Sibling boundaries

I started writing a different post but I got half way through and then got distracted for a couple of days I now I’m finding it difficult to get back into it so I’m just going to tell you about an embarrassing experience I had a while ago, before lockdown.

It was about six month after I’d got married and I’d arranged to go for a meal with my sister. For those of you that don’t know my sister became aware of my lifestyle with Fiona and subsequently began to explore her own Dominant feelings with some guidance from my Mistress and a the time was seeing a submissive guy but that’s not relevant to this story.

I had got ready and my sister had arrived to pick me up and was waiting in the taxi, I was saying goodbye to Miss when she got a glint in her eye then disappeared and reappeared ordering me to lean over the arm of the sofa. I was wearing a little black dress and full underwear, Mistress lifted my dress up, pushed the crotch of my underwear aside and pushed something into my embarrassingly but predictably wet pussy before replacing my underwear and standing me back up.

Turning to look at her I rolled my eyes (yes I know..!) and as she went to kiss me she jerked my head back by my hair until it was hurting my neck and scalp then kissed me with enough passion to make my knees weak and then whispered “Don’t roll your eyes at me sweety” before turning and walking upstairs.

I was pretty sure I knew what she’d put in me, I could feel the tail of the lush vibe protruding from my hole as I walked to the taxi and got in. Strangely enough though by the time we reached the restaurant I had almost forgotten that while Mistress wasn’t physically with me, she’d manage to retain physical control of my pussy!

It wasn’t until about half way through the main course that I began to feel the stirrings of sensation inside me, it was only very light and subtle but I am very attuned to such feelings given that I had, and still have, been edged almost every day of my married life.

The vibrations grew extremely slowly to the point that I didn’t really notice them getting stronger but every so often I would realise that my arousal had moved up a notch on the horny-o-meter! About half an hour after I’d first felt something my sister noticed.

I’d become fidgety, uncrossing and re-crossing my legs, my breathing was slightly heavier and I could feel my cheeks pinking. She said “Are you ok? You look flushed”, I looked at her and my subconscious completely betrayed me by turning my cheeks bright red and telling my teeth to bite my lip. The realisation on my sister’s face as her eyes went wide and she said “OH MY GOD!” was mortifying!

I couldn’t say anything, partially through embarrassment and partially because it’s hard to form coherent thoughts when you’re being brought close to orgasm in the middle of a restaurant, as she pulled out her phone and started texting.

I didn’t know at the time and I can’t remember the exact messages put I read it later and the conversation went something like this:

Sister: Are you making Lois cum when she’s out for dinner with me?!

Fiona: mmhmm

Sister: wtf?

Fiona: {shugging emoji}

Sister: Get it over with so we can have a normal conversation!

Fiona: ok but film her and send it to me, I’m bored

Sister: {rolling eyes emoji}

Sister: {video attachment}

Fiona: ty {smiley emoji} Enjoy your night x

I realised what was happening when I saw her clearly filming me and the vibrations start to pulse and I buried my face in my hands and said, I remember this clear, “oh my god as if!”. I had been intending excusing myself to go to the bathroom, compose myself and cum if that’s what Mistress wanted but it was now clear she had other plans and I bit down on my knuckle as the sensations overwhelmed my ability to keep my orgasm at bay and I focused all of my attention on keeping silent as my body tensed up and I squeezed my legs and my eyes together..

It wasn’t a great orgasm, when every fibre of your being is trying not to do it it kind of feels a bit like a ruined orgasm where you cum but you don’t really get the release or the pleasure from it. After twenty seconds after I came the vibrations stopped (to the day I have no idea how she knew I’d cum) and about thirty seconds after that I looked up at my sister who was just looking at me with a smirk on her face. I said “I need the loo” and she just looked disapprovingly at me and said “mmhmm”.

I returned to the table five minutes later, feeling extremely horny, still flushed but a lot more composed, also having text Fi to thank her for my orgasm. My sister and I didn’t talk about it, we just carried on as if it hadn’t happened, I still have no idea what her thoughts were about watching her sister orgasm, it sure as hell was weird and humiliating for me!

When I got home several hours later I had amazing sex with Mistress and this time the orgasm was mind blowing.

18 thoughts on “Sibling boundaries

  1. marksouthcoast

    Lois. Thank you for your reply. Love reading you posts,has Fiona modified your body lately ie new tattoos or piercings. Mark

  2. londonern5

    This isn’t about your most recent post (which was excellent, by the way, as always). It’s a request. In a previous post (can’t find it now) you wrote about the tasks Fiona had set you for the year. One was to give orgasms to 52 people you didn’t know, and you detailed the means by which you gave them (hand, mouth, etc). I’d be very interested to hear more about this process of sex with anonymous strangers, how you set it up, what exactly you do, how you feel about it. I just love hearing about a submissive ordered to perform these tasks.

  3. lawrenceee

    It’s great to see that your sister has accepted this side of you so well! You have definitely came a long way from were you were just a few years back concerning your “secret” life

  4. SteveStevenssonsson

    You mentioned previously that you told your sister the truth about your relationship with Fiona, but is this the first time that she has been part of it?

    I’m curious about Fiona’s intentions towards your sister long term. I don’t remember if you chose your sister as someone to open up to or if Fiona chose her, I just remember she made you come out to someone. It makes some sense that your sister would fall into a naturally dominant role since you find yourself to be naturally submissive and these things often develop in pairs. You said that Fiona had paired her up with a submissive male, which could be a way of encouraging her dominant inclinations. Did you and her submissive bf ever play together? Has Fiona mentioned your sister being attractive or asked about your limits with respect to incest? Maybe it would start as her caning you for some stupid childhood fight you two had had.

    There’s a degree to which people interested in public play regard it as immoral/unethical to force strangers to be involved in their sex lives as they play in public, as the strangers never consent to being props in their play.

    Being asked to film your orgasm and humiliation at being forced to cum both in public and in your sister’s company is her being part of the act itself.

  5. londonern5

    Further to my previous post, does your Mistress still order you to pleasure men? If so I’d love to hear more about that. How does she find suitable people, how often does it happen, does she watch, how do you feel when you are doing it, etc?

  6. PeteDom

    Another fantastic post hopefully you will continue to share your wonderful experiences with us.
    Like an earlier post I hope you find the time to recount some of your past exploits that you didn’t at the time there are some great one’s missing!

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