Keeping busy

I’ve been keeping myself quite busy with work recently but I’ve also had a new “thing” going, eloquent I know but I’m finding it hard to find a name for it!

it started a while back when I was contacted by someone on collarme with what upon might call an indecent proposal. He was an older man (than me) who Was a Dom until he met his now wife over ten years ago, she wasn’t into it and he gave it up to be with her.

However, as I know all too well, you can stop acting upon your need for this lifestyle but you can’t remove the need, the man explained that while his wife and he are still very much in love their sex life has dwindled as she is less and less interested in it while his desires have increased and returned to centre around BDSM. They have talked about this at length and come to the agreement that he would be allowed to “see” someone to alleviate his frustrations.

He went on to say that he had no interest in using a prostitute and that instead he wanted to find someone who he could fulfil his desires with and then show the door with no romantic entanglements so that he could then go back to his happy marriage.

Now, I’m not sure what you are thinking right now but I was pretty skeptical at this point! However, it gets better!

After spending many days looking at BDSM personals sites he came across my collarme profile, read my blog and took an interest. He lives near Cambridge (like me) and has an office in the centre of town (like me) and wondered if I would be interested in some sort of arrangement.

There was a minor detail though, his wife wanted to meet and “approve” whoever he chose before anything happened and she would have final say over whether she was happy for it to happen and also have the power to stop it whenever she wished.

When I’d finished reading his proposal I thought it was totally weird but also really quite intriguing. As I’ve mentioned before, after the spectacular failure of my recent relationship and most of my previous relationships I am in no rush to get into another one but I still want and need to satisfy my own desires.

I decided to reply to his message and after quite a few messages back and forth over a few weeks we talked about an arrangement, he didn’t want a scheduled meeting in a dungeon somewhere, he wanted to be able to phone or text me whenever he had an itch and we would meet up so he could scratch it and then send me on my way and that appealed to me too. The degradation of being used like that, picked up and put down, appeals to my submissive side and the things he wanted to do with me definitely appealed to some of my other sides. Plus it’s exciting, not knowing when I’ll be called upon.

So I agreed and a date was set for me to meet his wife, it was just the two of us and I have to say it was one of the strangest hours of my life. The guy has his own business and is doing quite well so they live in a very nice house in one of the suburbs of Cambridge, she invited me in and then she made tea and cakes! She asked a lot of questions of me none of which were of a sexual nature, she wanted to know about my interests (outside of the bedroom), about my previous relationships (I could tell when I answered that she wasn’t expecting anyone with a female name to come up!) and my career and then she was done. She thanked me for coming to see her and for showing “The proper respect” and that was it I was free to go. I later got a text from him saying “You passed the test.”.

This was all a few months ago now and it is all going quite well really! The first time he called me we just went to a café and had coffee, the second time I went to his office and he bent me over his desk and fucked me before sending me back to work with soggy knickers. I the following weeks the visits continued in the same vein, he made a “deposit” in my other two holes on the next two visits and then once he’d tried out all three he moved onto other things.

Just to set the scene a little, these meetings rarely last more than half an hour, an hour at the max. Most of the time I remove only a few or no clothes, for instance the first visit where he fucked my pussy he just hiked up my skirt and pulled my underwear to the side. He just wants to do what he feels like doing and then send me on my way, which is perfectly fine with me, I have no interest in a relationship with the guy!

So after he had got the fucking out of his system, he moved onto a bit of humiliation. He had me kneel on his office floor and finger myself to orgasm, another time he had me keep my hands behind my back and make myself cum against his thigh while he sat in his chair. Another time he had me pull down my knickers, bend over a chair with my pussy pointing at him and fuck myself with a peeled banana until I came, then pull up my knickers and leave. I can’t imagine many of you have been in this situation before but let me tell you that walking out into the middle of town with your pussy filled with mashed up banana is not a simple thing to deal with when you only have ten minutes to get back to work! I loved it though!

His business in an accountancy for small businesses and his premises is only small, his office at the back and then the main room with his PA/Secretary/Receptionist in it. She is nice but not the sharpest tool in the box, it’s pretty clear he didn’t hire her for her brain though, poor girl!

