Finally, something fun!

First of all my last post was considerably longer than one line but something seems to have gone awry when it was posted and you only got the first line, I didn’t even notice for a while and by the time I did I had completely forgotten what the rest of it said! So I apologise for that, this one will be considerably longer, in fact it already is!!

Soooooo, what have I been up to? Well not a great deal of interest to be honest, there was a lot of moping around at first, then a considerable amount of drinking! A few casual hook-ups which were not my finest moments and then there was a lot of work and gym which ended up with me having another collapsing episode. Fortunately I was at home this time so there were no embarrassing ambulances or lectures from doctors!

Before any of you start with lectures of your own I am now fine, resting more, eating properly, drinking less and have basically cut out a lot of the foolishness which seemed to follow the unexpected demise of my relationship with Kayleigh. On that subject I have nothing more to say except that it is over and I can’t see it being resurrected, at least not for the time being. She is off doing her thing and I am doing mine.

So, pastures new and all that. As I mentioned there were a few ill-advised liaisons that resulted from some heavy nights out getting over Kayleigh, one of these ended up with me bring spit roasted by two guys that I had only met that evening which I am sure would have done wonders for my reputation had it happened near home but fortunately I was in London at the time where anonymity rules supreme! On the plus side, I can’t remember ever being spit roasted before so that’s something ticked off the bucket list at least!

My blog has been fairly quite of late except for the nice comments everyone posted, which I very much appreciated and did read even if I didn’t respond. One of the things I did to the blog whilst I was with Kayleigh was to remove the “Tasks” section for various reasons which I think I probably explained at the time, however Dante was not deterred and went ahead and posted a task to the “About Me” page instead. You can find it here, the rest of this post might make more sense if you read it first.

I sterilised a few boxes of drawing pins (thumb tacks) the night before and then cut the leg off an old pair of tights and poured a load of the drawing pins into the tight and jiggled them around to get them to the bottom, I kept filling it until I had a ball that was bigger than a golf ball but smaller than a tennis ball. Definitely not fist size as there is no way I would be able to get it where it needed to go but certainly big enough to have the desired effect. I tied the tight leg off with the pins as tightly packed as possible so that a load of the pushed through leaving a odd shaped spikey ball.

I used to have a pin bra but it ended up getting ruined so it was high time I made another anyway. I had been out specially and bought a new bra specially for this task, I started off by working out where my nipple would be in each cup and using super glue to attach a pin in that position, then I made a ring of pins around that one so that they were all touching. I then made rings of pins around those clusters with about a centimetre between each ring and about a centimetre between each pin. I didn’t test the bra as I wanted to keep my tits fresh for the task.

I was in the office the next day, it was difficult to concentrate though as I was excited about doing a pain task, something I hadn’t done in a long time. I love being with Kayleigh but if I’m honest the one thing she never really fulfilled in me was my masochistic side, I was happy enough to live it at the time but now that I am single again that side of me really seems to have reasserted itself!

Finally the end of the day came and I went into the bathrooms at work and entered a toilet cubicle shutting the door behind me, I put my bag down next to the toilet and then closed the seat and sat on it. I pulled my skirt up to my waist and removed my underwear, then pulled a speculum and the “little ball of fun” out of my bag. The cold speculum slid into me easily because I was already wet from the anticipation of carrying out the task, I gentle cranked it open, feeling the fullness and then the slight stretching as it opened me up wide enough to fit my little “toy” inside. I could feel the pins scrape along the inside of the speculum blades as I pushed it deep into my pussy and the sensation went right through me, sort of like nails down a black board.

Once the thing had gone as far as it could I slid the speculum out of ye a little with it still open and then when it was clear of the toy I released it letting my pussy close around the spike ball., there was no immediate spiking sensation, just a feeling like I had something up there. I had left a small “tail” of tights material which dangled slightly out of my pussy to allow me to remove the toy later. I stood up and put my underwear back on and headed out of the bathrooms. Walking definitely started to give me some sensations as the object began to slide into a more “natural” position and in the process began pushing its spikes into the walls of my pussy.

By the time I got to the gym the ball had started to become uncomfortable, all the movement had made it move around and scratch the inside of my hole which had caused a little swelling so I could feel it a lot more inside me. I went straight to the changing rooms and into a cubicle and removed my work clothes and put them into my gym bag after removing my gym stuff including my new bra.

My gym clothes are similar to what you would see any girl wearing at the gym, I have this Nike vest top that also acts as a sports bra and some running shorts plus a pair of trainers. First of all I stood in the cubicle completely naked and put on the bra, I slid it up my arms and positioned the cups over my tits, then I placed both hands over the cups and firmly pressed it into my chest.

The changing room was quite cold so my nipples had been slightly erect when I pressed the bra against them, the two pins that I had positioned perfectly pushed against them briefly and then the skin of both nipples gave way and I felt the exquisite pain of the sharp points entering the sensitive flesh of my nips. Shivers began running up and down my spine as the surrounding pins made contact with my areolae, the sharper ones pushing into them and the bunter ones simply prodding painfully at the flesh without breaking the skin. All of this happened in a just a second as my hands cupped my breasts and they all of a sudden felt pain like they haven’t felt in a long time. I reached behind me and fastened the bra a little tighter than I would normally do and then put on the rest of my clothes a little cautiously as certain movements would cause pain in once place or another. Once I was dressed I looked perfectly normal except for the fact I was wearing a bra under a vest that doesn’t require one!

