Archive – My Preston Trip

This is an old post from my previous blog that I have recently recovered some of thanks to LondonTrainer.

On the 5th January 2009 I posted the report of my trip to Preston on the orders of Mistress Jo, here is that report.

I left my front door just after 7:30 am and put my house key under a stone next to the path, as per my instructions I wouldn’t be taking anything with me other than the skimpy clothes on my back!
The day before I had been to a fairly seedy sex shop that I know of to purchase a black leather thong and bra set, they were fairly cheap so I looked evey bit the slut when I tried them on. The short black skirt and virtually see-thru blouse that now covered them did nothing to improve the look and my knee high boots only served as the icing on the cake so to speak!

The 29th November was a fairly chilly day and the wind just made it worse, certainly not the weather for my outfit so I nearly froze to death walking to the tube station. After two stops of guys tying to look up my skirt on the tube I got off at Euston and made my way to the ticket counter to collect my tickets.

The girl at the counter looked at me like I was dirt when she handed me the First Class ticket, oh yes Mistress has a sense of humour! I found my seat and sat down, I was first in and nearly every pasenger that entered after gawped at me while I cringed and blushed and dampened my leather thong!

The next five hours was fairly uneventful except for the repeated stares of the male occupents when they thought I wasnt looking or was asleep! We arrived at Preston just before 1:30pm and I was the first off the train, desperate to stretch my legs. I headed up the steps, fully aware that everyone behind would be examining my leather underwear, and accross the bridge to the side exit. As soon as I walked out I saw the car waiting for me, a Silver Astra registration number PO53 VHT as Mistress had said.

I walked towards the car making sure not to look inside as my orders were not to look at the driver. I could almost feel his eyes burning into me as I walked past the passenger window, opened the back door and climbed in, as I shut the door I immediately led down on my side accross the back seat so that I could only see the back of the drivers seat. I had barely led down when the car pulled away without a word.

We drove for about ten minutes and then pulled in somewhere, I could not see out of the windows to see where. The driver got out and I heard him rummaging in the boot (thats the trunk to our US friends!) then he dissappeared for a while, when he returned the door by my feet opened and a dog jumped in (I’m not sure what breed it was!) before the door was shut and we continued on our way.

After another five minutes we parked up again, the dog was retrieved from the door by my feet and then the door above my head was opened, he wasted no time in grabbing a handful of my hair and yanking me out by it, I tried to scramble out to relieve the pain in my head but ended up being dragged and falling in a heap outside the door.

I was in a small car park with only one other car in it, there were lots of trees around and a couple of paths leading away, it looked as though I was at a dog walking area. I tried to get up off my knees but he maintained his grip on my hair and kept me where I was, he hocked up a gob of spit from his throat and I thought I was going to get spat on but instead it landed on the floor in front of me. As soon as he opened his mouth I knew who it was, I’d never forget the voice of the only man I had ever been prostituted to!

“Clean that up” he said, I looked at the slimey greenish mess on the floor for slightly too long and got a yank of the hair and the command repeated. I reluctantly bent my head down, stuck out my tongue and scooped up the mess from the tarmac with it, the taste was disgusting so I just swallowed it quickly at the same time realising that this disgusting, degrading act was creating a warmth in my groin that I loved.

He made me give the tarmac another couple of licks to make sure it was “clean” before allowing me to my feet, I looked him in the eye for the first time and he had a huge grin on his face, he was loving his work! We set off down one of the paths, him and the dog in front, me walking slightly behind. We walked for another few minutes in silence which gave me chance to wonder what we were doing here, I suspected we would be heading into the trees so that his dog could mate with his whore, but I was wrong!

He let the dog off its lead and after running about a bit it went over to a tree, cocked its leg and out poured a stream of hot dog piss that pooled on the floor. The guy grabbed my hair again and led me over to the tree, I knew what was coming, he pushed me down onto my knees and then carried on pushing my head down until my nose was almost in the liquid, then he gave the order, “Clean that up as well”.

I could immediately taste the acrid flavour of the dog urine when I took my first lick, it tasted foul! As I began to lap at the pool he lifted my skirt and I felt a knife slide under the crotch of my leather thong, it must have been sharp because it sliced through the cheap material like butter and I felt the cold air on my moist slit. I felt intense shame as his fingers found that the vile act that he was making me perform was only making me wetter.