He also quite likes my chastity belt, we have used it once, he text me one day and told me to bring it with me but to leave my locks and keys at home. When he text me against just before lunch he told me to bring the belt so I went via my car and arrived with the belt in a bag. He told me to get him hard with my mouth and then make him cum inside me. I knelt in front of his chair and took out his cock, I got him hard very quickly with my extensive skills 😉 and then pulled off my knickers and straddled him backwards (with my back facing him reverse cowgirl style), his cock slid easily into my wet hole and I began to fuck him but as I put all my effort into bouncing up and down he told me I wasn’t allowed to cum and then he filled me with his load.

He pushed me off and told me to put the belt on and before his cum had even had chance to start leaking from me he was clicking the locks closed on my belt, my very horny pussy was destined to go unsatisfied for three days until the keys arrived unexpectedly in the post.

So that is ongoing and I am having fun with it, it’s not everything I want but at least it is something and there are no strings attached to it which is perfect for me at the moment.

I have a few other things on the horizon as well so I will be back soon to tell you about those.


A little disclaimer for those new to reading this blog: The pictures I use in posts are very rarely of me, they re just pictures I find by searching the web for the topics I am writing about. If a post does contain a picture of me you will know because it will be in the “Pictures of me” category. Lo xx

My tattoo design

I’ve been having some initial thoughts on the design for the tattoo that I want. As I’ve mentioned before I want it to incorporate different BDSM related symbology as well as look pretty and represent who I am. I’m definitely not an artist but I’ve had a go at a first design and wanted to know what people thought, if there are any artists out there will to help me out, I’d love to see this concept drawn up by someone who knows what they are doing!!

Tattoo Design v1

To explain it a little, the symbol in the middle is obviously the BDSM Emblem which is made up of vines which then circle around and look pretty, ending in roses at either side, one open and one closed. There is no symbolism to one being open and one being closed that I know of, I just liked the asymmetry of it. The “Salope de Douleur” as you will know from my previous posts means “Pain Slut” in French, again no real reason for the French other than its a beautiful language and the words are not easily recognisable to English speakers. Finally there is the hanky on the left hand side (right hand side as you look at it), this is a reference to The Hanky Code, it would be orange which when worn on the left signifies you want “Anything Anytime”!

I’d like to put more subtle symbology into it but I don’t know of any more at the moment, I will keep search but suggestions are welcome.

Room on the third floor

I check into the hotel at about 3pm, it’s been a long journey and I’m glad to finally be there. The girl hands me two key cards and I head to my room on the third floor.

The room is nice, nothing too fancy but it has everything I need. I start the bath running and pour some of the complimentary bubble bath into it. The window looks out onto the car park but I leave it open as I peel off my clothes and dump them in the laundry bag in my small suitcase.

The bath feels wonderful, I soak in it for a while and then use a sponge to clean every nook and cranny. I let some water out of the bath and then lather shaving cream over my legs. The new razor blade makes short work of the hair on my legs and arm pits, no need to do my pubic area, it’s been free of hair for years.

I have a quick shower to wash off the bath water and then put on a bath robe while I drip dry. While I’m drying I use the free stationary to write my room number on a piece of paper and then seal it in an envelope with one of my room key cards. On the front I write their name.

I throw on some jeans and a top and then dry my hair before heading out. I leave the envelope at reception and then find a supermarket to buy some supplies before heading back to my room.

The time is drawing near so I start to get ready. I lay the marker pens, the drawing pins, the plastic rulers and the vegetables on the desk along with the cuff key.

Then I strip off, placing my clothes in my suitcase and then pushing it under the bed out of the way. As I close the curtain I see someone glance up at my window, it’s dark outside now and my light is on, they probably got an eye full.

I pick up the four pairs of handcuffs and kneel on the floor facing the door about four metres away from it. I spread my knees to so they are 90 degrees apart and then reach behind my ass and attach my ankles together with the first set of cuffs.

The second set gets one side attached to my left ankle and the third set gets attached to my right ankle. After I attach one side of the final set to my wrist I pick up the blindfold and put it on, I am immediately cast into total darkness.

