I hate spiders

I hate spiders, to be honest they probably get a bad press because I am sure they aren’t all vicious little bastards out to exterminate the  human race but I can’t help feeling that is true every time I see one! They just have too many legs and they move too quick and they have lots of eyes and fangs and….they’re just horrible little creatures!

That said, I don’t kill them when I find them in my house, I can usually pluck up enough courage to put a glass over one and then call in a friend to come and dispose of it in the garden, far enough away that it won’t come back!  However, last Saturday, when I encountered a rather large house spider in my kitchen I was rather limited in the number of people I could call after I’d trapped it in the glass as I was naked except for a pair of stockings and had been forbidden to put anymore clothes on.

So, there was only one person I could call on really and her name is Kayleigh, I may have mentioned her before on here!  I asked her if she was afraid of spiders and if not could she dispose of one the next day when she came round, she told me to keep it safe as she has an idea of how to put it to good use, my heart sank.

The next day I was very excited to see Kayleigh and she had been away for the weekend but I was also very worried about her plans for the hideous guest in my kitchen, I did consider just letting it go and saying it escaped but I wouldn’t have been able to just lie to her face and I would have ended up in trouble.

When she arrived I was knelt behind the door in my stockings just like I had been on the friday night before she locked me in the dog cage. She smiled when she walked in and held my head against her thigh just as she had done then, only this time she put her hand under my chin and pulled gently upwards gesturing for me to stand. When I did she kissed me hard and I kissed her back and I was immediately wet and desperate for her.

She started to take off her jacket and I helped her, her fingers were already inside me as I pulled the zip down the side of her dress and helped it slide to the floor. She was wearing some gorgeous lingerie which I bought for myself and worn to her flat the night that she made me  stand in the corner all night, apparently when she didn’t give it back to me she had claimed it for herself!

We made it to the bedroom and she laid on the bed on her front and then reached back and pulled the thong to the side, I spread her ass cheeks with my hands and pushed my face between them, I could hear her  moaning as I circled her asshole with my tongue and then pushed it into her. I tongue her ass for a while and then she turned over and I kissed all the way up her body to her breasts, I unclipped her bra and pulled it off then took one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked on it and ran my tongue around it, then I bit it gently.

She grabbed my her and jerked  my head up, then gave me a gentle slap on the cheek and said “No!”, I just smiled and went back to sucking on her nipple whilst my fingers circled her clit and then pushed their way into her wet hole. I massaged her other tit with y free hand whilst I sucked harder on her nipple and increased the pressure with my fingers and she was soon cumming all over my hand. I didn’t stop though, instead I continued to finger fuck her dripping pussy and with my other hand undid the ribbon bows on the sides of her thong, then pulled it away with my teeth. Now that I had fulled access I put my lips around her little clit and began to tease it with my tongue while my fingers still thrust in and out of her and she moaned loudly.

My tongue pushed under her hood and around her clit as I sucked on it gently and then my fingers found her spot and I began pushing the tips of them into it as I sucked harder. She was making some amazing noises now and was soaking wet as I continue to pleasure her and then she came again, really hard this time and she grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed my head into her as she went wild.

As she recovered I gently licked around her slip, cleaning her juices up with my tongue and savouring every bit of it, my mouth was filled with the taste of her. After a while she told me to kneel so I  knelt on the bottom of the bed, sitting on my heals, knees apart and arms folded behind my back . I love sitting (or kneeling) in these submissive positions, offering my body to her and leaving it completely open to her mercy, of lack there of!

She knelt in front of me and her fingers went straight to my pussy, it was soaking wet and she had no problem sliding three fingers into me and then she began rubbing my clit with her thumb. My clit is hypersensitive since it was pierced and it requires very little stimulation to make me cum but she was pressing it hard and I was ready in less than a minute but  she told me “not without permission” and then took my nipple between her finger nails and pinched it hard, that just made me moan. I immediately said “May I cum” and she immediately said “no” and then rubbed my clit even harder!

