So it is 2pm on Thursday 10th May 2018 and I have been a very busy girl today and wanted to share everything I have achieved so far today!

I got up at 6am when my fitness band vibrated on my wrist, no snoozing, no second alarm just straight out of bed. I bought a fitness band not to track my steps and things but simply so that I could have a silent alarm that would make me but not Mistress as I have things to do before she wakes up.

I used the toilet and then got in the shower and cleaned myself thoroughly which includes ensuring that no body hair exists anywhere and that both of my holes are washed out with water .Occasionally Mistress will push a finger deep into me and if it comes out dirty then cleaning her finger with my mouth is the least of my worries! That hasn’t happened for a long time though.

After my shower but before dressing I went to the kitchen and prepared some food. Mistresses office location means she has few options for lunch so likes to take something with her, this morning I made a couscous and pomegranate salad whilst some croissant baked in the oven and then I took a croissant and coffee up to her.

Mistress enjoys watching me get ready for work whilst she eats her breakfast. At first it made me feel very self-conscious as she watched me dry my hair and apply my makeup and then get dressed, bending over and hiding nothing. Now though it is almost like a show, I make sure I bend over at just the right angles so that my fiancé can enjoy the best views of every part of my body.

Anyway, once I was dressed she called me over to the bed and opened her legs. There were no orders given, and despite the fact that I had just done my makeup etc, my lips were on hers almost immediately and I was savouring the taste of her as my tongue circled her clit.

She came with her hand on the back of my head so that she could grind her pussy into my face and casually lifted her leg over me and headed for the shower leaving me knelt on the bed.

I brushed my messed up hair again whilst her juices dried around my mouth because I’m not permitted to wipe it off, ever, then I applied my makeup again and changed my underwear which was already soaked through. That seems like a simple thing when you’re wearing a skirt but it really isn’t because I have to wear a matching lingerie set at all times so changing my knickers means also changing my bra and garter belt. I almost didn’t bother but I do like to start the day with at least mostly dry knickers!

When Miss came out of the shower I could see I was in trouble for something, she had that look on her face and it didn’t take me long to remember that I hadn’t picked my wet towel up off the floor in the bathroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and I walked over to her, knelt and then belt over her knee in as graceful a way as possible. She said “Do you know why?” and I responded “Yes Mistress, the towel, I’m sorry” and she replied with “Ten then”.

She lifted my skirt to reveal my ass cheeks (almost all of my underwear is thongs so that my ass cheeks are almost always bare) and I counted out each severe slap of her hand. Punishment spankings are very different from play spankings, there is no warm up, no gentle swats to get me ready or roaming fingers to explore how I’m reacting to the attention, it’s ten hard and fast and then a quick hug before she let me get up so she could get ready.

After doing my hair for the third time I left the house at 7:30 and sat uncomfortably in the car on my freshly reddened ass until I arrived at work.

At 12pm, having done just over four hours of work I left the office for my lunch hour, I rarely take the full hour but I needed to today. I got into a waiting taxi that I had already ordered as per the text I had received at 11am from Mistress, I reviewed some paperwork on the ten minute taxi ride. At my destination I asked the taxi to wait for me and then went down behind some buildings and knocked on the back door of a familiar one.

I was let in by the usual person and led in silence to a small messy office in the corner of the store-room where I pulled my skirt up around my waist and knelt on the floor. The guy has quite good stamina and despite my now well practised skills in fellatio it usually takes about eight minutes before I’m swallowing his cum, this time with his hand buried in my hair.

This “service” that Mistress has me provide has turned sucking cock and swallowing cum into a sort of non-thing for me. The act itself does turn me on but only really because of how humiliating it is to be used in that way by strangers, actually sucking the cock and swallowing is almost like muscle memory now, I can think about other things while I do it and my mouth just does what it is supposed to.

After sorting my hair again and reapplying lipstick I got back into the waiting taxi and had it drop me in town. I got a sandwich and a coke to join my “snack” and took it back to the office to eat with some of my colleagues.

