A trial

As usual it’s been a while since I’ve written here but some things have gone on in the mean time. I travelled for work for a while and when I got back I felt like I was missing something in my life, I felt lonely.

I decided to seek an online D/s relationship and ended up entering into a two week trial with someone I’ve known online for some time. Whilst I enjoyed the time it did end up being too much for me purely because I was so busy with the rest of my life and unable to keep up with everything that was required of me, which was no more than would be required of any sub. I think what I am trying to say is that it was entirely my fault that it didn’t work out.

Anyway, part of the trial involved me completing tasks for him on a weekend and reporting back and as seen as I haven’t written anything on here in a while I thought it would be good to post the report from one of those tasks.

Just a small disclaimer, during my time with him I wasn’t allowed to capitalise any reference to myself so that is why there are so many small i’s! He also insisted I referred to using the bathroom as “going potty” which I hated!

i started the task on Saturday morning by sealing my pussy lips as per your orders. i took some fishing line and threaded a needle on both ends then, starting at the bottom on either side of my hole i pushed a needle through the sensitive flesh and then brought the needles out, crossed them over and pushed them both inwards through my lips a bit further up. i repeated this another four times on each side, i now know this is not the format you wanted them laced in but that but i did my best with the information you provided. i pulled it all tight so that my lips were sealed together and then knotted the fishing line ends and removed the excess line. The “lacing” ended just below my clit piercing, with the piercing being the size and location that it is the ring sits sort of on top of my outer lips which forced my clit to stand out from my lips also, there is no way to close my lips fully with this ring in.

i was doing a lot of moving around on Saturday and was very conscious of the pinching and pulling going on in my pussy whenever I moved too much. Sometimes i’d move and i felt a sharp pain shoot through my pussy that stopped me in my tracks, other times it was just a dull pain that kept me wet all day. By morning my lips were a little swollen and tender and the first movements, which pulled the line through the holes a little was very painful.

It is hard to describe how it feels for someone like me to experience that type of pain, it hurt’s just like it would hurt anyone but i love the pain, it makes me feel good rather than bad and it makes me so wet even though it can bring me to tears at the same time. It’s odd because not all pain is like that for me, breaking my arm wouldn’t give me an instant orgasm for example, it’s difficult to explain!

Anyway, i had various plans over the weekend as you know but planned on starting the task at about 9am on Sunday morning so was up at 8am getting everything ready. I got all the items i needed out of my toy box and placed them on the bed whilst drinking the required litre of liquid ( a combination of coffee, orange juice and water fyi), i laid a plastic sheet on my (carpeted) bedroom floor and then placed the base of the dog cage where I would be standing so that i didn’t make a mess (which didn’t work but more on that later!).

i didn’t bother getting dressed and did all the preparation naked and wearing my leather ankle and wrist cuffs as well as my matching collar, it made me feel good to be dressed as a sub again as it’s a long time since i’ve been dressed this way. Kayleigh used to like to make me wear just stockings, a garter belt and some heels, she called it my slave uniform ūüôā

It was almost time to start so got a little lube and ran it around the inside of my asshole and then smeared some of your delightful hot sauce around the base of the locking plug. i was going to put my shoes on and then insert the plug but i thought it best to be precise in my following of your orders so i bent over the bed with my legs slightly spread and placed the plug at the entrance to my hole, i find applying gentle pressure is the best way to insert a plug and in doing so i felt my ass slowly let the plug slide into me. The plug is quite large even when closed so i had to apply more pressure and take the pain as my asshole was stretched and the plug all of a sudden slid into me and allowed my hole to close around the hot sauce coated base.

Next i gingerly sat on the bed and put on my very high heels, they are shoes but they are like boots and lace up over the top of my foot and are ridiculously high, i concentrated on lacing them up despite the burning sensation now becoming quite severe around my anal entrance.

Following the next part of your instructions required a little ingenuity, after attaching one end of the chain to a ceiling hook it was obvious that there was no way i could reach the ceiling to attach the other end with it already between my legs. Fortunately the chain was long so i ran the free end through the other ceiling hook (they are actually eyelets, i think they are from a four poster bed or something?!) and kept hold of the free end leaving the loop hanging low enough that I could stand over it, then i pulled the free end until it was digging into my crotch. i could have made things easy for myself here by giving myself some slack but i’m serious about this and made sure it was tight into my pussy and then took note of where it would need to attach it to the ceiling. Then i got off it, threaded it through my clit ring and attached it at the correct length to the ceiling hook.

With the chain in place hanging in a U (via my pussy ring) from the ceiling i stepped over it (rather inelegantly i might add) and using a small box i had left at one side got myself in position before kicking the box away and standing up with the chain digging into my already sore and stitched pussy lips and pushing the plug deeper into my burning ass.

i reached behind me and managed to open the plug after a few minutes of struggling, opening the plug is a strange sensation, it opens very quickly so you go from having a full feeling to having a seriously stretched, over full feeling in a split second and it’s a bit of a shock! Anyway, i opened the plug and slid the timer lock through the hole, through the chain and pushed it closed before turning the dial eight times (it’s maximum).

With me standing where i was and the chain positioned how it was the plug has constant pressure on it and the chain was digging into and crushing against my sealed pussy lips, however the angle of the chain meant that it was pressing directly against my clit despite the dangling ring pulling it out a little, but… then i took the weight as per my instructions and hung it from my clit ring. i had said to you that i didn’t think the weight would do much because it would be mostly taken by the chain but i wasn wrong, the weight pulled just enough to pin my clit between the part of the ring that goes through my body and the chain and keep pressure on it the whole time. It wasn’t unbearable painful but it definitely hurt and would be like that for a long time.

As per your final bondage instruction i took the other timer lock and put it through the rings on my cuffs and then through the chain at about head height then locked it setting the timer for five hours. That was it, i was locked there, unable to move or escape for the next eight hours and already in significant discomfort.

my pussy, clit and ass were in considerable pain but after an hour it was my legs that were the hardest to take, shortly followed by my arms. my arms weren’t in so much pain as they were just uncomfortable and i couldn’t find a position in which i could keep them for any length of time but my legs i couldn’t move at all, there was no other position to put them in and the only relief i could give them was to bend my knee and lift one every so often and this actually relieved the pressure on the chain somewhat as long as i could keep my balance, several times i swayed and couldn’t get my leg down before i pushed heavily down on the chain with my pussy causing the weight to sway and grind my clit into the chain.

After three hours the burning in my ass had died down and wasn’t bothering me really, and i’d got used to the fullness there as much as you can get used to having your ass stretched on the inside. my pussy was very tender and feeling bruised, imagine when you’ve got a bad bruise and you poke it and keep your finger on it, that’s what it felt like but in my pussy. i’m not sure how to describe how my clit felt other than “raw”, maybe like being nipped but constantly, for hours.

