I thought it would be interesting to find out who is reading my posts here and wondered if you would mind completing this poll?

I’ve tried to be inclusive with the options but you only get so many spaces, you can add your own options if you don’t feel like you fit into on that is there.

Viewing stats

One of the caveats I was given before I started to post again was that I am not permitted to view the stats page of the admin area of the blog, so after I looked at the stats today and admitting it to Miss Fiona when I got home from work I’m in a bit of trouble!

Miss thought it appropriate that my punishment be driven by the source of my disobedience so as such, below is a poll for you  it will stay active until this time tomorrow and then my punishment will be carried out on Wednesday.

Hotel room


My recent posts related to a fantasy of mine which was recently made a reality. It was an amazing experience and I loved writing about it and have enjoyed the comments about it. The person that my friend arranged did an excellent job of using, abusing and humiliating me and also keeping me guessing as to what was going to happen to me next, I was horny the entire time and was exhausted afterwards.

It was suggested to me that it might be interesting to hear what readers of this blog might have done with me if they had me in the same situation and I did think it would be a good way to interact with my readers. I’m quite certain there aren’t that many of you these days but hopefully since I’ve started writing again it will pick up a little, feel free to share the link of your twitter, tumblr, collarspace, fetlife, facebook or whatever (shameless self promotion).

Anyway, so this post is a call for people to share their ideas (in the comments) for what they would do to me if they had me tied up, blindfolded and submissive in a hotel room for a night and knew that I’d never know who they were.

As an incentive for people to make the effort, I will email the author of the most creatively sadistic one that makes my pussy drip more than the others and they can set me a task to perform and once I’ve followed their commands I’ll write about it on the blog in as much detail as I have written about this. So if you take up the challenge be sure to put your email address in when commenting.

So that’s it for now, I am thinking about posting something about my real life so if you’re interested in hearing about that feel free to comment about that too.

Oh, and at least a few of you post a comment or this is going to be really embarrassing!

Not what I expected

I have to be honest, when I opened this poll I did not expect this outcome!  I always had dog in my mind, although the humiliation of being registered as a cow did make me a little wet, but I definitely didn’t have Poodle in mind.

I was thinking Labrador, I have no logical reason why my mind would go there straight away but that is what it did. Obviously the majority of your minds went to Poodle although it only won out over Cocker Spaniel by one vote so that was also a popular choice. I’d be interested to know why people chose the way they did if anyone cares to add a comment and explain.

Anyway, so that is that, once I get my microchip implanted I will be registered on the national pet database as a Poodle named Lois and then if I get lost and someone finds me they can scan me and return me safely to my Mistress.

The chip has been ordered but it is coming from America so I will have to wait for it to arrive and then will have to wait for Mistress to arrange a good time with the vet. W/we are hoping the vet will agree to do the implantation in the veterinary surgery which I think will make it even more humiliating/exciting!

We still haven’t decided where on my body it will go, I am leaving that up to Mistress to decide. It is a more difficult decision then you might think because She has decided almost certainly that I will be getting a paw print tattoo over the location of the microchip. It can’t, therefore, be anywhere too visible and if it is at all visible I will have to have a reason for getting it because I will get asked. Also, Mistress revealed to me, that She has plans for certain parts of my body and that a tattoo in certain places might get in the way of those plans in the future.

I pressed Her for more information on that after the third time of asking She locked a ball gag on me for four hours which I think was a fairly comprehensive way of telling me to stop asking!

In other news, rather big news, Mistress and I are going to visit my Mother this weekend. This will be the first time she has met Mistress but I intend to warn her in advance that She isn’t just a friend, I haven’t plucked up the courage to do so yet though! There is nothing in her/my past to suggest that my Mother will react badly to the news other than that she is quite straight laced and I can’t see how she would see it coming at all. I think it is going to be a shock!

p.s. the latest poll won’t seem to close properly so you still seem to be able to vote, don’t bother though because your vote won’t count but you may still be charged!

So I’m a dog?

Well with 35% of the vote DOG just beat COW which I think I am quite pleased about! I think it would have been pretty cruel to register me as a “heifer”!!

So now that my species has been decided upon I need your help deciding what breed of dog I am.  I’ve chosen ten of the most popular breeds of dog for you to vote on but you can also add your own if you feel the need, I chose popular dogs as I think I would be a popular one!

I’ll leave this vote open a few days like the last one and we’ll see what you choose for me, I have to say it is making me really wet writing and thinking about this. I know that is weird but I can’t help it, the idea of having a pet microchip permanently inserted into my body and then being registered on a national pet database just turns me on a lot!

