Set me a task

If you wish to set me a task or a challenge you can add it as a comment here. I can’t promise when I will be able to complete the task and report back but what I will say is that when I get chance, I will pick the next incomplete task from this page and carry it out to the best of my ability and then report about it here on my blog.

One thing I do ask, if you are going to set me a task please put a bit of time and thought into it, I get emails from people saying “Go to the shops with some ginger up your ass”. Now, whilst yes that is a task, 1) it is a very easy one, 2) it is only going to take twenty minutes and 3) what am I really going to write about it? It may sound a little demanding but I would really like quality AND quantity in the tasks, something that takes a few hours to complete and really tests me physically or mentally would be good. I’m willing to buy things, travel and I have very few limits so there is really a lot of space for your imaginations to explore!

I look forward to your sick and twisted plans for me!

36 thoughts on “Set me a task

  1. Kinkynerd

    get a bdsm hood to hide your identity. then make an account at a webcam site such as and broadcast saying you are a no limits slave.

    • Lois

      Thanks for the effort but I am unlikely to do this. As much as anything I don’t have the time to fulfil regular obligations on a site such as that.

      Lo xx

    • Master Dreadnaught

      Try Figging: get a natural piece of ginger, peel it, insert into anus. Combine with magic wand on your yoni. Use nipple clamps, with the chain in your teeth.

  2. Kinkynerd

    masturbate twice in every room of your house using a different object each time. Spank your bottom if you don’t cum.

    • Lois

      Thanks for the task, not massively challenging but should be fun to complete, I seriously doubt there will be and ass spanking involved! I will let you know.

  3. Sensualist

    I want you to sacrifice an underwired bra for this task. Remove the wires by cutting the seam that holds them, then wrap each wire with barbed wire, securing with anything from plastic-bag ties to copper wire. Re-attach to the bra cups, sewing them back in place. Strip down to panties, or nude, then put the barbed-bra in place and make it comfortable. Oh wait, that’s not possible. OK, you don’t have to make it comfortable.

    Time to head to the corner shop for the newspaper. Use an old t-shirt and sweat-pants. This is not about you feeling beautiful. Jog if you want to finish the task quickly. Walk slowly if you want to enjoy the sensations. On your return you can remove the barbed-bra. Extra points awarded for anything you do that increases the pain you experience, but minor changes only please. This is my task!

  4. Sasha Taylor

    Since the no underwear day seems to be a not so challenging task, I thought of writing down this task to complement it. It would involve a dildo which has long enough straps inserted in your pussy (a short one would do), with two straps attached to your knees, try to make it look like a fashion attachment, It would be fun when you carry out your daily work, You’ll have to make a special effort to keep it inside. x

  5. Skin

    Hi Lois; Happy birthday. A task for your birthday. Get as many needles as your birthday. Divide by three and insert one third in each tit, arranged nicely of course and with a few in the nipple. The remaining third you insert in your pussy. And no birthday can be said to be adequately celebrated if there are no candles. So grab a candle, light it and drip it on your nipples, pussy and belly button. Last but not least, You are to use a vibrator on yourself and can orgasm 3 times. Happy birthday again xx.

  6. Mike x

    Lube a dildo with hot pepper sauce, slide it deep into your pussy, pull your panties up tightly and let your short skirt fall back into place. Attach your nipple clamps tightly and button up your blouse, no bra of course, and then go and walk around the block for 30 minutes. xx

  7. Carl

    Dress in as sexy an outfit you can assemble and do not wear underwear. Unless it is important for your day you will not look ANYONE in the eyes. You will spend at least 6 hours out in public You will talk to at least two new people today. You will make yourself cum once every two hours . . . after denying yourself the release of cumming once in that same time.

  8. Ben H

    Collect and refrigerate a quantity of semen (20-30 ml). Then bring a cucumber with you to a restaurant. Order a salad. Go to the restroom and masturbate with it. Return to your table, cut up the cucumber, add it to your salad, and dress it in semen.

    Enjoy your lunch.

    • Lois

      I understand where you are going with this but realistically, where am I going to “collect” this semen from? Also, if I start adding my own cucumber to a salad I’ve just ordered I’d probably get thrown out!

