Working away

I’m away with work at the moment so haven’t had chance to write anything about the rest of my birthday or the weekend. Some of it is private and won’t get written about but there were some really fun moments that I want to share.

I was in a hotel last night which had a gym, a nice one as well, so I got to have a workout for the first time since Wednesday. However, it turns out that tight running shorts, a new genital piercing and running are only a good combination for public humiliation!

A few people warned me against getting a clitoris piercing because they said I would lose sensation which I obviously didn’t want and was worried about. I talked to Kayleigh about this and she spoke to the piercer (before it was done) and he said that while there is a risk of sensation loss it is rare if the piercing is done properly. For me, so far, the opposite has been true!

As I understand it the piercing is through the underside of my clit passing under the “nerve bundle” meaning that it pushes my clit out from the back all the time. This has taken a little getting used to! The last few days I’ve been wearing skirts and “going commando” because wearing underwear has been a little bit too stimulating for me!

So all that being said I don’t know why I thought running shorts would be fine!! I think I just wanted to get back to the gym, I usually go at least every other day but work has made it difficult lately. Anyway, so I get dressed and head down to the gym and by the time I get to the bottom of the stairs I’m already thinking it might not be the best idea, I can feel that familiar feeling between my legs, although I feel that quite often to be honest so I pay my money and head on in.

For a hotel gym it’s pretty busy but there are machines free so I get on the treadmill and start jogging. I swear after less than a minute I’m feeling all flushed and then I actually let out an involuntary gasp! There were people all around me, it was so embarrassing!

I stopped the machine and went to the bathrooms to cool down a little bit and once in the cubicle I checked and my shorts were damp in the crotch!! Fortunately they are black so you couldn’t really tell but I could feel my face blushing anyway!

I left the gym immediately, just smiling at the confused look the receptionist have me. Back in my room I rang Kayleigh and told her all about it, she thought it was hilarious and said I was a total slut! Five minutes later I was cumming down the phone for her. Now my running shorts really need a wash!

I wrote this on my phone so sorry if the spelling and grammar are bad! I was only intending writing a little post but I thought you might like to hear the funny gym story!

I’m now wondering of I’ll every be able to wear running shorts again? Or underwear for that matter!

Repaying a debt

The taxi was picking me up at 7pm by which time I had to be ready and waiting. Earlier Kayleigh had called me with instructions, what to where, when I would be picked up and what would happen about me getting home.

The outfit was fairly simple, stockings garter belt and heels….that’s it! Fortunately I was allowed to wear a coat and I have one that comes almost to my knees which would be perfect.

I take a shower and then relax on the bed while I dry off, or rather I try to relax as my stomach is actually doing somersaults! I try to clear my mind of what is likely to happen but its hard to stop images flashing into my mind, I know almost for certain I’m going to get ass fucked and its a good while since that has happened!

At 6.30 I get off the bed and sit at my dressing table. I decide to curl my hair and then put on some make up, I go for smoky black eyes to match my “outfit” which I then slide into. I look at myself in the mirror and can’t help thinking I look like one of the slaves from The Upper Floor, not an entirely unappealing prospect!

It’s almost time so I slip on my coat and take another look in the mirror, I’m transformed into a normal girl, except for the heavy makeup I could be going to work!

I give the address to the taxi driver but he already has it and when we arrive fifteen minutes later I find out it has been paid for as well. I get the feeling the driver is giving me a knowing smile as I climb out of the car, like he knows I’m virtually naked under the coat but I dismiss is as paranoia.

The house is nice, a fairly large detached with a garage on the side with a BMW parked outside, it occurs to me that they must be will off. As I walk up the drive I am literally petrified or totally humiliated, I feel like a whore arriving at a clients house which I guess is exactly what I am. I try to push the thoughts from my mind as I can feel the warm between my legs already.

The door is a white PVC one with a door bell at the side, I bite my bottom lip and give it a press. I can feel my cheeks warming and I know I’m going red, the door startles me as it opens.

The women stood in front of me is mid thirties, slim, quite pretty with green eyes and blonde hair down to her shoulders, she smiles and gestures for me to come in.  She’s wearing a black dress that reaches mid-thigh which is just lower than the top of her hold up stockings, she had black heels similar to mine on her feet. She could almost be going to a dinner party!

She closes the door behind me and introduces herself as Gemma, she offers to take my coat but I hesitate, remembering that I am naked beneath it but she tells me not to worry and I slide it off my shoulders. I’m blushing more now as I stand in front of this compete stranger with everything I have on show. Its nothing compared to the colour I go when I see what’s in her hand though.

She half asks me half tells me to get on my hands and knees as she holds up the dog lead and collar. I kind of look at her while the words go through my head and this time she blushes and says “Please?”.

I sort of drop to my knees and then fall onto my hands and then look up at her and she slides the metal chain collar over my neck, it’s the type that tightens when you pull it and loosens when you let go. I notice that she has no underwear on under the dress. She says “OK, time to show you to John” and starts walking, I’m immediately yanked by the neck and struggle to keep up with her.

She leads me though a door way into a big open room with large glass doors leading out into the garden. There is a large TV in the corner diagonal from the door and a sofa on the two walls either side of me, so that I emerge from between them crawling on the floor.  There is a large square coffee table in the middle of the room and she leads me to it and then says “UP” like she is talking to a dog. I climb onto the table and stop in the middle of it on all fours.

John is a stocky black man, well-built but carrying a little extra weight. His hair is close shaven and he is wearing cargo pants and a polo shirt, he looks very casual compared to Gemma, or me for that matter.

She says “This is the girl” but he basically ignores her for about thirty seconds before he gets up groaning like it’s a big effort to even look at me, I’m still blushing like an idiot, I probably looked like a beetroot!

He comes to my right side and cups my left breast in his hand, gives it a little squeeze. My tits aren’t big but they aren’t tiny either, he seems happy enough anyway and moves down running his hand over my side and then down my thigh. He gives the inside of my thigh a little tap and assume that means to spread my legs wider so I do.

As his hand runs up the inside of my thigh I look up at Gemma wondering what she thinks about her husband touching another woman like this, she isn’t looking at first but when I catch her eye she simply says “eyes down” and I look back at the table.

His fingers are running down the length of my pussy now and I blush more knowing that he will find it wet, when isn’t it wet!? He runs his finger down the middle, over my clit, finds my hole and easily pushes the first two knuckles into me. Then, with his finger slick he finds my asshole and just as easily slips his finger into there.

Apparently satisfied with his inspection of my holes he runs his hands over the marks on my ass cheeks and then down other side of my body, cupping my other breast and then he moves my hair so he can inspect the henna tattoo on my back. He runs two fingers over the writing on my neck and laughs, then he tells Gemma to get him a marker.

I feel the wet pen moving over my skin but I have no idea what he is writing or drawing. Once he is finished through he throws the pen on the sofa and moving in front of me he takes my chin in his hand. He tilts my head upward and I look into his eyes, he is smiling, in his eyes.

He is still holding my chin when Gemma arrives beside him, I watch as she unzips his pants and pulls out his semi erect cock, Kayleigh wasn’t wrong about the size. He moves his hands out of the way as she takes his cock in one hand and puts the other behind my head, it’s pretty obvious what’s expected of me so I open my mouth and she guides his cock into it.

I immediately begin sucking his cock like a good slut, unable to use my hands as I am still on all fours, after about thirty seconds I feel my hair start to get pulled as Gemma balls her hand into it and begins to control my strokes up and down her husbands shaft and I become just a sex toy as she wanks him off with my face. After a few minutes of this he pulls away and his fat cock slips out of my aching mouth and he disappears from view, Gemma’s ass quickly fills my vision though, he dress now pulled up over her hips and with her hands still twisted into my hair she pushes my face into her ass.