By the time the lock on my cuffs unlocked the “sexual” pain in my pussy and ass paled in comparison to the muscle pain in my legs and arms, even though the lock had clicked open i couldn’t move my arms properly to unhook them from the lock and let them free and when i eventually did free them they were very stiff and it was painful to straighten them. Eventually i massaged my arms back to life and reached down and unclipped the weight, if you’ve never been clamped you won’t understand this but the very worst part of having parts of your body squeezed for a long time is when the squeezing stops, the blood rushes back in and the pain can be exquisitely horrendous.

This wasn’t quite like that but it was a version of it, the pull on my clit was drastically reduced without the weight which allowed me to adjust my position and lift my clit off the chain which was sweet sweet agony ūüôā

The final three hours the only thing i struggled to deal with was my legs, my pussy and ass were sore but that was an enjoyable sort of pain, my legs were just really badly aching and by this time the shoes were really hurting my feet. They are very high shoes and it puts a lot of pressure on the balls of your feet when you wear them for a long time.

About an hour before the timer ran down i needed to potty, i closed my eyes and let my stream go which went through the chain and strayed everywhere, all on the end of my bed and across the carpet! Once i was free there was very little to clean with my mouth but i had to clean up the carpet and wash my clean bedding, it was a pain!

Eventually the time ran down and the lock on my ass clicked open, i reached behind me and removed the padlock and then closed the locking plug, you have no idea how good it felt to feel it retract inside me but also really strange and empty. Next i had to VERY carefully lift my leg over the chain without falling and ripping my clit ring out. my legs were so sore and stiff and it was hard to take my weight on one of them but i powered through the pain and, shaking, got off the chain then climbed on a chair and detached the chain from the ceiling. Then i fell on the bed and stayed there for about twenty minutes just lying there and then after a while moving my legs around.

Once i had recovered a little i started to explore my body with my hands, my pussy had a deep indentation of the chain along it which had only slightly dissipated while i was laid on the bed. my pussy and clit were very pussy, red and sore. i laid on my side and bent my legs up so that i could reach around and slowly pull the plug out of myself which left my hole gaping for some time afterwards.


I hope you enjoy reading this, I hope to write more soon as I have a few things going on that might make interesting reading although my life is so crazy at the moment it’s hard to say when that will be!

Fantasy Progress

I’ve been asked by quite a few people about the other fantasies and where they are up to so I in turn asked Luke and this is what he said (I embellished them a little as he tends to be quite short with me!).

  • Be blindfolded and restrained and left in a hotel room to be used and abused by a sick perverted stranger who I will never meet or even see.
    Progress: 0% – This will be easy to organise so isn’t high on the priority list.
  • Be put into severe bondage and used as an ornament or furniture at a BDSM event for a prolonged period (at least a day).¬†
    Progress: 20% – I know what I’m going to do with this but need to wait until there is a suitable party, probably when it is warmer.
  • Be given to a dominant BDSM¬†oriented very obese man for his use over a weekend.
    Progress: 0% – I don’t know any fat guys so this one may take some time to organise.
  • Be degraded by being forced to swallow bodily fluids and other disgusting things from multiple sources (potentially at a party).
    Progress: 90% – This one is waiting for you (Lois) to be free, me (Luke) and my friends are ready and waiting.
  • Be put in tight bondage and torture inside a crate and be transported a significant distance.¬†
    Progress: 40% – This is going to be difficult because we live in England, any significant distance takes you across an international border which would be problematic. My working plan is to do this is America and I might have a willing driver.
  • Be given to a dominant BDSM¬†oriented pre-op transsexual for her use over a weekend.¬†
    Progress: 0% – Yeah because I know loads of transexuals!
  • Have my body modified (in a sexual way) without my prior knowledge of what will be changed.
    Progress: 100% – Done ūüôā Hope you’re enjoying the new look ūüėČ
  • Be forced to sexually service one or more none humans in as many ways as possible.
    Progress: 5% – I “may” be getting somewhere organising this.
  • Be sold (for actually money which my friend will keep) to a third party for a week of (almost) no limits use.
    Progress: 75% – This has had most of my attention because it will hopefully fund the rest but has required a lot of effort, I expect the auction to happen this month.
  • Be used as a genuine toilet at a bdsm party.
    Progress: 0% – How many BDSM parties do you think I am involved in? This will be later in the year.
  • Have a scene from¬†Torture Galaxy¬†recreated on me.
    Progress: 0% – We could do this any time.
  • My friends own fantasy.
    Progress: 0% – I’ve not even started to think about what I want to do with you.

…completing my own thought.¬†

Thank you everyone who commented, some interesting ideas. I thought I would add my own as well. 

Our coffees are almost finished when you face changes, you become more serious and your eyes darken. You look me in the eyes and say “give me your underwear”. 

I feel my pussy dampen and I reach under my skirt and slide my knickers down my legs as stealthily as possible in the busy coffee shop. I hand them to you and you smile as the dampness touches your hand. 

The bra is more difficult and I am blushing as you watch me struggle out of it. Once I hand it to you I am left wearing only the thin white blouse, short skirt and heals that you told me to wear. 

You pull a long chain out of your pocket and hand it to me, there is an unlocked padlock on one end and a leather strap on the other. I don’t see a key but I know what you want me to do so I wrap the chain around my neck and fasten the padlock in front, as soon as I do you take the other end of my leash and yank me roughly out of the cafe and down an alley. I don’t even have time to see if anyone saw me being led out on a dog lead!

You take me a little down the alley until you find the smelly food bin from the cafe and tell me to kneel next to it. My pussy is soaking as I kneel on the dirty floor with the rubbish. 

You pull the chain forcing me to look up at you and then say “open your mouth”. When I do you clear your throat and spit into my mouth, I instinctively close my mouth and swallow your spit which brings a big smile to your face. I blush ashamed. 

I watch you look around and then walk across the alley talking my knickers from your pocket and using them to pick a piece of dog shit off the floor.

My eyes widen as you come back to me and once again say “open your mouth”. My lips stay sealed and in response you give me a sharp kick between my legs and my pussy explodes in pain. 

You say it again and this time I look up at you, cheeks Crimson, and open my mouth. You immediately drop the dog shit in my mouth and I immediately close my mouth, fill it with spit and swallow it all down whilst trying not to gag. 

When I open my eyes you have your cock out, my immediate thought is you want a blow job but instead a stream of piss hits me straight in the face. You piss all over me, soaking my clothes and making my blouse see through. 

I’m dazed as I watch you walk over and pick up your phone from on top of a bin, then smile at me and walk off down the alley. I lean back against the wall and my fingers find my clit and moments later I’m cumming. 

I wait in the alley until my blouse is dry enough so my nipples aren’t visible and then wrap the chain around my neck a few times so it looks like some kind of goth necklace before walking home hoping I don’t see anyone I know. 

Just after I reach the safety of home I get a text message, it is details for our second date and a link to xvideos. I open the link and see a video of everything that happened in the alley and my blush and get wet both at the same time. 

