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I was recently reminding by someone who I was chatting to that when I started my original blog I asked my friend Luke (aka Syren) to post a copy of my first ever blog post on the BDSM Library as he had a few stories already posted on there. The idea was to get some traffic to my blog and I think it worked, although the link did get posted in quite a few places so it’s hard to tell!

The post was about a visit to a Dom who I used to play with from time to time, I thought I might as well post it here for completeness and to give you even more of an idea of my history, for instance the bit where I say “I’m not lesbian or bi”, clearly I didn’t know myself so well back then!

Luke’s stories were quite good, you should have a look at them!

This is my first real entry, I thought I would start things off by writing about the first time I went to my ‘friends’ house. I travel to his house, which is about an hour and a half away, I don’t mind doing this as it means he will never know where I live.

I met him, I’ll call him Tom I think, I met Tom six months ago on a web site called Slave Farm. I had posted a message asking for a man or woman in the South of England who would be willing to torture, humiliate and degrade me for a few hours once a month, as you can imagine my inbox got quite full after that!

Anyway, I picked through the emails discarding many who just wanted me to send them pictures of myself with a bottle stuck up my ass!! Eventually I narrowed it down to a few and made contact with them on messenger. Tom was the only male out of the four that I got in touch with and it was soon evident that he was the only one sadistic enough for me, we arranged to meet in a bar near his house, just to talk. If I am honest I was hoping one of the women would be sadistic enough for me, I’m not a lesbian or even bi, I just find it more humiliating to be abused by another woman.

I met him the following night, he wasn’t as attractive as I had imagined, and was considerably less muscly but we got on well and discussed what I was after, what he was after and perhaps most importantly what I wasn’t willing to do! I wont tell you what those things were as I might change my mind if they are suggested by you lot! He kissed me on the cheek before I left and I drove home happy that I had found someone who could fulfil my needs.

We talked on IM the next day and he made a request, that I remove my nipple piercings and allow them to heal up, I agreed. After talking on the phone for the following two weeks we eventually set a date for our first ‘session’, 23rd April 2006, I was so nervous! The session would last two hours, we also agreed a safe word which I hoped I wouldn’t need!

The 23rd was a Sunday, I stayed in bed watching TV until about midday, I think Hollyoaks was on but my mind was on other things unsurprisingly. I showered thoroughly (inside and out!!), shaved my legs, pits and tidied up my pubes so they didn’t look so much like a bush!! Tom had told me what to wear, and it wasn’t much! A pair of high heeled shoes and a knee length jacket, the same one I had worn to the bar, it wouldn’t be a problem as I would be in the car the whole way anyway.

The drive over to his place was uneventful, I found his place easily with the directions he had given me, it was a detached two story house in an average looking suburban street. I sat in the car for five minutes before I bit the bullet and walked up the drive and knocked on the door, it opened almost immediately, Tom was stood in the doorway with a big grin on his face. I was surprised by what he was wearing, jeans and a t-shirt, for some reason I had expected leather and chains or something!!

I was invited in and once the door was closed he very politely asked if he could take my coat, all of a sudden I was mortified! I hadn’t even thought about it before but I was about to be naked in front of this guy for the first time which isn’t something that normal bothers me but for some reason this time it did. I tried to hide my embarrassment as I undid the buttons and slid the coat off my shoulders, he took it from me and hung it on the back of the door.

He led me by the hand to the end of the hall and then down some stairs, he had a basement! There was a lot of ‘toys’ down there but I wasn’t given opportunity to check them out, he took me straight to the other side of the basement where there was a wooden X cross with leather straps attached to it, he turned me around and offered me a last chance to reconsider but I shook my head. Tom lifted me onto the cross, there were footrests at the bottom so that I could stand up, he pulled my arm up against one of the arms of the cross and fastened the strap around my wrist, then he fastened the other arm and the two ankles, a final strap fastened around my waist and left me well and truly trapped.

I wear a 34C bra so my tits aren’t huge but aren’t to small either, they would be his focus to start with. He took a cane from a wall, which I noticed had a number of whipping implements on, and just started to whack my tits with it over and over again. I had expected him to start slow and build up speed but there was none of that, my eyes were closed tight from the moment the first blow stung my flesh until he had finished a couple of minutes later. I hadn’t thought it possible while he was hitting them but it actually hurt more once he had stopped, my whole chest began to burn.

I looked down at my tits heaving up and down as I panted, both of them were bright red with dark blue lines criss-crossed all over, if I hadn’t been wet already the sight of them would have got me going.