He roughly finger fucked my hole until the piss pool was dry, he still had excessivly long finger nails and I could feel them scratching around inside me. I was getting pretty horny when he pulled his four fingers out and took another handful of my hair (really sore head by now!) and dragged me back to my feet, this time I would be walking in front of him and he would be keeping a tight hold!!

We walked for another few minutes but he still didn’t say anything, definately not one for talking this guy! A yank on my hair stopped me and a quick look around revealed the reason why, the dog was having a shit. I have to admit, I started to panic a little bit here, I’ve heard that dog shit is toxic to humans but I doubted that it would have mattered to this guy! The dog finished its business and I was once again forced to my knees in front of it and my head was pushed to within an inch of the stinking pile.

I waited for the command to come but instead he buried the fingers of his free hand inside me and renewed his assault on my cunt. It didn’t take long before I was panting and he knew I was ready to cum, he released my hair and instead put his foot against the back of my head. I realised what was happening just in time and turned my head enough that when he pushed down it was my cheek that went into the pile of shit rather than my nose and mouth. By the time the brown stuff was coating my face I was already too far gone to stop, I tried to keep my mouth shut as I came all over his fingers with my face buried in the dogs mess.

Once he was satisfied I was done he pulled his fingers out and removed his foot from my head, he allowed me to get up on my own which I did slowly, my legs were slightly wobbly from the orgasm. When I turned to look at him he had a massive grin on his face, he said “What kind of sick bitch can cum with her face buried in dog shit?” then laughed and beckoned me to follow him.

We got back to the car and he told me to get in the back, the dog got in next to me and he got in the front. I looked in the mirror and shed a few tears of shame as I saw the light brown shit smeared down the side of my face and chin, I felt humiliated, degraded, all the things that make me horny, and I still was!

The drive back to his house was short, we drove straight down the side and into a garage at the back. He got the four legged dog out first and then the two legged one (me!). He took me around the back of the house and made me stand against a wall, then he got a power hose out and began to clean me with a powerful, painful jet of freezing cold water. He cleaned the shit off my face first and then ordered me to undress while he continued to assault me with the spray, I had to hold my hands behind my back while he battered my tits and then spread my legs so he could “clean my dirty hole” with a close up blast.

Once he was done I was dripping and freezing, but at least the shit was off me. He gathered my clothes and led me in through the back door by my hair, we passed by the microwave and I saw that it had just past 3pm, time flies when you’re having fun!! We entered the lounge and a hard shove sent me sprawling onto the sofa.

He left me alone for a few minutes giving me chance to compose myself a little and warm up, my body was striped with red lines from the power hose and my pussy was sore but other than that I was in good shape, physically at least. I tried to push from my mind the fact that I had been able to cum in that situation but secretly I knew it hadnt really been a surprise!

When he came back in he got me down on the floor on all fours and then sat down on the sofa, his orders were to take out his cock and “pleasure” him with my mouth. I obayed as sensually as I could but as soon as his cock passed my lips he took a handful of my hair and took control of the thrusting, my face was merely a hole to fill. His pulling and pushing of my head became more rapid and at the same time he began smacking my ass with what felt like a cane.

The face fuck continued for a few minutes as he tried to force his cock deeper and deeper into the back of my throat causing me to gag and drool a lot! My ass was really stinging by now, I had worked out that it was in fact a length of electrical cord that was marking my ass and every now and again he would catch the top of my thighs as well which made me jump further onto his cock.

I was just beginning to taste pre-cum when he stopped the whipping and pulled me off his cock, he pushed me away and left the room again.

When he returned he had some tools with him, he laid them on the table and ordered me to sit on the sofa, I obeyed and he roughly pushed my legs apart until they wouldnt go any further, then he produced a dildo which slipped easily into my pussy. He then handed me a scarf and told me to blindfold myself. He began to thrust the dildo in and out of me as I tied the scarf around my head. Once he was satisifed I couldnt see the thrusting stopped and he suddenly grabbed my nipple in a pinch, I felt metal against it and then metal teeth bit into my tit and I heard the ratchet of the pliers as they tightened onto my tit meat. He let go of the heavy pliers and they yanked my tit and then hung there stretching my tender flesh. The other tit got the same treatment and then the thrusting began again, only this time with a large dildo.