  9. Marc

    Go to work dressed conservatively as you can on the outside, wear slutty lingerie fit only for a whore house underneath to work. Before a meeting masturbate in the rest room, fixing 2 paper clamps one for each nipple, take a pen to put in and around and in your pussy and clit until you cum. Then go to the meeting. At some point in the meeting pull together two piles of paper attaching each clamp to the paper and put the tip of the pen in your mouth.

  10. considered

    There is a warehouse located on the outskirts of suburban London on a small industrial estate which I own. For security reasons the windows have steel bars as do the internal doors to the warehouse. At night and weekends the place is rather desolate, the place can only accessed by a cleaner who works sunday afternoons and myself – I have access at any time. Your task is to find where the warehouse is, it’s keys and the list of instructions that await.

  11. considered

    The instructions are contained inside a portable “Biffa” dumpster, which is usually locked and located some distance away from the warehouse. On arrival, you will climb into the dumpster which will be half full with your “Toy Chest” as detailed on this site. You will pull the lid of the dumpster shut over you. I will be watching from a location close by. Once you are inside the dumpster, I will approach it and lock it. You will then read the instructions which you will find within a bag . You will wait. At some point later you will realise that the dumpster is being moved

  12. considered

    The dumpster will come to a halt, you will then have 5 minutes to re-read the instructions, begin to act upon the first of them as well as memorise them in full. The lid to the dumpster will be opened, you will pass out your box of toys – as per the list of instructions you will be hooded at this point and nude. You will climb out of the dumpster and walk five paces forward, dropping to spread eagle yourself on the warehouse floor

  13. paul

    I am rather interested in the effects of FIGGING, the act of inserting a sprig of pealed ginger into the asshole. Do you think you could try this and give me an account?

  14. JustMe

    It appears WordPress ate my last comment, so if this appears twice, apologies.
    Get yourself remote controlled anal and vaginal dildos/plugs. Insert. Acquire a clipboard, a baseball cap, and an outfit that will stop sufficient people.
    Perform a survey in the centre of town on the relative ergonomics of the two controls. Ask people to try out the buttons, slide the toggles and directly compare them, one in each hand.
    Try not to squeal. You’re finished when you’ve completed ten forms. I’ll invite you to create your own questions.

  15. sloopb

    A Task for Lois: Art, a walk, and a little knowledge.

    You will dress in a short tight skirt and a blouse, the hem should be above your knees, the blouse should show a hint of cleavage and knee high boots with a least a three inch heel. The image to project is one of a young, yet sophisticated but with a hint of mischief. No other clothing is to be worn.

    You will attach four clothes pegs to each pussy lip, press them flat against your thighs and pull them apart to stretch your pussy open, then secure them with tape to your thighs. Secure them well and make sure that the tape cannot be seen below the hem when you are standing. Nothing is to be removed until the full task has been completed!

    Now some art: It is time to take some photographs of yourself; a full frontal (you may use a mirror if you wish); bent over, legs straight and spread wide; Kneeling on the floor, facing forward, back straight and held high; and finally an ‘upskirt’ with the tape, pegs and your pussy clearly visible. The first three shots must show your face, but the last must not!

    You will then load the pictures onto your computer and print out four sets (each shot should fill a single page of A4 paper – plain paper will do). Now we need to hang our art, and three sets will be displayed on the walls of your home; the first in the bedroom, one in the living room or kitchen (you may choose) and one in the hall near the front door. Hang then well; the female form is a beautiful sight.

    Now a walk: Choose a handbag that matches your outfit inside of which (alongside the usual clutter that inhabits ladies bag) you will place three pegs, a plain piece of paper, a pencil, and the final set of prints – each print is to be folded separately, twice so that the contents may not be seen. Hopefully it is a sunny day and it’s time to visit a library. You may choose the library, I’m sure your local one will be closer, but it is your choice and you may take the bus if it is some distance.

    Enjoy your walk, keep your head held high and walk with confident strides. On arrival at the library you will go straight to the information desk.