I got back your text and reply “see you then”. 

Complete my thought…

I have this thought that I’d be interested in hearing people’s ending to. So if you are interested please finish my thought in the comments (please don’t embarrass me by no one commenting!). 

So the thought is…

We’ve been discussing my need to be degraded and dehuminised in extremely sick and twisted ways for some time and finally we are meeting, a kind of casual first date in a coffee shop. 

We’ve chatted for an hour or so, had fun but will both be leaving soon. What are you going to do to/with me in the next half hour to prove that you are the person I’ve been looking for who will force me into the depths of depravity and therefore earn yourself a second date?

They may take our lives but they will never take our freedom!

I am writing this completely naked, no clothes, no underwear, no pajamas and no metal chastity belt!

After warning me that my little task would be starting any day now I have been waiting expectantly and have heard nothing. After all my complaining that should probably be a good thing but now that it’s so close the apprehension is the worse part and she is keeping me hanging on far too long now!

In the mean time I carried our a little task that someone set me and spent three days with a bell from a cat collar tied to my clit ring! I thought this would be fairly easy but the thing rings at the slightest movement. I’ve never sat so still in a three hour meeting my entire life!

I also got a summons from my man friend, he wanted to fuck my pussy before it got Locked up and as he is free to do that whenever he feels like it I obediently agreed. There was one sticking point though, he wanted me there at 5pm but I had a meeting until 5pm that day.

My punishment for being late was that after he had filled my pussy with cum and I’d pulled up my knickers because he “doesn’t want me dripping on the carpet”, a comment which made my cheeks nice and red, he had me go into his little bathroom and kneel in front of the toilet, then bend over and put my head into the bowl, then he pissed all over my hair.

When I left a minute later my hair was dripping with his urine, I went down a side street and rung it out and then tied it back, it didn’t look too bad and fortunately it didn’t really smell but I had a thorough shower as soon as I got home!

I will keep you apprised if and when Hannah gets in touch, in the mean time I update twitter when my new friend calls so if you’re interested follow me on there!


P.s. The title of this post is referring to my freedom from chastity and is not a comment on the D/s lifestyle which I, obviously, condone!

Bad idea

You know when something seems like a good idea at the time but then later you really regret it?

I went through a phase a couple of months ago when the idea of being locked in my chastity belt for an extended period of time really excited me, I literally dreamed about it every night. In fact I was so obsessed with it that I sought out a way to make it happen and me being me I wanted to make sure that escape would not be a simple matter.

I had recently reconnected with a sub girl that I used to know, called Hannah, who had recently been having a few switchy feelings going on and chastity happened to come up so I told her about my desires for true chastity without having a partner to hold the key. Predictably she offered to be the key holder but I wanted a bit more than that, I knew that if I really begged she would release me and that knowledge would detract from the experience I was seeking.

We discussed different ideas and eventually we came up with a plan which could actually work, my friend went off to look into it and report back. In the mean time my obsession with chastity had no abated but I had started the agreement that I described in my last post. After a couple of weeks she came back and declared that the plan would work and she would help me to put it into action but that it would take some time, I was delighted!

What was the plan you ask? It’s a little long-winded so bear with me…

Well first off I needed to purchase a little eight digit digital safe, that I have done and given it to her. She would then write down eight random numbers, program the door of the safe with those numbers and then leave it open. The piece of paper with the code on would then go into a sealed envelope.

On her next trip around the UK Hannah will find a long-term storage locker at train station or a safe deposit box or whatever. Somewhere she can lock something up and have a key to get at it later. This required a significant amount of research on her part!

Once she had located somewhere to stash it she would put the envelope inside and take the key home. You can probably see where this is going at this point but I’ve started so I’ll finish.

Apparently not all of these things have actual keys, some have codes, some require you to show a ticket, I will just refer to all these as keys to make life simpler. So next time she goes away she will take the “key” with her and wherever she is this time she will find another place to store something and in there she will put the key plus an envelope describing on what and where the key can be used. Then, she’ll have another key to stash…

The plan was that she would follow this process at least three times but in one of my more masochistic moments I suggested we should not put a maximum limit on how many times she would repeat it. I would leave that decision to her and from that moment on I would be submissive in this endeavor.

So that agreement was made several weeks ago now and she has refused to give me any more information on her efforts since then except nearly two weeks ago when she told me she was almost done setting it all up, by which time my obsession with this plan had waned somewhat! I made an attempt to get out of it, I told my new “fuck buddy” about it but he loved the idea and said that my mouth could satisfy his cock just fine and that he’d like to see what would happen if I could get any relief for a while. Having failed there I called Hannah and told her that I wasn’t so up for the idea anymore.

It turns out that in the weeks she had been setting things up Hannah had gone from a very much 50-50 switch to leaning very much toward being a Domme! She told me in no uncertain terms that I was NOT getting out of it, that she had put a lot of effort into organizing it and that now I would do as I was told! I have to admit, I was really quite wet when she ended that call with me in mid sentence.

That brings you up to date on my impending doom. Any day now she is going to call and tell me to come to her flat with my belt, which is an hours drive away. She’ll give me a brand new padlock and tell me to put on the belt, then I’ll have to put the keys in the safe and lock it, then she will give me an envelope containing a key and a location and my “adventure” will have begun.

Hannah is always away, she travels literally all over the UK (and Ireland) for work so these keys could be stashed anywhere, I do some travelling for work but mainly I work in Cambridge these days so I will only really be able to travel at the weekend to follow my little treasure hunt which means I could possibly get two in a weekend which means I will be in the belt for AT LEAST one full week and depending on how cruel she has been I could be in it for a lot longer.

Those who have been reading for a while will remember that I wore the belt for a week once, it was hell, I was going crazy by the end. Just to put this in perspective I have quite a high sex drive, I make myself cum at least once a day and often more than that. This belt, that I spent a fortune on (why?), is exceptionally effective. It is made to measure, it fits like a glove and it works perfectly. I need clitoral stimulation to cum almost every time, the only times I have cum without it (that I can remember anyway) were from vigorous penetration, neither of which are even remotely possible in this chastity belt.

So there you have it, my bad idea is coming back to haunt me big time,I can’t get out of it and I am truly dreading it!

Keeping busy

I’ve been keeping myself quite busy with work recently but I’ve also had a new “thing” going, eloquent I know but I’m finding it hard to find a name for it!

it started a while back when I was contacted by someone on collarme with what upon might call an indecent proposal. He was an older man (than me) who Was a Dom until he met his now wife over ten years ago, she wasn’t into it and he gave it up to be with her.

However, as I know all too well, you can stop¬†acting upon your need for this lifestyle but you can’t remove the need, the man explained that while¬†his wife and he are still very much in love their sex life has dwindled as she is less and less interested in it while his desires have increased and returned to centre around BDSM. They have talked about this at length and come to the agreement that he would be allowed to “see” someone to alleviate his frustrations.

