Ask Me Anything!

I don’t know if this will work, I don’t know if anyone is interested in asking me questions or is interested in my answers. I guess if you have found your way here then you are interested though.

So this is a place where you can ask me anything and I will do my very best to answer quickly, fully and honestly.

There are a couple of very minor restrictions on this, I won’t give away things like my address or anything that could lead people to me in real life, someone finding me in the street would be my worse nightmare come true!

Otherwise there are no restrictions on what you can ask me, no matter how personal I will endeavour to satisfy the question.

This idea just come to me this morning as a way to interact with people who read my blog a bit more, I love talking to readers, it is actually one of the reasons I started my original blog and it is still one of the main reasons I write it today.

So there you go, ask away! Just start a fresh comment for each question rather than replying to another and I will use the replies to answer them.

Lo xx

244 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything!

  1. ghost

    you had a Japanese rope bondage post that i found very good . i have a friend that i would liketo read it so it can be repeater in part or full with any luck on me . i look forward to more post .

  2. NB

    So what went wrong? Did you fuck up somehow? Were you discarded for a better slave? Did you walk away needing more than she did? I dont do sympathy very well as I believe break ups, if they happen, happen for a good reason such as incompatibility. So I dont ever let a break up burn inside, I just have positive thoughts about the next lucky person to know me.

    • Lois

      I just googled “define: orgy” to see what it said (that’s not one for googling at work!), it was a lot tamer than I thought and based on that yes I have. I’ve been to several parties with lots of alcohol and sex.

      I would have defined it as a big group sex type scenario which I haven’t really done, not that I can remember anyway!

    • Lois

      Yes I do, but because of my career and my lifestyle I can’t really exercise that part of my personality as it would jeopardise my career and my friendships etc.

      The reason I enjoy it is not the traditional one though, I don’t enjoy showing off and having people watching me. I enjoy it because it makes me feel ashamed and humiliated which is what I enjoy! I am a blusher, I blush madly whenever I am overly exposed!

      • Sasha Taylor

        That’s exactly what I thought. I guess you could actually do it without jeopardising your career. Humiliation and as you mention, if you’re a blusher, that certainly is what makes a perfect combination.

        Having mentioned that I have a task for you. You could either try it with during work time, or even outside work time, No pantie day. This would ideally be the during the days of your periods. But even outside those days, the cold weather would take effect and would give you the sensation, not to mention the occasional sneak peek your colleagues or for that matter anyone could get . It would make you blush, wouldn’t it ?

        You would be surprised to hear the number of women in London who would be not wearing panties today ! 🙂

        • Lois

          Thanks for the message, I’ve actually added a new page to the menu at the top as a place to set me tasks if that is what you want to do.

          As for a day without underwear though, I’ve done that so many times it isn’t really a challenge anymore 😉

  3. Steve

    I once gave you a task but you never got round to it. Will you now accept tasks/challenges however painful and report in full after? 🙂 x

    • Lois

      I will accept tasks, as I did with Dante’s task and I do intend to put a page up where you can post them.

      However, what I will not do is commit to completing the tasks or reporting on them to any specific timescales. I am very busy and can only do these things when I can fit them in and writing them up also take a long time. I am and will be grateful for good tasks to complete but I will only do them and report on them as and when I can. I can’t say fairer than that can I?

    • Lois

      Disappointingly, no I haven’t. I ordered those things because I wanted that to happen, I was excited by the prospect of being sewn up and left like that for days or a week. I have many chastity fantasies, that’s why I bought my neosteel belt.

      I have however been sealed up using superglue on more than one occasion, not quite as painful as being sewn up but still a very odd sensation and a lot harder to reverse than the stitches option!

      • wt

        Did you ever get sewn closed? I was involved in a scene doing just that in Leeds earlier this year and the subenjoyed herself immensely, I’d strongly recommend it if you haven’t.

        (And if you have I’ll read about it soon, I read your blog regularly for years, then seem to have missed the last 4 years)

        • Lois

          No I still have never had this done although I’ve had my lips super glued together on more than one occasion. I’d still like to try this although maybe when my pain threshold has increased again!

    • Lois

      No no, it’s still there. I think I “owe” some tasks on it actually don’t I? I’ve been thinking about “refreshing” the options, maybe making them a bit more difficult 😉

    • Lois

      Wow, that’s a blast from the past! You must have been reading a long time!! I think it was 2006 when I was playing with him. We lost touch a long time ago, I’ve got no idea what he is up to these days unfortunately.

        • Lois

          It was fun while it lasted but we drifted apart. We were never “together”, we just played together a bit. A lot has changed since then, for instance I know my sexuality now whereas I was still very confused about it back then. He taught me a lot though and we had fun together.

  4. Skin

    Have you ever been branded, and have you ever been involved in water games and/or scat? Also what is the most humiliating thing you were ever asked/forced to do? Cheers.

    • Lois

      That is several questions! Is that cheating? I’m not sure.

      No I haven’t been branded although I would definitely like to be, especially after seeing how Liz’s have turned out (see links on left). If I got one though I’d want the brand and the position of it to be chosen by someone else so it would have to be someone I trusted a lot and there just isn’t anyone like that in my life at the moment.

      I have been involved in both water games and scat, I don’t mind water games so much as the humiliation of it is a turn on. To a certain degree the same could be said about scat and if I happen to be in the right mood it can be a turn on but mostly I just think it’s gross to be honest. I done “like” doing either but I like being forced to do it.

      The most humiliating thing I have ever been forced to do, that’s a tough one. I’ve been forced to do some pretty bad things but I think getting mated by a dog in front of several strangers probably takes that crown even though it was a long time ago now. I didn’t know about it or agree to it, I was an owned slave at the time so I didn’t get a choice, and it was just a surreal and shocking experience. I felt a lot of shame and humiliation about it, especially as it made me cum!

  5. Beth

    You’re 5’10” and I assume you wear heels. Don’t you get mistaken for a Domme (or at least get propositioned to be one) simply because of your height?