I usually work out for quite a while on various machines but that is when I am there for a workout, not a “task”. As per my instructions I went straight to the bikes and climbed on one. I immediately felt a spiking pain as I put my weight onto my groin and the “spike ball” decided to adjust its position but I ignored it and began to pedal. It was bad at first, there was a some painful scratches and stabbing sensations that caused me to moan under my breath but then I got up to a steady speed and it was just the sensation of having something that felt quite large in me and a few sharp and unexpected stabbing pains every now and again but I could handle it quite well.

My tits were more of a constant pain though, it is like a combination of a stinging and aching pain that completely covered every part of them and the bra and sports top kept the pressure firmly on them. Every now and then my skin would give under the pressure of one of the pins that hadn’t initially pierced the tit meat and the pin would bury itself all the way in causing me to gasp or moan uncontrollably, I got some funny looks from other riders!

After about fifteen minutes I tried standing to ride rather than sitting on the seat, this was much worse! With every peddle I could feel the spike ball grind inside me, that is the only way I can describe the sensation in my pussy which I think was caused by the pins scratching up and down inside me. I continued riding standing up for about five minutes and then did another ten sat down before finishing with five more stood up. The last five were particularly gruelling as my pussy felt raw and each time I peddled the pain in there was quite sharp and stingy but despite all that I was truly horny and could feel a lot of wetness in my shorts which fortunately are black.

I climbed off the bike and wiped some wetness off the seat then headed for the changing rooms, I didn’t get changed though, I just grabbed my bag from the lockers and headed home. I live quite near to my gym so I walked home still feeling the raw scratching feeling as I did.

Once inside I went up to my room, kicked off my trainers and pulled down my shorts, I was quite shocked to find that my white gym knickers were completely red in the crotch and my pussy was covered in blood! I stepped out of my shorts and then grabbed a towel and laid it on my bed, I still had a task to finish. I laid on top of the towel and spread my legs wide as I began to rub my clit using a mixture of blood and my juices for lube.

As the fingers of one hand circled my clit with increasing frequency I wrapped the fingers of my other hand around the “tail” of the spike ball and began to ease it out of me, It came with surprisingly little resistance but I could feel the pins scraping along the walls of my pussy all the way and then eventually just as I was about to cum I finished myself off by yanking the tail and pulling the bloody ball of pins out of me as I moaned and came writhing on my bed.

I laid there for quite a while just enjoying the feelings, the aching pain in my tortured tits, the stinging pain of my swollen bloodied pussy and the glorious afterglow of my orgasm. Eventually I got up and ran myself a hot bath, then I peeled the bra away from my tits gasping as each of the pins was pulled from my tit flesh leaving a little red dot, a few of the bled like the ones in my nipples which left small holes but not a lot really. Getting into the bath was agony but once I was settled it was quite soothing on my tits and pussy, I used my muscles to suck water into my hole and then push it out (can other people do this or is it just me, I’ve always wondered about that!), at first it came out red but eventually it started coming out pretty clear. After my bath I just wore my fluffy bath robe and made some food before curling up to watch TV.

The next day my tits were black, they were just two big bruises basically and my nipples were very swollen for some reason, much more than I would have expected and the same could be said about my pussy. I had intended wearing a tampon for the day in case it bled some more but I couldn’t get one in because of all the swelling! I am pretty much back to normal now though, I really enjoyed doing a task after all the time so maybe I will do some more in the near future if anyone wants to set a sensible one that I am likely to be able to do in my limited spare time.

Hope you enjoy this post, hopefully I will have more to write about soon xx

My toy chest

I’ve had my toy chest for several years, it’s a black leather trunk like the one pictured above. It is a 2×1 foot rectangle and about a foot high, has a locking latch on the front and lives at the bottom of my walk in wardrobe, which sounds fancy but is basically just a small closet where I keep my clothes…and toys!

As those who follow this blog regularly will know, I have being dancing around showing Kayleigh the contents of my toy chest for some time mainly because I was worried about what her reaction would be.

You can read a list of the contents of my chest here, they are basically things I have collected over the years for use in bedroom play some of which are fairly tame like vibrators and handcuffs and some of which are fairly extreme like BBQ skewers and a speculum made for horses!

NOTE: The horse speculum was an epic failure as I could only just get it in me and even then when I tried to open it the thing just kept sliding out!

I did think about taking some of the more extreme things out before showing it to Kayleigh but then I thought that it wouldn’t be a good representation of me and I really wanted her to see the full, uncensored version of me in all my depraved glory!  I think what really scared me was possibility that she would see that and run a mile and I really don’t handle rejection very well, I protect myself against it as much as possible!

However, things have been going very well with Kayleigh of late and I feel we are growing closer all the time, she does seem to get me and I think I get her and we both seem to give each other what we need in the BDSM word AND in normal everyday life. So I decided to just go for it.

Unfortunately life conspired against me and the weekend I was intending to reveal all to her my mother got ill and had to go into hospital, so I headed back to Cornwall to see her and that opportunity was gone.

By the way, thank you for the well wishes, she is out of hospital and doing fine now.

Then the weekend before last I was going to show her on Saturday night after a nice meal that I was going to cook, but she had to work, she has an evening job in a bar as her secretary job doesn’t bring in enough money. Finally a week last Sunday we got to have the evening together and I showed her my toys.

I think I made a bigger deal of it than I needed to, I think she thought I was going to reveal to her that I used to be a man or something!

