Some advice please?


Sometimes things just come to me and then I can’t get them out of my head until I do them. The latest one of these is a desire to be electrocuted on my pussy but not just a quick shock or a pulse from a tens unit, like a really strong severe shock until I pass out from it, literally!

The problem is tasers and stun guns and cattle prods are illegal here as far as I know and I don’t know what else could be effective. Also I don’t know enough about watts and amps and volts to know what is safe. I know you can have one high and not cause serious harm if the other is low but I’m not sure of any more detail than that.

So any advice would be welcome, I’m not averse to building my own toy to achieve this (by which I mean Mistress having someone else build it!) unless it takes too long in which case I might have moved on to something else!

Anyway, that’s today’s thought!

11 thoughts on “Some advice please?

  1. BikerJB

    This is quite scary and potentially life threatening!

    Please move on quickly.

    However if you’re determined:

    I could send you a link to instructions for making a gizmo. The reason I’m not:
    Possible permanent damage or DEATH

    IF You do make something let me know, I’ll send you a link to a sparky with experience of such things.

    But please MOVE ON
    Because on a selfish note I’d like to enjoy your writing for a long time yet.

  2. Hut

    You can try a dog shock (or anti-bark) collar, these are OK for sale in the UK, amazon UK carries them, and are legal except in Wales. These can deliver a fairly nasty shock. Most of them have a remote with a lot of settings from mild to hard. Shocks in the pussy area with these are likely to be really painful. A guy in the US had one mounted on his slave’s chastity belt and was apparently very effective. Possibilities are endless.

    A few words of warning: these use high voltage, low intensity current, which is what you want. They are fairly safe but never use in the chest area under any circumstance. Repeated shocks or even a single big one can cause burns but this is unlikely with these collars.

    Some links I could find:

    Of course there is always the good old cattle prod. These are definitely nasty, much worse than the dog collar. I think they are still relatively safe but they can definitely cause small burns. Here is an interesting page:

    I’m not sure you could pass out from these but it would definitely hurt a lot in the pussy area. Increasing the voltage will increase the pain by causing muscle contraction and cramping, which can last a while. Severe ones can cause tendon damage. Increasing the current would increase the likeliness of burns. Repeated shocks are likely to be increasingly painful.

    I definitely do not recommend anything worse than the cattle prod. Try on tummy, ass, legs and inner thighs before moving close to the labia. In other words, just be reasonable at first šŸ™‚

    Good luck, and please report your findings.

  3. Anonymous reader

    High voltage is ok it’s the current or amperage that kills you. You could just get your tens unit modified to remove the timer in it and increase the shock fairly simple to do if you know how

  4. skinowner

    Hmmmm. Electricity is always dangerous. High-voltage, low-current is the way to go. Thing to keep in mind is that electricity always follows the path of least resistance between the electrodes. Unless equipment is certified tested do not use it and, even then, keep the chest area clear out of the circuit – the heart is in there. That organ works by receiving electrical signals directly from the brain and you DO NOT want to risk messing about with that signalling. Pussy is ok I guess. The added wetness should increase conductivity and increase the fun……for Fiona.

    Also I would recommend using a battery powered unit (1 or 2 9V batteries can be used to give a nice kick). The advantage of battery power is that if there is failure in the electronics between the input power and output (which will be connected to you), the maximum power transferred will be limited to what the battery can provide. If the unit were mains powered, such a failure would connect you to the mains and……no more blogging. Even when equipment is said to be safe, there is still risk. People do get electrocuted by all means on electrical appliances.

    One last word of warning: besides killing electricity can also cause permanent damage to skin and nerves, including burning and permanent loss of sensation. Seriously be careful. Some risks go beyond R.A.C.K.

    Now that you are aware of the dangers let’s get to the execution fun part.

    The circuit diagram on this doc (, or something like it) makes a good TENS unit. You need a tech to build it for you. Sticky conductive pads can be purchased on eBay ( or for ‘added sensation’ you could use crocodile clips (These were really fun – The one I have not tried yet is to include a conductive butt plug. That you will have cleaning afterwards I reckon.

    Have fun.

  5. peteDom

    Hmm interesting thoughts I think the tricky / dangerous part is the getting to pass out but as for pain that should be achievable. I haven’t tried anything like this in bdsm but at uni I did academically use electricity in people kind of like torture and it was in a disection room so pretty cool.
    OK electric crocodile clips attached to the labia should be painful in them selves even before the electric. Your wetness should help conduct the electricity through the skin which is good or you can make electrodes to apply to the body from metal foil covered in paper or cloth soaked in pee or salty water. Other idea could be to have the crocodile clip on your clit and then complete the circuit by sitting onto a metal shape edged saw horse or even held in that position the electric will then flow through your clit and crotch. Feeling evil I quite like the idea of a metal probe in your urethra and then using a wand to complete the circuit around your clit labia and even inside your anus and hopefully you would piss your self!

  6. IflyHG

    First, I love your site! I binge read 2018 and half of 2017 over a rainy weekend. For what its worth, I’m an electrical engineer. Higher voltage at low current or energy is what you’re looking for. The closest example is when someone shuffles their stocking feet on a rug to build up charge (in the winter when the air indoors is very dry) and then brings their finger tip near your ear or other sensitive bits :-). This is an ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) shock, it can be several thousand volts but your body does not store much charge so it is low current and low energy. It hurts but does no real damage. There are pieces of equipment you could rent or buy called an ESD gun. They allow you to set the discharge voltage from about 1kV up to 30kV. 30kV will cause an arc to jump over 20-30mm. They are for testing consumer equipment to verify it will survive a prescribed shock to a specific level. They are exact and repeatable and expensive, even to rent. Perhaps you know an engineer who designs consumer products that would be willing to loan you one for a weekend? A Van de Graaff generator will also produce ESD but the challenge is controlling the voltage so you get a repeatable discharge. The energy in a discharge goes up by the voltage squared, so if you double the voltage you get 4 times the energy. For your application I would think you would want to control the strength of the discharge so you could work your way up to that knock out zap.
    There are probably non-perverted products you could buy and re-purpose but I am drawing a blank at the moment. A motivated electrical engineer would be able to design a circuit to do the job for cheap so in the end you would have something you could use over and over without breaking the bank. Best of luck in getting your clit zapped!

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