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About me….I used to live in central London but things went bad there a long time ago and I moved away. You can read about those events on my blog if you are interested. I now live near to Cambridge and work as a solicitor.

For a long time nobody knew anything about the BDSM side of my life, after leaving London I closed it off and used this blog as a way to express that side of me. I also used to perform tasks for people who would set them on here and then I would complete them and write posts about them.

Going back to the beginning I realised I was a masochist when I was eighteen and shortly afterwards that I was submissive. I had a few partners back then but nothing serious and eventually I came to the realisation that whilst I enjoy playing with men on a sexual level, on an emotional level (as well as a sexual level) it is girls that hold my interest.

I have been in several relationships since then, one ending because she left to pursue her career in Australia, another because..well, relationships don’t always work out and you can read about some of that in this blog as it goes back many years. Since November 2016 I have been in a D/s relationship with a Domme called Fiona and I am as happy with her as I have ever been in my life.

For a long time I did not share any pictures of myself on this blog or anywhere else but since being with Mistress Fiona I have relaxed that a little and now share some carefully selected images of myself here and on my Tumblr blog. The picture above is me for example.

I have added a post which gives more info than this little blurb, if you are interested it is here.

23 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dante

    So now that I have re-read this post (having not registered the part about the pics the first time I read it a while back) and now reading your words to specifically say “which includes sharing pictures of myself on the internet” the answer is obvious…you should direct pictures and videos to my personal email in that case on yahoo which you have … I mean really.. having you sew your nipples together is much more exciting watching it being done in a video format than reading about it as the method you should sew your nipples together would necessitate me being very specific in your task and then re-reading what I had already written would be repetitive (oh…what I envision in my head right now as I write this).. as you can now better understand my desires…and to watch it live…oooh…there’s an idea…using yahoo messenger…keeps it off the net while satisfying my desires too!

    there…a compromise, the very thing an attorney likes in most cases….I am so glad you agree with me. 🙂

    Additionally, might I suggest you create a “Task Page” where you would receive your tasks and then you could post your vivid and well admired accounting of your implementation of said task there also. I only suggest this to be in tune with your stated intention for this blog above.

      • ST

        Hello lois,

        We talked…alot, a few yrs back. Dont know if u remember, but i “did” u alot, in the most sadistic and perverted ways. I would really want to get in touch again, have some plans for u. If u dont remember, and u would like me to intorduce myself again… let me know. Slavetrainer

  2. Stewart

    Hi Lois found you through CM, if you are looking for a little task, maybe you’d care to enter my breast bondage olympics? The first event is nipple clamp weight lifting and you can see pics of my first entrant on my homemadebdsm page. I’m stewie849. Good luck if you care to have a go!

  3. Drew

    Lois, in one of your posts you mentioned a keyed padlock necklace. Can you link the manufacturer/retailer? I’d respond to the post proper but I’m using the mobile site and am having navigation issues. I think this would be perfect for my sub and i’d appreciate your help. Thanks!

  4. Liz Danziger

    The pic at the top is indeed vanilla, but is part of a bdsm blog. I’m surprised you’re not worried you could be recognised, is such recognption is not what you want.

    • Lois

      To be honest yes that does bother me, but I chose that picture because it is available elsewhere on the internet so could have been stolen, at least that would be my story!!

  5. Liz Danziger

    But the thumbnail is also you, as are the work details and details of your recent illness. You’ve made yourself identifiable to people who know you. You have a story for that? Just worried for you.

  6. Dante

    Well you succulent piece of fuckmeat, you need a task. Your task is to take a nylon (just a single leg) and fill the tip of it full of thumbtacks. It must be filled to the size of your fist or slightly smaller. You will tie it off and cut off the excess leaving a fist-size “bag” of tacks tightly packed. Second, you will take one of your tight fitting bras and push tacks through it such that you have a “bed of nails” to press against your nipples (be sure to tape the tacks onto the bra cups after you have pushed them through as we don’t want them being pushed back through the bra). Now it’s time to visit the gym…but before leaving you are to put your new bra on and also a tight fitting sports bra over top (or you could use some type of elastic wrap as well to keep pressure against your nipples and tits). Next you are to insert your “bag” of tacks into your cunt hole and head off to the gym (of course you can wear your gym clothes over top).

    At the gym you are to ride the bicycle for 15 – 30 minutes making sure to grind your cunt onto the seat while you peddle (oh…do be careful as hamburger is not on the menu…well…oh..and be sure to wipe the seat down after dismounting). Some aerobic exercises are also in order (you may substitute a rigorous aerobic workout if you choose in place of the bicycle as long as your cunt gets a good workout or you can do a combo; bicycle and jumping jacks for your titties). When you have finished, you shall proceed home to masturbate leaving everything in tact (pun intended). After you cum once or several times (your choice) you may clean up (be sure to sanitize your tacks prior to and after your task as they are sure to be used again). Welcome back slut!

  7. CarpeDiem

    I love legal arguments … I know im a bore to everyone i know! Lol

    I saw your a solicitor what type of law do you practice and how do you manage the workload around all you have done!?

    • Lois

      This really should have been on the “Ask Me Anything” page but I’ll answer anyway.

      I specialise in business law, mainly around large complex contracts but also property acquisitions.

      If you read my blog you’ll know I’m not very good at balancing my personal and work life! The work life usually wins unfortunately!

  8. Katie

    You’ve mentioned an ambition to re-enact a Torture Galaxy scene.
    If you are interested in the scene where two women were attached to each other by s-shaped meat hooks through their breasts, would you consider me as the other pair?

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