We had a nice meal which I had cooked and I told her that I had something to show her and that I had been keeping it from her because I was worried how she would react and that I didn’t want to scare her off. Sometimes when I’m nervous I can just talk for England even though in my head I’m saying “Stop talking now, stop, no really stop”!

So I lead her into the bedroom where I had put the open chest on my bed and I went and sat beside it on the bed.  I told her that it was my toy chest and that it contained all of the toys I have collected over the years, I told her that I had used all of them or had them used on me at one time or another.

She didn’t say anything at first, she just started picking things up out of the chest and looking at them, I couldn’t stand silence so I started talking again, I said that I knew some of them are a bit weird and quite extreme and that is why I wanted to show her so she could see the how far my kinks go because I didn’t want to keep any of that from her…..she put a finger on my lips, then she smiled and pulled out a ball gag.

I opened my mouth as she pushed the ball in and fastened the strap tight enough to hurt, then she grinned a little more and pulled out a padlock and slipped it through the ring on the buckle to lock the gag.

Next she pulled out a pair of clover clamps which went straight on to my nipples. She roughly pulled my top down, grabbed each nipple and attached the clamps then gave them a tug causing an exquisite pinch in both my nips simultaneously.

The next item to come out was the collar and lead, she had a very wicked grin on her face as she buckled the leather collar loosely around  my neck and let the lead (leash) hang between my breasts.

A pair of handcuffs went on my wrists behind my back and then she attached another pair just above my elbows, this pulled my arms right back and into a very uncomfortable position but I just sat there and let her have her fun.

She continued going through the chest pulling out dildos and clamps and plugs, then she got to the box of nails. They are long thin nails and I keep them in a plastic box filled with surgical spirit, I watched her as she opened it and took out a nail, she touched the sharp point with her finger and then sort of shrugged and put it back in the box and sealed it again.  This was one of the items I was worried about because it’s fairly extreme to have nails put into you but she didn’t seem bothered at all by it!

The chest has a little tray at the bottom with compartments in it which I use to keep different kinds of toys separate and easy to find.  She had come to the plugs compartment and went through them one at a time, the first three are just rubber anal plugs of different sizes, the fourth is a solid steel one with a D ring on the end of it (the end that stays outside!).  The fifth is a very recent purchase, it looks like a normal metal plug but when you push a ring in at the end the plug opens up like the petals on a flower which makes it much large inside you and completely impossible to remove. The finishing touch is that when it is open you can use a padlock to keep it open and therefore prevent it being removed.

Kayleigh messed about with it for a little while whilst I watched, there is a little rubber ring that goes around the plug to keep the “petals” closed when it isn’t being used and once she figured out that came off she soon figured out the true cruel purpose of the toy, and wanted to try it out.

She told me to get off the bed and when I hopped off she turned me round and bent me over it. She lifted my skirt over my ass and then ran the cold metal plug along my slit, then she pushed it inside my pussy and pulled it back out. When she pulled my ass cheeks apart and put the plug to my hole I could feel my juices on it, no need for lube when your sub is always wet!

My ass it quite tight but she applied plenty of force and the plug went it fairly easily, my ass stretching to take it all in, then she opened the petals.  It’s a very odd feeling when it opens up inside you, its painful but it’s also just very weird, I don’t know how to describe it. Anyway I yelped when she opened it and it stretched my insides, then she very quickly locked it with another padlock.

She left me bent over the bed while she went through the rest of my toys and then all of sudden flipped me over onto back. My arms were agony when I put all my weight on them and handcuffs dug in painfully, I forgot all that though when she held up the horse speculum and raised her eyebrows in a “what the fuck?” expression! I just looked at her, went red, and tried to smile (not easy with a ball gag in your mouth!).

I watched as she opened it up and then put her arm through the middle of it and then laid it on my stomach so the bottom was level with the opening of my pussy, it came up almost to my tits! She just laugh and shook her head and threw it back in the chest.

I watched her throw all of the toys that she had taken out (and not used) back into the chest with horror. I’m not a particularly tidy person but I always keep my toy chest pristine!  The only thing she kept out was a paddle.

She took hold of my leash and helped me get up off the bed and the led me to the lounge where she sat on the sofa and gestured for me to kneel in front of her which I did.

She spoke in a soft kind voice and told me that she was very happy that I wanted to show her my toys and that I shouldn’t have been worried because nothing in there shocked her or worried her, not even the “ridiculous speculum”. She said that I shouldn’t have kept it a secret though and that she felt that the paddle (she held it up) would help me to remember not to keep things from her in future.

She pulled my leash and motioned for my to get up onto the sofa so I climbed up and she got me laid across her lap with my ass over her knees. As soon as I was in position she started to hit my ass with the paddle.

It wasn’t too bad at first, she wasn’t hitting me that hard and she was alternating between ass cheeks as she went. She kept it up at a constant speed, SMACK on the left cheek then SMACK on the right and then SMACK on the left.  After a few minutes it started to get uncomfortable and then after about ten minutes it was really starting to burn. She had increased the speed or the force but it my ass was really starting to get tender and sore!

After about fifteen minutes it was really starting to hurt lot, my ass felt like it was burning and every hit with the paddle sent a shocking sting through my ass. I tried to move my ass away to give me a seconds rest from it but she had her spare hand on my lower back and held me down firmly with it.

