In the works

I started a new story that I’ve been planning out in my head for a while today, let me know what you think of the setup for it. I have a definite plan of where this story is going which is a first for me, I usually just make them up as I go along and then have to go and work out any problems afterwards.

Anyway, comments are welcome as on all my posts!

Sarah slipped the key into the lock and opened the large wooden door, stepping off the street into the expensive London home of one of her employers. She knew the house well, she had been coming here on and off for the last eight years, originally as the Turner’s babysitter and now as their cleaner.

It wasn’t a huge house, the Turner’s were wealthy but not rich by any means, they were comfortable enough to have the cleaning service that Sarah worked for around once a week to tidy and clean the house whilst they were at work.

Sarah liked to clean the kitchen and bathrooms first as they were most difficult so she set to work on them. She tied her long brown hair into a tight pony tail to keep it out of her face and then slipped off her shoes, jeans and jumper. Underneath her street clothes she wore some tight little denim shorts and a little vest top, she found them much more comfortable to work in and it meant her normal clothes kept clean, plus there was no one there to see her so what did it matter? She slipped on her croc shoes and got to work.

Once the those dirty jobs were out-of-the-way she headed up the to the master bedroom to collect the laundry, she’d let the cycle run while she cleaned the bedrooms. When she opened the laundry basket there was a skimpy black lingerie thong lying on the top of the pile and for some reason rather than tipping the basket out so she could sort them into colours and whites she picked up the thong.

In her twenty-five years she’d never owned expensive lingerie like this, it wasn’t that she couldn’t afford it, her wage wasn’t amazing but it allowed her to live the way she wanted without depending on anyone. Sarah moved in front of the mirror and held the underwear in front of her crotch, it looked like it would fit her.

She smiled to herself and turned to throw the garment back into the basket but as she did she caught the scent of something she hadn’t smelt in a long while. She picked the thong back up, brought it to her face and inhaled, the pungent scent of cum and pussy filled her nostrils.

Sarah felt the warmth begin to grow between her legs and she moved the ball of black lace closer to her face until it touched her nose and then she quickly jerked it away, it was cold, and wet. An urge overtook her and before she knew it the crotch of the thong was in her mouth and she sucked on it filling her mouth with the taste of cock and what she imagined pussy tasted like and she desperately wanted to unbutton her shorts and touch herself.

Unbidden the faces of the Turner’s flashed before her eyes and she let the lace fall from her mouth as her face flushed and shame overwhelmed her. She quickly threw the underwear into the basket and picked the whole thing up to take to the laundry room.

Despite the uncomfortable warmth and wetness in her own underwear she tried to push the thought of what she’d done out of her mind and concentrated on finishing the cleaning. The last thing she did before leaving was put away the now washed, dried and ironed laundry, she left the lady of the house’s underwear until last. She put the pile of underwear away, the black lacy thong on top and left the house eager to get home and release some of obviously pent-up frustrations in front of her computer.