Finding someone

Hey everyone, Happy New Year, I hope you had a great time on New Years Eve and are looking forward to 2019, I certainly am! I’m getting married this year, how weird is that?!

Anyway, whilst I do intend to post here more often then I have been, starting with an update on my 2018 goals (spoiler alert, I didn’t complete them all!) this isn’t that post. This post is about helping someone I know get in touch with the type of people who might read my blog.

The girl in question has been reading my blog and been in contact with me for over six years, I have met her in person on a couple of occasions and can confirm that she is a real, sweet, beautiful woman. However, for various reasons she has zero online presence on non-Vanilla sites, she is the ultimate “lurker” (Sorry hun!) which makes it very difficult for her to get in touch with people to do what she has decided to do.

What is that you may ask. Well she is looking for an online only Dom or Domme to give her tasks to complete, control aspects of her life and generally have some kinky fun with but in a very anonymous way, quite similar to what I used to do through this blog and with various people over the years.

There are a few caveats but the main ones are that she will not share any information about her identity, she is restricted somewhat by her home life and will not share any pictures of herself. She wants to feel controlled and likes the idea of a contract being involved (written by you) and has assured me she is willing to go quite far within the limits that get set in the contract.

If you would be interested in such an arrangement then please leave a comment on this post making sure you are either logged into a wordpress account off that you enter your email address when commenting and I will pass your address on to her so that she can share more detail about herself and what she is looking for and see if you are compatible.

Thanks for reading and check back soon for an update from me xx

19 thoughts on “Finding someone

  1. Greg

    Hello Lois. 2019 marks the beginning of a lot of new and wonderful things. Hopefully it will be the beginning of something wonderfully restrictive and controlled for your friend. I quite understand the need, the desire and craving for these things. It is not a bedroom spice for proles like us, it is a fundamental element of who we are. I understand too the need for discretion and the realities of everyday reality. The things we do must conform to this.

    I find that there is much more of a meeting of mine about Ds and Ms than a collision of body parts. Not that those collisions are bad things, but they are not the prime thing. It is about commitment, desire to serve and please, and most of all, the need to explore the shiny depths and dark corners of one’s mind.

    I would be quite interested in talking with your friend, to see if we connect, which is essential, and to see if our ideas and goals align.

    Have a wonderful new year!

  2. Mark

    Good morning Lois and a very happy new year to you both.

    I’m also interested in communicating with your friend to see if we are compatible and would be grateful if you would pass on my email address.

  3. Daniel

    Hi Lois,
    I would love to get to know the girl that you described. I remember how hard it was for me when i got started, it was like peeling an onion, layer after layer to find my core. I would love to guide her in this journey.

  4. John

    Wishing you, your readers, and your mistress a fantastic 2019. I would love to chat a little with your friend, see if we get on… it’s a time of new beginnings after all

  5. Simon

    Hi Lois, Wishing you and your Mistress and all your readers a very happy new year.
    I too, am very interested in getting to know your friend and seeing whether our interests align and would appreaciate it if you would pass along my email –

  6. John

    Hi Lois, Happy New Year to you and yours.
    I’m intrigued… Please pass my email to your friend. I’d love to know what your friend is looking for, and maybe we’ll click, and… see where it leads.

  7. John Grey

    Happy new year. Don’t we live in interesting times!

    I would be interested in “controlling” your friend online. Of course I would need more detail on where her interests lie!

  8. John K.

    Happy New Years Lois, I know it’s been a busy year for you and I look forward to reading all about what goals you failed to finish. I am interested in your friend, could you pass on my details to her.

  9. Pwwyll

    Happy 2019 Lois. Looking forward to reading your updates regarding your past years goals. I’ve really missed your updates and hope that things are going well for you.

    I would love if you can pass on my details to your friend to see if our interests are compatible.

  10. sexmasterdom

    Hello and Happy New Year 2019!
    We have been chatting since the yahoo era and also have you few tasks. Do you think your friend is likely to follow on your steps? I would love to talk with her and get to know her better.

  11. mattkerp

    I was in a few relationships and just got out of one about 2 months ago. My last one lasted about a year and a half. It’s probably to late but if she finds herself looking for someone else tell her I’m available.

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