  6. Tom

    Has anyone ever given you a uretheral sounding / uretheral fingering / started to stretch out your urethera? For some reason, I’ve developed an interest in it recently…

    How’s the uncollared life treating you? Are you at a point yet where you’re looking for something formal once more to give you the framework you need to take full (iMho) advantage of your slavish personality?

    Take care,

    • Lois

      I played with this a little but not too much really, I’d worry about losing my bladder control messing around with that too much. I’d probably let someone if they wanted to try it though! lol

      I am fine with uncollared life for the moment, not looking for another relationship as they never seem to work out and I am generally left devastated at the end of it.

      I’m not sure I have a “slavish personality”, whilst I am very submissive I still enjoy living my own life and do not crave to be controlled 24/7.

    • Lois

      Yes I’ve done that a few times but not for a long time now. It is so painful but the rush is amazing!

      One time I had a tens unit attached to the skewers, that is a truly unique sensation!

    • Lois

      I wrote abut 700 words of the post at the time but never got around to finishing it, in fact it is still in my drafts. At this point I don’t think I will finish it, it’s been too long and I’m not really “there yet” to write about things that happened with Kayleigh before we broke up.

      If people are interested I can post the 700 words, I hadn’t got up to any of the fun parts though so it might not be that good of a read!

      Lo xx

  7. ghost798

    i would be great to hear about it .i was hoping to read all about the hole thing . if you don’t want to post it i could give you my email to get copy to read .

    • Lois

      It’s not that I don’t want to post about it, it’s that I don’t want to write about it!

      There will be a good post soon which will hopefully satisfy you!

  8. Mac

    First of all, thanks a bunch for the blog – well written and the ‘fun parts’ are a big turn on.

    Now the question; who do you read aside from Liz? Sorry to break your heart, but I occasionally read the competition and am looking to expand my reading horizons (though thus far I’m afraid I’ve come across more dross than anything else).

    And finally good day; Good day!

    • Lois

      Haha, Liz isn’t my competition, I love reading her blog! To be honest though that is the only one I read on a regular basis.

      It’s not that I haven’t read other good blogs, there are plenty out there but I don’t have that much spare time to be honest.

      Anyway, thanks for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy Liz’s too!

  9. JohnD

    Hi Lois, I love your blog. I was wondering what is the most number of men you’ve been with? If more than one have you ever been spit roasted, dp’d or air-tighted?

    • Lois

      I’ve never even heard of being “air-tighted”! I’ve been spit roasted as per a recent blog post and I’ve been dp’d (as in anal and vaginal at the same time, not two in one hole!) ages ago. Oh, is “air-tight” all three holes? If it is then I haven’t done that.

      • JohnD

        Yea, that is indeed what an airtight is; so I guess 2 guys is your maximum so far then.

        From reading some of your other posts I saw that you had been involved with scat. Have you taken it on your body, if so, whereabouts on you and have you ever had to eat it?

        • Lois

          I’ve had my face pushed into a pile of it, but that wasn’t human scat, that was by a particularly brutal sadist I visited a long time ago. In fact if you search for a blog post called “Archive – My Preston Trip” that is from when I wrote about it on my old blog, it was a few years ago now. Before and since then I have performed full toilet service a few times for different Dommes.

          I really dislike scat, I think it is really disgusting and borders on a hard limit for me. However, the extreme submission of being forced to do something that I find so repulsive can turn me on, but not always. I know, I’m complicated!

  10. Domwithstyle

    Lois, After reading most of your answers and reviewing your evolution, it seems to me that would be more pure MASO girl than genuine submissive. Submission would be more like a sort of way (obey anything…) to reach the extrem paim and humiliation you are craving for .
    In that sense being un-owned is not a dramatic thing for you, but being left without tortures is…
    Your opinion ?

    • Lois

      I wouldn’t agree with that, while I am definitely a masochist I am also very much a submissive. Pain isn’t everything to me, I also enjoy humiliation and degredation and obeying a Dominant is something that comes very naturally to me and something I find extremely gratifying.

      Being un-owned is not currently a problem for me as I am tired of getting hurt anyway.

      Lo xx

  11. Liz Danziger

    When I first spotted the library post I was shocked for a few minutes that you’d shared such an episode. The level of trust must have been very high.

    • Lois

      He was/is most definitely a “scene friend”. I didn’t really see him socially and I was a lot less secretive about all this back then anyway.

  12. Carl

    Lois I am glad for you that your life seems to be going as you wish it to. However I have a small disagreement with you on one aspect. You talk about being “forced” and other such things. I have a few young slaves who see words like force and get scared thinking that they have no way out when in reality I would NEVER hurt them. Can you advise them on these matters? I do not “Force” anything I make them crave it. Also I have decided that protecting one’s identity is of the utmost import so I am posting under a fake name. I hope that this does not bother you. Also are you still taking dice rolls?

    • Lois

      Hi, part of the mantra for BDSM references “consensual” so by its very nature BDSM doesn’t allow someone to be “forced” into anything, that is unless the sub allows themselves to be “forced” into doing something which is a very different thing. As a sub I am compelled to follow the orders of a dominant and therefore they can force me to do something just by telling me I have to do it, if you think of it like that then it is actually my own submissiveness that is “forcing” me to do the thing and in actual fact I could stop it at any time if I was too uncomfortable.

      I believe that part of a Dominants role in a D/s relationship is to push the sub to stretch their limits and experience new things that they may not otherwise have done, some “forcing” may be required to achieve this but the sub will often be grateful afterwards, even if they aren’t at the time! 🙂

      I hope that makes sense and explains my opinions on the subject a little better.

      Lo xx

      p.s. Yes still accepting dice rolls although I think I need to revamp the options to make them a little more “interesting”!

  13. Carl

    Thank you Lois. This will help with the girl I was referring to. I will be sure to post a Dice roll for you soon.

    • Lois

      Hello, here I am, alive and kicking. I’ve had a few things to deal with and in fact I am still dealing with them but I hope to be back posting a bit more reliably soon. xx

  14. JustMe

    Given your privacy concerns, do you ever consider going to the Cambridge munches under a nom de plume? Are you missing out on the social part of this?