Again, I don’t need any orders and begin probing her rear hole with my tongue, running it around the hole and then doing a long slow lick over it, the taste of her ass mixing with the already potent taste of cock in my mouth.

My pussy is soaking so, despite the size, when he grabs my thighs he has no problem sliding his cock all the way into me, I gasp into Gemma’s ass as his cock fills me completely and she responds my moaning and pushing harder on the back of my head.

In response to the extra prompt I push my tongue into her hole and move it around inside causing more moans from her, it seems I am doing a good job! I’m moaning as well, struggling to concentrate on my ass licking whilst John is so thoroughly fucking my pussy hard, rough and fast, just the way I like it from a man.

To explain a little here to those who think I’m a lesbian, well I am technically I suppose because I’ve now got to a point in my life where I think I would only ever “date” another woman. This is because I prefer the company of women on an intimate level, that’s not to say I don’t like men because I do, just not in the same way I think. I also think a sadistic woman can be much MUCH crueller to a masochistic woman than a man can be! That said, I do love getting fucked and used by a man because I find it extremely submissive to allow someone to push a part of their body inside you and then deposit bodily fluids inside you, especially LIVING bodily fluids like sperm!

Anyway, so he pounds away at my pussy for a while and I’m starting to feel an orgasm building, I think mainly because with each thrust he’s ramming himself all the way into me and his balls are smacking into me right over my clit.  Unfortunately for me I feel his cock twitch well before I am ready and he pulls me tight against him, pushing his fingers right through my stockings, whilst he pumps his cum into my pussy.

His cock starts to go limp before he pulls out of me and just says “Gemma”, I presume he motions to her but I don’t see anything with my face buried until she stands up pulling my tongue out of her ass as it was buried as deep as I could get it at the time.

Left alone for a few seconds I try to adjust my position as my arms are aching quite badly by this point, it doesn’t really matter though because Gemma, now behind me, tells me to get on my back. I obediently turn over and she guides my legs to hang over the sides of the table so they are spread wide. She kneels down and bows her head to my slightly swollen pussy.

I have my arms laid at my sides and I bunch my hands into fists as she plunges her tongue into my pussy. I quickly realise she isn’t trying to please me, she is licking and sucking the cum out of me but it still feels good and I am panting as I try to lie still.

It goes through my mind that maybe she is jealous and this her way of not letting me have her husbands “seed” but I change my mind when I realise he obvious told her to do this and that she is obviously subservient to him, whilst I am subservient to both of them.  The idea is disproven once and fall all though with what she does next.

Obviously satisfied that she has got everything she gets up and comes over to me, John says “Open wide” and when I open my mouth she dribbles the cum from her mouth into mine whilst he sits on the sofa slowly stroking himself. I assume I am supposed to swallow it so once she has finished drooling it into my mouth I shallow making sure every bit goes down. It’s the first time in a very long time I’ve tasted and swallowed cum but I don’t have any trouble doing it.

Once she can see I’ve finished Gemma bends down and kisses me passionately, and I mean really deeply like she hasn’t wanted to kiss me her entire life, I can’t help but join in and when do she begins to caress my breasts and roll my nipples between her fingers, I have to admit it was turning me on a lot! I can feel John watching us, stroking himself as he enjoys the show which goes on for several minutes.

By the time she stops kissing me I am aching for some release but I don’t get it, instead I watch as she looks up at her husband, smiles and then climbs up onto the table, positioning herself over my so that her pussy is directly in front of my face.

I can hear more than see John get up and then I watch as his huge black cock slips easily into her wet white pussy, the contrast looks amazing and I stare as he begins thrusting into her much more gently than he did with me, this is more like love making than “fucking”.

I stare at his cock moving in and out of her for a little while, listening to both of their sounds, breathing, moaning a little until I am snapped out of it by John saying “Suck her clit girl” and then I am back in action.

I reach up and grab her hips then bend upwards and purse my lips over her little nub, so close to his thrusting cock, and begin to suck on it gently and running my tongue under the hood.  The reaction is immediate, the moans from her end of the table double and he begins thrusting faster.

He soon slows again though and whilst I continue to pleasure her clit he eventually stops thrusting altogether and just holds his hard cock inside her, about thirty seconds later she pushes herself hard against him and almost screams “I’M CUMMING” and she really does!

He’s still hard when he pulls out of her and his cock wipes her juices across my face, I don’t move away until she climbs off the table and off me.

I forget who said it but I am ordered back to my knees and as soon as I get back into position he is pushing his cock against my asshole. There is plenty of resistance from my only slightly trained hole but he applies plenty of force and I winch a little as he slowly slides it into me.  It feels like something huge I stretching my ass but after a good minute of pushing he begins thrusting.

I can feel him slide deeper with every stretching, painful thrust. It is pure agony and I can hear myself letting out a little squeak as well as a breath each time he rams it into me. Despite the pain I am still really horny but there isn’t enough stimulation in the right places for me to cum, that’s when Gemma kneels beside me and begins to rub on my clit.

About thirty seconds later I can barely contain my orgasm and then he cums in my ass and I just let it go, moaning like a whore as his huge cock spasms inside me.

I feel him pull out of me whilst I’m still enjoying the end of my orgasm and by the time I open my eyes again they are nowhere to be seen. I don’t really know what to do so I just stay where I am on all fours on their coffee table.

A few minutes later Gemma comes back in on her own, she is still wearing the dress but her shoes have gone and so have her stockings. She gentle pulls the lead from my neck and helps me get to my feet. My stockings are ripped all down the sides and the clasp on my garter belt is broken, I don’t even know how it happened but Gemma offers to replace them and I tell her not to worry about it.

The atmosphere with her is totally different now despite the fact I am more naked than ever as I pull off the stockings and she throws them in the bin. She seems almost shy as she returns with my coat and helps me on with it and then she thanks me for a great time, tells me to say thanks to Kayleigh and then gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek as I leave.

The taxi is waiting for me with the same driver who brought me, I worry that he is going to wonder where my stockings went but I don’t think he really notices.

Its a little after nine when I get home, I ring Kayleigh and tell her all about it, she seems pleased with me which makes me happy. She tells me not to clean myself up until she sees me the next day which frustrates me a little because I really feel like a shower.

I started to write this report right then but I was quite tired and after cum started to leak out of my ass, which was gross, I decided to leave it for later and eventually fell asleep on my bed wearing only my cum soaked knickers.

The next day when Kayleigh comes round I show her my back, John has drawn cocks sprouting out of the vines she had drawn with the tattoo and written “CUM DUMP” above my ass. She runs me a bath and washes my back gently until it is all gone.

Finally clean, I curl up in bed with her and fall back to sleep.

Sorry it took so long to get this one done, its been a bit of a busy week! Fortunately TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY so I’m not doing a great deal of work!  I’m very exciting about picking Kayleigh up later and going to get the mystery piercing! I will be sure to tell you which one she got me as soon as I can!

I think I have decided that I will tell my friends about mine and Kayleighs relationship status tonight, I’m not going to make a big announcement about it though, I am just going to tell people individually. Now that I have made a decision about it I actually feel a lot better about it to be honest, I’m almost excited to tell people! I’ll let you know how it goes once I have recovered from the inevitable hangover!

Ring Ring

So things have got a little crazy with me recently and not in a good way, well actually it is in a good way but not the sort of good way that this blog is about!

My firm has recently won a very large contract and I have been put on the account, in fact I am the primary on the account and the first thing we have had to do is a huge audit. This has taken me all over the country in recent weeks and I have spent considerably more time in hotel beds than in my own (or anybody else’s!), this is the reason for the lack of updates on this blog and while I know I promised to get back to it weeks ago I’m not going to apologise, it’s a huge career opportunity for me and there are more important things than this blog in my life!