He went on to say that he had no interest in using a prostitute and that instead he wanted to find someone who he could fulfil his desires with and then show the door with no romantic entanglements so that he could then go back to his happy marriage.

Now, I’m not sure what you are thinking right now but I was pretty skeptical at this point! However, it gets better!

After spending many days looking at BDSM personals sites he came across my collarme profile, read my blog and took an interest. He lives near Cambridge (like me) and has an office in the centre of town (like me) and wondered if I would be interested in some sort of arrangement.

There was a minor detail though, his wife wanted to meet and “approve” whoever he chose before anything happened and she would have final say over whether she was happy for it to happen and also have the power to stop it whenever she wished.

When I’d finished reading his proposal I thought it was totally weird but also really quite intriguing. As I’ve mentioned before, after the spectacular failure of my recent relationship and most of my previous relationships I am in no rush to get into another one but I still want and need to satisfy my own desires.

I decided to reply to his message and after quite a few messages back and forth over a few weeks we talked about an arrangement, he didn’t want a scheduled meeting in a dungeon somewhere, he wanted to be able to phone or text me whenever he had an itch and we would meet up so he could scratch it and then send me on my way and that appealed to me too. The degradation of being used like that, picked up and put down, appeals to my submissive side and the things he wanted to do with me definitely appealed to some of my other sides. Plus it’s exciting, not knowing when I’ll be called upon.

So I agreed and a date was set for me to meet his wife, it was just the two of us and I have to say it was one of the strangest hours of my life. The guy has his own business and is doing quite well so they live in a very nice house in one of the suburbs of Cambridge, she invited me in and then she made tea and cakes! She asked a lot of questions of me none of which were of a sexual nature, she wanted to know about my interests (outside of the bedroom), about my previous relationships (I could tell when I answered that she wasn’t expecting anyone with a female name to come up!) and my career and then she was done. She thanked me for coming to see her and for showing “The proper respect” and that was it I was free to go. I later got a text from him saying “You passed the test.”.

This was all a few months ago now and it is all going quite well really! The first time he called me we just went to a caf√© and had coffee, the second time I went to his office and he¬†bent me over his desk and fucked me before sending me back to work with soggy knickers. I the following weeks the visits continued in the same vein, he made a “deposit” in my other two holes on the next two visits and then once he’d tried out all three he moved onto other things.

Just to set the scene a little, these meetings rarely last more than half an hour, an hour at the max. Most of the time I remove only a few or no clothes, for instance the first visit where he fucked my pussy he just hiked up my skirt and pulled my underwear to the side. He just wants to do what he feels like doing and then send me on my way, which is perfectly fine with me, I have no interest in a relationship with the guy!

So after he had got the fucking out of his system, he moved onto a bit of humiliation. He had me kneel on his office floor and finger myself to orgasm, another time he had me keep my hands behind my back and make myself cum against his thigh while he sat in his chair. Another time he had me pull down my knickers, bend over a chair with my pussy pointing at him and fuck myself with a peeled banana until I came, then pull up my knickers and leave. I can’t imagine many of you have been in this situation before but let me tell you that walking out into the middle of town with your pussy filled with mashed up banana is not a simple thing to deal with when you only have ten minutes to get back to work! I loved it though!

His business in an accountancy for small businesses and his premises is only small, his office at the back and then the main room with his PA/Secretary/Receptionist in it. She is nice but not the sharpest tool in the box, it’s pretty clear he didn’t hire her for her brain though, poor girl!

He also quite likes my chastity belt, we have used it once, he text me one day and told me to bring it with me but to leave my locks and keys at home. When he text me against just before lunch he told me to bring the belt so I went via my car and arrived with the belt in a bag. He told me to get him hard with my mouth and then make him cum inside me. I knelt in front of his chair and took out his cock, I got him hard very quickly with my extensive skills ūüėČ and then pulled off my knickers and straddled him backwards (with my back facing him reverse cowgirl style), his cock slid easily into my wet hole and I began to fuck him but as I put all my effort into bouncing up and down he told me I wasn’t allowed to cum and then he filled me with his load.

He pushed me off and told me to put the belt on and before his cum had even had chance to start leaking from me he was clicking the locks closed on my belt, my very horny pussy was destined to go unsatisfied for three days until the keys arrived unexpectedly in the post.

So that is ongoing and I am having fun with it, it’s not everything I want but at least it is something and there are no strings attached to it which is perfect for me at the moment.

I have a few other things on the horizon as well so I will be back soon to tell you about those.


A little disclaimer for those new to reading this blog: The pictures I use in posts are very rarely of me, they re just pictures I find by searching the web for the topics I am writing about. If a post does contain a picture of me you will know because it will be in the “Pictures of me” category. Lo xx

Tall dark stranger (part 1)

After a long train ride and a short taxi ride I was dropped off at the end of a small cul-de-sac, I walked down the road and found number six half way down on the right. It is a medium sized detached house, nothing special but perfectly nice, I could already see a note on the front door.

I was wearing a knee length blue skirt, a pink vest top and a thigh length coat over the top. Underneath I was wearing a black lace thong and matching bra and on my feet I had some blue heels, not too high. Finally I had a black cotton scarf draped around my neck. Basically I was dressed exactly as I had been asked to dress, to the letter.

I walked up the driveway as confidently as I could with my heart beating so fast in my chest and then read the note on the door, it said: “Lois, by entering my house you are confirming our agreement that I can do whatever I like with you until you leave tomorrow, no limits (other than what we have discussed) and no safe words. If you are happy to proceed, use your scarf to blindfold yourself and then knock on the door. I will bring you inside, put you on your knees and fuck your mouth, you will swallow all my cum. I will then lock you in a small box for between one and five hours, you will not be able to move inside the box. If this note or anything else has changed your mind then this is your last chance, leave now and do not contact me again.”.

It had been quite a while since I had a cock in my mouth and longer since I had swallowed and cum but I figured it’s like riding a bike, the up to five hours cramped in a box really didn’t seem appealing though, did I really want to go through that with a virtual stranger? Would it be worth it?

I decided it would and tied my scarf around my eyes, I folded it a few ties first and it served as a perfect blindfold, it was so effective in fact that when I went to knock I almost put my hand through the door and really hurt my knuckles!

The door opened almost immediately, a hand grabbed my shoulder and I stumbled as I was pulled into the house and then the door was shut behind me. I was in, agreement confirmed, last chance given up. With both hands on my shoulders he pushed down from behind me and I lowered myself to my knees, then he grabbed my hands and crossed them behind my back, just like Kayleigh liked to have me.

He was very quickly in front of me and I felt something touch my lips, I instinctively opened my mouth (what a slut!) and he pushed his cock in without hesitation. It really is like riding a bike, I closed my lips around him and began running my tongue over the head and just like that he was hard, his cock growing in my mouth, then he began to fuck my face.

