Dice Game Round 2

A couple of weeks ago I asked for another set of numbers for the dice game and Simon was first to roll them for me, the numbers he got were 4, 5, 5, 5 & 3 which translates to game 4, wear normal clothes with the addition of a ball gag and have my arms cuffed around an immovable object in a cellar for 30 minutes.

The problem with this was finding a suitable cellar/basement to do the task in, my house doesn’t have one which is unfortunate because it would be a perfect place to have a play room, I’m always jealous when I see American houses on TV, they all have these huge basements that would be perfect for storing large bondage equipment. Anyway, I digress…

The building that Mistress lives in does have a basement but it is almost always kept locked except when the building manager goes on holiday, the person who fills in for him never locks it. I’m not entirely sure how Mistress came upon this information but She has lived there for quite some time so maybe She has had cause to use the basement before!

So anyway, W/we waited and waited and then finally a few weeks ago Mistress told me that the building manager was away that week. I arrived one day straight from work wearing an Armani suit consisting of a knee length grey skirt and a jacket, under that I was wearing a lilac blouse and under that I was wearing some pale pink matching lingerie, a bra and a thong and some black heels on my feet.

Mistress met me at the front door and then led me down into the basement, it was hot and humid down there with all the heating equipment for the building. She produced a red ball gag from Her pocket and I obediently opened my mouth so She could push it between my lips, then turned round so that She could buckle it behind my head.

Next Mistress took a pair of simple handcuffs out of Her other pocket and handed them to me, I fastened one side to my wrist whilst She pulled a stool into the middle of the room, then She told me to climb onto the stool. Once I was on it I was almost high enough to reach the ceiling, there were two pipes hanging about a foot from the ceiling and Mistress told me to cuff my hands above it which I dutifully did. For some reason I expected Her to stay but instead She just smiled and then turned around and walked back up the stairs, from where I was I could watch Her go through the door and purposefully leave it slightly ajar.

At first I was fine just standing there waiting for the thirty minutes to run down but after a while people started to arrive home, the first time I heard the front door I jumped and almost fell off the stool! I stared at the basement door as shapes passed by it, my heart was pounding I was so scared that someone would have a look inside and then a hand reached in and flicked off the light and then slammed the door shut.

I was in complete darkness and I really started to get nervous, I kept hearing strange noises around me and they made me jump but I was also very careful to make sure I didn’t move my feet so as to not end up hanging from my wrists.

It felt like it had been at least an hour when the door opened again, I almost jumped out of my skin when it did but then the light came on and I saw Mistress walk back in. She skipped down the stairs and came over to me, She reached up my skirt and I automatically parted my legs a little to allow Her access, She rubbed Her fingers over my lacy thong and felt the wet patch there, then She looked up at me smiling and rolled Her eyes.

Mistress stood on a chair so She could reach high enough to put the cuff key in my hand and then She jumped down and left the basement. I very carefully maneuvered the key into the lock and undid one of the cuffs, it was really good to let me arms down, they had begun to ache from keeping them up like that and I had red lines where the cuffs had dug into me. I unlocked the other wrist and then put the cuffs in my jacket pocket, then undid the gag and put it in my other pocket, saliva and all. Just before I left the basement I put my hand down my skirt to check my underwear, even I was surprised at how soggy they were!

I think the dice were fairly kind on that roll, especially with the time limit. I wonder what the next roll will come up with, the first set of numbers posted on THIS thread will be my next dice game challenge.

Also, if anyone has ideas for more dice game options, please feel free to post them or contact me on my email (lois.tyler@yahoo.com) or messenger, I will happily add them to the list.

What I’m up to

So it was suggested that I post about my “normal” life, I’m not sure if anyone will really care to be honest but here goes!

As some/most of you know I am a solicitor, I work for a medium sized firm who’s clients are all around the country. I have a small team that I manage who look after a large client in various legal matters which I won’t go into. Not because its a secret just because you’ll get bored!

