Archive – Monday: The slave and the whore

This is an old post from my previous blog that I have recently recovered some of thanks to LondonTrainer.

Following on from the previous archived post this one from the 21st November 2008 finishes the story of my visit to see Mistress Jo’s prostitute friend. Incidentally, the day after the one described in this post is the day with the dog that I told Kayleigh about recently.

Well the results are in and it looks as if Monday is the winner! Maybe it was the little taster in the last entry that helped it along, I don’t know but you asked so I will provide (as is the way of a submissive!).

So, when I left off in my last entry Mistress had left me in the corner of the lounge, naked, nose touching the corner and hands behind my back with orders not to let it lose contact with the wall for thirty minutes! After twenty minutes it was getting pretty uncomfortable, my legs were aching and my nose sore from being squashed into the corner.

The whore and Mistress came back into the room, I couldn’t see them but I could sense someone come up behind me and it wasn’t Mistress. I didn’t move a muscle as the whore pressed a vibrating rubber object (it wasn’t a dildo, more like one of those butterfly vibes) into my groin. The toy was doing its job well, I was on the verge of cumming after only a minute or so and could feel my legs turning to jelly.

I couldn’t breathe through my squashed nose so was panting heavily as I came, my legs buckled and involuntarily pulled my nose away from the wall. I collapsed to my knees and looked up at the girl, she had a big grin on her face and mouth “Bad Girl” to me before turning and walking out of the room. Mistress helped me up and put me back into position with my nose against the corner, then I felt her put something against my asshole and push.

The broom handle had been lubed and Mistress had little difficulty pushing it into me but once it was in, she grabbed hold of it and wedged it against something behind me, the end of it pushed painfully inside me and forced me up onto my tip toes. Mistress then whispered in my ear “Maybe you will be able to follow ordered now?” and then walked out and closed the door.

Ten minutes in my calves were killing me and I couldn’t help resting some of my weight on the broom handle which felt like it was going to rip my ass in two any second! I jumped slightly (causing another jerk of pain) when the door bell rang again, I head the whore answer the door and then escort the “punter” upstairs.

The “sex sounds” from upstairs distracted me from the pain in my legs and ass for the next twenty minutes as I grew wet listening to her do her job and thinking about how much alike we were! I hated and loved the thought that I would make a good prostitute, giving up myself to be an object who’s only reason for being there is to pleasure the paying customer.

By the time the customer left I was covered in a layer of sweat and wouldn’t have been able to stay in position if I hadn’t been impaled with the broom. Mistress came back in the room, kissed me on the cheek and said “well done” then moved whatever was holding the broom in place and roughly pulled it from my aching hole, I basically collapsed onto the floor.

Mistress gave me a minute to compose myself and then attached a dog lead to my collar (the only item of “clothing” I had been allowed to wear), she told me to stay on my hands and knees as it would be good practice for tomorrow and then she led me upstairs to the whores room. Once there she pulled the lead upwards and I obediently got to my feet.

The slut was lying on the bed naked again, this time on her front reading a magazine, I could see she had been “used” and knew what was coming next even before Mistress said “clean her again”.

I crawled onto the bed between her legs, then reached down and gently parted her perfect ass cheeks to reveal her sticky, cummy asshole. I brought my face down between her spread cheeks and began to lick the cum from around her hole, after a minute Mistress slapped my ass and told me to “do it properly” so I pursed my lips, put them to her hole and began to suck the cum out of her.

After five minutes I pushed my tongue into her and moved it around to make sure all of the cum from her ass hole had been transfered to this sluts stomach and then lifted my head away. The whore once again just got up off the bed and headed for the shower, I was just a thing to her, I loved that feeling and I was sopping wet once again.

Apparently my performance had been enjoyed by Mistress too, while the whore cleaned herself off Mistress turned me over on the bed, climbed on top of me and lowered her naked groin onto my face, I did my job and made her cum on her slaves face.

Once the girl was clean again and Mistress was satisfied I was sent to clean myself up in the shower. When I had got dry and came out of the bathroom they were both waiting for me. They took me into the girls bedroom (not her “office”, it was much more girly!) and sat me down at a dressing table, Mistress brushed and dried my hair and then the prostitute did my makeup, just like hers! I was feeling quite pampered and didn’t really know what I had done to deserve it but I didn’t question it.

Once I was “made up” the girl produced what looked like her best prostitute clothes from the wardrobe and Mistress told me to get dressed. They both watched as I slid the black lace crothless thong up my legs and then fastened the slightly too small wonderbra around my tits, squeezing and pushing them up. Next I slid the boob tube down over my head to a point where it showed off a suitable amount of cleavage (for a whore, not a solicitor!). The outfit was finished off with a very short denim skirt and some black leather ankle boots.

By the time I was dressed I had begun to understand what was going on, or at least I thought I had, I was going to be whored! My mind was filled with thoughts and fears and Mistress must have seen the worry in my eyes, she looked at the whore, then at me and then said “Don’t worry slut, I’m not making you a street whore……yet” then both her and the girl laughed.

The girl left Mistress and I alone then and Mistress explained a little more to me. Mistress, the owner of all three fuck holes in this body that she owned, was ordering me to sell it for sex, she was making me prostitute myself. She explained to me that I didn’t have a choice so I should get used to the idea quickly and she reassured me that she had taken measures to ensure i was safe, then she left me alone.