His hand went into my hair and grabbed a handful so he could hold my head still and just thrust into my mouth, every few strokes he pushed the head of his cock into my throat a little and I’d have to concentrate on not gagging.¬† After a couple of minutes he pulled out a little holding steady with just the head inside my lips and then he moaned and his hot salty cum filled my mouth, and I mean filled, there was a lot of it!

He pulled out almost immediately and then presumably watched while I swallowed twice moving his cum from my mouth to my stomach, it was particularly salty and sticky and not easy to swallow but I managed to get it all down. When he could see I was done he wiped his cock on my cheeks and across my top lip so that all could smell and taste was cum.

He disappeared for a minute and I just knelt there trying to listen to what was going on, then he was back behind me and lifting me by my wrists whist keeping them locked behind me, I climbed to my feet and then walking the direction I was being pushed hoping I wouldn’t go face first into something.

We went into a different room and then he¬†abruptly pulled my arms back stopping me in my tracks, he removed my coat and I heard it thrown on to a sofa or something. Next he was by my feet, lifting each on and removing my shoes, then lifting one up high and sort of stepping me forward, when I put my foot down it was on cold metal. He helped me in with my other foot and then adjusted them so they were touching the sides of what was obviously “the box” and so I was sort of on tip toes with my heels against the back of the box. Then he pushed me down onto my knees which naturally slid apart until they touched the sides, he kept pushing until I was knelt down with my ass on my feet.

Next he wrapped one hand around my forearms which were still folded behind my back and the other on top of my head and slowly pushed it down until I was bent right over with my forehead touching the floor of the box. He held me there for a few seconds and then in a gruff throaty voice uttered his first words to me, “stay still”, and then let go. I heard a small creek and then I felt the lid touch my forearms and seconds later heard two latches being closed on the box and then, silence!

I waited a minute just listening and then I tried to move. I could move my head up and down a little but my body was completely jammed in the box, because I was bent over the way I was and was already touching the lid I couldn’t move my legs at all and the same was true for my arms which were touching the lid and both sides. I could breathe normally and didn’t have undue pressure on any one part of my body, I just couldn’t move at all!

I tried to keep relaxed, stay calm and not panic. I still had a strong taste of cum in my mouth and with every breath that is all I could smell. There was nothing else to do but wait……….

And wait…….

Somewhere along the way I completely lost track of how long I had been in there, my mind drifted to various kidnap and torture fantasies amongst other things but then my body started to ache and eventually all I could think about was getting out of the box and moving my arms and legs. Despite knowing full well I couldn’t move I still tried to wriggle and move but to no avail. After a while longer I just wanted to scream in total frustration but¬†the box stayed shut and I continued breathing in the smell of cum.

Eventually came the welcome sound of the latches on the box being opened, as the lid came up and pulled my skin were it had adhered to the metal I used all my will power to keep from immediately jumping out of it. He grabbed my hair and pulled, I went with him first bending my body back upright and then bending my aching joints and standing on very shaky legs. I desperately wanted to move my arms but I kept them behind me because I didn’t want to give him any reason to put me back in the box. Once I could stand up straight he pulled my arms apart and let them hand by my sides, it was a mixture of pain and relief as I allowed them to move again.

He started to speak, “You were in the box for nearly two hours, if you piss me off at any point I will put you back in and you won’t come out until it’s time to leave. Do you understand?”, I relied “yes Sir”. His reply came quickly, “I don’t go in for all that Sir, Master business. If I ask you a question just answer like a normal person, I’m not your “Maaaster” I’m just a guy who wants to fuck you and fuck you up a bit, OK?”, I nodded, blushed and just said “yes”. He said, “take off your blindfold”.

My eyes took a few seconds to adjust to the light but when they did I saw a guy in his early thirties, stocky and carrying a bit of extra weight but he could pull it off as he was tall, at least six foot. He had short brown hair and stubble, he was wearing blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt, he was smiling. He wasn’t gorgeous but he wasn’t ugly either, just average looks really, I smiled back somewhat shyly as the thought popped into my head that his cum was already in my stomach.

He gestured and I followed him upstairs and into a bedroom, I think it was a spare room because it seemed a bit too empty and tidy to be used every day. He turned around and stood very close to me, way into my personal space and said “Did you get wet in my box?”, I just looked at him and blushed again! I blush a lot, it is really ridiculous but I can’t help it. He grabbed my chin roughly and put his face right in mine and said “if I ask you a question I expect you to answer it”, it wasn’t really menacing or anything but he got his point across! I said “yes, a little”, more blushing.

He grinned again, he has quite a cheeky grin, and then pushed his hand between my legs and pushed his fingers against my pussy through my thong which was in truth soaked through, his grin widened and I couldn’t help but smile at him. He said “lets see if we can wipe that grin off your face shall we?” and then turned around and picked up my overnight bag.

He unzipped the bag and then tipped it up and dumped the entire contents on the bed, my spare clothes, underwear, shower bag, makeup and the few toys he had asked me to bring all spilled out all over the place. He obviously didn’t find what he was looking for because he left it all there and turned back to me and told me to bend over the end of the bed.

The bed had a metal header and footer so I bent over it and laid my body on all the crap he just tipped out. He kicked the insides of my feet until he was happy with how far they were apart and then came right up close behind me, I could feel his erection pressing against my ass as he pulled my skirt up and bundled my thong so it was between my pussy lips and buried so far up my ass it might never come out. Then I listened to him unbuckle his belt before he stepped back.

He isn’t really one for warming up, he whipped my ass ten times in close succession and he did it damn hard. My ass was stinging almost straight away but I had no time to think about it because he then swung the belt up between my legs and hit me just as hard directly on my pussy. I yelped and my legs buckled as the stinging pain shot through my groin but I stayed basically on my feet. There was a laugh in his voice when he said “Did you like that last one slut?”, I managed to get out a short breathy “yes”.

Back behind me now his fingers were running across my now slightly puffy pussy lips, he pulled my thong out from between them and ran two fingers down my slit, I was plenty turned on by what was happening so he had no problem pushing them inside me until they were buried deep. He left them there for a good minute, just moving them around inside me causing an occasional gasp or moan to escape my lips, then he yanked them back out and wiped my juices on my skirt.

He grabbed me around the waist and picked me up, walked back away from the bed a couple of steps then dumped me back on my feet again and told me to lean my hands on the end of the bed. With me basically bent over he tried to pull my thong down but with my legs spread they wouldn’t go down so he grabbed the crotch of them and put his other hand on my ass and just pulled them until the thin lace ripped and they came away in his hand. He threw them on the floor under my face and I secretly rolled my eyes, he just ruined my favourite black underwear!