  15. Stanley_Moon

    Hi Lois,

    When you are subbing to another, do they have to be physically taller/bigger than you for you to be able to submit or is it more about the person/mental side?

    • Lois

      They definitely don’t need to be bigger than me IF they have the right dominant traits. Being a sub and being Dommed is definitely in the mind so physical appearance shouldn’t matter if everything else it right. IMHO

  16. Gee

    Hi Lois. Has your occasional man been “keeping you busy” whilst you are locked up? Did you tell him about the chastity challenge or was it a surprise for him? Has he continued to use your accessible holes?

  17. Closettran

    How have you been able to carry on working while wearing your chastity belt for such a long time? Isn’t this a big big problem for you?

  18. old sadist

    Mentioning ..nails and hammer.. in your toy box… ..what size nails and what part of your body have you nailed ..nails through ! and was it only popping skin or through meaty flesh.

    • Lois

      I have various length nails but they are all thin ones, all kept sterilised. They have previously been used on my nipples and labia, both through the flesh not just the skin.

  19. old sadist

    Would you add more undiscovered toys to your tool box!..or do you think you haven,t just thought about using them , like an heavy duty stapler. or ginger root as an irritiant, or soldering iron? etc etc..etc..
    In one o f your stories you mention putting tacks in old pantie hose and twisting it till it was stiff enough to penetrate your virginal walls..

    Would you like to test innovative tools or new ideas on tools for pleasure or prolonged pain… ie: home made or do you prefer convential stuff that.s on the market…. and if given the chance would you take instructions to make them and use them on your self..! as per guneia pig..and possible rate them.. zero to ten.. ))

    • Lois

      I am always looking for new toys to add to my collection. I actually have a staple gun which I got a few months back but obviously forgot to add to the list on here.

      I tend to add toys when I’ve been asked to use them in a task or when someone has used it on me.

      I would certainly be interested in testing innovative new toys. I have tried pretty much everything that is available commercially and think most of it is pretty tame, I’d like to find someone who builds toys that cater for the more extreme side of the lifestyle. I used to know a guy who was an engineer who used to make things for me if I asked him (and paid him). He modified a TENS unit for me so that it gave much more severe shocks although that ended up breaking eventually. He also built me a tit vice that closed on a remote control motor and we talked about a speculum that could open via a motor and keep opening at a programmable speed until it reached a programable amount of resistance from the hole it was stretching. My idea was to be restrained with speculum in and then it turning on and slowly stretching my hole, he device would have no sympathy (obviously) so would ignore my pleas when the stretching became too much to bear and just keep on going!

      The addition to that was something that would pour a container of hot wax or something into the hole when it “decided” I was stretched enough. We never got around to doing the speculum and then I lost touch with him.

      Kind of went off on a tangent there but the simple answer is yes, I’d love to be a guinea pig!

      Lo xx

  20. John Grey


    Now that you have the belt off, I assume you have been allowed to cum or even better forced to cum repeatedly?? Describe how this went for your readers!

    [I am taking your advice about doms not asking you to do shit but being polite but firm. Let us know if you like this better than asks.]

  21. old sadist

    Old sadist here lois… could you answer the following as a some nasty ideas are brewing in my head.hopefully the will turn into task you will undoubtly perfom..given the pain slut you are…


    answer these and you will be set a task by me called …PAIN @ the opera.. (the rocky horror show would be perfect for this fun night)… the querrys I have not added some other key ingreidents for the night as I know you might have these at home…but I will give the full details..and task after you answer my querries..

    old sadist…

    • Lois

      Hi, better late than never? I have a long coat but is is like a rain coat not fur. I’m sure I could modify the clover clamps. I have various vibrators as described in my toy chest page. I almost always wear heels and they are mostly quite high ones. Yes I have black stockings. I’m not a huge opera fan but generally enjoy going to see anything at the theatre. I used to go all the time when I lived in London.

      I look forward to your task if the moment has not passed?!

  22. woodpecker

    Good evening my favorite little slut.
    Quite some time passed by and I would really like to hear from you, the sooner the better!

    While I’m writing this, a long forgotten question came back to my mind. I remember a blog entry from ‘back in the day’ when you were send to a cruel master who let his canine use you as a playmate. As far as I recall you fairly enjoyed your session and even told Kayleigh about your experience and the perverted fantasies that come up in your slutty mind.

    I would like to hear more about this topic, please do not let me wait too long.

  23. MasterOdin

    Hello Lois,

    I’m a dominant 41 years old, and after a long time of inner struggle i have excepted my feelings. But besides, one visit to a BDSM club, and playing a game on a commercial basis, i have no really experience. The game with the sub was fun, and trough that, i learned that submitting a female slave to my rule, is the thing for me. I have a lot of fantasies, and can i send it to to you, so that we can play online? MasterOdin

  24. Master Dreadnaught

    Hi, how would you say you process pain ? Are you a flyer ? What is your favourite way to show devotion ? … Lol when could we meet ? (In your area cambs)…

    • Lois

      Hmmm, how do I process pain? I’m not sure and it definitely depends on the “type” of pain. I categorise it in two ways, there is what I can “real pain” which is something like breaking a bone or stubbing your toe, I process that pain in the same way as anyone else. Then there is what I call “sexual pain” which is the type I enjoy. In terms of how I process it, I don’t know, it just feels good (and bad at the same time), it’s really difficult to explain. I still feel the pain but that pain causes an abundance of pleasure as well.

  25. Philippe Turcat

    Your today’s punishment is to read my post in french… (and understand it…. I hope….)

    Je ne sais plus comment je suis arrivé sur ton blog, par quel hasard…mais j’ai trouvé beaucoup mieux que ce que je cherchais sans aucun doute. Je crois que j’ai tout lu de ce que tu as écrit…
    Je me suis enivré avec ton histoire complexe, ta recherche dans la douleur… ta constance confirmée dans ce que tu désires… Tu as fait de ta vie une oeuvre d’art…
    C’est vraiment exceptionnel !!!
    Ton intelligence dans la façon de te protéger des prédateurs… et tes précautions pour que rien ne vienne perturber ta vie quotidienne…tout en laissant paraitre que c’est juste normal, alors que c’est parfait !!!
    Tu es une personne profonde, riche et sublime.