After twenty minutes I had tears running down my cheeks and I was trying to beg her to stop through the gag but she ignored me and continued with the relentless SMACKing of the paddle. I can’t remember anyone ever giving me such consistent punishment for such a long time before ever, it was absolute torture, much worse than ten really hard whacks with a cane, that is like a really fast big pain and then it subsides to a manageable level, this started off completely bearable but became excruciating and by the time she finished after thirty minutes I was an absolute mess, I was sobbing and trying to get away.

She hadn’t talked to me the whole time but now that she had finished she told me to kneel back in front of her. I VERY gingerly got back onto the floor on my knees and knelt up in front of her, she just smiled sweetly and said “kneel down hunni” so I lowered my ass onto my heels and closed my eyes as I put my weight on my tender rear, it hurt so bad!

She looked into my eyes and I looked into hers (god I love her eyes!) and she said “OK, have you learnt your lesson?” and I nodded emphatically to which she said “So no more secrets?” and I nodded again, then she smiled and said “Good girl”. She says that to e all the time, it’s so patronising, I love it!

She came around behind me and I felt immense relief in my arms as she released first the elbow cuffs and then the wrist cuffs before sitting back down in front of me. I shook some life back into my arms as she watched me then she said “open you legs” which I did whilst blushing because I knew it was rather wet down there! She grinned and said “now cum for me”.

I leaned back and supported myself on my left arm while my right hand went down between my legs and began a circular motion around my clit. It’s so easily for me to make myself cum since I got my piercing and I was moaning within thirty seconds and cumming within a minute!

She had to go home shortly after that, she left me in the gag, collar, plug and clamps but said I could remove them once she’d gone. The only problem was that she’d pulled all of the keys out of the padlocks in my chest and left them all in a big pile in the bottom, including the ones for the gag and plug!

After I’d finally got myself free of everything and tidied up my chest (over an hour later) I went for a shower. My ass was red raw and really bruised, it felt even worse than right after the paddling and I couldn’t sit down at all. I went to sleep lying naked on my front with no covers on me.

The next day I didn’t have any choice but to sit down as I was in work and it was pure hell. I couldn’t sit still all day because it was so sore and it was the end of the week before it started to feel better really.

This was all a couple of weeks ago now and its all healed up fine now, I still can’t believe how much of an affect it had just doing a constant rhythm of hits, I think we’re going to have to experiment with this a bit more!!

Life is very busy at the moment with work, that’s why the posts have been lacking a bit, I’ve been writing this one post for ages just trying to get enough time to finish it! Oh well, you’ll just have to bear with me whilst work is like it is I’m afraid.

The dreaded dog cage has arrived, I can’t remember if I’ve said that already, we had a little test of it last weekend and it is really quite small, not that I am particularly big there still isn’t much room to move around in it, I just know I’m going to be spending some serious time in it soon though!

Kayleigh says that the locking piercing ring has arrived too, I haven’t seen it yet but I’m hoping she is going to put it in soon, it makes me really horny thinking about having it locked in me!  The idea will be that the dog tag clip is soldered as well so that will be hanging from my clit “permanently” when she fastened on the piercing ring as well! Very exciting!

Last thing, I promised no more secrets after the paddling and since then it’s been eating away at me that she doesn’t know about this blog. The problem is that once I tell her about it I won’t be able to talk about her anymore or ask people’s opinions about things because she will be able to read it all whenever she wants. This blog my only real outlet for me to talk about my BDSM lifestyle except for a couple of friends from on here (you know who you are hun x) and I’m not sure I want to give that up. But if I don’t then I am effectively lying to my Domme and that makes me a very bad sub. I’m very conflicted about this!

Out of the closet and into the…

Sorry I’ve left you hanging for so long without finishing the tale of my birthday, its been a somewhat busy week since my wonderful weekend and I’ve struggling to sit down and do some writing!

So when I finished off last time I’d just got my piercing done and I was heading home to get ready for my birthday drinks with friends. Well Kaleigh drove home because we didn’t think it would be a good idea for me to. She was very excited after the performance at the piercing studio and so was I, she said she loved it that she had got my clit pierced and that she felt more like my Domme than she had the whole time, that gave me nice warm feelings inside!

I sometimes have doubts about us, she is a lot younger than me which I think I’ve mentioned about a thousand times! I love it from one perspective, being Domme’d by someone younger is a big turn on for me, Jo was younger than me as well, although not by quite so much.  From another perspective it makes me feel like she is just having some fun with me and will move onto someone else at any minute. I think getting the piercing has made me feel better though, because she wouldn’t have done that if she wasn’t intending sticking around….would she?

Anyway, by the time we go home we were both very horny and she was all over me the minute we got through my front door, her fingers were up my skirt playing with the piercing which was a little sore but it felt good. I kissed and chewed her neck (which she loves) while she pulled a pair of cuffs out of my bag and locked my wrists behind my back, then she pushed me to my knees and I pushed my face into her naked pussy, no idea how long she’d been commando for!

We were still in the hall of my house with her against the wall and me down between her legs, I thought she was just about ready to cum but she pulled me away by the hair and gently pulled me down onto my back the doorway to the front room, it was uncomfortable lying on my arms but I didn’t exactly have a choice. Next she kneels either side of my head and pushes her pussy into my face and begins to grind herself into my mouth. I try my best to help her along with my tongue got she is doing all the work really, she cums hard very quickly whilst smearing her juices all over my face, she tastes wonderful!