Despite the recent refocus in my priorities though I have managed to fit several “dates” with Kayleigh in, although not as many as I would like. We are still seeing each other though and while it has gone slower than I hoped, and to be honest gone in a different direction than I expected, I am very happy with the way things are at the moment.

Hopefully that little intro wasn’t too boring for you, I just wanted to set the scene of where I am and why I haven’t been around, hopefully you are interested in me as a person as well as me as a pain slut, maybe I’m being a bit naïve there though!

I’m not going to write out all descriptions of every date I’ve had since last time I posted because for one I don’t have the time and for two….I don’t have the time! The following account is of a “date” that happened about three weeks ago on a Friday night, I hadn’t seen Kayleigh for nearly two weeks and I think she was kind of annoyed with me being unavailable so much. You’ll see what I mean about things not exactly going the way I thought they would but hopefully you’ll enjoy it anyway.

So I’d been away in Liverpool for five days and then was home for an evening (which I spent alone doing paperwork) and then had gone away to Edinburgh for four days. The final day was the Friday and I got home at about 2pm. I’d been spoken to Kayleigh a couple of times whilst in Edinburgh, each time she had called me and each time I had to cut the call short to go to a meeting or a meal with the client.

Eventually we talked on the phone whilst I was travelling home, she said she was going out into town that evening and that I should come round to her flat for about 8pm. I was tired but I was excited to see her so when I got home and had a long bath and made sure I was nice and clean and smooth and silky soft and then I spent an hour curling my hair, expertly applied my “fuck me” eye makeup and picked out a suitable sexy outfit for a night in town.

I took a taxi to her place and she buzzed me through the building door, once in front of her door I adopted the position she had instructed me to take when requesting to come into her home. I spread my legs to shoulder width and lowered my head so that my chin touched my chest, then I knocked and quickly folder my arms behind my back.

This may not sound like much but standing in this position makes me feel very submissive. Folding your arms behind your back pulls your shoulders back forcing you to thrust your chest (tits) out, having your head bowed that far prevents you from making eye contact with anything above a persons knees and standing in public with your legs apart feels like your inviting someone to find out what’s between them!

She answered the door after about thirty seconds (I’m pretty sure she makes me wait on purpose) and told me to come in. I walked into the hallway keeping my head down and my arms behind my back as she had instructed and waited just inside while she closed the door. I couldn’t see much but she was wearing some very nice gladiator style wedges and her dress finished above my line of sight.

In the past at this point she had told me to get on my knees and kiss both her feet and another time she kissed me in the passionate way she always does. This time she told me to go into the bathroom, remove all of my clothes and fold them neatly then wait for her. This was unexpected but I followed her orders, entering the bathroom and leaving the door open (I’m not allowed to shut a door between us) I unzipped my dress and shimmied out of it, folded it and laid it on the toilet seat, then I removed the very sexy pink lingerie that I had bought in Edinburgh and those on top of the dress and finally I stepped out of my heels and placed those on top of the lot.

When she returned ten minutes later I was standing naked in the bathroom, legs apart, head down and arms folded behind my back. I’m not allowed to leave this position until she says I can. She stood in front of me for a minute or so and I could feel her eyes scanning every inch of my body, then she said “Get in the shower”.

That was really not what I was expecting her to say and through surprise (I think!) I instinctively looked up at her. I saw genuine rage flash through those big beautiful eyes and in a flash she was over to me and had a handful of my hair. She forcefully shoved me into the shower cubicle, hit the on button and shut the glass door.

Se has a rain shower so I was soaked in seconds, my beautifully curled hair was plastered to my head and my makeup began to run down my face. And the water was FREEZING! She had it set to full cold! I kept my head down not wanting to piss her off anymore but she just said “STAY” and then walked out, I started to cry.

She came back ten minutes later by which time I had pulled myself together and was back in my position, covered in goose bumps and shivering violently. She said “Turn the shower off” and then left for another ten minutes.

This time when she came back she opened the door and told me to step out, then she took another handful of my hair and led me back out into the hallway then into the front room all the way to the far corner, she didn’t stop until I was pressed as far into the corner as I could go, then she kicked the insides of my feet until I moved them so they were touching the walls either side. She leant over my shoulder and said “STAY” then disappeared again.

She was back quickly and I felt her drying my right ass cheek with a towel, then she crouched down behind me and I felt her running something over my ass, like she was writing. I couldn’t tell what she was doing at first but then I smelt the henna and knew exactly what she was doing!

She was finished after a few minutes and she stood up again, I could tell she was smiling when she leant close to my ear again and said “I told you I was going out, not that WE were going out. I know that you are busy and that sometimes you can’t find time to talk to me but don’t forget your place slut, and don’t forget that your actions have consequences. This is a consequence. I’ll be back later”. Then she gave me a really hard slap on my left ass cheek and walked out of the room, about two minutes later I heard the front door open and then close.

My head was spinning big time, I’d arrived ready for a good night out with Kayleigh and now she was gone and I was stood with my face pressed into the corner of her lounge!

As I am sure you can imagine time passed extremely slowly, at first I was just bored and after a while I was severely tempted to move around, find a mirror and see what she had drawn on my ass with the henna, but I didn’t, I stayed in the corner like a good sub.

I’m guessing at timescales because I actually didn’t have a clue but after about an hour my arms and legs had started to ache and after two they were really sore, and I was so bored! I was so desperate to unfold my arms or move my legs a bit, just try standing somewhere for even half an hour not moving at all, it is ridiculous how uncomfortable it is!

After what I’m guessing was about three hours I started to think about what I had done to piss Kayleigh off enough to do this to me. It did occur to me that maybe I hadn’t done anything wrong and she had just decided to be mean but what said before she left kind of negated that possibility.  She was obviously annoyed at my constant unavailability and my cutting conversations short and now I was being punished for it, in the end I decided I probably deserved it and that I would make more of an effort to be available when she wanted me to be in future.

It had been hours and my arms and legs were numb (yet in pain?!) and I wanted to move so badly, it took every bit of willpower I have not to just move a little bit. The henna had dried on m ass cheek, I could feel it pulling gently at the skin now that it had compressed. Finally I heard the front door.

My heart started to race with excitement, she was back,! What would happen now? I heard her come up behind me, she grabbed my ass cheek hard, digging her nails in, she leant over my shoulder, her breath stank of alcohol, slurring slightly she said “Did you move?” and I shook my head. She said “Good girl, STAY” and then she left the room.

I thought she was going to leave me there all night but she was back after a couple of minutes and I heard her drop some things behind me, then she was back at my shoulder saying “Wait two more minutes then go home, there’s a taxi outside” and then she left the room again and I heard her bedroom door slam.

I was gutted if I’m honest, all that time waiting there and I wasn’t even going to get anything good out of it! I counted to 120 and then released my pose, it was hard and painful to move my arms, I was really still. The clothes on the floor were a thigh length rain coat and a pair of flip flops, nothing else, great!

There was also £20, presumably for the taxi which was waiting so I grabbed the coat and flung it on, fastening the waist strap and then slid my feet into the flip flops.  I passed a mirror on the way out and noticed my cheeks had makeup all down them, I wiped it off as best I could with my hand, I still looked like a panda but there was nothing I could do about that!

I got into the taxi as carefully as I could, trying to make sure the coat didn’t ride up. The driver took one look at me and said “Are you OK?”, I just blushed, smiled and said yes.

When I got home I ran upstairs, stripped the coat off and took a look at my ass in the mirror. In black writing across my whole right ass cheek it said


I picked off the bits of dried henna that hadn’t come of in the taxi, the letters were completely black because it had been left on so long and it was really vivid against my quite pale skin, I was getting wet just looking at it!