I fumble behind me to get the cuffs sorted, the one on the left ankle gets locked around my left wrist and then the one on my right ankle goes to my right wrist. Finally the cuff hanging from my wrist goes to my other wrist and the rather sever hand cuff hog tie is complete. So now I wait.

The anticipation is almost unbearable and I can feel the moisture on my pussy. Finally I hear footsteps outside the door, they stop and the key card slides on and out of the lock, then the handle goes down and the door opens……………..

This is how so many of my dreams begin, literally I have at least one dream a night that begins like this. Various things happen after the door opens but the start is always very similar to what I describe above. What does it all mean?! And armature psychologists want to have a go at analysing it?

At some point soon, I’m going to fulfil this little fantasy, just so I can have a different dream!!

Dice Game Round 2

A couple of weeks ago I asked for another set of numbers for the dice game and Simon was first to roll them for me, the numbers he got were 4, 5, 5, 5 & 3 which translates to game 4, wear normal clothes with the addition of a ball gag and have my arms cuffed around an immovable object in a cellar for 30 minutes.

The problem with this was finding a suitable cellar/basement to do the task in, my house doesn’t have one which is unfortunate because it would be a perfect place to have a play room, I’m always jealous when I see American houses on TV, they all have these huge basements that would be perfect for storing large bondage equipment. Anyway, I digress…

The building that Mistress lives in does have a basement but it is almost always kept locked except when the building manager goes on holiday, the person who fills in for him never locks it. I’m not entirely sure how Mistress came upon this information but She has lived there for quite some time so maybe She has had cause to use the basement before!

So anyway, W/we waited and waited and then finally a few weeks ago Mistress told me that the building manager was away that week. I arrived one day straight from work wearing an Armani suit consisting of a knee length grey skirt and a jacket, under that I was wearing a lilac blouse and under that I was wearing some pale pink matching lingerie, a bra and a thong and some black heels on my feet.

Mistress met me at the front door and then led me down into the basement, it was hot and humid down there with all the heating equipment for the building. She produced a red ball gag from Her pocket and I obediently opened my mouth so She could push it between my lips, then turned round so that She could buckle it behind my head.

Next Mistress took a pair of simple handcuffs out of Her other pocket and handed them to me, I fastened one side to my wrist whilst She pulled a stool into the middle of the room, then She told me to climb onto the stool. Once I was on it I was almost high enough to reach the ceiling, there were two pipes hanging about a foot from the ceiling and Mistress told me to cuff my hands above it which I dutifully did. For some reason I expected Her to stay but instead She just smiled and then turned around and walked back up the stairs, from where I was I could watch Her go through the door and purposefully leave it slightly ajar.

At first I was fine just standing there waiting for the thirty minutes to run down but after a while people started to arrive home, the first time I heard the front door I jumped and almost fell off the stool! I stared at the basement door as shapes passed by it, my heart was pounding I was so scared that someone would have a look inside and then a hand reached in and flicked off the light and then slammed the door shut.

I was in complete darkness and I really started to get nervous, I kept hearing strange noises around me and they made me jump but I was also very careful to make sure I didn’t move my feet so as to not end up hanging from my wrists.

It felt like it had been at least an hour when the door opened again, I almost jumped out of my skin when it did but then the light came on and I saw Mistress walk back in. She skipped down the stairs and came over to me, She reached up my skirt and I automatically parted my legs a little to allow Her access, She rubbed Her fingers over my lacy thong and felt the wet patch there, then She looked up at me smiling and rolled Her eyes.

Mistress stood on a chair so She could reach high enough to put the cuff key in my hand and then She jumped down and left the basement. I very carefully maneuvered the key into the lock and undid one of the cuffs, it was really good to let me arms down, they had begun to ache from keeping them up like that and I had red lines where the cuffs had dug into me. I unlocked the other wrist and then put the cuffs in my jacket pocket, then undid the gag and put it in my other pocket, saliva and all. Just before I left the basement I put my hand down my skirt to check my underwear, even I was surprised at how soggy they were!

I think the dice were fairly kind on that roll, especially with the time limit. I wonder what the next roll will come up with, the first set of numbers posted on THIS thread will be my next dice game challenge.

Also, if anyone has ideas for more dice game options, please feel free to post them or contact me on my email ( or messenger, I will happily add them to the list.