I often have to travel to the clients premises so I spend a lot of time sat on trains (my preferred mode of transport). Today I have been near Liverpool and I am currently travelling home, tomorrow I will be going to Leeds and then on Thursday ill be in the City. Happily I’m working from home on Friday so I get to relax and catch up on paperwork.

It is all this travelling about that takes up so much of my time and prevents me from seeing Mistress as much as I’d like. That said She is extremely busy at the moment too.

I left home at 5am this morning and ill be home at about 10pm. Tomorrow isn’t as bad though, I should be home for 7pm.

It’s not a work and no play though. Sometimes When Mistress knows I am travelling She will set me a task to do. Something along the lines of “send me a picture of your left nipple with my name written on it within five minutes”. It can be good fun although not always easy, not all the trains I go on have bathrooms!!

Sometimes She makes it into a bit of a game, it I fail in the first task by taking too long then She’ll set me another more difficult one. I always have to complete them even if I break the time limit but if I have any unfinished when I get off the train I get punished.

Speaking of punishments, Mistress has managed to find a pain that I really do not like and has used it several times as a punishment and threatened it several times to keep me in order. She discovered that I really hate having my back caned.

I don’t know what it is about it but the pain it gives me just makes me feel really uncomfortable, I don’t know how else to describe it. Normally when I’m in pain I want it to stop because that’s just your body and minds natural instinct kicking in but at the same time, for me, I really want it to continue and increase. It’s another thing that is hard to explain really and I’ve never been very good at explaining how it feels. Anyway I don’t get that with pain on my back, it’s like the opposite of an erogenous zone whatever that is, when she canes mu back I just want it to stop, full stop.

I don’t know if this is new for me or if its just never really come up before but now that Mistress knows about it She is quite happy to use it to fill effect. Before Her only weapons were the chastity belt and a total ban on anything sexual, both of which get me into line pretty quick as my sex drive can’t take celibacy for very long, nowadays she has something else in Her arsenal and I honestly don’t know if it is better or worse than the others!

That kind of went off on a tangent I didn’t expect! I’m a little bit wet now and I think the girl next to me was just reading what I was writing, I can’t tell if she likes it or not though!

So that was a bit about me and my life, I hope you found it at least mildly interesting. If you have any ideas for train tasks feel free to put them in the comments and ill make sure Mistress gets them.

Also, if you were good enough to read this far into a none BDSM related post then you get the chance to set my next dice game task (click the link at the top if you need more info). The first set of numbers on THIS posts comments will be my next dice game challenge.


Ups and Downs

Firstly thanks for still reading despite my absence of late.  Just to give you a little insight into my life recently I have been working on a big new project at work and things got rather busy there for a while.  I was working 10-12 hour days seven days a week, running meetings, writing documents, blaa blaa blaa.  Then on the 22nd August I was in a hotel lobby after having been for dinner with clients in Leeds and I began to feel feint, I woke up on the floor surrounded by strangers and an hour later I was in hospital via an Ambulance, it was totally embarrassing!

Apparently I was suffering from very high blood pressure and very low blood sugar caused by, among other things, working too hard, stress and not eating properly. I got quite the lecture from the doctor about not looking after myself and then Mistress arrived the next morning and I got the lecture all over again except this time it came with threats!

Mistress drove me home and as soon as we got in she made me strip and then lie on the bed, then she tied me to it, not tight and spread eagled or anything but securely with chains padlocked to leather cuffs, then she covered my up with the duvet and left me to my “enforced r&r” (her words) for a full twenty four hours, the only time she disturbed me was to feed which she did four times during my “captivity” whether I wanted to eat or not. One time she did untie me long enough to use the bathroom.

To be honest I am grateful, I slept almost the whole time and when she finally freed me I felt more relaxed and energetic than I had in weeks, I showed her my gratitude immediately which she accepted very graciously, between her legs!