I took a picture in the mirror and sent it to Kayleigh with the message “I love it! Thank you xxx”, then I got into bed and made myself cum before falling asleep.

This was a very weird night but it taught me a valuable lesson about Kayleigh, since then I have made a great effort to speak to her as and when she wants me to and I haven’t had to be punished again, not for that anyway!

I know this post is a bit low on action but I thought it was an important one for the “complete story” of what has happened while I haven’t been posting. I will post more soon (hopefully) filling you in on some of the more interesting adventures I have had with her since then.

For those that are interested it has been a few weeks now and while the henna has faded you can still clearly see “KAY’S SLUT” on my ass, she makes reference to it quite often and has told me she is going to get it tattooed at some point, we will see!

Dante’s Task

Introduce a Pain task for the week section like going grocery shopping in a short skirt with no panties and 8 needles criss- crossing your cunt lips dripping blood down your thighs as you push the shopping cart through the veggie section of the market amid the gauking village folk

So that is the comment I got from Dante the other day, along with some other sarcastic remarks!  I decided to take up his challenge and actually completed it some time ago but have been too busy, tired or lazy to write about it!

I picked out an outfit first, a short red tartan skirt that came to about mid-thigh and is from an old fancy dress outfit. I matched it with a black vest top with a pattern on the front and then later I added a waist length jacket over the top. On my feet I wore some black four inch heels.

I have a chest at home where I store all of my “toys” and in the chest is a box dedicated to things that need to be kept sterile, for instance there is a catheter in there that I purchased but never used.  It is also the place where I keep my needles and I retrieved eight medium gauged ones and then locked the chest back up.

I laid on my bed naked, propped up by pillows, and spread my legs wide, then I removed all of the needles from their packaging and laid them next to me. This isn’t the first time I’ve pierced my own labia but the anticipation of it still gets my heart going a little faster.  I took my right lip between my thumb and finger and held it away from my body, then I picked up a needle with my other hand and pulled off the plastic cover with my teeth.

I love the feeling of piercing my flesh, getting my nipples pierced when I was eighteen was actually the start of my life as a masochist and I still relish the sensation to this day.  Even through a relatively thin amount of flesh you can still feel the initial prick as the sharp point breaks the skin and then the dull scratchy sensation as the needle pierces through your flesh and then finally and sharp pain as the metal pushes your skin out from the inside and then the sudden relief as it breaks through and your flesh contracts along the needle.

Sometimes I just jab a small needle like this in and because it is so sharp it just goes straight through but with this first one I took my time and enjoyed all the sensations.  I pushed the needle right in until the plastic cap was against my lip and the sharp end was tucked under the lip on the other side.

I put two needles through each lip slowly, one at the top and one at the bottom on each side, then I added two more on each side by jabbing them straight through, it’s not as enjoyable a technique but its fun in different ways.  I made sure all the needles were pushed all the way in so their points could tuck under the opposite labia and scratch as I walked.

I got off the bed and carefully got dressed in my outfit, looking in the mirror I looked fairly normal, a bit slutty but normal other than that.  I paced up and down the room a little to make sure walking wasn’t going to be too much of a problem and it was fine if somewhat uncomfortable.

The car journey was about thirty minutes because I didn’t want to go to a local supermarket dressed like that.  By the time I walked through the front doors and picked up a basket, the points of the needles had embedded themselves in opposite pussy lip to the one they we’re pierced through and I could feel them twisting back and forth as I walked.

As I lingered in the fruit and veg section (as requested, sort of!) I decided to add an extra element to the task.  I put a courgette, a cucumber, a large carrot and a single banana in my basket and then continued on.

The needles weren’t so much painful as uncomfortable unless I moved such a way that one of the points came out of my flesh and then pushed itself back in, I was getting quite horny though!

I went down the pharmacy isle and picked up a box of condoms and a bottle od Durex lube, cool mint flavour, and put them in the basket with the phallic shaped produce and then headed for the tills.

There were male and female cashiers available and I wasn’t sure which would work best but decided to go to the male one, he looked to be in his early twenties.  I took the items out of the basket and laid them on the conveyor one at a time so that they arrived to him in sequence, banana, carrot, courgette, cucumber, condoms, lube, then I stepped to the other side of the till and waited…and watched…and blushed.

He was totally professional.  I was hoping for a knowing smile or a raised eyebrow but he just packed the items into a bag for me and told me the price.  I was blushing anyway because I was thinking about what the items could mean and it was making me wet! Anyway, I paid and walked out of the shop.

The drive home was uneventful unless you count a lorry driver trying to crush me into a wall but I was very horny by the time I got home. The movement of pushing the peddles in the car had caused some serious discomfort between my legs and I was really ready to cum by the time I got back to my bedroom.

I quickly undressed and laid back down on my bed, spread my legs again and began to pull the needles out one by one.  It feels good when they come out, sort of like a wave of relief and I enjoyed doing it and watching the droplets of blood run from the tiny holes.

Once all the needles were out I used the carrot to fuck myself, I didn’t need the condoms or the lube, I was wet enough already and came quite quickly making a mess on my bed.

So how did it go?

I got a text when I was about five minutes from the restaurant saying “Don’t look at me until I say you can” and that’s it.  The taxi dropped me right outside and I resisted the urge to look through the window as I got and out walked inside.  I gave my name and woman led me to a table in the corner of the room.  I knew Kayleigh was already there because I could see her feet under the table, she was wearing some really nice cage style wedges with open toes showing off her red toe nails. I thanked the girl and sat down keeping my eyes down, it’s surprisingly hard not to look at someone when they are sat right in front of you!

I was already blushing but hoped she couldn’t see, she said hello and told me I was a “good girl” for keeping my eyes down and to continue to do so until she says otherwise.  I was more worried about people hearing than what she was saying to be honest!

The waitress came with the menus which she handed to us both, then she told us the specials and Kayleigh asked for some water before she walked away again.  I began looking at the menu, mainly just for something to look at but a set of fingers with a pink french manicure came over the top of it and snatched it away from me, folded it and laid it on the table next to her! Then she told me to “sit on your hands” in a stern sort of voice.

I slid my hands under my thighs as subtly as I could, trying to look around to see if anyone was looking but it was difficult without looking up!  We sat in silence as she perused the menu and I, well, did nothing! After a few minutes the waitress came back with water and poured us both a glass, I felt mortified sat there looking at the table with my hands under my legs!  Kayleigh ordered a bottle of Chardonnay and she left again.

I was thirsty by this point and was looking at my glass of water when she picked it up and poured it back into the jug, I couldn’t see what she did then but I heard something being poured into the glass and then it reappeared in front of me.  It looked pretty much the same, ice floating in clear liquid, only is wasn’t quite as clear as before.

I guessed what it was before she told me to drink and was proven correct when I pulled one hand out from under my leg, picked up the glass and took  tentative sip.  I’ve tasted urine before, mine and other people’s so I knew what it was immediately, it has an unmistakable taste even if it is not a very strong yellow one.

“Look at me”, my eyes flicked up to her without blinking and we stared at each other a second, she looked wonderful as my eyes drank in those big blue eyes.  She had that evil little grin on her face as she said “drink” and I lifted the glass to my lips and took a long slow drink of what I presumed to be her piss.  I let it fill my mouth and then run down my throat into my stomach, then I took another drink.

She watched me intently as I finished the whole drink before putting the glass back down with just the ice in. I had managed to not pull a face the whole time and my eyes hadn’t left hers once.

The waitress returned with our wine and brought me back into the world, I placed my hand back under my thigh whilst the wine was poured and then she asked if we were ready to order.  Kayleigh said yes and then ordered for both of us, I would be having scallops to start and then duo of lamb, fortunately both things I enjoy.

Kayleigh began to talk to me normally then, asking about how I’d been and how work was, it felt a bit silly talking normally whilst sat on my hands but at least I could look at her.