    Time for some knowledge; enquire where the books on art are to be found, be sure to say thank you, and then go the area. You have some research to do; find three pictures of the naked female form that you like, and note, using the plain sheet of paper, the name of the artist and the title of the picture (photographers may be included) and the date is was completed or published. Before you start your research you must attach the last three pegs, one on each nipple and one on your clit (predictable I know but it’s a classic). Ensure that your research is thorough, by selecting and reviewing at least three books. While you are reviewing the books you will need bookmarks so you will use the folded prints to mark you place. At some point all four book marks must be in use. Your research must last at least one hour during which every ten minutes you will discretely insert two fingers in your pussy, coating them well with your juices after which you will delicately wipe your fingers clean on your cheeks, lips and neck.

    Once you have completed your research return your books to the shelves, but you must leave the ‘up skirt’ print inside one of the books! Now it is time to leave for home, before leaving the library you may remove two of the last three pegs to be attached – your choice as to which two. Enjoy the walk home.

    On arrival at home you may remove your clothes, pegs and tape and then cum (if you wish).
    The artwork is to remain on your walls for at least one week and may not be moved or covered until you have written up your ‘art’ notes, including an account of your trip to the library and posted the results on your blog.


    • Lois

      Thank you, this is an interesting and different task, I appreciate you taking the time to write it out. It would be a little difficult at the moment as I have a house guest but maybe when she is gone I will give it a go.

      Lo xx

  16. sloopb

    Thank you Lois, I like to be different and I look forward to your report if you decide to complete the task.

    As you have house guests at the moment, perhaps a task a little more discrete in its preparation, but more intense in its pain level may be more appropriate. Let me know if you would like me to set my mind to it? A panty liner lined with drawing pins or something with chilli’s spring to mind as starting points.


  17. sloopb

    A story before bed

    Discretely gather some supplies in your bedroom; two pieces of string about a metre in length, a squash bottle (or similar – full as it needs to be rigid) [A more twisted and depraved alternative will be to replace the bottle with your toilet brush from the bathroom – you do not need to clean it], a panty liner, a box of drawing pins, a chair and your laptop.

    You will be naked aside from a pair of high heeled shoes. Set up the chair, laptop, panty liner and pins, so that all are near to hand when sitting and that you are able to type emails etc. Place the bottle in the centre of the chair. Tie a long loop (about 15/20 cm long) in the end of each piece of string and tie the other end to each nipple (tight – so that they will not slip off). Position yourself over the bottle and insert the tip in to your pussy. Now bend your left leg up until you can loop the end the string attached to your right nipple over your high heel. You know where this is going! Now do the same with your right leg and the left nipple string.

    Your entire weight is now supported by your pussy and so it will remain until you have completed two tasks. First; the panty liner, press drawing pins through the back of the liner. keep inserting pins until the entire liner is covered the set it aside until morning. Second; draft and posted on your blog a second instalment to Tall Dark Stranger (a minimum of 3000 words). You may remove all toys and then go to bed.

    In the morning when you dress you will insert the pin lined panty and to get it correctly positioned you will straddle the edge of the bath and rock back and forth at least five times. The liner must remain in place for at least 12 hours. Enjoy 


  18. Daniel

    Here’s what I want you to do. Take a paddle,get on your knees, and paddle your ass hard. Count the strokes and for each 10 you will finger fuck your pussy 10 strokes. Do not cum. Repeat this till you have reached 100 , only 10 strokes per 10, now when you get to 100 you will be allowed to cum hard, bot NOT before. Post pictures of your ass, should be nice and deep red after 100 stokes, and pics of your fingers up your pussy when you cum. Say
    thank you sir when you are done (:

  19. Craig

    Great blog, her is a decent task for you.

    Walking like a cowgirl;

    Pick a Saturday, or any other day when you have lots on. An example of lots is, supermarket shopping in the morning, going out with friends for lunch and a night out later on that day.

    For the entire day you have to wear a pretty dress and heels. Highest heels you have and as short a dress as possible. The important things you will be wearing are a butt plug,large enough to make it uncomfortable, small enough that you can wear it for the entire day, and knickers. Not your own knickers, no, a pair that are way way too big for you.

    Supermarket – Any time you need to put something in the trolley, you need to have 1 thing in each hand simultaneously and place them in the trolley. At the Checkout, you need to use both hands again simultaneously to load and unload the conveyor belt and also to pack your bags. Bags, yeah, you will be using both hands to carry.