When she’s done she gets up and tells me she’s going for a shower, which means I didn’t get to cum, very frustrating! I manage to get back to my feet after a minute of struggling and go and sit on the bed. By the time she comes back from the shower, all sexy and naked and soaking wet (dripping water all over my carpet!!) she unlocks my cuffs so I can go for one.  I’m really horny and try to come on to her but she says “get off me you’re all dirty!” so I go for a shower instead, a cold one!

We spend the next hour getting ready, I won’t write about that because it’s just the same as any other two girls getting ready!  The only difference is that this is the point I realised that tight underwear (all of my underwear is tight!) just doesn’t agree with a new clitoris piercing!  Firstly because it was still a sore, especially after Kayleigh’s rigorous playing with it, and partially because I could already feel the added sensation in it. So, much to Kayleigh’s amusement I went out sans knickers.

I think she could tell I was nervous in the taxi ride because she held my hand and smiled at me a lot. I kept tight hold of her hand and was still holding it when we walked into the first bar. Only a couple of my friends had arrived, Beth and Sarah, so I introduced then to Kayleigh and her to them, I didn’t say who she was at that point and I don’t know if they noticed us holding hands when we walked in. Kayleigh asked if they wanted a drink and then disappeared off to the bar (she didn’t ask me what I wanted!).

So this is where it got a bit awkward! They asked me who she was and I just went bright red, I think they guessed before I managed to get the words out but I eventually said “she’s my girlfriend”. They looked pretty shocked, which is really the result of how secretive I am about my real personal life! Kayleigh arrived back with drinks at that point, mine being a pear vodka with lemonade which is my favourite!

I was expecting my two friends to just shut up about it when Kayleigh came back but in fact they just went straight into asking questions about it! They asked how long we’d been seeing each other, how we met, basically all of the usual questions which relaxed me about the whole thing quite quickly even though I didn’t answer any of them, Kayleigh handled it all, she was great!

When my other two friends arrived Beth did my job for me and introduced Kayleigh as my girlfriend. More shocked faces but they seemed fine with it as well and asked the same questions all over again. More drinks arrived shortly after and all was going well, then Beth asked me to come to the toilets with her.

Beth is the friend that I have known the longest since moving to Cambridge and as soon as we were alone she was like “Oh My God! Since when do you like girls?!” and it was back to me going bright red! I explained as best I could about how I think I am bi-sexual really but that I prefer the company of women. She said she wondered why I never went out with any guys and I just blushed more and giggled a bit. She asked why I never told her and I said I didn’t know if people would understand or how they’d react. She was really fine about it though which was a massive relief because I would be lost without my friends!

Finally before we left the bathrooms she said “So do you fancy me?”, I said “Of course hun!”.

The rest of the night out won’t be very interesting to you I don’t think, basically just a bunch of girls on a night out. Everyone got on very well with Kayleigh, which is very good news. The only interesting part was when, after a lot of drinks, the girls insisted that Kayleigh and I kiss in the middle of a nightclub to “prove that we’re together”! We did, and it was so hot and I loved it!

By the time we got home we were both pretty drunk, me more than her though as everyone was buying me drinks all night. We went straight to the bedroom and were all over each over, our clothes came off quickly and the cuffs came out of her overnight bag just as quickly. I laid on the bed and let her cuff my wrists around a bar in the bed head, then she pulled some clover clamps from her bag and after pinching each nipple to get it hard she applied those, giving them a little tug to make sure they were tight.

I love wearing clamps on my nipples, its such an exquisite pain that I can’t get enough of and when they are removed the sensation is just amazing!

After leaving me for a minute she comes back and has a riding crop in her hand and a big smile on her face.  She tells me to open my legs so I bring my feet up to my ass and spread my knees wide, totally exposing my pussy and thighs.

I watch intently as she lines up the crop on my thigh and then swings high and then the crop makes a loud swish before it whacks my inner thigh just below my pussy.  I jump a little but that’s it, no yelping or closing my legs, she looks at me expectantly and I just smile back. She whacks my thigh again, a little harder this time but I still only just a little bit and make no sound. It does hurt quite a lot but I have a fairly high pain threshold and I think the drink has just made it higher.

On the third hit I do yelp and I do close my legs, this time she hasn’t swatted me with the leather end of the whip, she’s hit me with the hard stick part of it and damn it hurt like crazy on the sensitive flesh of my inner thigh!

She says “Open your legs birthday girl, you’ve got another 27 to go yet!” (it was my 28th birthday) so I open my legs and my eyes at the same time, she has a wicked grin on her face now that she has got a good reaction from me. I manage to keep my legs open for the next four strikes on that thigh, she leaves about an inch gap between each and stripes all the way down my thigh, then she moves around the other side of the bed.

Once again the first blow is just below my pussy and it is the worst one yet, I yelp loud and can’t help but close my legs but she just grabs the one she is “working on” and yanks it towards her before striking it again…and again…and again…and again.

Getting for all at once, all extremely hard is a lot to take and it almost brings me to tears but I bite my lip and keep the screams inside!

My thighs are on fire, the stinging, burning feeling where the crop has hit are agony but I love it and I know I am sopping wet. Kayleigh brushes my hair out of my eyes with her hand and kisses my forehead, “only 18 to go” she says softly.

She is still on my left hand side when she picks up the chain connecting the nipple clamps and holds it up in the air. She keeps pulling until my nipples are stretched out and the clamps are biting hard, then she smacks the crop into the top of my tits.