I thought I knew what was coming when he said “hold still or I’ll do it harder”, more pussy whipping, but instead he swung his foot up between my legs and kicked me directly in the cunt. My legs immediately gave way and I fell to my knees clutching my groin and moaning. I don’t know how to describe the pain this produces, for me it is unlike any other pain and it kind of pulses through my body radiating from my pussy which had immediately started to puff up.¬† That is not to say I don’t like the pain, it is just a somewhat intense sensation especially when you aren’t expecting it!

Several years ago I was playing with a guy who quite enjoyed this sort of play and he kicked me so hard that he fractured my pelvis. We didn’t realise at the time and he still fucked me afterwards, it was incredibly painful and very embarrassing the next day when I had to go to hospital and make up some lame story about falling on a fence!

Anyway, he left me on my knees trying to pull myself together for a minute and then said “I’m pretty sure I told you to hold still or I’d do it harder. Do you remember that Lois?”. I was listening but I didn’t answer, my pussy was still throbbing. He came over to me and told me to stand up, my legs were a little wobbly but he was very helpful and grabbed a handful of my hair to help me up.

Smiling he said “Now. Because you moved I am going to do that again but this time I’m going to do it harder, AND, I’m wearing shoes so it will hurt more, ok?”. I looked down at his feet, he was wearing some sort of grey walking trainers with metal loops for the round orange laces which were tied in a bow. He put his hand under my chin and moved my head back up so I was looking at him and said “O, K, ?”. He had a huge grin on his face and it just made me laugh, I smirked and said “OoooooKaaaaay” in the same way he had. He laughed, let go of me and said “assume the position then!”

I stood back in position, spread my legs and leant over onto the foot of the bed like before. This time though I knew what was coming, I knew it was going to be bad and it took all my self control to stay in position. If I had been facing him and knew when it was coming I don’t think I could have stayed still.

Suddenly my vision was filled with stars as my pussy exploded in pain, I was on the floor again curled into the fetal position with my hands cupping my pussy. I could hear him laughing as I writhed about with my eyes tightly shut and not making a sound. It was one of the most extreme pains I have felt and I really wish I could properly describe it but I think it is one of those things you would have to experience to understand.

Eventually I felt like I could breath again and managed to open my eyes and look around, he was sitting in a chair in the corner of the room watching me with a big grin on his face, I managed a smirk but stayed on the floor. He gave me another couple of minutes and then left the room and came back with a glass of water, I started to get up and reached out to take the water but instead of handing me the glass he just threw the water directly in my face!

I wasn’t expecting it at all and I was just about to call him an asshole when he burst out laughing and I just couldn’t help but laugh too! He said there is more in the tap if I want a drink so I snatched the glass off him and wondered to the bathroom trying my best to walk normally despite the now very noticeable swelling between my legs.

I returned from the bathroom with the glass half full of water, my intention was to retaliate with a water attack of my own….

Just to clarify, this isn’t a D/s thing, whilst he is dominant and I am generally submissive this little “hook-up” was about him being a sadist and me being a masochist. I did as I was told most of the time but only because I wanted him to do the things he was going to do. As I mentioned, no strings, just a bit of fun!

…but I stopped when I entered the room because he wasn’t in there. Then he grabbed me from behind, reaching under my left arm and grabbing my throat with one hand and grabbing the wrist of the hand holding the water with his other. He said “Is that for me?” and then took the glass out of my hand and let me go. I walked a few steps into the room and then turned around, he was watching me and drinking the water.

“So what now?” I asked, he just looked at me for a little bit and I started to feel self-conscious. Eventually he said, “Lets see your tits then, top off, bra off”, then he took another sip of his drink and kept staring. Blushing again I pulled my top over my head and threw it on the bed, then unfastened my bra and let it slide down my arms revealing my tits to him for the first time. I stood with my arms by my sides, bra hanging from one hand whilst he leant on the door frame and took in the sights, the silence was deafening and I had to fight an embarrassed smile from spreading across my face. He could tell I was feeling uncomfortable and he was enjoying it.

Clip 2Then he said “make your nipple hard”, I smirked, rolled me eyes and threw my bra on to the bed. Really I was glad to have something to do, I took a nipple between the forefinger and thumb of each hand and gentle rolled my nipples between them, within five seconds they were both standing to attention. I let go of them and then gestured to my tits and said “happy?”, he smirked, shook his head and said “oh no, not yet. get a couple of your binder clamps off the bed”.

I got the clamps and held them up for him to see, they are the type shown in the picture to the left, about one and a half inches wide, black and made of strong metal. I’m sure a lot of you have used these and will therefore know how strong they are, much stronger than a normal clip. I dangled them from my finger and held them out, what do you want me to do with them? I knew the answer, or at least I thought I did, but I was feeling a bit brazen!

He smiled and said “well, as seen as you can’t stop being cocky you can put the first one on your tongue and then get another one”. So it turned out I didn’t know the answer! I gave him a “you’ve got to be kidding me” look but he gestured for me to do it so I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. I got one of the clamps ready in my hand and squeezed it to hold it open then slid it around my tongue until the tip touched the inside of it, then I gently let the clip close onto my tongue. It really hurt! I tried not to show it but the clip was really strong and really dug into my tongue, I also immediately found out that I couldn’t put my tongue back into my mouth properly because of the metal “wings” on the clip.

I picked up another clip and turned back to face him, he said “anything cocky to say?”, I said “uck oss”, he smiled and said “I think you know what to do with those two”.¬† I took my left tit in my hand, squeezed it a little and then applied the clip the same way as I had done on my tongue. Then I did the same on the other tit, I let the clip bite just behind my nipple so it was squeezing the meat and not directly on the nipple. They felt amazing, they are such strong clips and they were pinching my tit meat so hard, I loved it and my pussy was reacting appropriately.

He sauntered over to me and took one of the clips¬†and twisted it downwards, which hurt, then he started fiddling with the little¬†metal “wing”¬†that you use to open it, I couldn’t really see what he was doing but then he twisted it upwards and started fiddling with the one on the other side. Eventually he moved so I could see what he had done, he’d removed them! Apparently if you squeeze the metal wings inwards you can detach them from the clip thus leaving you, or rather me, unable to open the clip again! He then let me watch as he did the same thing with the other one.

Just as he was finishing with that one some drool ran out of the side of my mouth and dripped onto my tit. In the best voice I could muster I said “an I tek this oss now?” (Can I take this off now?) to which he laughed, grabbed my tongue clip and pulled my tongue out of my mouth with it which hurt like a bitch! He kept pulling and I had to follow him, led by my tongue, over to the door which he shut. Then he tried to hook the tongue clip onto the hook on the back of the door but I was no where near tall enough. He let go of the clip and disappeared through the door leaving me extremely tempted to just take it off. The problem with clamps though, no matter how much they hurt when they are on, they always hurt more when you take them off!

