Hello to all of little Lois’ followers and readers, this is not she, it is her Mistress.

In typically dramatic style Lois got upset because her blog stats did not perform as well as she was hoping when she started to post more often earlier this year, she claims not to write for the attention it brings but I, and I suspect you, know differently. She thrives off the knowledge that as many people as possible are reading about her life and antics, it services the exhibitionist streak in her that she keeps so tightly zipped up in her day-to-day life.

She actually got quite down about it, more than I think she should be affected by an online blog that she does in her spare time. Therefore I suggested that she take some time away from this blog, tumblr and her various online friends whilst she decides why she writes the blog and whether it is worth all the frustration it seems to bring her. I called it a suggestion for politeness but please understand, she wasn’t being given an option. I have told her that I won’t allow her to continue doing it unless she can find a way to enjoy it.

So my apologies for her absence, it is my fault not hers although I do believe it is for her own good and I do believe she will come back to writing once I am satisfied she is in the right frame of mind for it.

In the meantime, for those that are interested in the goings on in her life:

  • She has been promoted yet again at work
  • She is living almost 24/7 at my house
  • Amongst many other things she is now my domestic servant
  • She served as a (almost) nude waitress along with some fellows submissives at a cocktail party I arranged recently for a Dominant group I am a part of
  • She wears my collar 24/7, be it her day collar or her normal one
  • We are very happy and I am very proud of her for many reasons

If you have any questions for me I would be happy to answer them in the comments whilst she is away.


14 thoughts on “Lois

  1. Mark

    Was already missing her here and on Tumblr.. Good to hear all is well with you two. And maintaining a blog should be fun indeed. If it isn’t for some reason, then don’t. We’ll miss her but we will survive..only just.. 😉

  2. John

    Hello (Mistress) Fiona, Lois,

    I’m so sorry Lois feels let down or disappointed by her blog stats. As a follower of her Tumblr I’m always looking out for some new writing from her, I suppose, for one, I should hold up my hand and take some responsibility. I’ve never let her know how much I enjoy her stories.
    I write myself so I know what it means to lay yourself out on a page or screen. It took me years to develop a healthy attitude to indifference… There are folks I love and/or respect who might not like my writing, it’s OK they probably don’t like some of my choices in socks either.
    But my writing is honest, and Lois’ feels honest too, it’s a breath of fresh air, it has feeling, humanity, in short it has some of Lois in it.
    So if it helps please let Lois know, if I had the choice of meaning a little to many or meaning much to few. I’d choose the later, or failing that… would a Booker prize be too much to ask?

    I wish you both… happiness!

  3. John

    Unfortunately, Lois not posting seems to usually mean that all is not well in Lois’ life offline. So, as well as missing the titilation, there is a sense if concern for Lois herself I find.
    There is a hell of a lot of kinky writers out there, with an unbelievable amount of content out there but Lois has something, for me at least, that is unique. It probably stems from her personal story. And I really enjoy her tongue in cheek style.
    I do wish you both all the happiness in the world together and one way or another wish Lois the very best in life.
    I’m really hoping that she will come back, but if not, a huge thank you for everything thus far

  4. peteDom

    Fiona thank you for your update on Lois it was worrying the silence after she had started feeling down about the blog.
    Please give her our best wishes and let her know that we appreciated the work passion and honesty she put into her writing. I hope she feels the pleasure of sharing again soon as we all loved her writing and I know for one used to be checking to see if updates had been made to read about her life and fantasies. But I do understand she needs to feel positive about it and have pleasure displaying her innermost feelings for us all to read – let’s hope that comes again soon.
    Give her our best wishes and let her understand what pleasure she gave us.
    Hope you both have a lovely passionate valentines night.

  5. Jazzie

    Petedom said it most elegantly. My thoughts entirely… although I can’t deny I’ll miss her.
    Enjoy her for us all, Fiona.
    I’m sure we’ll her all about it one day.
    Best wishes & happy valentine’s celebrations.

  6. Hut

    Thanks for the update, wonderful !

    It’s not the number that count, but the quality. What if she had thousands of followers? with them would come a proportion of trolls. I bet that would bring her down even more.


  7. BigBlue

    Hi Fiona,

    Does that mean lois is now a partner? From talking to her over time she sounded very competent in what she does. It’s great to see good people progress. All too often, the loud political people get promoted ahead of people who get it done and don’t engage in the glad handling.
    It’s good to know the two of you are getting along so well. Lois seemed quite lost for a time so it was very lucky for her when you broke into her shed… 😉

  8. peteDom

    Hello Fiona
    It would be lovely of you to give us an update on how Lois is doing I hope she is feeling a lot more positive about life with the many good things that are happening such as promotion and serving you and looking after your needs. Hopefully our best wishes and us thinking of her brings a smile to her knowing she is missed

  9. skinowner

    Hi Fiona,
    Thanks for the update and for taking care of the little one. She really is one who needs guidance as what happened to her in December is not the first time. She is lucky to have found you. I hope she appreciates that.

    You have to understand that things do not just happen – and you do know that already. You have to work hard at them, and then keep doing so. You advertise your blog on Tumblr, posting updates there. That is a good thing. Do you do same elsewhere? Numbers do not go from 1 to 10 to 100. You have to go through 11, 12, 13…. And the higher the count gets, sometimes the harder it is to get increments. Just keep at it. The content is great and sellable. Quoting from Field of Dreams, Ïf you build it, they will come”.

  10. Gary

    Hi Lois, I’d Just like to say I miss your stories about your life. That’s it, really. Hope you’ll be back online soon.

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