I’ve never really understood why pain makes me so horny, I can only guess that something is wired wrong in my brain and that the pain plug was accidentally inserted into the pleasure socket!

Anyway, when I looked up again Tom had disappeared and he didn’t come back for a good half hour, by that time I had recovered my composure somewhat and was just enjoying the site of my slightly swollen and severely bruised tits. When he did come back he was wearing a pair of latex gloves and was carrying a Pyrex bowl containing a yellow syrupy looking liquid. I perhaps should have been concerned but instead I was just curious what was in the bowl!

He had a wicked grin on his face as he held the bowl with one hand and used the other to scoop some of the syrup up in the other, then he smeared it all over my tits. The syrup was the consistency of golden syrup and generally stayed where it was put, I thought he was going to lick it off at first because nothing happened, it turns out that whatever Tom’s magic syrup is, it takes a few seconds to kick in!

I had thought my tits were burning before but it was nothing compared to this, the only thing I can compare it to is when fat jumps out of a pan and stings your arm, only this didn’t go away after a few seconds and was all over my chest. Without even realizing it I had begun to scream at him, calling him every name under the sun. He looked shocked at first but his grin soon returned and he grabbed a large vibrator from a draw and began to rub it around the opening to my cunt and push it into my clit, it didn’t take long for me to stop screaming and start moaning!!

It took about a minute for Tom to bring me to my first orgasm of the session, I should mention that my tits were still burning but I was still able to cum, and it was a good one too!

After I had cum Tom wiped the vibrator across my lips, I have tasted my own cum loads of times but it’s still humiliating if someone else does that to you! Then, he left me alone again.

Twenty minutes later he came back into the room, he was carrying a small cardboard box and a pair of scissors. I started to panic as we hadn’t discussed hair cutting as one of my limits (it hadn’t come up!!) but I DID NOT want my hair to be cut. I have grown my hair for some time and it is now about three inches below my shoulder, just where I want it to be and I am quite protective of it!!

I started to protest, telling him in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t to cut my hair, I completely forgot to use the safe word! He paused and put the box and scissors down then rummaged in a drawer, when he turned around he was hiding something behind his back. He walked over to me and quickly grabbed my hair, it hurt and I screeched but as soon as I opened my mouth he shoved a cock gag in my mouth, I’m not sure how big it was but it was big enough to shut me up and it didn’t take much effort on his part to pull the elastic around my head!

Now he picked up the scissors again, he got up right close to me, pressing up against my tits (which were no longer burning btw) and I could hear “snip, snip, snip” in my ear but it was obvious he wasn’t cutting anything. Once he had finished having his fun he squatted between my spread legs and began trimming my pubes as far down as he could, it was at this point I realized that the box on the table contained waxing strips! He trimmed them down as far as he could with the scissors and then opened the box and pulled out one of the strips and peeled off the backing paper, now its worth noting here that I have had a bikini wax before and they were very careful about where they put the wax and stuff, Tom had clearly not been trained at the same waxing school!!

The first strip was pressed firmly on with one end just near my asshole, right over my slit and finished just after my clit! I was hoping for a chance to brace myself but no, he just ripped it right off from the asshole end and god damn it hurt. It wasn’t so much the fact that it pulled all the hair from my pussy lips in one go so much as it had adhered itself to my lips and felt like it was going to take them with it!! There were a number of profanities muffled behind the gag! The rest of the strips weren’t so bad as the first and before long my groin looked like a little girls!! Well, slightly pinker actually!! (I’ve since come to quite like it that way).

Apparently the hair removal was just a distraction, he was focusing on my tits today! I watched him put on another pair of surgical gloves and then he pulled over a metal trolley, on top there was a towel with two large fish hooks on top. I say large, they would be about two inches long if they were straightened out. I tried to keep still as he lined one up with the bottom of my nipple, I love having my nipples pierced and this time was no different, I loved the feeling as the hook pierced the skin, forced its way through and then broke out of the top of my nipple causing a drop of blood to run down my tit, I was well and truly wet again!! The other hook predictably went through the other nipple in the same way.

The hooks had string tied to them and he grabbed them and pulled, it was really painful but great at the same time until he started to pull really hard and then it became agonizing!! I don’t think it did rip the holes but it felt like that’s what was happening, I had images of my nipples being ripped clean off!! He held it there for a good minute before letting my tits wobble back into position!