When the starter came she finally allowed me to free my hands and we continued to talk as we ate, it was delicious by the way! I was also able to wash the taste of urine out of my mouth with some of the wine.  After the waitress had taken the plates away she said “Give me your underwear”, she said it in a very matter of fact sort of way so I didn’t really catch it at first, I just sort of looked  at her whilst I worked out what she said.

I know that doesn’t seem like a major thing but this is a really posh restaurant, I’ve taken clients there.  She didn’t tell me again, she just looked at me and waited, she knew I would do it.

I glanced around to make sure no-one was watching and then hitched the back of my dress up so that I was sat directly on the leather seat, then hooked my fingers under the waste band and quickly pulled them down my thighs and let them fall to the floor.

My thong was still around my ankles and I had just straightened my dress when the waitress returned with our main.  I must have been bright red as I accepted the plate hoping she wouldn’t notice the black lace around my ankles, I don’t think she did because she left without saying anything or giving me a funny look!  Once she was gone I stepped out of the thong, bent down and picked it up and handed it to Kayleigh under the table.

Kayleigh didn’t take them from me, instead she reach over the table and held her hand out for them, I bunched them in my hand and then reluctantly handed them over.  She took them and I watched her unravel them in her hands and check the crotch then smiled, obviously it was damp, all of this was turning me on quite a lot!

She has the ability to switch between normal conversation and domination and back in the same breath, it leaves me spinning a little and that s what she did again. We were back to normal conversation talking about her work now and other “normal” topics, only now I was conscious that I was naked under my short skirt.

It turned out “we” didn’t fancy a desert so we just had coffee (why?!) and then I paid the bill.  The waitress rang us a taxi and we got in together, me first and I know she got a good look up my dress as I was forced to climb across the seat. She gave the driver her address and off we went, I had no idea if we were just dropping her off or if I was going back to her house at this point but she told me to sit on my hands again, I obeyed.

We’d been driving a couple of minutes when reached over and spread my knees, then slid her hand down the inside of my thigh and massaging my lips, she was good at it! An expert I would say, she quickly slipped her fingers between my lips and turned her attention to my clit, then she kissed me.

It was passionate just like the other times and she never let up with her fingers, I kissed her back as hard as I could without the use of my hands, I could feel the drivers eyes watching us but I didn’t care at that moment, the whole world could have been watching and I wouldn’t have cared!

She continued throughout the journey, alternating between hard rhythmic stimulation and then none at all, sometimes kissing me and sometimes just staring into my eyes with that evil little grin on her face! I was completely in submissive mood, simply responding to what she did and just waiting in between. She didn’t take me all the way though, after about ten or fifteen minutes (I’m honestly not sure) she lifted her fingers to my lips and without thinking I opened my mouth and took her fingers into it I sucked gently as she withdrew them, cleaning my juices off them thoroughly.

I was in a bit of a daze, halfway to an orgasm and totally in submissive mode, she paid the driver (she paid!) and we climbed out of my side.  I followed her as we approached her building in silence, she opened the front door and walked in, I followed and we continued up to flights of stairs.

She opened her door and stepped back, I went to enter and as I did so she grabbed my pony tail and yanked it back.  She held it so my head was tilted back and sort of led me into the flat by it, I heard the door slam behind us and she turned me into the first room on the left.

It was a large room which combined a lounge, dining room and kitchen, in the dining room area there was a table with four chairs around it, two either side.  She led me forward towards the table until I was up against one end of it and then continued pushing forcing me to bend over the table until my forehead was touching the top.  She pulled my skirt up over my ass so I was totally exposed and then I heard her leave the room.

I was exceptionally horny now, I was virtually shivering with anticipation, my hands were laid flat on the table top either side of my head and I could feel condensation forming on the glass around them. I concentrated on staying still.

A heard the toilet flush and realised I need it too but no such luck, a few minutes later I heard her come back in and then a cane landed on the table next to me, I looked at it out of the corner of my eye before my head was yanked back by my pony tail. She said “open” and I opened my mouth allowing her to push a red ball gag into it and then put my head back on the table before buckling it tightly around my head.  And when I say tightly I mean so it hurt!

She picked up the cane and I prepared myself, I’ve been caned plenty of times before but not for a long time and each person is different so it’s never exactly the same.

As always the swish of the cane was instantly followed by the stinging impact, this one was fairly tame though, then she swatted my ass gently for about ten seconds before I heard the swish and felt the sting again. This one was harder but still didn’t bother me too much, there was another ten seconds of swatting and then swish and…wow! I yelped  and jerked as the blow came down twice as hard as the previous one, it stung pretty bad but I didn’t move from my position.

I could hear the smirk in her voice as she said “OK then, count to ten”. There was no more gentle swatting, the first four blows landed about an inch below each other starting at the top of my ass. I involuntarily yelped after each one and then counted the number as best I could through the gag, I’d begun to drool a little around the ball by this point.

The fifth one missed my ass and hit right at the top of my thighs, it stung like a bitch and it was a little more than a yelp I let out this time, although less than a scream I think! but I said the number and then heard her walk around me stroking my ass as she did, her touch felt good but I could feel her fingers rising and falling over the welts that were already forming.

She whispered “half way” into my ear and then stood back up and immediately laid down the fifth one.  My ass was burning now so each blow was magnified, she didn’t give me pause though and I just moaned and counted as she literally beat my ass!

She gave me a few minutes to recover once she had finished, then she returned and I felt her run her hand over my ass again, her hand felt cold, then she undid the buckle on my gag and lifted my head by my pony tail again.  I left a small pool of drool on the table but she didn’t seem to mind, she pulled the ball out of my mouth and then used a towel to wipe my chin. She asked me if I was OK and I smiled and said yes so she led me over to the sofa and told me to kneel in front of it, then she disappeared again.

She was back very quickly and she put my hands into a pair of handcuffs behind my back, then she moved in front of me and sat on the sofa, leant back and opened her legs, then said “I want to cum”.

I smiled a wide smile and then lowered my head between her legs.  I ran my tongue up the length of her slit and then took her clit into my mouth sucking gently. She put her hand on the back of my head and pushed me into her as I licked and sucked and it wasn’t long before I could taste her juices coating my tongue and a few minutes later she was moaning and cumming in my face.

She took a minute to recover with my face still buried in her pussy, then she pulled my head back up by my hair (her new favourite thing?!) until I was back on my knees again, then she stood up, straightened her dress and then released my wrists.

She sat down again and crossed her legs then said “your turn, you may cum”.  Normally at this point there would be all sorts of blushing but I was so horny I just pushed my fingers into my pussy and began to rub my clit with my thumb, it was all of a minute before I was cumming in front of her.

Once I was finished she told me to put the handcuffs back on and I did, then I leant on the sofa and put my head on her knees and she took out my bobble and began stroking my hair.  It felt very intimate and comfortable and I stayed there for over an hour while we talked, mainly about whether I had enjoyed it, to which the answer was a resounding yes!

Eventually she said she would call me a taxi and ten minutes after that she was kissing me good night, minus the handcuffs! The ride home was uncomfortable, my ass was really sore so sitting down was…well, uncomfortable!

Once home I checked out my ass, it was a criss-cross of blackish red welts, it looked wonderful!  It has healed quite a bit already, sitting was difficult all day Friday and Saturday but it is fine now, just a bit of pain when I sit and it’ll be mostly healed by the end of the week.

It was an amazing evening and I’m still smiling about it, I spoke to her on the phone on Saturday and Sunday and I am seeing her again this week, probably Wednesday, can’t wait!

I hope you enjoyed this entry and it wasn’t too dull and boring for you, I did promise to do a task set by Dante, I will try to do it tomorrow lunch time and report back on it, sorry for the delay, busy life!