    Shopping and lunch with friends – You need to find a way to carry all bags, and if lunch or coffee involves carrying trays, you have to do it.

    Out for the night – Again, you have to go to the bar a minimum of 3 times and carry all the drinks back to the table.

    For the rest of the time that day you can be just plain uncomfortable!

    Hope you like, if you do, come say hello on CM: DominantAlphaM

    Be lucky

  20. Sigmund

    Items Required
    Belkin WEMO Home Automations Switch x3
    Ceiling Hook secure enough to support your weight
    Electro Magnet
    Collar, Suspension Wrist , ankle Cuffs
    Spreader Bar
    Nipple suction cup kit
    Chastity Belt
    Insertible mains-powered vibes
    Underbust Corset
    Full-cup usb Headphones
    Ball-gag with breath hole
    Reel of 75mm” Tape
    Long USB cable
    PC or Laptop with web-cam

    Hello Lois
    This is involved, but it’s my way of doing things.

    Some of the things you already have in your tool box, the Belkins are the main items to purchase for this task, but once you have them, I’m sure that you’ll see their endless possibilities……

    If you should wish to experience this, we can chat via msn, but you will not hear my voice until you are as instructed.
    At an appointed time, you will have all the items listed to hand, the ceiling hook fitted, and the electro-magnet attached to it, and hanging down. It is already plugged into one of the Belkins, as are the two vibes.

    you will log on, and inform Me that you are ready, If I am satisfied, I will allow you to give me the Belkin’s phone numbers, and instruct you to prepare.

    you will position the webcam so that I can see, and then you will strip.

    you will fit the under bust corset, and tie is a tight as possible. It’s purpose is to control your breathing, and keep your breaths shallow.

    you will stand under the ceiling hook, and put on the wrist and ankle cuffs.

    you will insert the vibes into your cunt and arse, then fit the chastity belt to hold them in place.

    you will fit the blindfold over your head, but rest it on your forehead so that you can see to complete your task.

    you will put on the headphones, making sure that they cover your ears completely, and that there is no way that they can fall off.

    you are nearly ready now, so you will now fit My Collar around your neck, and once suitable attired, you will fit the suction cups over your nipples, and pump the air out so that your nipples are stretched, and the clamps will also not fall off, no matter how long I decide that you will wear them….

    you will fit the ball gig, making sure that it is tight, but allows you to breathe through it.

    you will fit the spreader-bar, and set it as wide as possible.

    you will now pull the blindfold over your eyes, making sure that you are completely blind.

    Now is the point of no return, with this one last act, you will be Mine to control for however long I wish, think long and hard about the consequences, and if you wish to continue, stretch up onto your toes, and lift both hands up until the rings on your wrist cuffs find the electro magnet.

    you will hear the switch close, and the magnet powering up, holding your wrists fast, and keeping your body lovely and stretched for My pleasure.

    And now you will wait until I am ready to begin. Blind and deaf to your surroundings, your body restrained and helpless, not knowing how long I will make you wait….

    you wonder what My Voice will be like, it’s Tone and Power, and the things I will say?

    you know that you are Mine to do with as I wish, and your body is wet from that knowledge. you know that the vibes are Mine to control, and will be used to give pleasure and torment, and of course, to condition you…you also know that by the time I finally decide to release you, My Voice will be in your mind Forever…….

  21. Sadistic Master

    Hi Lois,
    since i am very much into cigarette play, i would like to set a new task for you involving lit cigarettes used on your flesh..
    You could do this game in a safe way (using some ice on your flesh or spraying a little of water on it before touching the lit tip of a cigarette on yourself) or in a more harsh way….having your flesh dry..
    You could start wearing some sexy lingerie…(black silk lingerie or a black corset etc..) without panties..stockings and high heels shoes..
    Then your could expose your tits… without taking the lingerie off but only pulling your breasts out of your bra. When you tits are exposed…you take some ice or a little of water..and use it to make your tits flesh wet.
    Then you could light 2 cigarettes (if you don’t smoke you can blow on the tips to make them lit…and avoid to inhale the smoke) and start touching them all around you circles over your areolas..using one cigarette for each tit..
    Then you touch the lit tips of the cigarettes on your tits…running the lit stubs across tits flesh..up and down…leaving ash trails on your breasts..
    You can use again the cigarettes on your nipples…but this time touching the lit stubs more firmly on them..
    Next you repeat it…again and again…and finally…when the cigarettes are finished…you quickly stub them out on your breasts…using your tits as useless ashtrays…
    Believe me..I have done it several times in real on some (consensual) girls…and I find cigarette play a very erotic game..(it’s kinky…but safe if done in the right way)’s a very simple game (it does not require complicated tools etc.) and it’s kinky..
    Some cigarettes…a lighter…you wearing some slutty lingerie….and your own flesh..
    You could burn your tits..your nipples but also your asscheeks..or your cunt lips..
    Try to imagine you touching lit cigs on your cunt lips then…at the end…spreading wide your cunt lips and stuffing the lit stub inside your let your pussy juices extinguishing the lit cigarette itself…
    In anycase let me say that I would love to do it to you…and to train you to become a perfect ashtray-slave, painslut Lois..

