Not what I expected

I have to be honest, when I opened this poll I did not expect this outcome!  I always had dog in my mind, although the humiliation of being registered as a cow did make me a little wet, but I definitely didn’t have Poodle in mind.

I was thinking Labrador, I have no logical reason why my mind would go there straight away but that is what it did. Obviously the majority of your minds went to Poodle although it only won out over Cocker Spaniel by one vote so that was also a popular choice. I’d be interested to know why people chose the way they did if anyone cares to add a comment and explain.

Anyway, so that is that, once I get my microchip implanted I will be registered on the national pet database as a Poodle named Lois and then if I get lost and someone finds me they can scan me and return me safely to my Mistress.

The chip has been ordered but it is coming from America so I will have to wait for it to arrive and then will have to wait for Mistress to arrange a good time with the vet. W/we are hoping the vet will agree to do the implantation in the veterinary surgery which I think will make it even more humiliating/exciting!

We still haven’t decided where on my body it will go, I am leaving that up to Mistress to decide. It is a more difficult decision then you might think because She has decided almost certainly that I will be getting a paw print tattoo over the location of the microchip. It can’t, therefore, be anywhere too visible and if it is at all visible I will have to have a reason for getting it because I will get asked. Also, Mistress revealed to me, that She has plans for certain parts of my body and that a tattoo in certain places might get in the way of those plans in the future.

I pressed Her for more information on that after the third time of asking She locked a ball gag on me for four hours which I think was a fairly comprehensive way of telling me to stop asking!

In other news, rather big news, Mistress and I are going to visit my Mother this weekend. This will be the first time she has met Mistress but I intend to warn her in advance that She isn’t just a friend, I haven’t plucked up the courage to do so yet though! There is nothing in her/my past to suggest that my Mother will react badly to the news other than that she is quite straight laced and I can’t see how she would see it coming at all. I think it is going to be a shock!

p.s. the latest poll won’t seem to close properly so you still seem to be able to vote, don’t bother though because your vote won’t count but you may still be charged!

16 thoughts on “Not what I expected

  1. Onohara

    Wow. Coming out to your mum. That is huge. Good luck!

    I came out to my straight-laced parents pretty early, at 21. And have continued to do so, to no avail. The problem with my being bisexual and poly is that even though I’ve lived with women lovers for most of my adult life, my parents have chosen to cling to the guy relationships I had and ignore my “friends” and “housemates,” even though those were often the primary relationships. And my first lesbian LTR being with a woman of colour didn’t help. They’ve chosen denial. My father passed ten years ago; he acknowledged my being queer exactly once, ever, with three words in the middle of an unrelated topic. My mother, after 30 years, still never has and regularly tells her friends how sad I am that I never found the right guy. smh Your mother is younger than mine – I hope yours goes a lot better!

  2. Onohara

    To clarify: I’ve lived with my women partners part- or full-time almost my entire adult life. We’re talking serious denial here!

  3. Onohara

    Oh, and: (I hate that we can’t edit comments! Sorry for spamming the thread…) That first (non-white) partner and I lived together in three countries and four U.S. states…and my current partner and I have lived in three different houses together! I guess we’re just really, really, *really* close friends. 🙂

    • Lois

      I’m sorry to hear your parents cant/couldn’t accept it hun, I hope my Mother will be a little more tolerant of it but I guess I will have to wait and see. It’s not just the whole lesbian thing that she will have to accept either, Mistress is quite a bit younger than me as well remember. Also, there is the other side of this to look at, what if Mistress doesn’t like my Mother or they don’t get on, it could be a disaster. In fact the more I think about it the more stressful it becomes!!!!

  4. markh101

    Lo, this is huge news and I know a thing that’s been on your mind for ages. I’m sure it will go ok as your mum will probably be as cool as you are. It’s the 21st century, she loves you and how could she not like Kay, from what you tell us she is amazing. Be positive and go in confidently.

    On a different subject this whole body modification stuff is erotic as hell. I wonder what she has planned for you in that devilishly deviant little mind of hers. We’re all dying to find out!

    • Lois

      It is certainly going to be an interesting weekend! You say “how can she not like Kay” but the only reason you like Her is because of Her kinkiness, I’m not sure that will sway my Mother!

  5. whynot

    I’ll add a comment. I went with Cocker Spaniel, not because it has cock in it, haha, but because every Cocker Spaniel I’ve known always looks up at you with those big, hopeful, puppy dog eyes that just scream “please play with me”. If the picture your blog paints of you is accurate, I think that’s an apt comparison, and makes for a great mental picture :).

  6. BB

    Good luck with the meeting of Mother and Mistress. I hope they get along well. What are the chances that K will look for tips on keeping you in line from her, or perhaps share insights into your private personality?

    I too voted cocker spaniel – cute, bubbly, playful, obedient (I think) and a looks very distinct and immediately identifiable as the breed it is. It’d also be a justification, not that she needs one, for K to turn you into a ginger as I like gingers.

    • Lois

      I hope so too, I still haven’t told my Mother about our relationship status, I completely chickened out!

      She has already turned my blonde, please don’t give Her any more crazy ideas!!

      • BB

        Are you saying your Mother knows you’re almost a slave, but not that you’re with a woman; or that she knows nothing on either count?

  7. lontrainer

    Came across this ancient post as ‘related’ to your latest survey, and although ancient and different Mistress just wondering what did happen on that we.

    • Lois

      I think I wrote about it in a later post, basically the vet who was supposed to be implanting the chip backed out for fear of getting in trouble and the whole thing fell through. I’d still like to be microchipped, the idea of it is still a turn on.

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