    Je vais te poser deux questions stupides pour respecter le thème de cette page…
    Dis moi l’endroit de ton corps où la douleur est la plus vive ?
    Comment te débarrasses-tu de la super-glue ?

    Now, your punishment is finished.
    You may answer me in English, here or on my mail… as you wish…
    Hope you take the dimension of the respect I have for you…
    For practicing SM for years, I swear there is very few girls like you on this planet.
    Bless you. (en français “blesser” a un tout autre sens… rire)

    Extra question : did you choose Tyler in tribute to Liv Tyler ?

  26. Rob

    Just catching up with your blog and really miss some of the old photos. Did you remove them or did they just disappear as things do on the Internet?
    Anyway, I am hooked reading about your life!

    • Lois

      They were all hosting on Flickr and then they deleted my account without telling me and I lost them all! Sorry 😦

      Thank you for reading, I hope it is entertaining!

  27. Alex

    Hi lois, Have stumbled across your blog and have found it intriguing and very interesting. How did you venture into this wonderful lifestyle?

  28. Strict Snapper

    Since you’ve had your clit hood removed have you considered an extended session in your chastity belt?
    So that you are aware of the contact with and pressure on your clit, but can do nothing about it.

    • Lois

      It hasn’t been completely removed, just reduced! And no I haven’t considered a long period in my chastity belt because I enjoy having my sanity in tact!

      The only way you’d see me wear it for an extended period again was if I was owned and ordered to do so!

  29. edozw

    Once, you wrote about hypnosis and your wish of learning triggers….
    Did you achieve anything on this matter….
    It’s a real turn on for me to whisper to come in a submissive ear and to otain it…
    Please tell me…

    • Lois

      I didn’t get anywhere with it, I never found someone who knew how to do it. Also I’m not entirely convinced it works and even if it does work I’m not convinced they could get you to do just anything, from what I’ve read.

      • balls123543

        You’ve been on tumblr a while now and still don’t think hypnosis is real?

        Think of hypnosis as just getting into a different mind frame. Same as when you hear the tone change between normal speaking voice and dominant and commanding voice.

        I remember reading you have been locked in a cage with the sound of someone having sex, orgasming over and over before. You said that you thought that you could have cum right there and then if you were allowed. Buiding on that I imagine someone has told you to cum before, commanded it, and your mind/body obeyed… That in a smaller form is hypnosis. It is not just stare at spirals and having a trigger to do what your told. Its also that verbal/psychological foreplay that makes you putty in another persons hands.

        • Lois

          It’s not really that I don’t “believe” in it. From what I’ve read and seen on TV (I luuurve Derren Brown) the person has to already be willing to do whatever you are asking them to do and then “hypnosis” is really just putting them into a relaxed state free of their inhibitions. It’s the trigger thing that I’m unsure of and I think it is just something I won’t be able to fully believe in unless it happens to me. No one has ever been able to just tell me to cum and I will just cum as far as I can remember.

          That’s what I fantasise about with it, and vice versa. Someone having that level of control over me that they can speak (or text or email) a trigger and I will uncontrollably orgasm, or on the flip side I can be as on the edge as possibly and I just can’t cum without their permission, like mental chastity. And THAT is what I don’t think is possible, but would be happy to be proved wrong!

  30. Dark1000

    It is possible but there has to be a connection between Master/Mistress and the submissive along with training.

  31. sirsamsworld

    Dear sexy Lois,

    Of all the things and experiences and sessions etc etc etc yawn etc etc etc , what would be the one thing that would rip your world apart if you cold no longer have it ever again?

  32. Anonymous

    Have you ever had experience with corsets, just think hiding pins in the cups so as you breathe, or try to anywaythey, pierce your breasts over and over again and then lock your plug in so it feels even larger

    • Lois

      I have lots of experience of corsets, both over breast and under breast ones, I love how they look but they aren’t comfortable! I’ve never had pins in one but I have worn a tack bra multiple times and know how it feels to have many many sharp points piercing the skin of my breasts and I love it

  33. Andy


    What a great blog, so well written, eloquent and bluntly open. Honesty online is such a rare and beautiful quality.
    I’m a chef. I love experimenting. I’m fascinated by my alter ego whom enjoys causing pain – physical and emotional, though not permanent. It’s a curious side to explore – once we’re honest with ourselves.

    Has anyone ever experimented with you in food related ways?
    – paper cuts on your breasts and inner thighs with lemon juice, salt – maybe some tequila!
    – using your rectum as a ‘slow cooker’ to prepare your supper for you.
    – using your rectum as a cocktail shaker and incorporating your own bodily fluids in the cocktails.
    I’m sure my imagination can come up with a few other ideas incorporating you as the centrepiece of a full alternative meal…

    Great reading anyway. Thanks
    Andy, XxX

    • Lois

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy it. I’ve had salt rubbed into cuts but haven’t tried the other things you mention, they are quite creative! I hope you get to try them with someone x

  34. lawrenceee

    How many time have you performed sexual acts on a dog? And more specifically, how many time have you had full intercourse and how many blowjobs? ( I always loved this page… Such a pity it isn’t use more often)

        • Lois

          I wasn’t getting notified of comments on this page for about two years for some reason, I only just saw all the ones I’ve answered today.

          • lawrenceee

            While I applaud to your fairness in answering as soon as you saw them, perhaps waiting till tomorrow would have been better for your poor little breasts! All this activity from you will probably attract a lot of views for the blog, and consecutivly for the post!

  35. jonanon

    Hello, I stumbled across your writing a few days ago and have found myself intrigued ,aroused and appalled frequently at the same time….so congratulations on that.
    my questions……if I’ve understood correctly, it’s often the degradation that arouses you rather then the act itself, so is sharing the act with strangers a means of compounding these feelings or alleviating them?
    have we (the readers) become duplicitous in being aroused or repelled by your tales?
    that sounded judgmental , it isn’t, I actually envy your bravery……. and the queue of people lined up to shamelessly expose the darkest parts of themselves to you.
    another question. do you worry about becoming de-sensitized, what happens when the extremes you endure start to feel mundane?