For some reason I wasn’t really expecting it despite the obviousness of what she was intending. My body jerks and I feel the added bite of the clamps and the sting of the crop at the same time and can’t help letting out a little scream. Kayleigh drops the chain and disappears to my laundry basket, returning after a few seconds with a pair of my dirty underwear which she stuffs into my mouth, I bite down on it.

She picks up the chain again and makes it taut before laying another blow on the top of my tits, closer to my body this time, it isn’t quite as hard but it still stings.  The next one it is just above my nipples and that stings like crazy and I’m screaming into the gag whilst tears escape my eyes involuntarily.

She climbs onto the bed and straddles me, slides her hand between my legs and runs her fingers up my very wet slit and smiles, then climbs off the other side and picks up the chain again.

I brace myself, close my eyes and bite down hard on my panty gag. The first one hits me right next to my chest on the very tender skin under my breasts, but she doesn’t stop there, she continues with two more strokes, one in the middle and one just below my nipples.

By the time she lets go of the chain my screaming is loud despite the gag and I’m pulling at my wrist cuffs, my tits are on fire and I just want to grab hold of them but I can’t! She watches me writhing on with bed while she absentmindedly strokes the little tuft of hair above her pussy which I can see is glistening with her own juices.

I’ve just about calmed down when she tells me to turn over, I comply obediently and am rewarded with ten hard and fast whacks on my ass. I can take these much easier as I have taken many crop on my ass but my the end it is still red raw and burning hot.

I am not expecting the penultimate one when it lands just below my shoulder blades. I’ve got quite a bony back and this is quite a different pain to the blows on the fleshier parts of my body, I yelp and spit out the panty gag before burying my face in the pillow.

She gives me a moment to recover from that one but them tells me to hold up my feet. Now I came take quite a heavy beating but I enjoy it the most in my groin, on my ass and on my tits. It gets gradually less enjoyable as you move away from those areas. Being hit on the feet is NOT enjoyable for me, but I bent my knees and held me feet in the air.

The pain was excruciating! She hit me right in the arch of both feet and stung like nothing she had done so far! Despite that though I didn’t scream or yelp or moan, I just screwed up my eyes and went completely silent!

I didn’t even notice she had gone until Kayleigh came back and sat on the bed beside me. I jumped a little as I felt something cold on my welting ass and then felt her begin to spread the cream all over. I thought it was some antiseptic or something at first until I felt the stinging in the welts and the familiar burning sensation of deep heat.

She smeared it all over my ass and then turned my over and I watched her smiling face as she rubbed it into my tits and then spread my legs and coated my thighs.  The stinging burn that had settled down at most of the crop strikes became worse than ever as the deep heat kicked in and my whole body became hot and I started panting. I was so horny.

Kayleigh finished on my thighs and moved her hand to my wet pussy she ran her fingers up my throbbing slit being careful to avoid my clit. I had just started to feel the deep heat on my most sensitive area when she pushed her two fingers inside me and began fucking me with them, my pussy was immediately on fire with lust rather than from the deep heat.

When I came only moments later she pulled the clamps off my nipples and I had an earth shattering amazing orgasm, the sensations through my whole body contributing to it.

Whilst I recovered she unlocked my cuffs and released my aching arms, then held me tight to her, it was the most content I’ve felt in years.  After a little while she rolled onto her back, spread her legs and looked at me, I obediently went to work on pleasing my Domme.

That is pretty much the end of the story of my birthday, the next morning Kayleigh went off to work and I spent most of the day trying to recover from a serious hangover! The marks from the crop weren’t as bad as I had expected but you could clearly see where each one had landed. I treated them with some cream but I was sore for a good few days. The ones on the bottom of my feet made it particularly hard to wear any decent shoes for nearly a week!

The fallout from the big announcement has been much smaller than I thought, my friends seem to have taken the news well although I have had to have the same conversation three times basically explaining myself for keeping it a secret so long and not trusting my friend to love me anyway.  it’s all good now and I can be fairly open about it with all of them which is just a massive weight off my shoulders to be honest, it feels so much better than I thought it would to just be the real me in front of them, or at least most of the real me!

The piercing is healing well but it has a bit to go before its fully healed yet. I’m not wearing the tag on a daily basis yet, in fact I’ve only just started wearing underwear on a daily basis but when I do start wearing it, this is what it will look like!

Kayleigh says she wants me to start wearing is as soon as possible so it won’t be long before this is hanging from my clit on a permanent basis. The piercing feels amazing most of the time, its not quite as constant a sensation as it was but it is still constantly stimulated to one degree or another, it will be interesting to see what effect hanging the metal tag from it all day with do!

Last weekend I had planned to show Kayleigh the full extent of my toy chest but something happened and I had to go and visit my Mum so, it will be happening this weekend instead. I have romantic meal planed for Saturday night, after which I am just going to show her the whole thing and see what she things. Could make for an interesting night I will let you know!

My Addiction

They say admitting it is the first step so I guess for me this is the perfect forum to start. My name is Lois and I am a coke addict.


Fortunately for me, coke (the drink not the drug!) is the perfect hangover cure! it still took me half a day but I am finally feeling human again after my birthday celebrations last night! Human enough to type anyway, I’m still not ready to get dressed!

So as you may have guessed it was a fairly big night, lots of fun and lots of (far too much) drinking going on in Cambridge, I’m just glad I’m not one of the people who didn’t take today off work, like Kayleigh! She says she is dying at work but I’m hoping she is just being dramatic!