Archive – Monday: The slave and the whore

This is an old post from my previous blog that I have recently recovered some of thanks to LondonTrainer.

Following on from the previous archived post this one from the 21st November 2008 finishes the story of my visit to see Mistress Jo’s prostitute friend. Incidentally, the day after the one described in this post is the day with the dog that I told Kayleigh about recently.

Well the results are in and it looks as if Monday is the winner! Maybe it was the little taster in the last entry that helped it along, I don’t know but you asked so I will provide (as is the way of a submissive!).

So, when I left off in my last entry Mistress had left me in the corner of the lounge, naked, nose touching the corner and hands behind my back with orders not to let it lose contact with the wall for thirty minutes! After twenty minutes it was getting pretty uncomfortable, my legs were aching and my nose sore from being squashed into the corner.

The whore and Mistress came back into the room, I couldn’t see them but I could sense someone come up behind me and it wasn’t Mistress. I didn’t move a muscle as the whore pressed a vibrating rubber object (it wasn’t a dildo, more like one of those butterfly vibes) into my groin. The toy was doing its job well, I was on the verge of cumming after only a minute or so and could feel my legs turning to jelly.

I couldn’t breathe through my squashed nose so was panting heavily as I came, my legs buckled and involuntarily pulled my nose away from the wall. I collapsed to my knees and looked up at the girl, she had a big grin on her face and mouth “Bad Girl” to me before turning and walking out of the room. Mistress helped me up and put me back into position with my nose against the corner, then I felt her put something against my asshole and push.

The broom handle had been lubed and Mistress had little difficulty pushing it into me but once it was in, she grabbed hold of it and wedged it against something behind me, the end of it pushed painfully inside me and forced me up onto my tip toes. Mistress then whispered in my ear “Maybe you will be able to follow ordered now?” and then walked out and closed the door.

Ten minutes in my calves were killing me and I couldn’t help resting some of my weight on the broom handle which felt like it was going to rip my ass in two any second! I jumped slightly (causing another jerk of pain) when the door bell rang again, I head the whore answer the door and then escort the “punter” upstairs.

The “sex sounds” from upstairs distracted me from the pain in my legs and ass for the next twenty minutes as I grew wet listening to her do her job and thinking about how much alike we were! I hated and loved the thought that I would make a good prostitute, giving up myself to be an object who’s only reason for being there is to pleasure the paying customer.

By the time the customer left I was covered in a layer of sweat and wouldn’t have been able to stay in position if I hadn’t been impaled with the broom. Mistress came back in the room, kissed me on the cheek and said “well done” then moved whatever was holding the broom in place and roughly pulled it from my aching hole, I basically collapsed onto the floor.

Mistress gave me a minute to compose myself and then attached a dog lead to my collar (the only item of “clothing” I had been allowed to wear), she told me to stay on my hands and knees as it would be good practice for tomorrow and then she led me upstairs to the whores room. Once there she pulled the lead upwards and I obediently got to my feet.

The slut was lying on the bed naked again, this time on her front reading a magazine, I could see she had been “used” and knew what was coming next even before Mistress said “clean her again”.

I crawled onto the bed between her legs, then reached down and gently parted her perfect ass cheeks to reveal her sticky, cummy asshole. I brought my face down between her spread cheeks and began to lick the cum from around her hole, after a minute Mistress slapped my ass and told me to “do it properly” so I pursed my lips, put them to her hole and began to suck the cum out of her.

After five minutes I pushed my tongue into her and moved it around to make sure all of the cum from her ass hole had been transfered to this sluts stomach and then lifted my head away. The whore once again just got up off the bed and headed for the shower, I was just a thing to her, I loved that feeling and I was sopping wet once again.

Apparently my performance had been enjoyed by Mistress too, while the whore cleaned herself off Mistress turned me over on the bed, climbed on top of me and lowered her naked groin onto my face, I did my job and made her cum on her slaves face.

Once the girl was clean again and Mistress was satisfied I was sent to clean myself up in the shower. When I had got dry and came out of the bathroom they were both waiting for me. They took me into the girls bedroom (not her “office”, it was much more girly!) and sat me down at a dressing table, Mistress brushed and dried my hair and then the prostitute did my makeup, just like hers! I was feeling quite pampered and didn’t really know what I had done to deserve it but I didn’t question it.

Once I was “made up” the girl produced what looked like her best prostitute clothes from the wardrobe and Mistress told me to get dressed. They both watched as I slid the black lace crothless thong up my legs and then fastened the slightly too small wonderbra around my tits, squeezing and pushing them up. Next I slid the boob tube down over my head to a point where it showed off a suitable amount of cleavage (for a whore, not a solicitor!). The outfit was finished off with a very short denim skirt and some black leather ankle boots.

By the time I was dressed I had begun to understand what was going on, or at least I thought I had, I was going to be whored! My mind was filled with thoughts and fears and Mistress must have seen the worry in my eyes, she looked at the whore, then at me and then said “Don’t worry slut, I’m not making you a street whore……yet” then both her and the girl laughed.

The girl left Mistress and I alone then and Mistress explained a little more to me. Mistress, the owner of all three fuck holes in this body that she owned, was ordering me to sell it for sex, she was making me prostitute myself. She explained to me that I didn’t have a choice so I should get used to the idea quickly and she reassured me that she had taken measures to ensure i was safe, then she left me alone.

I was alone for ten minutes with my thoughts, less than an hour earlier I was comparing myself to a prostitute, now I was about to become one, a label as permanent as the one on my groin. I thought about the humiliating, degrading nature of the oldest profession in the world and then realised I was making myself wet, maybe I already was a whore!?

Mistress came back into the room at the same time as I heard the door bell go, she grabbed me by the arm and led me out of the room saying “your client is here whore, go answer the door”. She left me at the top of the stairs then she and the girl went into her bedroom then closed and locked the door. I made my way down the stairs, walked to the door, took a deep breath and opened it.

As soon as I pulled the door open the guy was in the house pushing me back, he grabbed a handful of my hair and kicked the door shut. I was genuinely scared as he pulled me along the hall by my hair and then pinned me against the wall. His hand roughly went down my top and groped my right tit painfully, once he had had a good feel and pinched my nipple a couple of times he pulled up my skirt and groped my ass in the same way, then reached further down and grabbed my cunt in his fist and gave it a good squeeze. His last “check” was to roughly shove a couple of fingers into my cunt and then ram one of them into my asshole, he seemed satisfied and shoved the fingers into my mouth so I could clean them for him, I obliged feeling thoroughly violated…and horny!

He hadn’t even spoken to me yet and didn’t seem like the chatty sort! He turned me around and pulled my head right back by my hair and instructed me to open my mouth (i.e. “open your fucking mouth bitch”), I obliged and he cleared his throat and spat into my mouth. I gagged and tried to pull away but he held my hair tight and told me to swallow, I reluctantly obliged to that too! I knew it was disgusting but that only made me more horny!! (sick I know!)

He swung me around and headed up the stairs, I stumbled onto my knees but instead of stopping he grabbed the back of my thong with his free hand and dragged me up the stairs by my hair and underwear. The crotch of the thong dug painfully into my cunt bunching up in between my lips and pinching the tender cunt flesh. This was by far the most violent “session” I had been involved in to date and tears were already welling in my eyes, despite the fact that I wasn’t finding it objectionable!

I tried to get to my feet but he didnt give me change as I was dragged across the floor and into the “whore room”. For the first time since arriving he released my hair and dropped me to the floor, then he slid his shoe inside the back of the thong, put all his weight on my ass and pulled the thong. It was excruciating as the thong dug deeper into my slit feeling like it was cutting into my groin, I screamed just as the lace gave way and the crotch of the thong ripped in half.