I was in the cage, alone, in the dark, all night, Mistress finally turned up, naked, and let me out at around 10am on Sunday by which time all my joints were aching and seized up and my nipple and pussy lips were totally numb but sort of throbbing, it was a weird sensation.

I can’t remember the last time I have been clamped for so long, especially with such strong clamps. I don’t know how many of you have had binder clips attached to your more sensitive areas but let me tell you those things are STRONG! and it hurts like crazy when they are put on, they really crush the flesh and pinch something rotten!

Once She let me out of the cage She left my hands cuffed and took me over to the bed, once I was laid on my back She knelt over my head, facing my feet, and then lowered Her wet pussy onto my face so that I could “thank” Her properly.

Whilst I was thanking Her, She very slowly removed each of the clamps. She started with my nipples, first one then the other, it was total agony as the blood rushed back into them and She rubbed them between Her fingers but I loved it and She loved me moaning into her.  Once my nips were free She leant over pushing Her pussy harder into my face, then She took a clamp in each hand and pulled them stretching my lips away from my body. She pulled them taut and then released both clamps at once and I half scream half moaned into Her pussy as I felt the blood pulsing once again through my swollen cunt lips.

I was very wet and I got a real treat, whilst She continued to grind her pussy into my face, She held my lips apart and began sucking on my clit. This was a massive surprise to me as She never goes down on my, She pleasures me in plenty of other ways but never like this. I was coming within sixty seconds and then I made Her cum as well, all over my face and She tasted delicious.

Later on I asked Her why She had put me in the cage, She simply said “because I can”, so that was that!

The small s in BDSM

I have been into BDSM actively for approximately ten years to varying degrees and before that I was interested in it but didn’t really know what it was or why I had the thoughts I had. I have learnt over those ten years that I am a masochist, defined as “someone who obtains pleasure from receiving punishment”, and above all other things that has been the guiding principle of my BDSM life up to this point, or in fact I should say up until 361 days ago.

Now don’t get me wrong, the pleasure of pain is always going to be a big part of me and my lifestyle but since meeting my current Mistress I have come to really appreciate the other aspects of BDSM, the Domination and the submission, these parts have become more a part of my life now than they ever have been in any other relationship I have had.

Of course I have “submitted” my entire life, I’ve “submitted” to being fucked in the pussy, fucked in the ass and fucked in the mouth. I’ve “submitted” to being tied up, whipped and caned and “submitted” to doing some truly disgusting things that most of you already know about. In fact you will read about some more of them when I finally finish writing about that party of Mistresses, it was certainly a fun party!

What I’ve come to realise though is that I’ve never really “submitted” to anyone, not really. Submission is defined as “The action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person.” and whilst on the face of things I have done that on many occasions, too many to count in fact, in actual fact I was only ever doing what I wanted to do. Yes it was under the direction of another but they only ever had control because I let them have it for that brief period and then I took it right back. I think part of that is because of my deep rooted self preservation instinct, I have let my guard down before and regretted it almost immediately afterwards and sometimes that regret has lasted a long time.

Mistress says I try and Top from the bottom on a regular basis and She is right, I do, I always have done and my previous Partners, Mistresses, Masters, Boyfriends and Girlfriends have all let me get away with it, I was the sub but I was in control all of the time, until now.  Mistress Kayleigh, my current Domme, is the first person in ten years to point this out to me and more than that, She is the first person to pull me up on it and show it to me and try to beat it out of me (metaphorically!). She has recognised this flaw in my submissive behaviour and is actively trying to “fix” it in me, and I want Her to succeed, more than anything.

It is illuminating, I don’t want to do my past Partners (…etc etc) an injustice, I treasure the time I spent with (almost) every one of them but what I have come to realise is that they weren’t Dominants at all, not to me, they were just sadists who used me for their pleasure and I was just a masochist using them for my pleasure. We both got what we wanted but there was nothing more than that, nothing deeper, nothing like what is developing between myself and my Mistress.

