So I’m a dog?

Well with 35% of the vote DOG just beat COW which I think I am quite pleased about! I think it would have been pretty cruel to register me as a “heifer”!!

So now that my species has been decided upon I need your help deciding what breed of dog I am.  I’ve chosen ten of the most popular breeds of dog for you to vote on but you can also add your own if you feel the need, I chose popular dogs as I think I would be a popular one!

I’ll leave this vote open a few days like the last one and we’ll see what you choose for me, I have to say it is making me really wet writing and thinking about this. I know that is weird but I can’t help it, the idea of having a pet microchip permanently inserted into my body and then being registered on a national pet database just turns me on a lot!

I have ordered the chip from America now so I need to wait until it arrives, it is a Pet-ID one which, from my research, I can register on one of the UK Pet Databases. Once it is all done I will put my Microchip ID on here so that you can look me up if you want to.

Mistress is thinking about getting me a tattoo over the place where the chip is inserted, which is still to be decided. She thought a paw print from whatever animal is chosen (now a dog) would be good and I quite like that idea too, it could be difficult to explain though depending on where the chip gets inserted. The back of my neck has been suggested (because that is where animals get them I think) and it would be fairly visible if I had a dog paw tattoo on the back of my neck, I’m not sure Mistress is too bothered about that though so I might not get much say in the matter. The other thing about a paw print tattoo is that it may have other connotations!

Thank you very much for your input on this so far, I am very grateful and very excited to find out what kind of “bitch” you all think I am!

Update: The voting seems to going a certain way but I’m not sure if it is just because that breed has “cock” in it’s name!! So, I have added pictures of the breeds to help you decide. Happy voting!

Cocker Spaniel



German Shepheard


Great Dane

Bull Terrier

Golden Retriever



15 thoughts on “So I’m a dog?

  1. markh101

    Lo, great news that you can be registered. I’m glad it came back as a dog due to your history and think it would be hot if you had the paw over it. Yes there are connotations associated with having that but since you’ve done it I think it would be a nice reminder. It’d be covered by your beautiful flowing locks anyway lol

  2. Alex

    For sure the other breeds are better … but since we talk about Lois … the dog should be a very feminine one … hence my choice: Poodle 😉

  3. wlimot

    Every time I see someone partaking in the bearfaced for children in need campaign I wonder if someone, somewhere is having a laugh at people’s expense.

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