knew what it was intended to achieve.

I started to slowly move my knees backwards, one at a time and only an inch or so at a time. It didn’t take long for my and presumably the other girls nipples to be stretched out as far as they would go, the clamps were somewhat reluctant to let go of either of us and we were bent at around 45 degrees by the time I felt the left clamp start to move and then all of a sudden it pulled right off pinching all along my nipple as it went, it was an amazing pain that brought tears to my eyes and I loved it!

The second clamp pinged off my other nipple less than minute later leaving both of them burning in ageing and leaving the other girl with the clamps hanging from her tortured tits. We weren’t finished though, it took all of my strength not to fall over as the gag and our mouths took the strain of our new position. With our hands cuffed behind us we ended up in a doggy position but only held up by our knees and the gag.

It was an extremely uncomfortable position but we managed to maintain it and received a round of applause for our efforts.

I totally wasn’t expecting it when I heard a loud slap and the girl jolted into me and almost made us fall over, then I FELT a slap as a paddle hit my exposed ass and it was my turn to fall agains her. This continued for a further nineteen hits each by with time my ass was on fire, my pussy was soaking and there must have been a pool of our drool on the floor!

We were left alone for a little bit then, not long, just enough to get our composure back and then I sensed someone behind me again, then I felt the other girl start a little and knew we must be about to get the sane treatment.

My sodden pussy gave no resistance as it was invaded, I gasped into the gag as I was filled all the way and clenched my pussy around it like a horny slut. She pushed it deep into me until the straps pressed against my opening and then slowly, teasingly pulled it back out.

As She pushed it in a second time She took hold of my pony tail and pulled my head back, I could feel the same thing happening to the girl in front of me and it made me so horny. Our Dom(me)s fucked us hard while we “kissed” and it was amazing, I was coming within a couple of minutes but Mistress kept on fucking me until I came again.

I was covered in sweat and when Mistress pulled out of me I couldn’t hold myself up anymore, I collapsed onto my side bringing the other girl with me, the dominant s left us there.

A few minutes later I heard the clink of wine glasses and then I listened to Mistress and the Dom talking for nearly an hour whilst we continued to drool and juices that had coated my thighs dried.

Eventually Mistress got up and unlocked the gag, then unbuckled it and helped me release it from my severely aching jaw, then She told to kneel and I did so as best I could with my wrists still cuffed.

I listened as they both helped the other girl up, then she screamed like crazy when they obviously removed the clamps that I’d forgotten were still on her nipples! Eventually she was sorted out and they left.

When Mistress came back from seeing them out She removed my blindfold, it took a while for my eyes to adjust to the bright lights in the room. It looked completely normal except for the ball gag on the table and a wet patch on the floor.

She clipped a dog lead onto my collar and lead me to the bedroom where I thoroughly thanked Her for my earlier orgasms using only my tongue and my considerable skills with it!

I didn’t get my arms free until the next morning by which time my arms were aching badly, I thanked Her again when She released them, this time with my hands too.

I have asked Mistress who the people were but She will only say that they are “just some people I know”, I haven’t pushed Her on it though because She told me there was a video of the two of us and if I was “a good girl” I might get to see it.

Has anyone ever seen a gag like that? I found the picture on eBay, it is a really fun device, one day I hope to meet the girl that I spent all night kissing!

UPDATE: I wrote and posted this on my phone and it missed the ending off when I posted it. This is now the complete thing xxx more to come soon xxx

Good news and bad news

The bad news first, there has been a bit of a set back with the microchip plan. I actually have the chip now but when it came down to it the vet backed out. They were worried about getting into trouble which I totally understand, for them it’s not worth being unable to practice after seven years of training.

It’s a bit of a blow though, I was getting really excited about it because I knew it was happening soon, I’d even booked an appointment at Mistresses friends studio to get the paw print done over it but I’ve had to cancel that now until W/we can find someone else to implant it. I thought about just doing it ourselves, how hard can it be? but Mistress veto s that plan, She read up about it and the microchip can move inside you if it isn’t placed properly which wouldn’t be good.