    • Lois

      Hi and thank you for the insightful questions!

      I started the blog originally as an outlet for this side of my personality that was very much a secret from every person in my life. That is not true these days though and it has become a place to share my submissive life with people who are interested in it and interact with like minded people. That latter part is the main driver for me continuing to be honest.

      Do I worry about becoming desensitised? Yes, definitely and I certainly have become that way which is why the things I have done gradually escalate as you move through the blog. I think that is inevitable in BDSM though, as you try new things you fall deeper into it and want to push your limits further and further, I guess the important lesson (that I haven’t learnt) is knowing when to stop!

      • jonanon

        thank you for the response, I’m fascinated, and strive to understand, I get the occasional flash of insight..
        I hope that you and those who drive you find all your limits at the same(ish) point.

  36. zeusrealm r

    Hello. Just like to ask, is this you ? this blog was referenced and I couldnt tell. The fact that you mention about your personal life, and separating these two makes it seem doubtful, but im still going to ask.

    P.s. I’ll add this in now, your interests make you very erotic, and you are very beautiful, making you even hotter. kisses

    • Lois

      No that isn’t me, it is a girl called Liz who is into some similar things to me but is a masochist only, not a submissive. She has stopped posting at the moment for personal reasons but occasionally still posts on Tumblr.

  37. Katie

    Hi Lois,
    Love the blog.
    I was wondering what the verbal etiquette is between you and your Mistress. Do you address her with just one honorific or a number of them, and how does she address you? Is it just when ‘playing’ or 24/7. My (new) Mistress wants me to address her as just ‘Miss’ nothing more. She said she will use my first name, surname, my title and surname or ‘bitch’ as she chooses. All this is fine with me and I can’t wait for my first ‘yes miss’ moment with her. This will be my first submissive relationship so would be grateful for any advice/opinions on this.
    Katie x

    • Lois

      Hi Katie,

      Since I moved in with her it is Miss or Mistress 24/7. The only time I’m allowed to call her by her given name is when we are with vanilla people. I do love calling her by those titles even now. She generally calls me Lois or another private name she has for me as well as some degrading names in the bedroom!

      It’s such an exciting time when you’re just getting started and if you’re with the right person it just gets better and better!

      Feel free to email me if you want to chat more

      Lo xx

      • Katie

        Thank you very much for your reply Lo.

        Yes hopefully some exciting and fun times ahead. Will be in touch for a chat 🙂 thank you.

        Katie xx

  38. Lisa Simons

    Hello there, working on my current novel and have a question about Nailing breasts – Is there a recovery time needed between one session and the next? I ask, as, within the novel, the scene is part of a show, intended to be seen on a Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Feasible?
    Hope you are still checking these, and sure to have more questions.

    • Lois

      Hi Lisa, yeah I still look at my blog regularly, I just haven’t added to it for a while. Strangely I didn’t get a notification about your comment though.

      Anyway, yes there is definitely healing time but it would depend on the size of the nails and where they were placed. I’m sure you can imagine the trauma caused my a metal spike being forced through your flesh, although breasts are actually name up of a fibrous tissue and fat mainly, it still causes damage and internal bleeding (aka bruising) that takes time to heel. I think three times a week would be a bit much, maybe if they did it in different places on the breast and gave her a week or two in between to heal?

      I don’t know, I’m not a doctor but in my experience they were sore for a few days to a week afterwards and then a little tender for a week or so after that, I generally heal pretty quickly though.

      Feel free to aks more questions, sounds like an interesting novel!

      Lo xx

  39. Lisa Simons

    Many thanks for replying. I’m enjoying writing the novel, it’s a story of taking Evilnezer – my BDSM version of Scrooge, onto the stage in a private sex club, hence the question about repetition. I would like, with your permission, to add the following paragraph to the story.

    Hey, I checked with Lois,’ said Lisa, ‘and she reckons, three times in a week might be a bit much.’
    Denis nodded. ‘Tit girl said the same thing. She heals pretty quick apparently but I’m thinking of using a different girl each time.’
    ‘Do we have three girls for this?’
    ‘Sure. I’m as surprised as you, but quite a few of our girls volunteered for this one.’
    ‘Ok then, a different girl it is,’ said Lisa.
    ‘Who’s this Lois?’
    ‘A self confessed pain slut. I follow her blog and tumblr on the net,’ Lisa said with a laugh.

    (this bit I can drop or add – up to you.)

    ‘Her Mistress punished her for attention seeking, determined by the number of posts she got. She had to eat porridge and drink only water for one week. That’s every meal by the way, AND she posted a full nude shot. Now that’s a first for her.’

    Anyways, back to editing and writing. Many thanks for your response, and will post more questions as they come up – it is important that I try and get the details right for those activities outside my own experiences.

      • Lisa Simons

        Changed it slightly but pretty much the same thing.: – (From: True Love Never Dies – Lisa Simons)

        ‘Hey I checked with Lois, this girl I follow online, about the nails through the breasts,’ said Lisa. ‘And she reckons, three times within the space of a week might be a bit much.’
        Denise nodded.
        ‘What’s her name? Tit girl, she thought the same thing. Though she said she heals pretty quickly and would enjoy the discomfort and pain, I’m planning on using three girls, one for each night. It’s not a pivotal role, so being different actors won’t hurt the show any.’
        ‘Her name’s Hilary. Do try and remember,’ said Lisa. ‘Do we have three girls up for having nails through their breasts?’
        ‘More,’ said Denise. ‘Believe me I’m as surprised as you are. So who is this Lois?’
        ‘A self confessed pain slut and submissive. Currently in a full 24/7 relationship with a Mistress.’ Lisa laughed. ‘She punished Lois for attention seeking through her on-line sites, the punishment determined by the number of posts she received.’
        ‘What she get?’
        ‘Porridge and water for a week! Every Meal. Oh I do so love that. Turns me on thinking about it as much as her having a bulldog clip on her pussy for so many hours, which was another one of her possible punishments, and a full nude picture of herself posted on both Tumblr and her blog. Now, I think that is a first for her, so quite a step and erotic as hell.’
        ‘I’ll have to check it out,’ said Denise.