I didn’t go back to work until the following Monday, which was a bank holiday but we had a big meeting in the City (Business District of London) which was basically the culmination of all my work, the big decision, and everything went perfectly and the deal went through and a few days later I got a RIDICULOUS bonus (sorry for gloating!) and a week off. Mistress and I went on holiday and it was just great to get away with her.

So anyway, blog, I’m trying to get back into writing now that I have a little more time and I am starting where I left off which seems appropriate. I owed everyone a report on the Dice Game that I asked for and so rudely didn’t deliver on so here it is…

The first person to post their dice numbers in the right place was markh101 (sorry Simon!) who rolled the following numbers; 3, 3, 2, 6, 5.  That equates to wearing a boob tube and wet look leggings, along with 8″ heels, to a friends house with a large anal plug inserted and staying for fifty minutes.

Shockingly I don’t (didn’t)  own a boob tube or “wet look” leggings so I had to go out and acquire some, I found some at Primark which were both cheap and not too terrible. Perhaps less surprisingly I did have a large butt plug in my toy chest so I had almost everything I needed, except for shoes.

I have plenty of shoes, more than plenty really, but none that are quite eight inches high so I  had to settle for some six inch ones but I don’t think that should constitute a fail, they are still fairly high shoes!

The plug that I chose is 2.5″ wide and is not easy for me to get in, I have a reasonably tight ass despite the use it has been put to over the years! After having a shower I used some lube on the plug and then placed it on the floor and squatted over it, I reached behind me and pulled my ass cheeks apart and positioned myself so that the cold tip touched my hole. Then I pushed down, hard!

I bit down on my lip to help me take the pain from my asshole being stretched wide. It felt like something much larger, a watermelon maybe, trying to make its way into my ass but I kept on the pressure, pushing down as hard as I could despite the burning stretching sensation that such an act brings with it. Eventually, after some minutes of pure pain, my ass gave in and I slid down onto the plug.

There was relief as my hole retracted around the plug mixed with the unusual and uncomfortable feeling as the wide plug pushed into me stretching my insides before settling deep inside me.  As I laid on floor, on my side, recovering my composure and readying myself to get back up I ran a finger up my pussy, predictably I was soaking wet.

After I had dragged myself pack to my feet and cleaned myself up a little (down there!) I got into my outfit.  I was a little worried that the plug would show through the tight leggings but once I had them on I checked myself out in the mirror and it was fine, the part of the plug that sticks out isn’t too big on that plug so you couldn’t tell at all, although I could really feel it digging into my ass cheeks.

I pulled on the boob tube top, no bra, and then slid my feet into the shoes, I looked ridiculous! There had been no rules on makeup or hair so I did my makeup pretty standard but a bit heavy on the eye shadow and then put my hair in a tight pony tail which just seemed appropriate.

I had organised to go and see a gay (male) friend of mine who I haven’t seen in a while so I left the house and ran to the car hoping no-one would see me, unfortunately I dropped my keys as I ran and had to stop and bend over and fumble about in the flower bed to find them again.  Also, just to be clear, when I say I ran, I’m not talking Usain Bolt here, it was more tottering along at a slightly faster than walking pace, but even so it wasn’t easy wearing such a large plug up my ass!

The next challenge was sitting in the car, for some reason I didn’t really think about it despite the fact that the plug was right up there on my brains list of current affairs, I just plonked myself down as I normally do when I get in the car and immediately felt like I’d had the wind knocked out of me as the plug was forced deeper into me with a lot of force, I actually yelped, partly from the pain and partly from the total surprise.  I sat in the car for a least five minutes just getting my breath back and then turned the car on and set off.

The drive was short and as I got there I called him to tell him I was there, I wasn’t keen on the idea of hanging around on the street (he has no front garden) in those ridiculous clothes looking like a 90’s prostitute! When he opened the door he just burst out laughing!