    Master G.

  22. gerlad

    Here is a task for you take the biggest dildo you have and shove that straight up your ass with no time in letting your ass getting accustomed to it leave it there till end of all tasks! Then (wish there was a pic of your cunt to see if or what is possible) take super glue and glue your inner cunt lips to your thighs and beat your open cunt with a electric cable for 30 min then put a book binder clip on your clit till the end of tasks! Now take a hammer and 6 nails and put 3 into each nipple now after 15 min you can remove the nails and then anal dildo and finally the clit clap. And lets see what you write about your experience with that is?

  23. Philip Korkus

    First of all, a caveat. A caution. Like the “homeless” BJ, this task doesn’t reflect any type of prejudice. I’m simply trying to “push the envelope” in terms of a perversion to be performed by slut lois. The task will take some time & preparation, but the next time you have a 3 day weekend, I want you to become the toilet to a very overweight, black woman. The rules are simple. You would be chained to the bottom of her toilet from Friday – Sunday. You must wear a chastity belt (that allows you to pee, but nothing more). Prior to your weekend “holiday”, you are to fast for 48 hours to build up your appetite. Once chained up, you are to only eat her delicious treasure and drink her golden nectar. Nothing more. Nothing less. You will be chained to the toilet the full 3 days. When your meals are served, you are to eat with pride for what you’ve become, then thank her after for feeding you her gifts. Keep a diary with you so all your trepidations, thoughts, desires and fantasies can be written out in vivid detail. I want to know 1) your honest feelings about your lot in life (a perverse sex & pain slut with few boundaries is a great start)), 2) the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and emotions of becoming a human toilet, and 3) include a few photos (not showing any faces) of your ordeal, then write about it with the same enthusiasm you showed when posting your homeless BJ note. Bon Appetit!

  24. Em

    1. Wear your but plug for a day, edging yourself to orgasm via clit masturbation at least three times. The final time begging out loud for permission.

    2. Spend the weekend serving an obese man. Enigmatic

  25. Slut Master

    An idea for you. Take your largest 2 dildos and or vibrators coat with maximum strength ben gay the hottest hot saycr you can find find then roll them in itching powder. Insert in vagina and ass. Cllamp your vagina closed and peg your ass. This will keep said items in place. Tie your tits as tight as you can. Once they swell andbturn purple attach weighted clover clamps to your nipples. Tie your clit in similar fashion and attach clover clamp. After 2 hours whip your tits vagina and ass 100 times each with a belt. Then with a large rubber band snap it on your nipples and clit 100 times each. Now with a whip 100 times on each nipple and clit. Now if your are bruised and show signs of cuts and abrasions you can remove the clamps.
    Once again whip with a belt as stated before. Finally take a mixture of ben gay itching powder and hot sauce on your cuts and abrasions. Now masturbate with both dildos and or vibrators at thr same time. You may now cum as much as you like. One last thing you are NOT allowed to scratch at any time. If you love this let me know and l will tell the next task. Enjoy yourself. Also if there is a master or mistress available he or dhe should deliver the whippings since they will hit with much more force.

  26. Al

    Now that you got your remote control vibrators, Miss Fiona should make you wear them in public. She will make you go to certain places (bars, restaurants) and provide the connection password to strangers. no running to the bathroom!

    Happy to put this in practice if you are in NY these days 😉

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