Preparing for the games

Thank you for your suggestions for the dice game, I’m just deciding if I should collate all the ideas into one set or keep them all as they are and either have a vote for the best one or play a game using each one. Your opinions would be gratefully received.

On Saturday morning Mistress revealed to me that we were going to see a man who teaches people to tie shibari, which is Japanese rope bondage in case you don’t know. I don’t know if I was more excited when I thought I was going to be learning to do it or when I found out I would be the “model” for the training!

I thought it was going to be one on one training with the guy and Mistress but when we arrived their was a Dom and another Domme there already. I found out later that the two others had paid for the lesson but Mistress had got it free by providing the model!

I had to remove my clothes in front of all of them (very red face!), the teacher said that I could leave my underwear on if I wanted but Mistress “suggested” that it would be better if I didn’t so I ended up stood in front of them stark naked staring down at the floor.

He did a crotch rope on me, a full body harness, a “shrimp tie” (very uncomfortable) and a half suspension. Sorry I don’t know the proper names for them yet. They left me in the half suspension, pussy on show and complete with a rope gag, whilst they all sat around me and had coffee!

Anyway, a good part of Sunday was then spent practicing what Mistress had learnt and apparently I will be used to pay for several more lessons in the near future!

9 thoughts on “Preparing for the games

  1. Onohara

    I’m envious! My first LTR (11 years, and the source of my screen name) was Japanese. She was very good at shibari, and I’ve always missed that part of our play. And the things your Mistress can do once you’re immobilized are even better. 🙂

  2. ST

    Hey sweetie, nice to see u are still around.

    One of these days i will make time and effort to get in touch. My perverted mind (remember?) is still on overdrive.


  3. markh101

    I’d say to do one each. Combining them all is pretty tough and it probably took us all a while to think of all the options. They’re all quite different in their own way too. Should be fun, you know you’ll love it x

  4. IflyHG

    Sounds like you had fun! Awesome job, Kayleigh using your body for the model and getting the training in trade instead of having to pay. Based on what you have posted in the past this should have pushed a few of your buttons (naked/undressing in front of strangers, trading use of your body as payment, and generally being submissive) all at the same time. Then taking it home to practice, even more fun. I hope Kayleigh took plenty of pictures for herself so she could see how to tie you up properly. Even better if the other Doms/Dommes did as well.

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