He came back fairly quickly though and span me round before pulling my hands behind my back and wrapping tape around my wrists, around both first and then in between so there was no way I could get out of it, not for some time anyway, then he span me back round and threaded a piece of string through one of the wings on the tongue clip and tied it off, then used that to lead me back to the door which he closed again. It doesn’t take a genius to work out what came next, he wrapped the string around the door hook and then pulled it until I was on my tip toes with my tongue pulled out of my mouth and then tied it off and stepped back to admire his handy work.

It was really hard to stay in that position, on my tip toes without my arms to balance and my tongue stretched out and clamped, the nipple clips were really painful but I barely noticed them as I tried to stay still. Then I felt something pushed between my thighs from behind and then pushed up against my pussy, it was a vibrator and it was turned up high. I was already pretty horny but when he pushed that buzzing little thing against my clit it almost instantly took me to the next level.

At the best of times I find it difficult to stay standing upright while I cum and I knew that it was going to be really painful for my tongue if I didn’t manage to stay on my tip toes. It didn’t take long for me to get close, clitoral stimulation will do it for me every time, and with my tongue restrained the way it was I was drooling all down my chin and onto my tits, my legs were starting to go wobbly and I knew the clip was going to get ripped off my tongue when I came and that it would be horribly painful, then he pulled the vibe away and left me hanging there on the edge of a climax. That was more torture than any of the rest!

In my mind I was think “What a total bastard” but I kept my mouth shut I didn’t want to show him how much it bothered me or I might not get to cum all weekend. By the time he came back over to me I had drool all down my chin and all over my tits. He didn’t untie the clip from the door, instead he opened it and released my tongue which was pure agony and total relief all at the same time, I pulled my tongue back into my mouth and it felt very strange, it must have been swollen because it felt massive in my mouth.

He obviously liked me on my tip toes though because next he tied a piece of string to each of the nipple clips and then, smiling sweetly asked my to stand back on my tip toes before tying them off to the door hook with my nipples stretched out. The clips were biting into my nipples pretty bad by that point and being pulled only made it worse but I tried my best not to let it show. The next thing he did was to unzip my skirt and slide it down my legs, finally leaving me completely naked in front of this person I had only met a few hours earlier. He wasn’t shy though, after moving my skirt out of the way he pushed his hand between my legs from behind once again and then began rubbing something at the opening of my pussy, I quickly realised it was my horse tail anal plug when I felt the long hair tickling my legs, once he had coated it¬†with the copious juices available¬†he pushed it into my ass with surprisingly little resistance.

My hands weren’t tied tightly¬†but¬†they were tied securely, despite this though he added another layer of tape on them and then said “Count to¬†one thousand and eighty and then come down to the kitchen” before walking¬†out of the room.¬†I immediately realised that meant thirty minutes stuck in this predicament and started counting in my head, what didn’t dawn on my straight away was that to get free and go downstairs I would have to get free on my own, without my hands.

Whilst I counted I tried to work out the best way to do this but really it wasn’t going to make a hell of a lot of difference, I was going to have to pull away until both clips were ripped off my nipples still fully closed and it was going to hurt, a lot!

Thirty minutes doesn’t seem like a long time in normal life but standing on your tip toes with your nipples being stretched and crushed at the same time whist your ass is full of a large plug, it feels like an eternity! Finally I got to one thousand seven hundred and forty and began to prepare myself, big breaths in and long breaths out and on 1800 I stepped down and back and yanked my chest back.

It was worse than I was expecting, as the clips slid from crushing my areoles they crushed my nipples all the way down until finally they pinched the tips of them as they came off. You know when you pinch your skin in something and you get a blood blister? Image that on the end of both your nipples combined with the brutal pain of removing clamps that have been on that long, tears welled in my eyes as I screwed them up just trying to take the pain, I desperately wanted to cup my breasts but there was no way my wrists were coming free, I just leant on the wall and tried to breathe.

I gave myself a couple of minutes to recover and then looked down, my nipples were swollen and hard and had little blood blisters on them. After negotiating the¬†stairs very carefully (falling on the stairs with my arms bound behind me isn’t the sort of pain I was after) I found the kitchen and walked in. He was wearing a suite and tie and looking very handsome,¬†he was sat at a table with two tall candles burning and in front of him was a plate containing a nice meal and a glass of wine. Across the table there was another place set, this one had a large metal dog bowl filled with the same food but cut up small and a smaller dog bowl containing wine (I hoped!). It was a little predictable to be honest but making a sub eat out a dog bowl, it’s a classic isn’t it?

He got up and pulled my chair out for me like a gentleman and when I gingerly sat down ensuring I swished my tail to one side first!, he pushed it back in under me. With my arms bound behind me I was sat in quite an awkward position, leant forward in the chair. He sat down opposite me looking all smart and I felt ridiculous, I knew my makeup would be all over the place and I had dried spit all over my chin and chest, not to mention my huge swollen nipples pointing at him like little fingers.

To my surprise he started talking fairly normal things, what he likes to do, what I like to do and despite my position it almost felt like two people just having a chat, the illusion was shattered though when he said “Eat up, it’s going cold” and I was forced to push my face into the food and eat it like a dog, then lap at the wine which was actually quite a nice bottle!

When I looked back up my cheeks were bright red, I had sauce on my face and I just felt completely humiliated, he was smiling at me and I just rolled my eyes. He got up and came over to me, wiped my face with his napkin and then said “Time for desert, open your mouth” then cleared his throat and “hocked up”.

Now this has been done to me before and its totally and utterly disgusting and for some reason I am so turned on by it! I think, and I am no psychologist, that I like it because I find it disgusting but it is such a submissive thing to do, open your mouth and let someone spit in it, it’s horrible but I’m getting wet just thinking about it now. I’m so weird, I’ve given up trying to understand myself!


(sorry but I’m struggling to find time to finish writing this so I thought I’d post this part and then at least you’re getting something!)

Not what I expected

I have to be honest, when I opened this poll I did not expect this outcome!¬† I always had dog in my mind, although the humiliation of being registered as a cow did make me a little wet, but I definitely didn’t have Poodle in mind.

I was thinking Labrador, I have no¬†logical reason why¬†my mind would go there straight away but that is what it did. Obviously the majority of your minds went to Poodle although it only won out over Cocker Spaniel by one vote so that was also a popular choice. I’d be interested to know why people chose the way they did if anyone cares to add a comment and explain.

Anyway, so that is that, once I get my microchip implanted I will be registered on the national pet database as a Poodle named Lois and then if I get lost and someone finds me they can scan me and return me safely to my Mistress.

The chip has been ordered but it is coming from America so I will have to wait for it to arrive and then will have to wait for Mistress to arrange a good time with the vet. W/we are hoping the vet will agree to do the implantation in the veterinary surgery which I think will make it even more humiliating/exciting!

We still haven’t decided where on my body it will go, I am leaving that up to Mistress to decide. It is a more difficult decision then you might think because She has decided almost certainly that I will be getting a paw print tattoo over the location of the microchip. It can’t, therefore, be anywhere too visible and if it is at all visible I will have to have a reason for getting it because I will get asked. Also, Mistress revealed to me, that She has plans for certain parts of my body and that a tattoo in certain places might get in the way of those plans in the future.

