There is something that I have eluded to before on this blog but have never really talked about in detail and I feel like it is time to be open about it.

For years, since before I was with Fiona or even some of the other partners I’ve talked about, there has been a guy on and off in my life. I’ve spent many hours playing with him and he has brought me a great deal of enjoyment and pleasure, he’s even helped me feel better when I’ve been at some of my lowest moments, he gives me a guilty spark.

His name is John and he’s kind of a strong and silent type but is also very funny in a dry sort of way and has a presence about him that you could only call powerful and dominant, it’s definitely his personality that attracts me to him, well that and his deep and powerful voice. When we play together I feel excitement, exhilaration and despite some extremely frustrating moments there is always satisfaction in the end and I’m left wanting more.

Fiona doesn’t see the attraction at all and has sometimes limited my contact with him but she knows how much it means to me and in the end always allows me time with him, especially when I am stressed or need to let off some steam and just be “normal”.

For most of the time I’ve known him we haven’t played alone, he has a partner that used to play with us too but a few years ago she went her own way and I’m not sure what is going on with them now. Apparently they are getting together again later in the year so we’ll have to see where that goes but it’s not looking promising. I always thought they really cared for each other, she was always in his head but she often seemed blue and then the last few times we played she seemed to have gone a bit power mad and as far as I know they haven’t seen each other much since then.

Instead he started to bring a few other friends to our play sessions, another guy called Fred and then there are Linda and Kelly but John is always the one in charge and most of the time they do their own thing and it’s just me and John playing together. I wasn’t sure about it at first but enjoyed those sessions a lot although I definitely miss the days when it was just me, John, her and our Covenant.

The reason I am talking about this now is that I haven’t had any new sessions with John for a more than 117 days, more than 343 in fact. We were supposed to get together at the end of last year but because of covid that didn’t happen and instead it’s going to be around November time this year and I am very excited for it, apparently he has a new version of her in the picture. Mistress has allowed me a few days to just dive in and really invest some time in seeing how things are after all this time.

I don’t mind so much if Blue Team are along for the ride, but I’d really love to see John and Cortana reunited, fingers crossed!

14 thoughts on “Him

  1. Alexvw15

    Yes Lois, we are all yearning playtime & playmates again. The longer in between these times l find it’s only the really important one’s that we crave.
    In the meantime, I’m binge reading Fetlit that you steered me onto. It has given me an arsenal of nawty ideas to put into practice when the time is right and it’s with the right person. Horses for courses. Love & peace. Alex xx

  2. PeteDom

    I must admit all the years reading your blog he has only come up occasionally. It’s good to hear about hie important he has been to you over the years and hope you have a wonderful time when you get together. Does Fiona make you pay a penalty for these sessions? I don’t think that would be unreasonable?

  3. Richard

    Being a massive fan of John myself, I have the Halo 5 special edition diorama of John and Agent Locke, I can’t believe I didn’t twig who you were talking about until towards the end, 117 and 343 finally giving it away.
    I am looking forward to the next adventure as well, it has been far too long.

  4. marksouthcoast

    Your very lucky that Fiona loves you that your, aloud to stay in touch with John. Hope you will do a post about your time with him.

  5. oldabsinthe

    Thank you for the post, lois. He must be a strong man emotionally to have you as only a part time play partner. I’d like to pick a nit. Its alluded to, not eluded to.

  6. MOH

    Give us details!
    Where’s the PainSlut that use to luxuriate in writing lengthy, descriptive, detailed posts about her over-the-top and outside-(even the BDSM) norm? Has married life mellowed you? Has your Mistress restricted what you can share? Or maybe sharing your life in such detail has lost its luster..

    • Lois

      I mean I could go into a lot more detail about this if you want but I would recommend you just play Halo yourself, even the first one still holds up 😉

      When I write about BDSM play I’ll definitely go into more detail 🙂

  7. eitreb

    My best friend and I have forged an entire friendship around Halo. Life circumstances have now changed and we hardly see each other but whenever a new one arrives we find the time.

    Best series out there and I hope you have a wonderful time in November!! Great to have you back

  8. eitreb

    The covenant is something that is incredibly close to my heart. Many a day and week has been spent playing there with my best friend. Unfortunately, we’ve grown apart but can always find time together when a new Halo appears.

    Amazing to have you back and pleased to be reminded of your passion for the series, I like you am incredibly excited for November.

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