I really wanted to write this week but things have just been crazy and unfortunately I haven’t got round to it so my apologies, I have a post that is half finished and I know Miss is working on something that she wanted to talk about on here but no spoilers. I’ve also got a sequel story that I want to get finished and posted so lots of stuff in the pipeline, just none of it quite ready yet.

Thank you for all the ideas I was sent following the post about our new basement dungeon, so far the ideas I definitely want to try and implement are:

  • Headbox
    This would be attached to ceiling with a screen or VR headset inside, the Dominant would have a camera which they could hold or wear on their head. The idea is that the sub is completely helpless and in sensory deprivation but they can see what the Dominant is going to do or is doing to them, I think it would be an awesome head fuck.
  • Adjustable St Andrews Cross
    We have spoken to an engineer and I think they can create the mechanism to make the cross adjustable with the sub strapped to it but it is going to be expensive and then it will need finishing with nice polished wood etc. I think it will happen but maybe not immediately.
  • Spanking Machine
    This is 100% happening, we know where we can get one so it will be on order once we have the remodelling of the basement done.

We’re still considering other things, for instance do we need a bed in there? My feeling is it will take up a lot of room and the room is for playing not for sex, we can do that in our bedroom.

Anyway, that’s all for now, I’m away with work for a few days but should be able to get a proper post our late next week, talk to you then!

12 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Pwwyll

    Love the VR head box idea. Perhaps you could work in an adjustable delay or a loop that could be used so that you wouldn’t be able to tell when things were going to happen.

  2. Hem

    Like the others, I love the idea of the VR Head box, or just a head box in general I guess.

    I hope that you being busy in general means that you have been enjoying yourself, or have been enjoyed. If I could ask one thing of your time though? When you do get time to write, concentrate on your journal/diary writing over the stories. I for one, and suspect many others, enjoy hearing about what has actually been happening with you, not the fantasy side of your mind.

  3. SteveStevenssonsson

    The headbox is interesting- I like the video delay idea. It also seems like it would be useful in a mental conditioning / brain washing sort of way. Giving your eyes and ears something to focus on while your body was either positively or negatively stimulated until you started to get horny or frightened by the most mundane things.

    Kink.com did a couple of things with the idea of isolating a sub’s head from her body. The in-floor version could be something you could do in a ground floor bedroom under the carpet or as part of a trap door. Your head could be the only thing sticking up through the floor while your body gets abused in a ceiling-mounted cage in the basement. People could watch your body get tortured on a monitor while you service them orally upstairs. You could also place a ‘toilet’ over her head with a funnel that goes straight into her mouth, with her completely unseen in the room. Using it the other way (head under the floor) forces the sub’s posture and leaves her very helpless above ground.

    • Lois

      Thanks, that first paragraph gave me a really good idea. What if Miss gave me five minutes of pleasure, then five of pain, then five of pleasure and so on, BUT the video and audio I get are on a five minute delay. So I’d see pleasure and feel pain or feel pain and see pleasure, that has to be a serious mind fuck!

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