He continued to fuck me with the dildo for about another fifteen minutes, periodically switching for a larger dildo as I got wetter, he was stretching me! The final dildo was really painful but he was “persuasive” enough to get it in me, it wasn’t what he had been working up to though!

Last time he had hired me he had failed to fist me, this time he had obviously made it his challenge! He removed the last dildo and I could feel my hole gaping and knew it would probably never be the same again, he began with his hand outstretched pushing as hard as he could, it felt like he was ripping my cunt apart, after about five minutes of consant pressure and ordering me to push back against him he stopped pushing for a second and then rammed his hand forward, it was agonising as my stretched lips accomodated his hand, he worked his hand slowly in and out of me.

He got bored of this quite quickly though and showly pulled his hand out, he held it up to me soaked in my own juices and balled it into a fist. He began with the knuckle of his index finger quickly getting all of his knuckles in and leaving only his thumb to get in, he pushed and punched his fist as hard as he could and then all of a sudden with an agonising last push my hole gave way and his fist penetrated me, he was very pleased with himself, I had tears in my eyes.

It honestly felt like he had forced a bowling ball into me and I feared I would be permanentally damaged, but to be honest it felt great! All the bouncing up and down had caused the improvised nipple clamps to pull savagely at my tits as well, I was in pure pain bliss!

He slowly started to thrust with his fist but at the same time he grabbed a pair of small pliers and used them to grab hold of my clit and clit hood, as he thrust in and out of my obscene slit he began to twist and pull on my clit with the pliers, I came after about thirty seconds!

My cumming wasnt his que to stop though, he fist fucked me for a further ten minutes whist doing his best to remove my clit with the pliers, I put my hands behind my head and enjoyed multiple orgasms.

Once he was finished he pulled his fist out as hard as he could, another agony moment for my abused fuck hole! Hair pulling time again, he grabbed a handful and led me upstairs, the heavy pliers were still hanging from my tits and as I stumbed on the stairs they got twsited and knocked, my tits were getting a good beating without him having to do a thing!

He got me onto the bed and bent me over the rail at the end of it so I was on my knees on the bed with my tits, and the pliers, hanging off the end. I felt my ass cheeks pulled apart and then he hocked up some more spit and scored a direct hit on my asshole, lubricant! He wasted no time, his cock was hard as steel and he plunged it straight into my rear fuck hole. He began to thrust and the pliers began to sway, swinging on my crushed nipples, it didnt last long though, with all the excitement he was spurting his load up inside my ass in no time!

He stayed inside me and played with my nipple jewelery until he went limp, then he left me where I was and went for a shower. I didnt know what I was supposed to do so I just stayed were I was, I soon felt the cum start to seep out of my ass and down into my still gaping pussy. I checked my pussy and found I could still push most of my small hand into it without trying!

He returned from his shower fully dressed, he grabbed me by the hair again and led me downstairs, outside and into the back seat of the car. As we pulled out of the drive I really hoped I would get my clothes back before I boarded the train!, I also hoped he wanted his pliers back!

We pulled into the drop off point of the train station, where I had been picked up but further back then everyone else. He threw my clothes back to me minus the thong (predictable!!) and told me to get dressed but leave my blouse open and the clamps on. I did as I was told trying to stay as low as possible so people couldnt see me. Once I’d got my boots, skirt, bra (pulled down) and blouse (unbuttoned) on he told me to lean forward between the seats, he handed me thirty pounds, thanked me for being a “sicko twisted whore” and said he’d see me again soon, then he yanked both of the clamps off my tits!

Tears welled in my eyes as small drops of blood formed on cuts on my nipples, he told me to get out in no uncertain terms! I pulled up my bra, buttoned up my blouse and got out of the car. He handed me my ticket through the window and drove off.

I dumped my earnings in a buskers guitar case and boarded the train, no first class this time! The long boring journey back was uneventful, plenty of blokes leared at me in my slutty clothes not knowing that my cunt was probably no use to anyone anymore, my ass was leaking another mans cum and my bruised tits were leaking blood. Not to mention the fact that I managed to cum with my face buried in dog shit!

I went through various emotions while contemplating my days “work”, shame, humilaition, horniness! In the end I came to the conclusion that I am what I am and I’ll probably return to Preston again to be abused, and I’ll probably enjoy it….again!


After a month of pelvic floor exercises my hole has returned to a more normal size, its not the same as it was but at least I can still pleasure a “customer” with it!


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