The last few weeks have been hard, work has been extremely busy and stressful, Mistress has been doing exams, then I was ill and now I am half way through a two week business trip away from Her. Finding time for “play” has been difficult and to be honest our bedroom activities have been decided dull of late which is part of the reason for the lack of posts, I have to be in the mood to write and of late I haven’t really been there. The thing is though, it’s OK, our relationship has grown stronger through it and I feel like we have a stronger bond than I have ever felt with anyone, without trying or making any conscious decision we have fallen into a 24/7 D/s relationship.

That doesn’t mean I sleep in a cage every night and sit at Her feet all the time waiting for Her next command, it just means that She is the absolute most important person in my life and She is considered in almost every decision I make. As I write this it is actually just occurring to me that it is really not that different from any other loving relationship, apart from the fact that I do sometimes sleep in a cage and am often at Her feet waiting for my next command!

Sorry, this has been a bit of brain dump of things that have been swirling around in my mind whilst I’ve been spending so much time on my own. Amongst all of the tales of butt plugs and nipple clamps I just wanted to express how this Person, this Domme, this Mistress is different for me and how I am feeling about things at the moment. Don’t worry, I won’t be making a habit of this “touchy feely” writing and normal programming will resume, I really do need to write about the party!

So other than teaching me how to be a real submissive Mistress and I have been looking into a few other things which we are eager to try. First of all I have been talking to someone on CollarMe who is a hypnotist and she has helped me with placing post-hypnotic triggers in my mind. We have tried this a little bit using a video which puts you in a hypnotic state and then implanting commands with some success and when I get home we are going to try it for real. The first thing we are going to try is for Mistress to implant a trigger that prevents me from orgasming without her giving me a specific command, it is the ultimate in orgasm control and we are both very excited to try it!

Some of you will be sceptical and so am I to a point but based on my research and speaking to this hypnotist I have come to believe that it is real. The way she described it was that you are subconsciously allowing yourself to be hypnotised and for the triggers to be planted and if you weren’t willing and happy to let it happen then it wouldn’t work. Fortunately, I am feeling more submissive at the moment then I have ever felt in my life, specifically towards Mistress and that is why I believe this will work.

For those that are interested you can try out the hypnosis video that Mistress and I used here, have a listen if for nothing more than she has a really hot voice! (might be more one for the subs though!)

I will let you know the outcome, and I promise, party write-up to come soon!

Bad blogger

I know I am not doing very well with this blog at the moment, I just can’t seem to write these days! It’s like I have writers block or something, I know what I want to write about but when I come to put fingers to keys (the modern version of putting pen to paper!) I can’t seem to string a sentence together!

I want to write a lot more about my new situation, what the rules that we agreed on are and what restrictions I am now living under as a freshly collared sub.  I started writing about these things a couple of times but then when I have read it back it has been dry and boring! I will try again but I need to get the spark back I think, maybe it is because I have been working so hard of late.

Work has been a nightmare the last few weeks and I have found it increasingly hard to find time for my friends, family, Kayleigh OR myself, never mind my blog.  I think it will calm down soon so hopefully I’ll be able to get a few good nights sleep and then get my writing back up to full strength.

I’m still reading the Fifty Shades books, I am about half way through the last one now and I must say I am enjoying them.  The BDSM aspects are a little tame for my tastes (lol) but I have found myself a little moist after reading a few parts!  What is difficult though is that everyone is talking about them, all of a sudden the secret taboo world of BDSM is being talked about on This Morning!  For the non-UK residents among you that is a daytime TV show here.

I just don’t want to enter into a conversation with anyone about that in case I go a little too far, reveal a little bit too much knowledge that obviously hasn’t come from the books! That could lead down roads that I really don’t want to venture down!  Mistress thinks it is all hilarious, She had read them before I had even heard about them and She just thinks it’s amazing that all of these women are reading them and getting hot under the collar about all of the “bondage” in them.  Then there are the people that are disgusted by them which She finds even more amusing!

You may have noticed that I am no longer calling her by her given name, this is one of the new rules, when not in public I am to refer to Her as Mistress or Miss and when writing about Her I am to always capitalise the first letter of the reference, you will notice all of the Her and She references and hopefully the lack of her and she ones!  The fun part for you is that I am to request that you point out any time that I reference Her incorrectly by adding a comment and I am to inform Her every time I make that mistake.  I’m sure you can guess what happens when I make mistakes!

