I am no longer with Kayleigh, we split up in early December. I will continue to blog when I feel like I have something worth telling you about, at the moment I am just miserable and bad company. Thanks for your patience.

20 thoughts on “Ended

  1. Yumie

    Sorry to hear. :/ I wish all the good for you. Even though I don’t know you, at all, I was for some reason a bit worried as no updates was for over month in twitter and here.. Take care.

  2. Alex

    A break up always causes various emotions.
    Some people will say take your time … some others will tell you to go out … everyone of us reacts differently.
    However, you were never bad company, you are not and you will not be one, I assure you for that!
    We are always here for you 🙂

  3. Thomas "Buzz" Buzzard

    Sorry to hear about you a your brake up, Dear Try to Remember that every thing comes in its own time and you will fined the right Person for yourself soon.

  4. techno555

    very, very sorry and sad about youor news! However, you need to forget about the past now: any change will bring something good. And I wish you god luck for your future!

  5. Simon

    Sorry to hear about the break up, certainly a surprise. Take care of yourself and hopefully knowing there are people out here thinking of you and sending you virtual hugs will help just a little.

  6. Liz Danziger (AKA LeatherBeth)

    Huggggs, sweetheart! I was worried due to the silence and did wonder if it meant something like this, but it’s so sad.
    Please keep posting here so all your online friends can know how you’re getting along.


  7. Onohara

    Take care of yourself, hun, and do whatever you need to do, in whatever time it takes, to heal. You’re a wonderful person, and when you’re ready to try again some very lucky woman is out there for you. xx

  8. Hermi

    Dear Lois, I am also very very sorry to read your last mail. However pls keep us updated about yourself. Your plans and life etc. Good luck!

  9. enno

    It makes me sad to hear you are once again disappointed in love. I wish I could help you in one way or another.
    I feel very sorry for you. But keep it up girl, you’re a good person.

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