I wonder what the rest of the day has in store for me!

17 thoughts on “Achievements

  1. bestillmybeatenparts

    The contrast between the domesticity of your daily routine and the service your Mistress has you provide is so, so hot. Thank you for this post, it’s got me all wriggly!

    • Lois

      Honestly I brush my hair about a hundred times a day, I play with it when I’m concentrating, reading, daydreaming so it always needs straightening and tidying up!

  2. Richard

    I really enjoy your posts, I like the extra details you put in that make it more real for me, for example you didn’t need to say that you did some paperwork in the taxi, but I really like those little bits, it is hard to explain but to me it somehow makes your posts more real.

    Also, I get the impression that you’re loving that you get to say “my fiance” and take every opportunity to do so, I don’t blame you, enjoy being in love and happy.

    • Lois

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy the way I write. I put a lot of effort into these posts which take hours to write so I appreciate the feedback very much.
      And yes I love telling people that she is my fiancé even though it still feels so weird!

  3. Philip Korkus

    lois, I’m a lawyer in the states. As u may know, gay marriage is becoming more common. It’s legal in some states. Is it legal in the UK? Or will u have to marry somewhere else? I follow u, so your mom knows u are a lipstick lesbian? Does she appreciate u are a slave? Property that can be bought and sold? If your Owner said, “pet, u won’t fuck any cocks if u marry Mistress.” Would u give up cock for the rest of your life because it seems to me that until the last decade, u were bi or straight? Can u imagine a life without man-cum, thick cock, and brutal fuckings?

    • Lois

      Hi, yes same sex marriage was legalised about five years ago in England, Scotland and Wales (but not in Northern Ireland 🙄) so when we marry it will be at home and entirely legal.

      And yes I would absolutely give up sexual relations with men if that is what Miss wanted, in fact the only reason I have sexual relations with males is because it is what Miss wants.

      The pleasure I get from sex with men is that I find it deeming humiliating and degrading for someone to put their bodily fluids inside my body so it isn’t about feeling the cock or anything like that, that’s what dildos are for 😉

      • Philip Korkus

        Thank u dirty girl. BTW, I read Mistress heard you talking in your sleep again. “I want to be choked and pounded into the mattress by Mistress, have my nipples pinched, then spanked real hard, and called a bad little girl. Then, we go out for burgers and milkshakes.

        Once back home, I want Mistress to tuck me in bed with my teddy bear, Mr. Snuggles, check for monsters under my bed, and while checking to make sure my panties are dry, She tickles my toes. Now, that’s real romance for a dirty girl like me!”

  4. Onohara

    Hi Lois – It’s been a long time. Congratulations on your engagement!

    R and I celebrate our 4th in two weeks. I’m presently wrapping up six hours at the laundromat wearing nipple clamps. It all had to come back perfect or I’ll pay. (Mostly her clothes – I don’t wear much around the house…)

    I miss being used by men and still fantasize about it. But I wouldn’t trade my marriage for anything in the world. I wish you similar happiness! ♡

      • Onohara

        I’m really good, thanks. None of the kind of big new changes in your life but that’s fine. Still busy writing for a living, and my health is improved over what is was four years ago. R is the first LTR I’ve ever had who’s even more insatiably sexual than I am. And compstibly so 🙂 We”re both dreply devoted to each other. And I sleep comfortably in my cage most nights, so it’s all good., lol. Fortunately, so far, as I age, I’ve lost none of my unusual flexibility. This is…useful!

        So glad things are going well for you. You’ve earned it!

        • Lois

          Sounds like you’re in the perfect situation for you, which is what its all about! I’ve been through quite a lot since we used to chat but I feel like I’ve really found where I should be in life now, I’m genuinely happy for the first time in so long.

          Glad things are going well for you too hun x

  5. IflyHG

    What a busy morning! I like that you were multitasking, doing work while riding in the taxi. Thanks for giving us another glimpse into your life.

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