So I guess I should start at the beginning, the beginning being about 4pm yesterday afternoon, it seems so long ago now!  I left the house dressed in a black skirt and purple top over some purple lingerie, I hadn’t been told what to wear and had decided to make sure I looked presentable all over, I’d spent some time ensuring I was clean head to toe beforehand.

I arrived at Kayleigh’s work at about 4.45 and called her from the car park, I knew that her works friends know about me and her, she had told them before she even knew that it would be an issue for me, and I was too nervous of going up. Unfortunately for me she wasn’t quite finished and told me to come up and see her.

They have a fairly open plan office so I could see her as soon as I went in but I told the girl at the front desk who I was there to see, she asked me what it was regarding and I blushed and rather awkwardly said I was her “partner”! I felt like an idiot! Anyway she called Kayleigh who told her to send me over.

She was grinning like a Cheshire cat when I arrived at her desk, she said “Partner?” and I just smirked while she laughed at me. What was I supposed to say? “Girlfriend”? We’re not at school!!

Anyway, I waited for her to finish working (I’m not convinced she had any actual work to do) and various people kept walking past on their way out. As they went passed Kayleigh would say “Good night Emma (or whoever), this is my girlfriend Lois by the way, it’s her birthday.” which meant I had to say hello and say thanks when they wished me happy birthday. I just kept giving her looks that said “pleeeease can we just go” but she was having too much fun. A couple of the people were obviously friends of hers because instead of “this is girlfriend” she said “this is my ‘paaartner'” and actually did the quotes with her fingers, I could have killed her but it was actually quite funny and in actual fact it made me feel a lot better about telling my friends because no one really seemed to care about the whole lesbian thing!

So after I hung around outside the bathrooms waiting for her and tweeting (see tweets in the top right) we headed back to the car. She was feeling very pleased with herself so I tried to play on her good mood to find out which piercing she had chosen but she was having none of it.

It was only a short drive to the piercing studio and once we’d found somewhere to park I followed her in to the shop a couple of steps behind hoping this would be enough of a show of submission.  Apparently it wasn’t though because as soon as we entered the shop she pointed at a seat and said, in a loud voice “sit there and don’t move”.

I was so embarrassed! I just sort of looked at the floor and sat in the seat she had indicated, there were other people waiting but I didn’t look at any of them despite the fact I could feel them looking at me.

Kayleigh talked to the girl at the counter for a little bit and they had a bit of a laugh (I was convinced they were laughing at me) and then a guy came out with tattoos all down both arms and stretched ear lobes containing plastic disks. He gave Kayleigh and hug and then she pointed at me and talked to him for a while, more laughing, and then he went back into his little room and she came and sat next to me.

She sat close to me and held my hand which helped to relax me a bit. I looked at her and asked if I got to know yet but she just smiled and shook her head.

We waited for quite a while, three people went in and out, emptying the shop, before be tattooed guy came out and gestured for us to come in. The room was fairly small and in it there was a chair that sort of resembled a gynaecologists chair with stirrups at bottom but these were folded away.

I must have looked worried because the guy, who introduced himself as Gavin, said “It’ll be fine, just have a seat and I sort yourself out and I’ll be right back”. I don’t know why I would look worried, getting pierced doesn’t worry it me it excites me, no matter where it is going!

Once he left the room Kayleigh told me to give her my underwear, I looked at her quizzically but she just said “All of it! Quickly!” so I slid my thong off and then unclipped my bra and pulled it out from my top. She motioned for me to sit in the chair and then grinned at me and produced a pair of handcuffs from her bag.

I had sorted of expected this from the hints she has been dropping the last few days but my heart still began to race. I watched her carefully, pouting as she moves my arms above my head and then cuffs them around a bar on the top of the chair, I give them a tug but they are secure. I know I’m starting to get wet when she pulls the blindfold out of her bag, it’s actually a pink and black eye mask for sleeping on a plane. She has the biggest grin on her face as she places it over my eyes and slides the elastic around the back of my head. Just before I hear Gavin come back in she pulls my top down and my skirt up and I’ve still no idea what I’m getting done!

My cheeks are burning when I hear Gavin laugh and say “You’re a mean one Kay”.

The first clue I get is when I feel the chair being messed with and then my legs are lifted into the stirrups, spread wide totally exposing my pussy.  I feel so submissive in this position and I’m starting to get really horny but I know I have to stop myself because, well….I obviously do!  It doesn’t help that Kayleigh is now rolling one of my nipples between her fingers.

I hear a stool rolling on the floor and can sense him between my legs, he says “leave her alone, you aren’t helping” and then wipes my pussy with a towel, I’m mortified!  She let’s go of my nipple and laughs.

I can feel a coolness as he rubs it with alcohol or whatever and then he pinches different parts around my clit making me jump a little until he finds the right place and positions the clamp tool thing. Then he says “ok take a breath” and then wham, the needle goes through.

The sounds I make is more of a moan than a yelp, or maybe a combination of the two! He says “ok that’s the worst part over, I’m just going to put the jewellery in” but then Kayleigh says “wait wait wait” and I feel her fingers pulling at the skin around the piercing and then her phone makes the  taking a picture sound.

He puts the ring in and I feel him messing around as he sorts it out then he says “I’ll be outside when you’re ready, don’t be long I want to get off” and when I hear the door she immediately rips the blindfold off and her lips are on mine and her tongue is in my mouth.