The plan we decided upon was to put the chip in the top of my inner thigh with the paw print over it. I think that is a nicely intimate place for it. When I know more about when it will happen I will let you know, in the mean time Liz (aka painslutliz) has given me details of the company who made her brand and W/we may look into having one made to Mistresses design, I will keep you posted.

The good news? As you know I recently took my Mistress to meet my Mother and make the revelation that She was in fact my “girlfriend”. My lesbian status has always been a secret from my family and, up until recently, my friends.

The plan was to tell my Mother over the phone in advance so that it wouldn’t be so awkward when we were there, unfortunately that plan fell apart due to my cowardice! I completely chickened out and when we arrived at the house I was extremely nervous.

The house isn’t very big, only two bedrooms as my parents moved there after I went to university. The second room was mine because I still technically lived at home but in actual fact I only stayed there when I was on holidays from Uni, I never went back to live there afterwards because I wanted to live in London where I’d lived my whole life, I LOVE London!

Anyway, we would be staying together in my old room so we went and dumped our stuff and Mistress went for a shower and sent me off to break the news.

She took it well, I told her that “Kayleigh isn’t just my friend, she is my GIRLFRIEND, as in my partner”. My mother was like “oh, you mean you are together, romantically?” I said yes and then she just said “oh, ok then” and then that was it really! I feel a bit like it didn’t sink in properly, five minutes later Mistress was there being all sweet to my Mother and it was just like nothing had changed.

We went out for a meal that night, Mistress and my Mother (that sounds like a movie!) got on really well, it was weird for me sitting there while they talked about me like I wasn’t there.

Mistress managed to be respectful to my Mother without ever seeing to lose Her dominance, I don’t know if that’s just the way I saw it and was influenced by the fact that She is my Domme but it just felt like She as respectful and courteous but that it was clear She wasn’t going to be told what to do or bossed around. And my Mother, who is always bossy to me and had me running around doing errands for her didn’t ask Mistress to do anything except have another glass of wine!!

Anyway, so it went well and I feel really good now that She knows although I think there will be another talk any day now once she has fully processed the information. I’ll keep you posted on that too.

Two other posts are in the works by the way, the party post has stalled a little but WILL get finished eventually and a brief write up of my latest dice game is almost done so check back soon.

What I’m up to

So it was suggested that I post about my “normal” life, I’m not sure if anyone will really care to be honest but here goes!

As some/most of you know I am a solicitor, I work for a medium sized firm who’s clients are all around the country. I have a small team that I manage who look after a large client in various legal matters which I won’t go into. Not because its a secret just because you’ll get bored!

I often have to travel to the clients premises so I spend a lot of time sat on trains (my preferred mode of transport). Today I have been near Liverpool and I am currently travelling home, tomorrow I will be going to Leeds and then on Thursday ill be in the City. Happily I’m working from home on Friday so I get to relax and catch up on paperwork.

It is all this travelling about that takes up so much of my time and prevents me from seeing Mistress as much as I’d like. That said She is extremely busy at the moment too.

I left home at 5am this morning and ill be home at about 10pm. Tomorrow isn’t as bad though, I should be home for 7pm.

It’s not a work and no play though. Sometimes When Mistress knows I am travelling She will set me a task to do. Something along the lines of “send me a picture of your left nipple with my name written on it within five minutes”. It can be good fun although not always easy, not all the trains I go on have bathrooms!!

Sometimes She makes it into a bit of a game, it I fail in the first task by taking too long then She’ll set me another more difficult one. I always have to complete them even if I break the time limit but if I have any unfinished when I get off the train I get punished.

Speaking of punishments, Mistress has managed to find a pain that I really do not like and has used it several times as a punishment and threatened it several times to keep me in order. She discovered that I really hate having my back caned.