  40. Lisa Simons

    Many thanks, I will add it today, ready for publication by the end of the week. I modified, slightly, the original Evilnezer as the one review it got said it was a bit extreme but I will happily send you the original on word doc if you fancy a read. I’d be interested in your thoughts.

    I like your Mistress’s thinking, a nice blend of pain and mental punishments, as erotic thinking of you eating porridge and water all week as having a clip on your labia (I think that was one of the punishments) for so many hours.

  41. Lisa Simons

    I do have another question. Within the book I refer to a woman gushing (not squirting) have you ever come across this? I have once or twice but never in as large a quantity as I write, more it has just been a noticeable increase in wetness.

    • Lois

      Hi Lisa, sorry I completely missed this question. To be honest I’ve never squirted never mind “gushed” so I’m not sure how much help I can be. I tend to get very wet when I’m turned on but I’ve seen videos of girls squirting and it’s not the same as that.

      Sorry I can’t be more help, I know it’s a real thing but I’ve no experience of it.

    • Lois

      I love being pierced, I love the sensation as the needle punctures your skin, as it slides through your flesh and particularly the painful pulling sensation as it exists the skin on the other side. My clit piercing was so quick though that it basically just felt like a sharp stab and then it was over.

  42. Simon

    I see you are not keeping up with your questions but I’ll add mine and hope you will be checking in soon. – Time locked -locks. I am sure I recall correctly you mentioning you have time locked locks for your cage and for your self bondage – can you let me have the details as I am planning for a submissive to stay in a weekend or week long indentured slave/labour styled theme and I want to lock her clothes/keys/handbag and such into a chest and lock it upon arrival – setting the timer for the end of the experience.
    So I hope you check back soon

    • Lois

      Hi Simon, these locks were left to me by Joanne before she moved to Australia and I never found out where they came from. I have searched at length to find where I could get more (as one is slightly unreliable now) but came to the conclusion that she had them custom made somewhere. As I am no longer in touch with her I can’t find out.

      My suggestion as an alternative is that you can get timer locked boxes on amazon intended to prevent you accessing snacks for a period of time. This could be used to lock away items or keys to other locks for a period of your choosing, up to months at a time!

  43. Simon

    Hi Hi Lois, I found some locks that operate/lock by using the mobile, so that would work too 🙂 Still shy a couple of questions I see. I’m interested in reading your responses on those too.

  44. Lisa

    Have you ever had hot creams, Chilli or sauces rubbed onto your pussy lips? I ask as I am writing such a scene for my latest project and want to ensure it is factual.


    • Lois

      Yes, I have had various things put on me, the worst being a raw chilli peeled and rubbed on my clit which was incredibly painful. The worst part is that there is no way to stop the pain, the only thing that helps at all is milk and even then it is only a temporary relief.

  45. Testoscc

    Hi Lois,
    Found your blog a month ago and I have to say it is one of the best sub blogs I have ever seen. Keep up the great work!
    Can you elaborate on your understanding of full toilet service and genuine toilet as mentioned in your fantasies?

    • Lois

      Thank you so much, that is so sweet to say, I’m glad you like it and hope you keep reading and also tell your friends! I have a viewer goal to reach this year and it’s going to be tough!

      In terms of “full toilet service”, that is what I would describe as the sub fully replacing their porcelain counterpart. Instead of sitting on the toilet the Dominant will use the subs mouth instead and the sub will consume whatever they are given. The sub will also served as toilet paper for the dominant. It’s fairly extreme and something I have only really done properly once and I really struggled with it.

  46. adamfilipkalle

    Your breast suspention wishes, why not temporarily increases your breast seize with saline injection by needles? Maybe it will be more painful hanging by your lovely breast than having just one skewer trough them?

    • Lois

      I’ve had saline in them before, I’m not sure even then that they’d be big enough but it’s an interesting idea. I’ll look into it, there may be safety implications of applying that much pressure to them whilst they are already essentially inflated with saline.

  47. Simon

    Hi Lois, having just seen a pic of a anal hook with a large ball on the end, I was wondering, do you have an anal hook and if so, is the “ball” small, average or large?

  48. s2000nl

    Hello Lois,

    1. Are there any items you would you like to add in your toy box ?
    2. What would Mistress Fiona like to add in the toybox ?
    3. what is the longest you’ve been in bondage ?
    4. How long would you like to be in a bondage (while Mistress monitors you)
    5. What kind of aftercare do you get from Mistress?

    • Lois

      1. Are there any items you would you like to add in your toy box?
      Not really in my “toy box” but I’d like a Saint Andrew’s Cross, when we buy a new house we are going to have a basement dungeon so I definitely want one for there.

      2. What would Mistress Fiona like to add in the toy box?
      She says an axe! Soooooo, yeah, that’s a bit scary!

      3. What is the longest you’ve been in bondage?
      I think the longest is about twelve hours, when I was encased in plaster (which I still haven’t written about!).

      4. How long would you like to be in a bondage (while Mistress monitors you)
      Days, whilst I am transported across a country like the US (see fantasies section). Taken out of bondage at night but only to be tied to a bed and fucked until morning when I’m put back in the tight bondage for the day.

      5. What kind of aftercare do you get from Mistress?
      The best kind, she tends to any skin damage etc, hugs me, holds me for hours if I need it. Kisses and loving words. She makes me feel like the most important thing in her world.

      • s2000nl

        1. Yoou gonna share the pictures of your dungeon, when it all is finished?
        2. Mistress knows what she wants!!! An axe is scary, but she doesn’t cut your head off ;).
        3. Bad girl!!! still not written the story…. 😦 well something we can lookout for 😀
        4. very nice fantasy, hopefully it will happen someday to you. And hopefully you will write a good sotry about it 😉
        5. Great aftercre! lovely she cn holds you for hours, And you have a good feeling!