He let me rest for a couple of minutes and then untied me from the cross, I’d been on there for a good hour and a half so I was a little shaky when I stepped down but he didn’t let that slow him down!! I was ordered to stand in the middle of the room and bend over as far as I could, I guessed I was going to get spanked and did as I was told grabbing hold of my legs behind my knees to help me stay in that position. Tom grabbed one of the dangling strings and looped it around my big toe, pulled it tight and tied it off, then he did the same with the other one. This could be quite bad if I fell over!

I had expected a good spanking when I heard him undo his belt but instead he grabbed my hips and shoved his cock up my cunt. It felt really good actually because his cock was like a steel pole and I was already horny as hell, it took him a full sixty seconds to squirt inside me, I didn’t get to cum! He left it in until he went soft and then gave me a shove, I instinctively tried to stand until I almost ripped my nipples off! I ended up in a heap on the floor with my hands cupping my tits which now had more blood leaking from them!! Nice! My moans only left my mouth as muffled sounds because of the gag!

I was given another five minutes to recover before he removed my gag and told me to make myself cum, I didn’t need telling twice, I find it extremely exciting letting someone watch me masturbate and my tits were in agony, it was almost perfect circumstances for it!!

I’m quite practiced at this and it only took me a minute to get to the point where I was moaning and almost cumming, this was the moment he chose to unleash a stream of pee onto my head and then all over the rest of my body, nice! I stopped as soon as I felt it hit my face but he gave me a kick and told me to cum. I continued to rub my clit with my thumb whilst fingering myself (that’s the way I like it!) and was moaning in no time, I have to admit that I did love the humiliation of it! I mean, picture the scene…

I’m led on my back, knees bent with string fastened between my tits and toes!, legs spread wide frigging myself while some guy I hardly know pees on me!

Anyway, once I recovered from my (rather good) orgasm he cut the strings, dragged me to my feet and marched me up the stairs still soaked in his pee! At this point I assumed he was taking me to a bathroom or something but instead he pulls me by the wrist to the door, opens it and throws me out, says “See you next month” and throws my coat out after me before slamming the door!!!

I grabbed my coat and quickly covered myself up, the garden is fairly shaded which I guess he already knew, I doubt he would want his neighbours to see a naked chick outside his front door!! So I reluctantly put my coat back on (covering it in piss in the process!) and got back in my car. I drove away from his house and found somewhere secluded to park, then I removed the string from my toes and tried to take the hooks out of my nipples but failed miserably, I didn’t know this at the time but fish hooks have a point like an arrow (as in bow and arrow) so that they cant be pulled back out! I left them where they were and drove home with the window open (I stank of piss!), by the time I got there I had dried and smelt really bad. I managed to cut the string off the hooks and push them all the way through and out the other side which hurt quite bad as the blood had dried onto them, once done I masturbated again before taking a shower and curling up on the sofa.

It was buttoned up blouse and woolly jumper time for two weeks while my tits healed! I rubbed antiseptic cream into them everyday which stung, especially the nipples, that was always a good time to make myself cum! Mmmm!!! Anyway, that was that, I was hooked (sorry about the pun!) and looking forward to my next visit!

FYI: I’ve kept my pussy bald ever since and am thinking about getting laser hair removal on it, what do people think of that idea?

This is my first proper entry and this is the kind of thing you can expect in the future (maybe not as long! Got a bit carried away!), I’ll report back on all my future visits to Tom’s (and if you ask in the right way (i.e. not nicely!) I might write about the last few months visits too).

I’d also really like it if my readers (if I have any!) would post comments suggesting things I could do myself or do to myself between visits to Tom’s. ANYTHING your perverted minds can come up with is fine with me (more or less! 😉 ) so get your thinking caps on and let me know how you want me to be used, abused, humiliated (publicly if you want?!) and degraded!

I look forward to your comments!!

10 thoughts on “Archive – Meeting Tom

  1. Nigel

    Lovely story, well told, and a great session. He showed some restraint, sorry for the pun, to let you got like that. I would have been very tempted to keep you for a lot longer 🙂

    • Lois

      He wasn’t so restrained in subsequent sessions! It was a good first meeting, I have often thought about him but it has been a very long time since I had any contact with him.

  2. Alex

    Bravo! Your new blog seems much better than all the past ones! Keep the good effort and as soon as you find the time for it, you can write about your experiences you have never written before.

    • Lois

      It’s not a new blog, it’s the same one but with a different address! But yes I do intend to write more and that might include past experiences, we will see.

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