I don’t know what it is about it but the pain it gives me just makes me feel really uncomfortable, I don’t know how else to describe it. Normally when I’m in pain I want it to stop because that’s just your body and minds natural instinct kicking in but at the same time, for me, I really want it to continue and increase. It’s another thing that is hard to explain really and I’ve never been very good at explaining how it feels. Anyway I don’t get that with pain on my back, it’s like the opposite of an erogenous zone whatever that is, when she canes mu back I just want it to stop, full stop.

I don’t know if this is new for me or if its just never really come up before but now that Mistress knows about it She is quite happy to use it to fill effect. Before Her only weapons were the chastity belt and a total ban on anything sexual, both of which get me into line pretty quick as my sex drive can’t take celibacy for very long, nowadays she has something else in Her arsenal and I honestly don’t know if it is better or worse than the others!

That kind of went off on a tangent I didn’t expect! I’m a little bit wet now and I think the girl next to me was just reading what I was writing, I can’t tell if she likes it or not though!

So that was a bit about me and my life, I hope you found it at least mildly interesting. If you have any ideas for train tasks feel free to put them in the comments and ill make sure Mistress gets them.

Also, if you were good enough to read this far into a none BDSM related post then you get the chance to set my next dice game task (click the link at the top if you need more info). The first set of numbers on THIS posts comments will be my next dice game challenge.



I was in the cage, alone, in the dark, all night, Mistress finally turned up, naked, and let me out at around 10am on Sunday by which time all my joints were aching and seized up and my nipple and pussy lips were totally numb but sort of throbbing, it was a weird sensation.

I can’t remember the last time I have been clamped for so long, especially with such strong clamps. I don’t know how many of you have had binder clips attached to your more sensitive areas but let me tell you those things are STRONG! and it hurts like crazy when they are put on, they really crush the flesh and pinch something rotten!

Once She let me out of the cage She left my hands cuffed and took me over to the bed, once I was laid on my back She knelt over my head, facing my feet, and then lowered Her wet pussy onto my face so that I could “thank” Her properly.

Whilst I was thanking Her, She very slowly removed each of the clamps. She started with my nipples, first one then the other, it was total agony as the blood rushed back into them and She rubbed them between Her fingers but I loved it and She loved me moaning into her.  Once my nips were free She leant over pushing Her pussy harder into my face, then She took a clamp in each hand and pulled them stretching my lips away from my body. She pulled them taut and then released both clamps at once and I half scream half moaned into Her pussy as I felt the blood pulsing once again through my swollen cunt lips.

I was very wet and I got a real treat, whilst She continued to grind her pussy into my face, She held my lips apart and began sucking on my clit. This was a massive surprise to me as She never goes down on my, She pleasures me in plenty of other ways but never like this. I was coming within sixty seconds and then I made Her cum as well, all over my face and She tasted delicious.

Later on I asked Her why She had put me in the cage, She simply said “because I can”, so that was that!

Locked up

Here I was, minding my own business catching up on watching The Walking Dead when Mistress turns up out of the blue.

No “hello”, She just tells me to follow Her and leads me into the bedroom, then into my closet. I think I’ve mentioned this before, I have a sort of walk in wardrobe but that makes it sound a lot fancier than it is! Anyway, in the closet she tells me to take my clothes off whilst she rummages in my toy chest, she hands me cuffs and tells me to put them on, wrists first and then ankles.

Then she pulls out some binder clips, one goes onto each nipple and the I spread my legs and she decorates each of my pussy lips with one too. Lastly she tells me to “open wide” and in goes a ball gag which gets fastened behind my head.

Then she tells me to get in my cage which I do as gracefully as is possible, backing myself in so that I’m not facing a wall. She bends down and kisses my gag and then puts a padlock through the d-rings on my wrist cuffs and locks it. She takes my phone out of my jeans and hands it to me then shuts the cage and puts a padlock through it.

The last thing She says is “I’ll see you later” and then She closes the door throwing me into darkness and then I hear the key turn in it and then nothing.

I’ve been here for about two and a half hours now. I’ve no idea what I did to deserve this, my nips and lips are somewhere in between agony and numbness, it’s hard to describe! I’ll let you know if Mistress turns up any time soon.