He reached down and ran his fingers over my sodden slit and I blushed now that he knew I was turned on by what he was doing.

He picked me up to my feet with my back to him then reached around and grabbed my top and bra, roughly yanking then down and scratching his slightly too long nails down my tits and across my nipples. He then flung me around and pushed me back so I fell onto the bed, it was only now I got my first proper look at him.

He was early forties and hadn’t had a shave, he had slightly greying hair and looked reasonably respectable, he was dressed in trousers and a smart shirt.

He climbed on top of me and pinned my arms above my head, then he bent down and sucked and chewed on my nipple occasionally biting hard down on it, when he moved to the next one he left “love bites” all around the tit meat. The other tit got the same treatment and ended up with even more discoloured flesh.

Once he was finished abusing my tits he let me go and got back to his feet, he grabbed my thighs and in one movement flipped me onto my front, then he put one hand on the small of my back and pushed down while his other hand pushed between my legs and he thurst three fingers into my fuck hole, his nails scratched up and down inside my cunt as he violently finger fucked me with three then four fingers eventually attempting and failing to push his entire hand inside me.

Once he was sufficiently happy that my pussy was well and truly abused he left it alone, he had got his cock out now and had lubed it up with the copious amount of juice leaking from my whore hole. I felt his sharp fingernails slide between my ass cheeks and then he pulled my cheeks apart so hard it felt like he was trying to rip me a new asshole! Finally I felt the head of his cock force its way into my ass and he began to thrust in and out of my whore body.

He fucked me for a good five minutes occasionally slapping my pussy or ass and then he grunted and I felt his cum squirt up inside me.

He didnt waste any time pulling out of me (with a slimey slurp!) and flipping me back over, he climbed back on top of me and wiped his cock all over my face and then forced it into my mouth allowing me to clean him.

Once he was satisifed he climbed off me again and put himself away then pulled out a couple of twenty pound notes and shoved them into my gaping pussy before saying “thanks bitch” and turning and leaving.

I lay there for a couple of minute contemplating what had just happened to me, what I had just ALLOWED to happen to me and the fact that the soggy £40 that I was now pulling from my whore hole was in fact my payment for prostituting myself!

I looked up and Mistress was at the door, she said “well done, you’re a whore. clean yourself up” then she left again. I spent the next half hour in the shower trying to wash away the intense shame I was feeling, its a weird feeling when you feel so ashamed of yourself but when that shame turns you on so much, its very difficult to explain!

When I got out of the shower the clothes that I had arrived in were waiting for me, I got dressed and went back downstairs. Mistress was waiting for me, she led me outside and into a waiting taxi which took us to a hotel, I didnt even see my “co-worker” again.

We relaxed in the hotel for the rest of the evening, my body was aching all over but especially my cunt and ass but Mistress said this was only the beginning and tomorrow would bring another challenge.

I hope you enjoy this report and maybe that it insires a few more of you to come up with challenging tasks to degrade, debase and dehumanise this slut.

slave L

Archive – Meeting Tom

I was recently reminding by someone who I was chatting to that when I started my original blog I asked my friend Luke (aka Syren) to post a copy of my first ever blog post on the BDSM Library as he had a few stories already posted on there. The idea was to get some traffic to my blog and I think it worked, although the link did get posted in quite a few places so it’s hard to tell!

The post was about a visit to a Dom who I used to play with from time to time, I thought I might as well post it here for completeness and to give you even more of an idea of my history, for instance the bit where I say “I’m not lesbian or bi”, clearly I didn’t know myself so well back then!

Luke’s stories were quite good, you should have a look at them!

This is my first real entry, I thought I would start things off by writing about the first time I went to my ‘friends’ house. I travel to his house, which is about an hour and a half away, I don’t mind doing this as it means he will never know where I live.

I met him, I’ll call him Tom I think, I met Tom six months ago on a web site called Slave Farm. I had posted a message asking for a man or woman in the South of England who would be willing to torture, humiliate and degrade me for a few hours once a month, as you can imagine my inbox got quite full after that!

Anyway, I picked through the emails discarding many who just wanted me to send them pictures of myself with a bottle stuck up my ass!! Eventually I narrowed it down to a few and made contact with them on messenger. Tom was the only male out of the four that I got in touch with and it was soon evident that he was the only one sadistic enough for me, we arranged to meet in a bar near his house, just to talk. If I am honest I was hoping one of the women would be sadistic enough for me, I’m not a lesbian or even bi, I just find it more humiliating to be abused by another woman.

I met him the following night, he wasn’t as attractive as I had imagined, and was considerably less muscly but we got on well and discussed what I was after, what he was after and perhaps most importantly what I wasn’t willing to do! I wont tell you what those things were as I might change my mind if they are suggested by you lot! He kissed me on the cheek before I left and I drove home happy that I had found someone who could fulfil my needs.

We talked on IM the next day and he made a request, that I remove my nipple piercings and allow them to heal up, I agreed. After talking on the phone for the following two weeks we eventually set a date for our first ‘session’, 23rd April 2006, I was so nervous! The session would last two hours, we also agreed a safe word which I hoped I wouldn’t need!

The 23rd was a Sunday, I stayed in bed watching TV until about midday, I think Hollyoaks was on but my mind was on other things unsurprisingly. I showered thoroughly (inside and out!!), shaved my legs, pits and tidied up my pubes so they didn’t look so much like a bush!! Tom had told me what to wear, and it wasn’t much! A pair of high heeled shoes and a knee length jacket, the same one I had worn to the bar, it wouldn’t be a problem as I would be in the car the whole way anyway.

The drive over to his place was uneventful, I found his place easily with the directions he had given me, it was a detached two story house in an average looking suburban street. I sat in the car for five minutes before I bit the bullet and walked up the drive and knocked on the door, it opened almost immediately, Tom was stood in the doorway with a big grin on his face. I was surprised by what he was wearing, jeans and a t-shirt, for some reason I had expected leather and chains or something!!

I was invited in and once the door was closed he very politely asked if he could take my coat, all of a sudden I was mortified! I hadn’t even thought about it before but I was about to be naked in front of this guy for the first time which isn’t something that normal bothers me but for some reason this time it did. I tried to hide my embarrassment as I undid the buttons and slid the coat off my shoulders, he took it from me and hung it on the back of the door.

He led me by the hand to the end of the hall and then down some stairs, he had a basement! There was a lot of ‘toys’ down there but I wasn’t given opportunity to check them out, he took me straight to the other side of the basement where there was a wooden X cross with leather straps attached to it, he turned me around and offered me a last chance to reconsider but I shook my head. Tom lifted me onto the cross, there were footrests at the bottom so that I could stand up, he pulled my arm up against one of the arms of the cross and fastened the strap around my wrist, then he fastened the other arm and the two ankles, a final strap fastened around my waist and left me well and truly trapped.

I wear a 34C bra so my tits aren’t huge but aren’t to small either, they would be his focus to start with. He took a cane from a wall, which I noticed had a number of whipping implements on, and just started to whack my tits with it over and over again. I had expected him to start slow and build up speed but there was none of that, my eyes were closed tight from the moment the first blow stung my flesh until he had finished a couple of minutes later. I hadn’t thought it possible while he was hitting them but it actually hurt more once he had stopped, my whole chest began to burn.

I looked down at my tits heaving up and down as I panted, both of them were bright red with dark blue lines criss-crossed all over, if I hadn’t been wet already the sight of them would have got me going.

I’ve never really understood why pain makes me so horny, I can only guess that something is wired wrong in my brain and that the pain plug was accidentally inserted into the pleasure socket!