When she finally stops kissing me she tells says “I’m gonna sit on your face when we get home” and then she uncuffs my wrists. She uses a small mirror to show me the piercing, it looks really pretty but we will have to wait a little while for it to heal before we can attach the tag which she produces from her bag to show me. It’s a round silver dog tag saying “Kayleigh’s Slut” on it, I smile at her happily.

I don’t get my underwear back but we are soon back in the car heading back to my flat to get ready for my birthday night out, I will right about how that went next time!

Today the piercing, which is a proper clitoral piercing not a hood piercing, feels amazing. My clit feels so sensitive, I haven’t been able to wear underwear today!  A few people said they wanted a picture of it, well don’t expect this to happen too often but here is the picture Kayleigh took directly after it was pierced:


I apologise for the state of Kayleigh’s nails, she bites them. I fixed them before we went out! The picture is a bit bright because he had a big spotlight on me apparently!

Anyway, that’s all for now, I’m off to watch Avengers, without my underwear!

Dante’s Task

Introduce a Pain task for the week section like going grocery shopping in a short skirt with no panties and 8 needles criss- crossing your cunt lips dripping blood down your thighs as you push the shopping cart through the veggie section of the market amid the gauking village folk

So that is the comment I got from Dante the other day, along with some other sarcastic remarks!  I decided to take up his challenge and actually completed it some time ago but have been too busy, tired or lazy to write about it!

I picked out an outfit first, a short red tartan skirt that came to about mid-thigh and is from an old fancy dress outfit. I matched it with a black vest top with a pattern on the front and then later I added a waist length jacket over the top. On my feet I wore some black four inch heels.

I have a chest at home where I store all of my “toys” and in the chest is a box dedicated to things that need to be kept sterile, for instance there is a catheter in there that I purchased but never used.  It is also the place where I keep my needles and I retrieved eight medium gauged ones and then locked the chest back up.

I laid on my bed naked, propped up by pillows, and spread my legs wide, then I removed all of the needles from their packaging and laid them next to me. This isn’t the first time I’ve pierced my own labia but the anticipation of it still gets my heart going a little faster.  I took my right lip between my thumb and finger and held it away from my body, then I picked up a needle with my other hand and pulled off the plastic cover with my teeth.

I love the feeling of piercing my flesh, getting my nipples pierced when I was eighteen was actually the start of my life as a masochist and I still relish the sensation to this day.  Even through a relatively thin amount of flesh you can still feel the initial prick as the sharp point breaks the skin and then the dull scratchy sensation as the needle pierces through your flesh and then finally and sharp pain as the metal pushes your skin out from the inside and then the sudden relief as it breaks through and your flesh contracts along the needle.

Sometimes I just jab a small needle like this in and because it is so sharp it just goes straight through but with this first one I took my time and enjoyed all the sensations.  I pushed the needle right in until the plastic cap was against my lip and the sharp end was tucked under the lip on the other side.

I put two needles through each lip slowly, one at the top and one at the bottom on each side, then I added two more on each side by jabbing them straight through, it’s not as enjoyable a technique but its fun in different ways.  I made sure all the needles were pushed all the way in so their points could tuck under the opposite labia and scratch as I walked.

I got off the bed and carefully got dressed in my outfit, looking in the mirror I looked fairly normal, a bit slutty but normal other than that.  I paced up and down the room a little to make sure walking wasn’t going to be too much of a problem and it was fine if somewhat uncomfortable.

The car journey was about thirty minutes because I didn’t want to go to a local supermarket dressed like that.  By the time I walked through the front doors and picked up a basket, the points of the needles had embedded themselves in opposite pussy lip to the one they we’re pierced through and I could feel them twisting back and forth as I walked.

As I lingered in the fruit and veg section (as requested, sort of!) I decided to add an extra element to the task.  I put a courgette, a cucumber, a large carrot and a single banana in my basket and then continued on.

The needles weren’t so much painful as uncomfortable unless I moved such a way that one of the points came out of my flesh and then pushed itself back in, I was getting quite horny though!

I went down the pharmacy isle and picked up a box of condoms and a bottle od Durex lube, cool mint flavour, and put them in the basket with the phallic shaped produce and then headed for the tills.

There were male and female cashiers available and I wasn’t sure which would work best but decided to go to the male one, he looked to be in his early twenties.  I took the items out of the basket and laid them on the conveyor one at a time so that they arrived to him in sequence, banana, carrot, courgette, cucumber, condoms, lube, then I stepped to the other side of the till and waited…and watched…and blushed.

He was totally professional.  I was hoping for a knowing smile or a raised eyebrow but he just packed the items into a bag for me and told me the price.  I was blushing anyway because I was thinking about what the items could mean and it was making me wet! Anyway, I paid and walked out of the shop.

The drive home was uneventful unless you count a lorry driver trying to crush me into a wall but I was very horny by the time I got home. The movement of pushing the peddles in the car had caused some serious discomfort between my legs and I was really ready to cum by the time I got back to my bedroom.

I quickly undressed and laid back down on my bed, spread my legs again and began to pull the needles out one by one.  It feels good when they come out, sort of like a wave of relief and I enjoyed doing it and watching the droplets of blood run from the tiny holes.

Once all the needles were out I used the carrot to fuck myself, I didn’t need the condoms or the lube, I was wet enough already and came quite quickly making a mess on my bed.