I’ll try to do better with my blogging and hopefully my readers will return (stats have been very low of late! for obvious reasons). Please help me by commenting and letting me know what you would like me to write about, I am submissive remember so feel free to tell me what to write about!

Paid my debt, nearly

I’ve never been as horny and frustrated as I am right now. This is the longest period of time I have worn my chastity belt for and I never dreamed that it could make me feel like it has done. Of course I always knew it would be hard to wear the belt for this length of time, I have quite a high sex drive and rarely go a day without pleasuring myself, in fact since getting my clit pierced it is often more than once a day.

I was doing alright with it the first couple of days, I was hornier than usual but it was manageable and not really getting any worse, then on Saturday came Kayleigh’s Cruel and Unusual punishment, and it really was! As I lay there, unable to move, listening to that girl almost cum over and over and over again I just kept getting hornier and hornier. At one point I did manage to fall asleep for a couple of hours and when I woke up I was literally dripping wet and lying in a wet patch! By the time I got out of the cage my head was just ringing with the sound of that girls panting and even when I removed the headphones and went to try and get some sleep in bed I could still hear her in my head!

Then on Sunday, rather than letting me calm down “recover” Kayleigh began sending me pictures, starting at around 10am and every half an hour or so after that I received another picture on my phone. All of them were of her in various states of undress, inserting various things into her body….you get the idea. The barrage of stimulating imagery stopped in the early evening but then I have received additional pictures every now and then all week, when I least expected them, every time one popped up on my phone I was reminded how horny I was so any distraction I got from my predicament was always short-lived.

The frustration at not being able to relieve myself has just built and built every day this week and the effects of that haven’t been great for me. As it has gone on I have become more and more irritable to the point where I have become very short-tempered and have snapped at people for no rational reason. I am also very distracted and have been finding it hard to construct intelligent sentences when talking to people, then the other day I was looking at some porn (I know I don’t help myself!) and I wanted to cum so bad and I just started crying in frustration! Tears were pouring down my face and then I got really angry and had to stop myself from throwing my iPad across the room!

This has definitely made me rethink my clitoris removal fantasy! The problem is, that does make me horny so even when I think about my predicament it only makes it worse.

And that is just the chastity belt which is only one part of my punishment.

Sleeping in the cage has been difficult to say the least, it isn’t very big so moving around is difficult inside it, I have found that I can lie in a sort of slightly stretched out foetal position and that is the most comfortable I can be in there.

The first few nights I only got a couple of nights sleep but it has steadily increased since then to the point where last night I actually got six straight hours although I was pretty stiff when I woke up. The good thing is I get out at 6am and if I go straight to bed I can get an hours sleep in bed before I have to get ready for work.

One day, I think it was Tuesday night, Wednesday morning, I had to stay in an extra hour because I sent her the picture at 10.03pm instead of 10pm so I didn’t get my hour in bed that day. In fact that was yesterday? yes it’s Thursday today, I think it was yesterday. Sorry!

On top of all of that physical and mental craziness I haven’t been allowed to contact Kayleigh at all, even when she was sending me the pictures and instructions I wasn’t allowed to reply to her. That has been difficult, for the past few months I have sent her text messages every day, spoken to her on the phone every day and seen her in person more or less every other day, so going a week without even contacting her has been hard emotionally. It has been like a part of my life is missing despite the fact I had all this stuff going on to remind me of her, its quite hard to describe, especially at the moment!


Today the punishment ends! Last night was the last night in the cage and when Kayleigh comes round later tonight, I’m not sure what time, my punishment will be over, the belt will come off and I will be allowed to cum, and oh what an orgasm it is going to be! If there are no more blog entries after this one you can assumed my orgasm killed me! At least I will have died happy!

The end of my punishment also means that we can start the TPE week that Kayleigh wanted to do so I am quite excited about that. She asked me earlier in the week to get a collar so I ordered this one:

and it arrived yesterday. It fits really nice and has a padlock so the wearer can’t remove it which Kayleigh will like. I’m just hoping it is only for indoor use!

