New story published

Only Myself To Blame Pt2

If you head over to my stories page you’ll find that I’ve added the sequel to the story I wrote last year called “Only myself to blame (part one)”.

When I wrote that story I actually had the events of this story in mind but it went a different way when I wrote it and ended up being a prequel to the story I had intended writing. Now that I’ve finished this part it actually feels more like it is going to be a trilogy although there are a few stories that I have in my head and want to get out before I think about part three!

im half way through writing another sequel and have an outline for a new story that I want to write so hopefully I will get some time to write them. I find writing stories less stressful than writing about my real life for some reason but both are fun in different ways.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story, please let me know how I did!

Only myself to blame…


I’ve written a new story, well, I’ve finished a story that I started some time ago!

i know you want new content about me and I’ll get to that, I promise, but I was inspired so I finished this and published it, hope you enjoy it x

my archive of fantasy/fiction stories I’ve written is here: Stories

Poor boobs!


Well that was an interesting weekend, as expected I hated wearing my chastity belt all weekend but Saturday night was great fun, my breasts are bruised all over, much worse than in the picture above.

I’ve started writing about it and will hopefully finish tomorrow but in the meantime I woke up with a little scenario in my head and made it into a short story. You can read it here on my blog or here on Tumblr. Enjoy!

A new story


I had intended writing about my collaring for today but I’ve been a bit tied up, not literally unfortunately, and haven’t finished writing about that yet and I want to do the experience justice so I’ve going to save it for next week.

Instead I’ve finished a new story that I’ve been working on for a little while, it’s called Stranger on a Train, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. It’s a long time since I’ve written any fiction stories so please feel free to give critique, it will help me when I write more stories (there’s at least one more in the works!).

If you want to read any of my other fiction stories you can find them all on the stories page.

My clit ring


For those that don’t know, in order to fulfil one of my fantasies I had my clit hood reduced in size and very large ring inserted into my clit piercing without my prior knowledge or permission, you can read about it in this post.

It took me a very long time to get used to these modifications to my pussy and, if I’m honest, I have never really got used to the ring, it’s size makes it almost impossible to wear comfortably whilst wearing clothes and even when naked it’s weight pulls my clit which is a cross between constant pain and constant stimulation.

Of course that was the intention when it was “installed” and it was a very devious plan by Luke, the reduction of my hood meant that my clit was never covered and therefore never protected from the stimulation or irritation provided by whatever clothing is covering it. Then there is the ring, it’s quite thick so when it is in place through the piercing behind the main nerve bundle of my clit it pushes my clit outward making it protrude even further from it’s reduce hood and therefore get even more stimulated/irritated by clothing.

All of this is really irrelevant though because the ring was sealed and therefore irremovable, by me at least and the whole point of allowing it to be done was that I then had to endure it for ever so despite wanting to remove it several times I didn’t have any intention of doing so.

Then something happened a couple of months ago, I’d had a nice soak in the bath and was doing my makeup, naked, in front of my chest of drawers. I knocked something off the top and as I squatted down to pick it up somehow the ring got caught on one of the knobs of the drawers and caused the ring to be yanked as my body moved down. I felt a sickening pain (not in ANY way a good pain) and looked down to find blood leaking down my thigh.

On closer inspection and after some calming down and cleanup I discovered I’d turn the skin/flesh next to the piercing on one side. Fortunately it had torn backwards away from my actual clit, and I really truly mean fortunately because if it had torn the other way it could potentially have severed the nerves to my clit making it essentially paralysed (or so I’m told).

After excessive use of plasters (band aids) to keep the two sides of the tear together as best as I could I spoke to Luke and then travelled to see him, he had arranged for the nurse who supervised the insertion of the ring in the first place to come as well and she looked at it as well and advised that the ring be removed and a stitch to be inserted.

Luke had to use some HUGE bolt cutters, which he had to rent from somewhere, to cut through the ring in two places and then feed the piece that remained through my body out. All the while I was sat in his arm chair with my legs spread wide and a tower under my ass in front of him and his nurse friend who I barely know!

In all she put one stitch in the tear and a butterfly stitch on either side of the piercing and then a sticky bandage thing over the whole are and advised be to leave it until the tear and piercing had healed up. That meant no clitoral stimulation for about two months, I lasted three weeks which is I thought was pretty good!

So that’s the update about my pussy, no more ring, giant or otherwise. It’s been a long time since my clit was originally pierced (I had a ring before the large ring) and it’s taken some getting used to having no jewellery down there anymore but on the plus side my pussy is once again a blank canvas. This all happened a few weeks ago so it’s pretty much healed up now and I’ve run plenty of tests to ensure all sensation has returned to the area ;).

I’ve got loads more content to write and am hoping to have time to do so over the next few weeks, plus I’m still adding stories for you to read if they float your boat. If you do read them I’d really appreciate it if you’d leave a comment and tell me what you thought, what you liked and didn’t like and what you’d like to read more about. I do intend to start writing more stories so any input would be very much appreciated!

Office visit

If you’ve been reading my Stories you may be interested to know I’ve just released a new one (well technically another old one but new to my blog!). If you’re not interested in reading them then sorry to bother you!

Two days of holiday left x

My writings

I’ve not written much fiction for a long time but back in 2005/2006 I wrote quite a few stories that were published on BDSM Library on my behalf. As I am trying to write a new story at the moment I thought I would set up an area on here to house all my previous stories as well as the new one when it is finished.

You’ll find a “Stories” menu item on the left which currently has the first story available and I’ve set it up to post a new story every couple of days (which will hopefully work!) so check back if you are interested in reading them!