New story published

Only Myself To Blame Pt2

If you head over to my stories page you’ll find that I’ve added the sequel to the story I wrote last year called “Only myself to blame (part one)”.

When I wrote that story I actually had the events of this story in mind but it went a different way when I wrote it and ended up being a prequel to the story I had intended writing. Now that I’ve finished this part it actually feels more like it is going to be a trilogy although there are a few stories that I have in my head and want to get out before I think about part three!

im half way through writing another sequel and have an outline for a new story that I want to write so hopefully I will get some time to write them. I find writing stories less stressful than writing about my real life for some reason but both are fun in different ways.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story, please let me know how I did!

13 thoughts on “New story published

  1. Random Reader

    I like your stories- the fiction, the list of fantasies, and the real experiences, especially Stranger on the Train and the stories of you being loaned out to others by your Miss without notice.
    The idea of a sub having to withdraw from society because of the changes made to her by someone else is very hot. Another way to do that which I think would be cool in a story is involuntary permanent makeup. It would be completely overdone so no one would ever look at her as anything but sexual object or a fool ever again. That could just be bright red lipliner/lipstick, heavy eyeshadow and eyeliner, or full on rosy cheeks with freckles like a doll, or drawn on whiskers and a cat nose like a permanent Halloween costume.
    She could exist in society, for a time, if she spent hours each day to try to cover up the her new face- trying, but never quite able to get her old one back.

    • Lois

      Thank you for reading and I’m glad you enjoy this blog.

      One thing I usually try to maintain for the main characters in my story is their outward beauty/normality. This one slightly less so but even if they are scarred and mutilated under their clothes they are still “normal” to the outside world. This is because I would accept that scenario, as long as I could present my “normal” self to the world.

      Does that make sense?

      • Random Reader

        It makes sense, and is in keeping with the views you’ve expressed previously about wanting to keep an outside life and the effort you’ve put in to your career. I think I may keep a bit more distance between what I like in stories and what I’d be good with in real life; or that as the author, you have to be able to put yourself in your character’s place more than I do as a reader.
        The last part with the nose ring also reminded me of this other story I like:

    • Gwai

      “Another way to do that which I think would be cool in a story is involuntary permanent makeup. It would be completely overdone so no one would ever look at her as anything but sexual object or a fool ever again.”

      Just have to say.. until I read this comment I had never thought how hot this is… love your imagination!

  2. Hem

    Thank you for writing this story, perhaps a little more severe than what I am into, however, a lovely break from reality. I read with interest your comment about finding stories less stressful to write, than writing about yourself and your life/journey, I have to say that I far prefer your reality to your fantasy and can only encourage you to write more often about yourself.

    Again though, thank you for sharing and the effort that involves.

    • Lois

      Yes this is on the more brutal side of things but still fun nonetheless!

      I’ll definitely still be writing about myself, no question about that. What I was trying to say is that writing stories just sort of flows out of me (when I have an idea for one) whereas writing about things that I’ve done I have to stop and think about what happened and remember the detail so I can get it right. It’s just different is all.

  3. James/ Jaz/ Jazzie (Tumblr Strict-but-Fair)

    Hmmm… I love that you go further than others dare to do – and you own it.
    Love your work, Lois.
    Best, Jaz
    (ps. Couldn’t decide whether “saw throat” was an intentional misnomer. It kinda works)

  4. Onohara

    Hey Lois – Love this! “Why am I this way?” is a question I gave up trying to answer a long time ago , but I think it’s one all of us who get turned on by subjecting ourselves to extreme stuff wrestle with early on.

    Years ago an acquaintance proudly showed off to me the permanent interlocking pussy rings her Mistress had installed. It was the same basic concept as the padlocks in your story (only lighter) and I found it really hot. Obviously the image stuck with me, lol. Judging by the level of detail you included on how your protagonist could masturbate around her padlocks, you’ve thought about it a lot aso well. 🙂

    • Lois

      Haha, you know I have! I’ve wanted permanent grommets in my lips for as long as I can remember so that rings/locks/chain/whatever can be threaded through them at my owners will and removed when it suits them.

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