Let the games begin

I’ve made a plan for the dice game, there is a new page linked at the top of the site which contains the six games that were suggested in the comments. There will be an extra dice roll and the first one will now choose which game to play, simple really!

I did come across a problem though, I don’t have any dice!! So, the first person to leave a comment on that page showing their roll will get it followed. Please, please, please don’t just make it up as that just ruins the fun of the game! If you aren’t the first to post your five numbers don’t post them yet, I will be doing this again and again I expect πŸ™‚

In other news, I currently have bruises on both of my tits from Tuesday night when Mistress bound them tight and then used a can on them! Fortunately the bruises are mainly on the bottom side so with a bit of makeup I can still wear an open blouse in this beautiful weather!

You may ask what I did to deserve this punishment, well, I asked for it. Literally I told Mistress that I have been craving some rough treatment and she was happy to oblige, after she had practiced her rope tying on my tits. It was great fun, she really didn’t hold back and it was soooo deliciously painful! She didn’t tie me up either so I had to push them out in front of me and not move while she hit me five times, if I moved she would start again. I ended up with eight which I didn’t think was bad considering how hard she was swinging the cane.

So my chest is rather tended still although the bruises have started to go down this morning.

Tonight I am heading into town with some friends, no Mistress as she is working but she is deciding on my outfit so that should be interesting! I think we’ll probably go into the bar that she works at and say hello though.

I’m sorry I still haven’t been giving you the kind of attention you deserve in recent weeks, life is just so hectic at the moment I rarely get any time to myself these days! I do have some time put aside at the weekend for the dice game though so I’m looking forward to that.

So, let the games begin (dice games and the Olympics, good luck London you beautiful city!!

8 thoughts on “Let the games begin

  1. IflyHG

    I love that you had to hold yourself out there instead of being bound and helpless. It is one thing to be tied and then subjected to pain, it is quite another to put your tender sensitive bits out there to be whacked!

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