  49. Tina

    Hi Lois,
    When you performed humiliating tasks in public, like wearing something slutty, have you ever met someone you knew? If yes, how did you handle it? If no, do you have a plan for such occasions?
    Asking for a friend 🙂 (*blushes*)

  50. masterfilip

    are there anywhere on here or on tumblr pictures of your pierced clit with the different rings in you have been wearing over time ?

    • Lois

      I think there is a pic somewhere of when I first got my clit pierced, with the piercing needle still in it. I think it’s on tumble somewhere.

  51. Emilia

    From someone relatively inexperienced who recently got into a mistress / toy master / slave dom / sub type of relationship. (I’m pansexual and it’s female x hermaphrodite kind of. It’s a bit complicated. Mistress is the hermaphrodite and i’m the female.) I was wondering as to some advice. As you have loads of experience while i’m relatively new to it all.

    What’s some good ways for a slut/slave (whatever you want to refer to me as) to beg her mistress / master to let her cum after being punished? I’m asking both verbally (what I say) and physically (what I do) and even for sexting my mistress. Also if you could give any advice to someone (i’m that someone) relatively new to this whole thing wanting to explore and do more, what’s some of the best or most useful advice you’d give?

    • Lois

      Hi Emilia, the single most important thing you can do in a BDSM oriented relationship is to communicate. It’s OK to TELL your Dominant what you want and leave it up to them to decide what to give you. What isn’t OK is to try and influence them to do what you want them to, that is “topping from the bottom” and won’t result in what you or they want. Talk to your Dominant about what turns you on and what turns them on, what your limits are and which are hard limits and which ones can be pushed, bent or broken.

      As for getting them to let you cum, I would ask them, beg them and plead with them. Expect them to make you work for it and accept that they may deny it. There is not much else you can do once you give up control of those precious orgasms!

  52. Scott

    Such intense stories.. i found that i have explored both sides. As a teen at the hands of an Aunt and her daughter – who found my reactions to punishments, and took me to many different places of explorations.. to years later, finding there are those, who have desires, but are with someone who either cannot do what is desired, or worse, have ignored or made fun of those desires.. To have someone come to me, to let go, to feel, to be pushed, is amazing.. Is there a link or posts about earlier times when you were with someone, who introduced you to these desires? Watching you grow and unfold?

  53. Asteryx

    Hello Lois

    I read your entry for Dogging Week and found it extremely erotic, but then, I find all your activities a tremendous turn-on. However, I got the impression that you were disappointed by small amount of cum you received. Have you considered a larger species?
    In 2004 a TV documentary about farms involved the obligatory minor celebrity helping a pig farmer collect semen for artificial insemination. She was required to masturbate the boar by hand and collect the cum in a container. The pig was very well behaved for the camera ( as well he should!) and a clip is on Youtube. A boar ejaculates for several minutes and produce a third of a litre which ought to satisfy your needs. Of course, arranging such a meeting does depend upon Mistress Fiona`s contacts, but she is rather resourceful!

  54. Jim

    Is there a possibility of seeing you locked in your NeoSteel? Not your face. I just love how you talk and how kinky you seem and I would love to see you in your natural chaste state. Cheers!

  55. Sir Graham

    Lois – a task for you – if you dare and if your Mistress permits. Dress in a raincoat, high heels and nothing else. Walk to your local library. Find the most attractive girl over 18 in the library and catch her eye. Walk up to her, look directly into her eyes and tell that you want to take her into the toilets and lick her pussy. When she looks startled, open your raincoat and show her your bald (and wet) pussy. Then take her by the hand, lead her into the toilets and bring her to orgasm with your tongue and fingers.

    Then, of course, you must tell us all about it.
    Sir G.

  56. Asteryx

    Hello Lois
    In your Self Torture entry you had your nipples and labia clamped for hours at a time. Conventional wisdom is that cutting off the circulation for long periods should be avoided, yet you seem to have no problems. Do you find that your nipples return to normal quickly and with no ill effects? Apart from the excruciating pain!

    • Lois

      I know all the warnings about not doing it and to be honest I might be more cautious now then I was back then. But to answer your question no I never had any negative effects from leaving them on for a long time and as far as I know there was no loss of sensation. It did hurt a lot when they came off but that’s half the fun!

      I wouldn’t advise anyone to do it because it is considered a bad idea by people with a lot more knowledge of biology than me, maybe I was just lucky, I don’t know. Hope that helps x

  57. Simon

    You and Fiona and in a long term commited relationship – do you have rows like most couples and if so, do they always end with you being punished, no matter what?

    • Lois

      Hi, I actually talked about that in this post:

      Despite our dynamic we are both still people and I hope what I’ve shown by adding in parts of my none-D/s life to this blog is that it is possible to live in this dynamic and still have a reasonably normal life.

      Yes we row on occasion and no I’m not punished for us falling out. An argument is rarely one sided. However I am punished if I am disrespectful within the argument but that is for the disrespect and not the arguing.

      Hope that makes sense x

  58. Simon

    Hi Lois
    many thanks, I recall the article you mentioned, just that question occurred to me the other day, whether Fiona favoured punishment to restore balance after an arguement, no matter the source.
    Another question for you – completely different. I see pictures of Anal hooks, and was wondering how they differ from butt plugs, in their feel within you?

  59. Edward

    Having only just discovered it (why has it taken me so long?) I am working my way through your blog. I’m determined to read every word, it is so good. I also have a question, apologies if somewhere on your blog there is an answer already. This comes not just from vulgar curiosity (but I guess you won’t mind that), but because I am currently writing an erotic novel (I’ve published several) and one of the characters is lesbian. It’s fun to try and write about something not in my experience (and your blog is very enlightening), but I do find some things not evident to me. For example, many dominant men and not a few submissive hetero women have fantasies about gang bangs, with lots of guys on one women. Do submissive lesbians such as yourself have fantasies about being gang-banged by several Dommes?

