Faux pa


I’ve been quiet this week but not for the reason you might think, I’ll explain what happened with that though.

So as it turns out the person who gate crashed my little enema task was in fact a friend of Hannah’s, a dominant friend of Hannah’s who reads my blog (hi!) and has taken an interest in me and between them they decided this would be an excellent way of introducing themselves. I disagreed.

Mainly because I, as you know, I am extremely protective of my anonymity and before I discovered who was behind this I was really freaking out, to the point that I was on the verge of deleting my entire online presence. Added to that is the fact that I had to figure out on my own who it was which also upset me and the combination of these things left me feeling a little betrayed.

That’s a strong word but it really felt like a huge breach of my trust by Hannah to tell this person who I am and where I live and be involved in what they did that night. That said, it would have been a very exciting experience if I’d had a little information, if I’d been told someone was going to come I would have been way hornier and excited about it.

I’ve discussed all of this with Hannah initially and have since been in contact with the Domme and have discussed it with her two and both agreed it could have been done better and apologies have been offered and accepted and it is all good now.

So that was that, it was a bit of a drama but it was resolved fairly calmly and it isn’t the reason I’ve been quiet this week. The reason for that is just that I’ve been a bit down and in no way horny. The former of those two things happens from time to time and can’t be helped, the latter is very rare for me, I actually went two days without bothering to have an orgasm which I don’t think has happened in some years.

Added to that the fact I had to go to a “Management Assertiveness Seminar” this week which is not only the antithesis of my personality but also not the kind of thing I enjoy and all in all it’s not been the best week.

So, this weekend is going to be a slob about weekend, pizza will be eaten, wine will be drunk and potentially some vanilla fun will be had. Then I’m hoping normal service will resume next week when I will be potentially going out with Hannah, her sub and her Domme friend to mend bridges and hopefully have a nice night.

Plus, the weekend after next (9th July) is the big party where Luke intends to encase me in plaster for a day, so we’ve all got that to look forward to!

3 thoughts on “Faux pa

  1. DonGiovanni9

    I agree with you. Your trust and anonymity was violated. It could have added an extra dimension, but not without prior planning. I’m glad, however, that you have resolved the issue. I will be looking forward to your description of your plaster party – I foresee a forced bondage bukkake among other delights!

  2. IflyHG

    I agree with you too. Certainly Hannah should have known that was an especially bad idea given your history. Glad you got it all sorted out and also that you were clever enough to get to the bottom of it and spoil their fun trying to torment you, serves them right! Thanks for sharing.

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