So busy, so hot!


I don’t mean “sexy hot” either! The last couple of days have been crazy hot in the UK and I’ve been stuck in the office the whole time! Sorry I haven’t got round to posting about the weekend, I have started it I promise, here’s an excerpt to prove it:

“…and then she pushed loads of needles into my boobs.”

Seriously though, after the news at the beginning of the week I didn’t really feel like writing and then work just got really busy so it will likely be next week when I post it.

My boobs are recovering, they are in the process of turning from blues black to blues yellow, so progress! Just spare a thought for the fact that I’ve had to keep my chest covered on the hottest days of the year so far.

If you’re in the U.K. Enjoy your long weekend, if you’re not, enjoy work on Monday!

4 thoughts on “So busy, so hot!

  1. Richard

    The weather here has been ridiculous hasn’t it. I am from Manchester but came down to London for the weekend and spent half the day on top of a tour bus and now I am sunburnt, 😡

    Looking forward to reading about your weekend and all about your lovely bruised boobs.

  2. masterjohn130

    Yes finally the sun seems to of remembered that it is supposed to shine though in light of recent events it doesn’t seem to have the same joyous welcome I normally feel towards it.

    Good to hear your boobs are starting to recover and I can see and feel why it must be so hard having to remain so covered up.

    Hope you and your Miss have a good long weekend and look forward to reading your report when you get a chance to write it

  3. lawrenceee

    You should consider yourself lucky! The alternative was to spend until the middle of june with your bikini area covered in metal 😉

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