I have ordered the chip from America now so I need to wait until it arrives, it is a Pet-ID one which, from my research, I can register on one of the UK Pet Databases. Once it is all done I will put my Microchip ID on here so that you can look me up if you want to.

Mistress is thinking about getting me a tattoo over the place where the chip is inserted, which is still to be decided. She thought a paw print from whatever animal is chosen (now a dog) would be good and I quite like that idea too, it could be difficult to explain though depending on where the chip gets inserted. The back of my neck has been suggested (because that is where animals get them I think) and it would be fairly visible if I had a dog paw tattoo on the back of my neck, I’m not sure Mistress is too bothered about that though so I might not get much say in the matter. The other thing about a paw print tattoo is that it may have other connotations!

Thank you very much for your input on this so far, I am very grateful and very excited to find out what kind of “bitch” you all think I am!

Update: The voting seems to going a certain way but I’m not sure if it is just because that breed has “cock” in it’s name!! So, I have added pictures of the breeds to help you decide. Happy voting!

Cocker Spaniel



German Shepheard


Great Dane

Bull Terrier

Golden Retriever



To slave or not to slave

Thank you all for your responses, I really didn’t expect to get many comments on this one, or votes for that matter, thank you for caring 🙂

I think I could have predicted that no-one would say no but it’s interesting that about a third of you voted to set limits on it, that is kind of where I was leaning because I thought “what if she makes me do something that affects my work or something”, I would then be in a very difficult position of not obeying or risking something going wrong in the vanilla part of my life, I wouldn’t want to do either!

The most compelling argument that I read though came from Manc who said “It’s not TPE if you have restrictions” and he is exactly right! The whole point of it, from my point of view at least, is that I have no control over what happens, I am giving up that control and giving it to Kayleigh.

That sort of got me thinking about what the point of it is to her, she wants to control me in every way and if I was to set restrictions or limits then am I really giving her what she wants, and if I’m not then what is the point? It was her idea/request in the first place!

So, I have just text Kayleigh:
Hey sexy, I’ve had a little think and have come to the conclusion that I would really love to give you total control for a week, in fact I can’t wait, when do you want it to start Miss?!

Basically she knows me well, she knows what is important to me and she knows where to draw a line. I trust her, if I didn’t I wouldn’t even consider doing this in the first place! I am very excited about it now although I know it won’t all be pleasant, she can be a complete bitch sometimes!

I just got a text back from her:
I knew you would say yes you little slut! You’ll be sorry soon enough though (devil smiley) We’ll talk about it later, I’m coming round after work, now leave me alone bitch, I’m working.

So that’s that organised I guess! Nice of her to let me know she is coming round tonight as well, I didn’t know about that until now, good job I didn’t have plans!  I can’t text her again now, she loves telling me to shut up and it absolutely drives me crazy! I get punished if I then send her another text or talk or anything after that.

One time I text her after she told me not to text her again when she was at work, she came round after work stuck a piece of duct tape over my mouth, drew over the edges of it with lipstick and then told me not to take it off until she said I could. The lipstick was so she could see if it had been removed and put back on, very clever my Domme! She only took it off after work the next day! It was very irritating and I couldn’t eat, she did let me put a small hole in it big enough to fit the tiny straw from a drinks carton through but that was it. Anyway it taught me a lesson, although I still do it, I can’t help myself sometimes!

maybe I should write more about her punishments, I don’t think I really write about them very much because they aren’t generally part of play sessions or anything, she just sometimes feels the need to punish me so she does! They aren’t always that exciting though, one time she forbid me from drinking anything except tap water for a week because I put sugar in her tea! An overreaction I thought! I was particularly grumpy after a week without coffee or coke!

In other news I found another archive blog entry, this one is from a long time ago (in a galaxy far away) when I started my very first blog! I got my friend to post it on BDSM Library for me to get some readers basically so I found it on there.  You can read it here if you are interested.

OK, that’s all for now, I’ll let you know what she has to say for herself tomorrow! This might raise the whole telling her about the blog issue again actually! hmmmm……


This weekend Kayleigh told me that she wants to try TPE, or Total Power Exchange, for a full week in the very near future.  This would mean she would choose my clothes, my food, what I do, what I don’t do, everything, for the period of seven days. It would also mean that “play time” is all the time which could be interesting!

I have to admit I am quite intrigued by it but I wanted to see people opinions on it.