My tattoo design

I’ve been having some initial thoughts on the design for the tattoo that I want. As I’ve mentioned before I want it to incorporate different BDSM related symbology as well as look pretty and represent who I am. I’m definitely not an artist but I’ve had a go at a first design and wanted to know what people thought, if there are any artists out there will to help me out, I’d love to see this concept drawn up by someone who knows what they are doing!!

Tattoo Design v1

To explain it a little, the symbol in the middle is obviously the BDSM Emblem which is made up of vines which then circle around and look pretty, ending in roses at either side, one open and one closed. There is no symbolism to one being open and one being closed that I know of, I just liked the asymmetry of it. The “Salope de Douleur” as you will know from my previous posts means “Pain Slut” in French, again no real reason for the French other than its a beautiful language and the words are not easily recognisable to English speakers. Finally there is the hanky on the left hand side (right hand side as you look at it), this is a reference to The Hanky Code, it would be orange which when worn on the left signifies you want “Anything Anytime”!

I’d like to put more subtle symbology into it but I don’t know of any more at the moment, I will keep search but suggestions are welcome.

Thank you

Thanks for all the birthday messages, it was really nice to check my email and find all the comments! I had a really good day, was spoiled by all my friends but no kinky fun unfortunately. The weekend was a write off, it took me until Sunday afternoon to get over the hangover!

Not much look on the tattoo front as yet, I’m looking for something to go on my pubic area which no longer has any hair! I want it to contain imagery which is blatantly BDSM related if you know what you’re looking at but subtle enough to just look like a sexy tattoo if you’re not in the scene, hence putting “Pain Slut” in French rather than English. I might have a go myself and let post a pic this week if I have time.

I’ll likely have a cock in one of my holes at some point soon, more on that later!