    • Lois

      No, I wear a little plastic thing in it most of the time just to keep it open, it’s completely invisible. Miss puts a ring in it when she wants to. I did have my nose padlocked to another girls nose for about four hours a few weeks ago, that was weird!

  60. Bernd

    Dear Lois,
    I still admire you, you are my ideal! Thanks for this great blog.
    My dream is to get enslaved by a lesbian couple…
    Wish You and your Mistress a successful, happy and healthy New Year 2019!!!
    P.S.: Wish I could invite you and your Mistress for dinner in Germany, sometimes! Hope you write me an email…

  61. Tmaster57

    You are or have been on the pill but given the guys you have been with that doesn’t keep you safe from std, s. Have you caught any are or were you regularly tested? Clinic interviews must have been embarrassing if you were honest.

    • Lois

      No I have never contracted an STD and I am tested regularly. They don’t really ask specific questions, it’s more general so it is ok. It’s possible they think I’m a prostitute though!

      I know the way I write it seems like I have taken a lot of risks and at times I definitely have done when I shouldn’t have but these days Mistress organises everything and she is very thorough in making sure everyone is clean, she just does it behind the scenes.

  62. Kinkster

    Hello , I used to follow you on Tumblr before the demise . I was Kinkster78. You got me started in the fet library and I wanted to thank you . You helped change my life . I’ve been trying to write and push myself to write better often . Is it hard to find time to write with not only work and home life to deal with but also time with your Domme ?

  63. SteveStevenssonsson

    I’ve seen breast/tit torture in the form of both saline injection and use of breast pumps or industrial milking machines. I haven’t been able to determine whether you could suck injected saline out through the nipples with a milking machine via the network of ducts that’s normally there for milk.
    You mentioned having a nurse friend who was in to the scene who I thought might be able to weigh in, if you don’t know from experience.

  64. Thomson

    Hi love you don’t seem as prolific at writing or updating. Are you ok health wise. Or is work stress and wedding planning having a toll on you? Simply concerned, appreciate Fiona may be limiting you to keep you healthy.

  65. Simon

    I am not sure whether you are even maintaining or monitoring this site any more but I am writing a scene and I wanted your informed and experienced feedback – what did you feel when given/sent to have sex with a man you never knew, what did you feel during, and what did you feel afterwards.
    Hope to hear from you

  66. berzerker82

    I am not super obese, I am large in general. My shoulders are still broader than my waist. I would like to purchase you. This way you get two of your fantasies at the same time.

  67. Wizmoh

    I really enjoy reading your blog, especially your openness and honesty about who you are…as well as your excellent writing ability and elegant prose.
    And I have a non-BDSM task for you.
    Tell me in detail about your birth experience.
    Share everything you know, beginning with your conception, your mother’s diet and lifestyle during pregnancy, any memories you have of being in the womb, everything you know about your actual birth, and what your post-birth experience was like.
    You also should query family, relatives, friends, and if possible, your birth doctor; anyone who can provide additional information about your birth.
    After you have posted this information, I’ll explain to you (either publicly or in a private email; your choice) why I asked for it.

  68. John

    I was wondering what was the best sexual enjoyment or experience you have ever had? What made it so special? Also what is the worst sexual experience you have ever had? Did things go wrong?

  69. Master Graham

    Hi there, just a quick note for now to see if you are still active. I’d like to have a chat and exchange some ideas if you are.

    • Lois

      Hey x It depends on what you mean by “active” I guess. I am about and I do check in here every now and then along with Twitter and FetLife.

  70. Brenton Lee Beach

    Welcome back. A good story after so long away. Actually I think that you are a good little slave for not even thinking of coming out of the closet and questioning her decision. It shows your obedience.

  71. Simon

    Having just read Siblings I found the shift in the dynamic between you two very interesting. Knowing you are submissive to your wife if one thing, being a party to a submissive act, if only as an on looker and so coolly done, suggests your sister’s dominant side is advancing quite well. More to come I think.

    • Lois

      It was the first and (hopefully) last instance of it happening. I spoke to Mistress afterwards and expressed that I don’t want my relationship with my sister impacted and she respects that, had thought about it (her and my sister are quite close) and decided it was safe. It didn’t effect my relationship with my sister but I was reluctant to see her for a little while afterwards due to embarrassment (aka mortifying shame).

      My sister has always felt like a Dominant person to me and only more so since she got into bdsm but she is not Dominant towards me, not in a bdsm way anyway.

      • Simon

        Good morning. It was an interesting scenario and would have been challenging for you, I think, had your Mistress and Sister wished to further the dynamic. Totally mortifying was how I imagined your thoughts at the time and drawing on a previous conversation about Humiliation I wondered whether that played into your mind blowing orgasms later that evening?

  72. marksouthcoast

    Hi Lois I m glad that your back with your blog , I’ve throughly enjoyed all your posts it takes a very brave and honest person to do this.How about your body that Fiona is modifying to her taste, as a future post.

  73. Hut

    Hello Lois, it would be interesting to share how Mistress Fiona and you communicate. Is there a protocol? a set moment in the week? is it formal or informal? Some dom(mes) want to regulate the way their sub talk to them, like for instance not speaking unless spoken to, having a formal way of silently kneeling and having to wait for their dominant to allow them to speak, and so on. How does it work between you two?

    Also, I’m very curious how you use your basement and all the toys down there. Can you describe a scene or two ?


  74. Simon

    Not sure if you’re still monitoring but here goes – I think my memory serves that in your past you have had nails driven through your breasts? I ask, as I have an opening scene where a woman is held to the table by nails through her breasts. Can you confirm you have experienced this and what the pain was like etc – going in, whilst in, coming out.

  75. Hut

    Hello Lois, I’m not sure if you will ever reply to this, but I’m curious to hear how you view your relationship with Mistress Fiona. Do you consider yourself in a TPE situation with her, where you are always her slave and obeys what she asks you to do without much comment (or try to anyway)? Are there vanilla moments between you? Do you have limits and safewords? Have you invoked limits and used safewords in the past?

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