I started writing this blog an hour ago and it should have easily been done by now as it is just a quick catch up but just before I started she text me and told me to listen to the MP3 from the other day on my laptop until she tells me to turn it off. So I am back to listening to the almost cumming girl and it is extremely distracting, I keep stopping typing and absent-mindedly fondling my nipples which is something else that I have started doing in the last few days. I was sat in my office doing it the other day and didn’t even realise! Ridiculous! Thank god no-one walked in!

Still need ideas for Kayleigh’s birthday please!

My weekend in stockings

Keyleigh will be home in about two and a half hours and she is coming straight here. I have just spent the last hour putting together a delicious meal for us for when she gets here, I am looking forward to seeing her AND to putting some clothes on!  It’s not that I particularly mind being naked (well nearly naked) but it has been somewhat restrictive and I have been dying to get out in the sun!

It hasn’t been a totally uneventful weekend though. After being stuck in the dog cage for six and a half hours on Friday night I was pretty achy and stiff. I got a bite to eat and then called Kayleigh, she was very pleased with me for not complaining or asking to be let out which is good but she also implied that this was just a trial for when she puts me in the cage for real which isn’t so good. I think she is building up to keeping me in the cage for an entire weekend, Friday night to Monday morning which would be absolute hell!  So anyway, after the cage I got myself a vodka and had a nice soak in the bath for an hour before going to bed (in wet stockings).

By the morning my stiffness had gone but I had quite a sore neck, I had a shower (wet stockings again) and then got some breakfast and browsed the internet for a while, chatted to a few friends but eventually I was getting pretty bored.  I decided I would take a walk to the shop, at least it would get me out of the house and into the sun for a little while. The problem was the dress that Kayleigh had left out for me, it was a pale pink summer dress with flowers all over it. It has a halter top and then is cinched at the waist with a floaty skirt part.

The first problem is that it looks ridiculous with black stockings and the sandals that she had also left out for me. This might not seem like a big deal to most people but I like to take care of my appearance and I like to dress in a certain way, she knows this which is, I suspect, why she left this ridiculous combination for me!  I was bored enough to wear it though so I took the dress and the shoes to the front door, slid the dress on and stepped into the shoes then opened the door and walked out.

I noticed very quickly that the thin material of the dress made me feel very self-conscious knowing that it had nothing underneath, not that anyone else knew hat obviously but I couldn’t help thinking that every person I passed could tell that I was without underwear!  I few girls gave me funny looks due to my outfit I expect, there was a bit of a breeze and a couple of times it picked up my dress enough for people to see that I was wearing stockings although fortunately I managed to catch it before it revealed anything more, at least I hope I did!

I didn’t really have anything to buy from the shops so I just picked up a few essentials and some extra things for tonight’s meal and then headed back. I took my time despite feeling like everyone was looking at me, I wasn’t eager to go back into my stuffy house!

My afternoon was much like my morning, browsing the net, watching TV, playing on my xBox, nothing overly exciting. In the evening I decided to order a pizza for tea, I figures Kayleigh wouldn’t mind me putting a towel around me to answer the door but I text her to ask just in case.  The reply didn’t come for ages but when it did she said it was fine to put a towel around me, but then a few seconds later I got another text saying that while I was allowed to answer the door in the towel I was to “accidentally” drop it while I’m taking to him!

Now contrary to what people might think I am not very brave, I can take a lot of pain yes but things like this terrify me. I immediately began to panic! By the time I had got the text I knew that the delivery wouldn’t be far away, I text Kayleigh back and said “You’re joking right?” but the answer I got back left no room for doubt, she DID want me to do it.

I was still panicking when I looked out of the window and saw the guy pull up, he looked to be twenty, if that. My stomach was doing somersaults as I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and headed to the door whilst wrapping it around me and pinning it with my let arm. He knocked, I took a deep breath and then opened the door, he was all smiles, confirmed the order with me and then told me how much it was.  I picked up the cash from a table next to the door and as I handed it to him and took the pizza with my other hand I moved my arm and let the towel fall to the floor.

I could literally feel my cheeks turn red as he watched the towel fall, I watched him eyes flick to my tits, then to my crotch and then back to my face, they were as wide as dinner plates!  I said “Oh my god” and reached down to pick up the towel with my free hand, I pulled it up to cover myself but I couldn’t hold it properly and one of my tits was still showing, I just looked at him and said “keep the change” (which was almost as much as the pizza!) and turned around and kicked the door shut behind me, only realising afterwards that I had just flashed my ass to him too!!