I managed to push my way inside and when he finished rolling around on the floor laughing at me I told him my pre-prepared story, I was going to a 90’s disco party and wanted to try out my outfit on him (good eh?!).  He said he loved it, it was perfect! Phew!

He offered me a glass of wine and it would have been rude to say no! I took the wine but immediately spilt it as I sat down once again forgetting to do it gently! I managed to contain the yelp this time so he didn’t notice (I don’t think) that I was reacting to anything and just thought I was clumsy.

After that was all sorted though his first words were “I think maybe a bra with that top hunni” and then he smiled a wide smile, I looked down and my nipples were sticking out like bullets through the thin top, it had been a bit cold outside and to be honest the constant self inflicted anal abuse was starting to get me going a little.  I put my arm over my tits and blushed but he just started laughing again!

I stayed much longer than the prescribed fifty minutes, in fact it was nearer two hours later that I left, my ass was really aching by that point and I had been shuffling around a lot in my seat, my friend kept telling me to sit still, fortunately he isn’t my Dom because I would have found it very difficult to comply.

I repeated my little run, managing not to drop my keys this time, and got back into the house unseen (probably). I stripped the clothes off and got on my beds, hands and knees like a doggy bitch, my right hand went straight to my pussy whilst my left gripped the plug and began pulling on it, retracting it a little, then pushing it back in and retracting it a little more.

My fingers worked frantically at my clit as the plug started to come out and then I just gripped it tight and pulled as hard as I could and came loudly as my ass relinquished the plug and I collapsed on the bed.

My ass was really REALY sore and when I looked at the plug it had blood smeared all over it, clearly my ass had taken a pounding with this thing. Like a good slut I cleaned the plug with my tongue and then I went and took another shower, I used the shower head on my ass which stung like crazy and ran red a little bit. After my shower I wrapped myself in my fluffy dressing gown and curled up on my bed.

My ass was sore for a couple of days, quite bad the first day but not too much after that and there was no more blood so the damaged can’t have been all that bad.

So that was my first dice game challenge, I know the report was not quite as prompt as it should have been, in fact it was ridiculously late if truth be told but as I’ve said real life has very much got in the way in the last few weeks and although things are still pretty hectic my schedule is a little easier to manage now so I’m hoping to increase the blog posts over the coming days and weeks, the next of which will be along shortly and will centre around a certain party that I attended.

Let the games begin

I’ve made a plan for the dice game, there is a new page linked at the top of the site which contains the six games that were suggested in the comments. There will be an extra dice roll and the first one will now choose which game to play, simple really!

I did come across a problem though, I don’t have any dice!! So, the first person to leave a comment on that page showing their roll will get it followed. Please, please, please don’t just make it up as that just ruins the fun of the game! If you aren’t the first to post your five numbers don’t post them yet, I will be doing this again and again I expect 🙂

In other news, I currently have bruises on both of my tits from Tuesday night when Mistress bound them tight and then used a can on them! Fortunately the bruises are mainly on the bottom side so with a bit of makeup I can still wear an open blouse in this beautiful weather!

You may ask what I did to deserve this punishment, well, I asked for it. Literally I told Mistress that I have been craving some rough treatment and she was happy to oblige, after she had practiced her rope tying on my tits. It was great fun, she really didn’t hold back and it was soooo deliciously painful! She didn’t tie me up either so I had to push them out in front of me and not move while she hit me five times, if I moved she would start again. I ended up with eight which I didn’t think was bad considering how hard she was swinging the cane.

So my chest is rather tended still although the bruises have started to go down this morning.

Tonight I am heading into town with some friends, no Mistress as she is working but she is deciding on my outfit so that should be interesting! I think we’ll probably go into the bar that she works at and say hello though.

I’m sorry I still haven’t been giving you the kind of attention you deserve in recent weeks, life is just so hectic at the moment I rarely get any time to myself these days! I do have some time put aside at the weekend for the dice game though so I’m looking forward to that.

So, let the games begin (dice games and the Olympics, good luck London you beautiful city!!