This weekend Kayleigh told me that she wants to try TPE, or Total Power Exchange, for a full week in the very near future.  This would mean she would choose my clothes, my food, what I do, what I don’t do, everything, for the period of seven days. It would also mean that “play time” is all the time which could be interesting!

I have to admit I am quite intrigued by it but I wanted to see people opinions on it.

11 thoughts on “TPE?

  1. Simon

    I voted ‘Do it, no restrictions’ because, having read your previous blogs I think Kayleigh is very attunded to both her desires and your needs and I think you can trust her to have, ultimately, your best interests at heart. ie I don’t think she would intentionaly hurt you (beyond your desires)

    • Lois

      Apparently everyone agrees with you Simon! As you will see from my latest post I have gone with your suggestion, we will see how it works out I guess!

  2. leo

    I agree with simon, and it is in fully in line with her dominating and loving desire for you. she is actually a good mistress / owner as she obviously cares for you. go it all the way, iy is what you desire. be happy and feel loved and owned.

  3. Onohara

    I actually voted the other way – negotiate any restrictions that are important to you in advance, at least this first time. It’s not a question of Kayleigh being trustworthy; it’s a question of your being absolutely, completely confident in putting yourself in her hands. Doing so for a trial period like this where you have an advance opportunity to negotiate ground rules is one last intermediary step that will both give her more information on your boundaries (and where to push) and you more confidence in her ability to navigate those edges when you have absolutely, positively no choice.

    Either way – good luck! I think you’ll find it a pretty phenomenal experience.

    • Onohara

      One last thought – if you go into TPE for any significant length of time you’re going to have to either give up this blog or tell Kayleigh about it. I really don’t think there are any other options.

  4. Manc

    It’s not TPE if you have restrictions 😐

    The choice shouldn’t really be yours. If she want’s to do it then you should accept it and trust she won’t put you in any situation that could harm you (too badly).

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