I was alone for ten minutes with my thoughts, less than an hour earlier I was comparing myself to a prostitute, now I was about to become one, a label as permanent as the one on my groin. I thought about the humiliating, degrading nature of the oldest profession in the world and then realised I was making myself wet, maybe I already was a whore!?

Mistress came back into the room at the same time as I heard the door bell go, she grabbed me by the arm and led me out of the room saying “your client is here whore, go answer the door”. She left me at the top of the stairs then she and the girl went into her bedroom then closed and locked the door. I made my way down the stairs, walked to the door, took a deep breath and opened it.

As soon as I pulled the door open the guy was in the house pushing me back, he grabbed a handful of my hair and kicked the door shut. I was genuinely scared as he pulled me along the hall by my hair and then pinned me against the wall. His hand roughly went down my top and groped my right tit painfully, once he had had a good feel and pinched my nipple a couple of times he pulled up my skirt and groped my ass in the same way, then reached further down and grabbed my cunt in his fist and gave it a good squeeze. His last “check” was to roughly shove a couple of fingers into my cunt and then ram one of them into my asshole, he seemed satisfied and shoved the fingers into my mouth so I could clean them for him, I obliged feeling thoroughly violated…and horny!

He hadn’t even spoken to me yet and didn’t seem like the chatty sort! He turned me around and pulled my head right back by my hair and instructed me to open my mouth (i.e. “open your fucking mouth bitch”), I obliged and he cleared his throat and spat into my mouth. I gagged and tried to pull away but he held my hair tight and told me to swallow, I reluctantly obliged to that too! I knew it was disgusting but that only made me more horny!! (sick I know!)

He swung me around and headed up the stairs, I stumbled onto my knees but instead of stopping he grabbed the back of my thong with his free hand and dragged me up the stairs by my hair and underwear. The crotch of the thong dug painfully into my cunt bunching up in between my lips and pinching the tender cunt flesh. This was by far the most violent “session” I had been involved in to date and tears were already welling in my eyes, despite the fact that I wasn’t finding it objectionable!

I tried to get to my feet but he didnt give me change as I was dragged across the floor and into the “whore room”. For the first time since arriving he released my hair and dropped me to the floor, then he slid his shoe inside the back of the thong, put all his weight on my ass and pulled the thong. It was excruciating as the thong dug deeper into my slit feeling like it was cutting into my groin, I screamed just as the lace gave way and the crotch of the thong ripped in half.

He reached down and ran his fingers over my sodden slit and I blushed now that he knew I was turned on by what he was doing.

He picked me up to my feet with my back to him then reached around and grabbed my top and bra, roughly yanking then down and scratching his slightly too long nails down my tits and across my nipples. He then flung me around and pushed me back so I fell onto the bed, it was only now I got my first proper look at him.

He was early forties and hadn’t had a shave, he had slightly greying hair and looked reasonably respectable, he was dressed in trousers and a smart shirt.

He climbed on top of me and pinned my arms above my head, then he bent down and sucked and chewed on my nipple occasionally biting hard down on it, when he moved to the next one he left “love bites” all around the tit meat. The other tit got the same treatment and ended up with even more discoloured flesh.

Once he was finished abusing my tits he let me go and got back to his feet, he grabbed my thighs and in one movement flipped me onto my front, then he put one hand on the small of my back and pushed down while his other hand pushed between my legs and he thurst three fingers into my fuck hole, his nails scratched up and down inside my cunt as he violently finger fucked me with three then four fingers eventually attempting and failing to push his entire hand inside me.

Once he was sufficiently happy that my pussy was well and truly abused he left it alone, he had got his cock out now and had lubed it up with the copious amount of juice leaking from my whore hole. I felt his sharp fingernails slide between my ass cheeks and then he pulled my cheeks apart so hard it felt like he was trying to rip me a new asshole! Finally I felt the head of his cock force its way into my ass and he began to thrust in and out of my whore body.

He fucked me for a good five minutes occasionally slapping my pussy or ass and then he grunted and I felt his cum squirt up inside me.

He didnt waste any time pulling out of me (with a slimey slurp!) and flipping me back over, he climbed back on top of me and wiped his cock all over my face and then forced it into my mouth allowing me to clean him.

Once he was satisifed he climbed off me again and put himself away then pulled out a couple of twenty pound notes and shoved them into my gaping pussy before saying “thanks bitch” and turning and leaving.

I lay there for a couple of minute contemplating what had just happened to me, what I had just ALLOWED to happen to me and the fact that the soggy £40 that I was now pulling from my whore hole was in fact my payment for prostituting myself!

I looked up and Mistress was at the door, she said “well done, you’re a whore. clean yourself up” then she left again. I spent the next half hour in the shower trying to wash away the intense shame I was feeling, its a weird feeling when you feel so ashamed of yourself but when that shame turns you on so much, its very difficult to explain!

When I got out of the shower the clothes that I had arrived in were waiting for me, I got dressed and went back downstairs. Mistress was waiting for me, she led me outside and into a waiting taxi which took us to a hotel, I didnt even see my “co-worker” again.

We relaxed in the hotel for the rest of the evening, my body was aching all over but especially my cunt and ass but Mistress said this was only the beginning and tomorrow would bring another challenge.

I hope you enjoy this report and maybe that it insires a few more of you to come up with challenging tasks to degrade, debase and dehumanise this slut.

slave L