I was completely mortified, for some reason doing this sort of thing in a vanilla setting made it so much worse, although I did find that I was more than a bit wet afterwards!  The poor guy looked more embarrassed than me though, well I saw poor guy, he did get an eyeful in the few seconds I was stood in front of him naked, and a good tip, AND a good story to tell I would imagine! They’ll be fighting over who gets to deliver my pizza next time! Oh god, I just thought, what if HE delivers it again next time!!?

I wasn’t really hungry after that to be honest but I had a few slices and it was quite good!  Later on, after I had recovered from my flashing escapade I went into the kitchen for a drink and found a HUGE spider in the middle of the floor! It was only a house spider but it was HUUUGE!  I quickly grabbed a glass and put it over it which is about as brave as I get when it comes to spiders, I usually have to get someone else to come and remove it and then the glass has to be washed thoroughly!  Only this time I couldn’t get someone to remove it because I couldn’t get dressed so instead I just left it where it was, skirting around the edges of the kitchen (like a complete wimp!) and went back upstairs.

I was talking to someone on chat and he asked if Kayleigh was afraid of them, I realised I didn’t know so I text her and told her about the giant monster in the kitchen and asked if she would move it for me. She text back with a somewhat different response than I had expected. She said to leave it where it was because she thinks she has a good use for it. Well I don’t know where your mind is going reading that but mine was going to some very disturbing places, I HATE spiders!!

Today has been extremely uneventful, I’ve just been chilling out and watching TV, playing some games and then getting tea ready. I’m really excited to see Kayleigh later on, although I’m more than a little nervous about the spider situation! We will see what happens I guess!

This and that…

A bit of a disappointment tonight, Kayleigh had to work so she couldn’t come round so the big toy chest reveal has had to be delayed again! Maybe it’s not supposed to happen!

Some interesting things have happened today though, I sent her a link to this site that sells locking jewellery and (as I hoped) she has ordered me a locking piecing ring! I’m very excited because I really wanted one of these and it’s quite a lot for her to spend so it’s quite a special thing for her to do for me.  The piercing hasn’t completely healed yet but I don’t care, I’m going to let her put this in as soon as it arrives and she is going to keep the “key” which makes me so horny just thinking about it!

She said when I put that one in I also have to start wearing my tag full time and she is going to get someone to solder up the catch to it so that it is difficult to remove, not that I would anyway! I suggested getting a more elegant silver chain to attach the tag but she says she likes it like it is, like a proper dog collar tag rather than something fancy, I have to admit I did feel really humiliated when she said that, in a good way!

In other news she has been pestering me on and off for over a month to buy this dog cage. I’ve been putting it off and “forgetting” to order it as long as possible because, to be honest, I don’t really want to spend long periods of time in a small uncomfortable cage! However, she gave me an ultimatum this morning, either I order it today or I wear my chastity belt for 30 days. I forwarded her the order confirmation about ten minutes later!

Did I give in too easily? probably, but I am only just starting to get used to wearing underwear with my piercing, can you imagine what it would be like with a chastity belt on 24/7, I’d go completely crazy if I couldn’t “deal with” the frustration that builds up during every day! Anyway, she made me get express delivery so it will arrive Monday or Tuesday at the latest and I’m sure she’ll want to test it out straight away, lucky me!

And last but not least, I got very excited this morning when I was watching something on TV and they started talking about microchipping dogs! I’ve been reading up about it all day, you can buy the chips and the forms to register them with a national database online, you’d just need to find someone willing and able to implant it! Apparently they would be perfectly safe for use in humans! Can you imagine having a microchip placed into your body that when scanned by a vet(!) would give details of where you lived and who owned you? It makes me so horny just thinking about it! Is that really weird!?

I was thinking about it earlier and fantasizing about it, tied down and blindfolded while the injector is pushed into me in different places all over my body so that I have no idea where the chip has been placed, just that it is inside me and I will be forever on the “pet register”! In fact now I think about it, this should be a new feature of the slave register website! Where is their suggestions page….?