Anyway, when I looked up again Tom had disappeared and he didn’t come back for a good half hour, by that time I had recovered my composure somewhat and was just enjoying the site of my slightly swollen and severely bruised tits. When he did come back he was wearing a pair of latex gloves and was carrying a Pyrex bowl containing a yellow syrupy looking liquid. I perhaps should have been concerned but instead I was just curious what was in the bowl!

He had a wicked grin on his face as he held the bowl with one hand and used the other to scoop some of the syrup up in the other, then he smeared it all over my tits. The syrup was the consistency of golden syrup and generally stayed where it was put, I thought he was going to lick it off at first because nothing happened, it turns out that whatever Tom’s magic syrup is, it takes a few seconds to kick in!

I had thought my tits were burning before but it was nothing compared to this, the only thing I can compare it to is when fat jumps out of a pan and stings your arm, only this didn’t go away after a few seconds and was all over my chest. Without even realizing it I had begun to scream at him, calling him every name under the sun. He looked shocked at first but his grin soon returned and he grabbed a large vibrator from a draw and began to rub it around the opening to my cunt and push it into my clit, it didn’t take long for me to stop screaming and start moaning!!

It took about a minute for Tom to bring me to my first orgasm of the session, I should mention that my tits were still burning but I was still able to cum, and it was a good one too!

After I had cum Tom wiped the vibrator across my lips, I have tasted my own cum loads of times but it’s still humiliating if someone else does that to you! Then, he left me alone again.

Twenty minutes later he came back into the room, he was carrying a small cardboard box and a pair of scissors. I started to panic as we hadn’t discussed hair cutting as one of my limits (it hadn’t come up!!) but I DID NOT want my hair to be cut. I have grown my hair for some time and it is now about three inches below my shoulder, just where I want it to be and I am quite protective of it!!

I started to protest, telling him in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t to cut my hair, I completely forgot to use the safe word! He paused and put the box and scissors down then rummaged in a drawer, when he turned around he was hiding something behind his back. He walked over to me and quickly grabbed my hair, it hurt and I screeched but as soon as I opened my mouth he shoved a cock gag in my mouth, I’m not sure how big it was but it was big enough to shut me up and it didn’t take much effort on his part to pull the elastic around my head!

Now he picked up the scissors again, he got up right close to me, pressing up against my tits (which were no longer burning btw) and I could hear “snip, snip, snip” in my ear but it was obvious he wasn’t cutting anything. Once he had finished having his fun he squatted between my spread legs and began trimming my pubes as far down as he could, it was at this point I realized that the box on the table contained waxing strips! He trimmed them down as far as he could with the scissors and then opened the box and pulled out one of the strips and peeled off the backing paper, now its worth noting here that I have had a bikini wax before and they were very careful about where they put the wax and stuff, Tom had clearly not been trained at the same waxing school!!

The first strip was pressed firmly on with one end just near my asshole, right over my slit and finished just after my clit! I was hoping for a chance to brace myself but no, he just ripped it right off from the asshole end and god damn it hurt. It wasn’t so much the fact that it pulled all the hair from my pussy lips in one go so much as it had adhered itself to my lips and felt like it was going to take them with it!! There were a number of profanities muffled behind the gag! The rest of the strips weren’t so bad as the first and before long my groin looked like a little girls!! Well, slightly pinker actually!! (I’ve since come to quite like it that way).

Apparently the hair removal was just a distraction, he was focusing on my tits today! I watched him put on another pair of surgical gloves and then he pulled over a metal trolley, on top there was a towel with two large fish hooks on top. I say large, they would be about two inches long if they were straightened out. I tried to keep still as he lined one up with the bottom of my nipple, I love having my nipples pierced and this time was no different, I loved the feeling as the hook pierced the skin, forced its way through and then broke out of the top of my nipple causing a drop of blood to run down my tit, I was well and truly wet again!! The other hook predictably went through the other nipple in the same way.

The hooks had string tied to them and he grabbed them and pulled, it was really painful but great at the same time until he started to pull really hard and then it became agonizing!! I don’t think it did rip the holes but it felt like that’s what was happening, I had images of my nipples being ripped clean off!! He held it there for a good minute before letting my tits wobble back into position!

He let me rest for a couple of minutes and then untied me from the cross, I’d been on there for a good hour and a half so I was a little shaky when I stepped down but he didn’t let that slow him down!! I was ordered to stand in the middle of the room and bend over as far as I could, I guessed I was going to get spanked and did as I was told grabbing hold of my legs behind my knees to help me stay in that position. Tom grabbed one of the dangling strings and looped it around my big toe, pulled it tight and tied it off, then he did the same with the other one. This could be quite bad if I fell over!

I had expected a good spanking when I heard him undo his belt but instead he grabbed my hips and shoved his cock up my cunt. It felt really good actually because his cock was like a steel pole and I was already horny as hell, it took him a full sixty seconds to squirt inside me, I didn’t get to cum! He left it in until he went soft and then gave me a shove, I instinctively tried to stand until I almost ripped my nipples off! I ended up in a heap on the floor with my hands cupping my tits which now had more blood leaking from them!! Nice! My moans only left my mouth as muffled sounds because of the gag!

I was given another five minutes to recover before he removed my gag and told me to make myself cum, I didn’t need telling twice, I find it extremely exciting letting someone watch me masturbate and my tits were in agony, it was almost perfect circumstances for it!!

I’m quite practiced at this and it only took me a minute to get to the point where I was moaning and almost cumming, this was the moment he chose to unleash a stream of pee onto my head and then all over the rest of my body, nice! I stopped as soon as I felt it hit my face but he gave me a kick and told me to cum. I continued to rub my clit with my thumb whilst fingering myself (that’s the way I like it!) and was moaning in no time, I have to admit that I did love the humiliation of it! I mean, picture the scene…

I’m led on my back, knees bent with string fastened between my tits and toes!, legs spread wide frigging myself while some guy I hardly know pees on me!

Anyway, once I recovered from my (rather good) orgasm he cut the strings, dragged me to my feet and marched me up the stairs still soaked in his pee! At this point I assumed he was taking me to a bathroom or something but instead he pulls me by the wrist to the door, opens it and throws me out, says “See you next month” and throws my coat out after me before slamming the door!!!

I grabbed my coat and quickly covered myself up, the garden is fairly shaded which I guess he already knew, I doubt he would want his neighbours to see a naked chick outside his front door!! So I reluctantly put my coat back on (covering it in piss in the process!) and got back in my car. I drove away from his house and found somewhere secluded to park, then I removed the string from my toes and tried to take the hooks out of my nipples but failed miserably, I didn’t know this at the time but fish hooks have a point like an arrow (as in bow and arrow) so that they cant be pulled back out! I left them where they were and drove home with the window open (I stank of piss!), by the time I got there I had dried and smelt really bad. I managed to cut the string off the hooks and push them all the way through and out the other side which hurt quite bad as the blood had dried onto them, once done I masturbated again before taking a shower and curling up on the sofa.

It was buttoned up blouse and woolly jumper time for two weeks while my tits healed! I rubbed antiseptic cream into them everyday which stung, especially the nipples, that was always a good time to make myself cum! Mmmm!!! Anyway, that was that, I was hooked (sorry about the pun!) and looking forward to my next visit!

FYI: I’ve kept my pussy bald ever since and am thinking about getting laser hair removal on it, what do people think of that idea?

This is my first proper entry and this is the kind of thing you can expect in the future (maybe not as long! Got a bit carried away!), I’ll report back on all my future visits to Tom’s (and if you ask in the right way (i.e. not nicely!) I might write about the last few months visits too).

I’d also really like it if my readers (if I have any!) would post comments suggesting things I could do myself or do to myself between visits to Tom’s. ANYTHING your perverted minds can come up with is fine with me (more or less! 😉 ) so get your thinking caps on and let me know how you want me to be used, abused, humiliated (publicly if you want?!) and degraded!

I look forward to your comments!!