I was moaning and panting as her fingers worked on my pussy and nipples, I was desperate to cum but I held on, waiting for her permission. I asked again “Pleassse may I cum?” but she just said “no” again and intensified the attention her fingers were giving my pussy. I was dripping wet down there, my juices were literally running over her hand and I was  panting and moaning and desperately trying not to cum whilst at the same time absolutely desperate to do so!

This went on for another minute and then without thinking I blurted out “Please Miss…” and then I saw a smile spread across her face and she said “I like that, say it again” and I immediately said “Please Miss, can I cum please?” and then she stopped everything and said “not yet my little slut” and then she grabbed my knees and pulled them towards her so that my legs were pulled either side of her and I fell backwards onto the bed.

She produced a small plastic bag from out of her handbag which contained the locking clit ring she had got me and the pet tag with the words “KAYLEIGH’S SLUT” engraved on it. The metal clip on the tag had been replaced with a gold ring and I couldn’t see any join in it.  She tipped them out of the bag into her hand along with the little “key” for the ring.

I was still panting as I watched her, desperate to cum and ready to do anything to be allowed. I gasped loudly as she pulled back my hood and removed the ring from my clit. It hadn’t been taken out since it was put then and it stuck a little bit and tugged on my clit from the inside as it came out, it was all I could do not to cum when that happened!

The locking ring it a little bit complicated to “install”, there is a piece which comes completely off and you put that through the piercing and then you re-attach the rest of the ring onto it and tighten a very small screw with the key to lock it in place. The screw has a unique head so it can only be opened with one of the keys from the manufacturer.

Kayleigh threaded the small piece of metal through the hole in my clit while I bit my lip and tried my best to control my orgasm, the new jewellery is slightly bigger than the old and it sent a truly bizarre sensation through my whole body as it stretched the hole in my clit from the inside. Once it was in she looped the ring through the tags ring and then gently positioned it back together and tightened the screw, every movement sent a thrill of pleasure through my clit and I was almost in tears I was so desperate to cum.

With the new jewellery and tag now locked on my clit Kayleigh told me to kneel up which I did, then she held the tag between her fingers and very gentle pulled on it, I gasped and my eyes pleaded with her and she said “you may cum” and then I just let go and I came so hard and so fast at her command, it was pure complete submissive bliss!

I laid on the bed for at least fifteen minutes while she stroked my hair and I came down from my orgasm, I felt completely amazing and totally satisfied. I looked down on the tag hanging from my clit and felt pride at wearing it, as well as a lot of sensitivity!

Suddenly Kayleigh got up and  told me to come over, when I did she told me to lie on my back then she disappeared out of the room. I had completely forgotten about my little friend in the kitchen until she came back carrying the glass part out of my cafetière containing one huge spider!

She knelt down beside me and held up the glass jar for me to see, I moved back away from it as far as possible, then I watched as she tipped the jar and pressed it against my stomach upside down and spider dropped onto my skin.

I immediately had goose bumps all over my body and I went completely rigid. I wanted to jump up and get it off me and run away but in my mind I knew that she wanted me to stay, she wanted me to be a good sub and let her do what she wanted to do even though it was very difficult for me.

After letting the spider run around a little on my stomach she pinched my nipple hard making it erect and then began to move the jar up my body, every time the jar moved far enough up my body that the spider touched the back it ran forward again and I jumped every time. Finally the jar reached my left tit and Kayleigh left it there balanced with the spider sitting almost directly on top of my erect nipple.

Thoughts flew through my mind, one main one was of the spider sinking its fangs into my nipple and I have to admit I felt a twinge in my pussy when I thought about that!

Kayleigh wasn’t holding the glass  jar anymore, it was just balanced on my tit and I knew if I moved too much it would fall and the spider would get free so I stayed perfectly still even when I watched and felt the spider running across my nipple, it was horrendous!

Kayleigh watched me intently as my eyes flicked between that monster on my chest and her. After what felt like an hour she said “If you ask me to I will take it off and get rid of it. However I would like you to ask me to move the jar over your pussy”.

