The plot thickens


If you’re ever tied up, naked and blindfolded and someone walks in on your and writes a phone number on your chest in lipstick and you want to know who it was, come to me, because I’m an investigative genius! (Feeling quite pleased with myself!)

So I had the number of my unexpected visitor but despite calling it several times no one ever answered so I was stumped and frankly quite freaked out by it. I’d been away with family over the weekend so I hadn’t had any time to do anything about it until I got home last night.

First I Googled the number but that didn’t come up with anything, then I tried to do a phone number lookup but that didn’t help either. Then I had an idea, I put the number in my phone and then opened a chat to it in WhatsApp and there is was, a name, her name.

So I Googled her name and that came up with loads of results so I went onto Facebook and searched for her and what do I find? A friend of Hannah’s with that very same name!!

Hannah has been dodging my calls since last night but she can’t avoid me forever!

16 thoughts on “The plot thickens

  1. Richard

    Good to hear you have figured out who was in your shed that night.

    Once you get hold of Hannah are you going to tell her off or thank her for adding another level to your torture that night?

  2. Petedom

    That’s a shame you don’t have the energy tonight I was so looking forward to reading about it – maybe a glass of wine and sit down and write it for your fans?

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