Opposites attract


When I come home from work all I really want to do is to cuddle up to Mistress and chill for a little bit but here lies a small incompatibility between us. When Mistress gets home from work all she wants to do is sit quietly on her own and read the news apps. I think this disparage is environmental, Mistress deals with people all day in her work and when she gets home she doesn’t want to hear me rabbiting on at her as well whereas I can often feel quite solitary in my job either when I’m working from home or sat in my office at work separated from my staff.

When we first moved in together this created a number of “confrontations”, nothing major, unnecessary hurt feelings etc but eventually we talked about it and came to an understanding with each other. Now when Mistress arrives home she goes and sits in a chair that she likes to read in, I curl up by her feet and lay my head on her leg and she strokes my hair whilst she catches up on the news on her iPad. She gets her quiet time and I get the company and attention that I need.

In reality this happens about once or twice a week as our schedules rarely match up that perfectly and there are the annoying realities of housework, meals and working late intrude upon our lives.

However, one day recently the planets aligned and I found myself naked with my head resting on her fully clothed knee as she ran her fingers through my hair absentmindedly and I daydreamed about nothing in particular, just enjoying the feeling in my hair and then contentedness of being at her feet.

I didn’t even realise she’d stopped stroking my hair until I heard the latex glove snap around her wrist and heard her say “open your legs sweetheart”. I obeyed immediately…

Slight sidenote here but my obedience training has come a long way in recent months to the point where certain common commands like “open your legs” happen immediately. I think even before my conscious brain has had time to process what has been asked of me. Its sort of like muscle memory or maybe that she has found a way to directly access the part of my brain that controls my muscles, I don’t know but it is something that I have really started to notice recently, it’s almost disturbing really! Anyway…

and she reached between them with her gloved hand and ran three fingers up my pussy lips, the middle one pushing between them, entering my hole slightly and running over my clit. Then she sat back in her seat again and told me to close my legs and resumed stroking my hair and reading her iPad. I knew what she’d put on me, I smelt it as her hand went past me and I could already feel its effects on the sensitive skin, she’d smeared tiger balm all over my pussy.

As is her way when she inflicts this sort of “casual torture” on me she didn’t say a word about it, there was no big scene or explanation, just a small act that brought me out of any sort of daydream I was having and focused my attention purely on the intense burning now enveloping my pussy.

I stayed there for about ten minutes keeping still but dying to squirm as my pussy burned unbearably until she gestured for me to get up with a gentle push on my shoulder and I got up and headed to the kitchen to make our food. I blushed as I got up, there was no hiding the copious wetness that was all over my thighs.

I’d been in the kitchen for about twenty minutes when she came up behind me, one hand wrapped around me and she kissed my head as the other slid between my legs (which opened at her touch) and she applied another coat if tiger balm over my pussy and this time ended by sliding a finger about an inch into my ass.

She left the room and I leaned both my hands on the counter and screwed my eyes up, the burning was super intense to the point it was almost a stinging feeling. I composed myself though and finished making the food and when Mistress returned we sat down to eat.

We chatted through dinner but I found it hard to concentrate and squirmed around so much that Mistress had to tell me to sit still. My ass just burned and I got used to that after a short while but my pussy was a more severe sensation and I could feel that it had become puffy and could also feel that it was leaking significantly.

After dinner I cleared up in the kitchen, including wiping clean the mess I’d made on my chair and wiping the copious mess that was smeared all over my groin before heading into the lounge to kneel before Mistress.

As I’ve mentioned before, since the start of the year I have only been allowed one orgasm per week and in between I must endure mandatory “ruined orgasms”. This happens after I have cleared up from our meal, I kneel in front of Mistress with my legs spread wide and my hands on my inner thighs right up at the top so that my thumbs are wrapped around my thighs and my index fingers are touching my pussy lips. When Mistress is ready she will then come and kneel behind me and stimulate my clit with her fingers, she is quite skilled at it and gets me close very quickly.

Despite my knowing that she isn’t going to let me cum properly it seems that the intelligent part of my brain can’t keep track of that and I just fall into the trap of enjoying the sensation every time until she takes me past the point if no return and then stops all stimulation. It takes a lot of self control to hold my position and I’ve failed several times, the sensation is crazy and my body has involuntarily bucked and shaken when it happens before now.

This time though my pussy was swollen and overly sensitive and her touches were painful as well as pleasurable, it took longer than usual to get me there and when she ruined it the burning seemed to start all over again and I instinctively slapped both hands over my pussy. Not to try and save my orgasm, just to, I don’t know, protect it somehow!

She waited patiently for me to resume my position and then started her stimulation’s again. I managed to hold my position this time but tears of frustration rolled down my cheeks as my pussy tensed fruitlessly and she pulled me into a long embrace.

As punishment for moving I slept in the cage that night after Mistress had applied more tiger balm to my nipples, pussy and ass. It was not a good nights sleep!