15 thoughts on “Hey

  1. sloopb

    Woo Hoo – soooo glad to have you back we – I was beginning to think that we had lost you to the vanilla side ๐Ÿ™‚

    So what’s been going on to keep you away, anything that you can or want to share? Or should we just think of some devious and degrading tasks for you to complete and move on? Either way, very glad to see that you are alive and well, sloopb xxx

  2. Lois

    Thanks for your comments everyone, it’s good to know people are still willing to read!

    I have plans for the blog, I will be putting them into motion soon.

    Lo xx

  3. Onohara

    Welcome back!

    What’s new with me: bad side: I’ve left my LTR of 20+ years. Good side: I have a fabulous new, very genderqueer gf, and we’re fucking each other’s brains out. I think I’ve finally met someone whose sex drive exceeds mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Okay, Lo. Your turn. Dish!

  4. balls123543

    You don’t call… you don’t write…

    I think you will find that your the only one to blame for the absence of abuse and degredation.

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