My mind was racing, I was desperate to tell her to take it away and get rid of it and never do this again but her words rang through my brain like bells. “I would like you to ask me to move the jar over your pussy”.  Really, did she really expect me to ASK for THAT!?

“Please Miss, will you move the jar over my pussy?”

I don’t think I had completely decided to say it before I said it, the words just came out and she immediately smiled a big wide gorgeous smile and I almost forgot about the spider.

She used a piece of card to flick the spider back into the jar as she picked it up and then moved between my legs. I spread them a little wider for her and then she looked at me and said “Count to sixty”.

As I said ONE she planted the jar over my pussy and I watched the creature drop onto my pussy mound, it immediately ran across my pussy and I could feel each of its feet on me.

I started to shake as I counted, I have no idea why I was so scared but I was truly terrified as I counted aloud.

The second I hit sixty I felt the jar come away, Kayleigh got up and went to the window and I assume the spider went out. She was back at my side in a flash lying next to me and cuddling my shaking body and saying “Good girl, good girl, Shhhh”.

We laid on the floor for a while and then got up and got into bed. I felt silly for getting so afraid but she just cuddled me and I felt completely safe in her arms where I fell asleep.

This was all the weekend before last and since then I  have had to get used to my piercing all over again! The tag that now dangles from it adds weight and movement too it which has over served to increase the sensitivity further but I love it completely. I have spent ages looking at it in the mirror just hanging from my clit it looks amazing and the permanency of the locking ring makes it all the sweeter. I have no idea where the key is now, Kayleigh has it somewhere safe (I hope!) so if I ever want it off she will have to let me.

I’ve thought a lot about the spider experience since then, it was a truly horrible experience and I never want to go through it again, it only lasted about ten minutes but it felt like an eternity. I think the point of it was to reinforce my obedience, I could have got up at any time, flicked the spider off me at any time or simply asked her to stop but instead I let her do this horrible thing to me and then when she made it clear what she wanted I ASKED for it to be made worse! I’m quite proud of myself for enduring it actually and I think it taught me AND Kayleigh a little bit more about our relationship.

I’d be interested to hear people’s thoughts on it!

7 thoughts on “I hate spiders

  1. jeeprat

    You have reached a point where you trust Kayleigh ,you are hers ….but still there is this blog ….the longer you keep this from her …..I don’t know how you can keep this from her ……For myself I don’t want to not be able to read your blog ….I can see though if you leave it much longer , when she eventually finds out …..and she will ….she may just forbid you to blog .There is the chance though that she may allow you to continue…only after a suitable punishment …..Is it the punishment.???….Is that why you have not told her ?….Are looking forward to that time when she finds out ? When you will submit to her anger ,her punishment .Is that why you are taking your time telling her? The one person in your life you have no secrets from ………………….

    • Lois

      Well I have decided, for the moment, not to tell her about the blog. It has nothing to do with the repercussions, I am quite willing to take whatever she deems is a necessary punishment when the time comes, for the moment though I want to keep this part of my life just for me, I don’t think that is unreasonable, I’m not her slave…yet!

    • Lois

      I’m a little bit miffed about that myself! They are a really gorgeous set as well, they do look good on her though so I can’t begrudge her them too much!

  2. alan

    i LIKE what your girlfriend did to you now you need to tell her you want to be put in your cage with a dogs cock in you so you can be knotted, then taken to a farm put in a stantion and breed by a bull for a week.

  3. Alex

    Nice testing of your limits! Even nicer that you actually have no limits in the hands of the proper Dom/Domme!
    Do you think you can show us that new clit ring and tag?

  4. IflyHG

    I loved, loved, loved, the part in the middle where Kayleigh got you all worked up and THEN put your new clit ring on before allowing you to cum. Completely devious, and fantastically written!

    I am sure that logically you realize that house spiders won’t harm you and that they are actually good in that they catch insects. I get that emotionally you can’t stand them. I really liked that Kayleigh told you what she wanted you to do instead of just making you do it, she was pushing a boundary. Congratulations on the two of you for getting to the point where you trusted that Kayleigh would keep you safe so that you were willing to do something for her that you were otherwise loath to do.

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