I pressed Her for more information on that after the third time of asking She locked a ball gag on me for four hours which I think was a fairly comprehensive way of telling me to stop asking!

In other news, rather big news, Mistress and I are going to visit my Mother this weekend. This will be the first time she has met Mistress but I intend to warn her in advance that She isn’t just a friend, I haven’t plucked up the courage to do so yet though! There is nothing in her/my past to suggest that my Mother will react badly to the news other than that she is quite straight laced and I can’t see how she would see it coming at all. I think it is going to be a shock!

p.s. the latest poll won’t seem to close properly so you still seem to be able to vote, don’t bother though because your vote won’t count but you may still be charged!

Out of the closet and into the…

Sorry I’ve left you hanging for so long without finishing the tale of my birthday, its been a somewhat busy week since my wonderful weekend and I’ve struggling to sit down and do some writing!

So when I finished off last time I’d just got my piercing done and I was heading home to get ready for my birthday drinks with friends. Well Kaleigh drove home because we didn’t think it would be a good idea for me to. She was very excited after the performance at the piercing studio and so was I, she said she loved it that she had got my¬†clit¬†pierced and that she felt more like my Domme than she had the whole time, that gave me nice warm feelings inside!

I sometimes have doubts about us, she is a lot younger than me which I think I’ve mentioned about a thousand times! I love it from one perspective, being Domme’d¬†by someone younger is a big turn on for me, Jo was younger than me as well, although not by quite so much.¬† From another perspective it makes me feel like she is just having some fun with me and will move onto someone else at any minute. I think getting the piercing has made me feel better though, because she wouldn’t have done that if she wasn’t intending sticking around….would she?

Anyway, by the time we go home we were both very horny and she was all over me the minute we got through my front door, her fingers were up my skirt playing with the piercing which was a little sore but it felt good. I kissed and chewed¬†her neck (which she loves) while she pulled a pair of cuffs out of my bag and locked my wrists behind my back, then she pushed me to my knees and I pushed my face into her naked pussy, no idea how long she’d been commando for!

We were still in the hall of my house with her against the wall and me down between her legs, I thought she was just about ready to cum but she pulled me away by the hair and gently pulled me down onto¬†my back the doorway to the front room, it was uncomfortable lying on my arms but I didn’t exactly have a choice. Next she kneels either side of my head and pushes her pussy into my face and begins to grind herself into my mouth. I try my best to help her along with my tongue got she is doing all the work really, she cums hard¬†very quickly whilst smearing her juices all over my face, she tastes wonderful!

When she’s done she gets up and tells me she’s going for a shower, which means I didn’t get to cum, very frustrating! I manage to get back to my feet after a minute of struggling and go and sit on the bed. By the time she comes back from the shower, all sexy and naked and soaking wet (dripping water all over my carpet!!) she unlocks my cuffs so I can go for one.¬† I’m really horny and try to come on to her but she says “get off me you’re all dirty!” so I go for a shower instead, a cold one!

We spend the next hour getting ready, I won’t write about that because it’s just¬†the same as any other two girls getting ready!¬† The only difference is that this is the point I realised that tight underwear (all of my underwear is tight!) just doesn’t agree with a new clitoris piercing!¬† Firstly because it was still a sore, especially after Kayleigh’s¬†rigorous playing with it, and partially because I could already feel the added sensation in it. So, much to Kayleigh’s amusement I went out sans knickers.

I think she could tell I was nervous in the taxi ride because she held my hand and smiled at me a lot. I kept tight hold of her hand and was still holding it when we walked into the first bar. Only a couple of my friends had arrived, Beth and Sarah,¬†so¬†I introduced then to Kayleigh¬†and her to them, I didn’t say who she was at that point and I don’t know if they noticed us holding hands when we walked in. Kayleigh asked if they wanted a drink and then disappeared off to the bar (she didn’t ask me what I wanted!).

So this is where it got a bit awkward! They asked me who she was and I just went bright red, I think they guessed before I managed to get the words out but I eventually said “she’s my girlfriend”. They looked pretty shocked, which is really the result of how secretive I am about my real¬†personal life! Kayleigh¬†arrived back with drinks at that point, mine being a pear vodka with lemonade which is my favourite!

I was expecting my two friends to just shut up about it when Kayleigh¬†came back but in fact they just went straight into asking questions about it! They asked how long we’d been seeing each other, how we met, basically all of the usual questions which relaxed me about the whole thing quite quickly even though I didn’t answer any of them, Kayleigh handled it all, she was great!

When my other two friends arrived Beth did my job for me and introduced Kayleigh as my girlfriend. More shocked faces but they seemed fine with it as well and asked the same questions all over again. More drinks arrived shortly after and all was going well, then Beth asked me to come to the toilets with her.

Beth is the friend that I have known the longest since moving to Cambridge¬†and as soon as we were alone she was like “Oh My God! Since when do you like girls?!” and it was back to me going bright red! I explained as best I could about how I think I am bi-sexual really but that I prefer the company of women. She said she wondered why I never went out with any guys and I just blushed more and giggled a bit. She asked why I never told her and I said I didn’t know if people would understand or how they’d react. She was really fine about it though which was a massive relief because I would be lost without my friends!

Finally before we left the bathrooms she said “So do you fancy me?”, I said “Of course hun!”.

The rest of the night out won’t be very interesting to you I don’t think, basically just a bunch of girls on a night out. Everyone got on very well with Kayleigh, which is very good news. The only interesting part was when, after a lot of drinks, the girls insisted that Kayleigh and I kiss in the middle of a nightclub to “prove that we’re together”! We did, and it was so hot and I loved it!

By the time we got home we were both pretty drunk, me more than her though as everyone was buying me drinks all night. We went straight to the bedroom and were all over each over, our clothes came off quickly and the cuffs came out of her overnight bag just as quickly. I laid on the bed and let her cuff my wrists around a bar in the bed head, then she pulled some clover clamps from her bag and after pinching each nipple to get it hard she applied those, giving them a little tug to make sure they were tight.

I love wearing clamps on my nipples, its such an exquisite pain that I can’t get enough of and when they are removed the sensation is just amazing!

After leaving me for a minute she comes back and has a riding crop in her hand and a big smile on her face.  She tells me to open my legs so I bring my feet up to my ass and spread my knees wide, totally exposing my pussy and thighs.

I watch intently as she lines up the crop on my thigh and then swings high and then the crop makes a loud swish before it¬†whacks my inner thigh just below my pussy.¬† I jump a little but that’s it, no yelping or closing my legs, she looks at me expectantly and I just smile back. She whacks my thigh again, a little harder this time but I still only just a little bit and make no sound. It does hurt quite a lot but I have a fairly high pain threshold and I think the drink has just made it higher.

On the third hit I do yelp and I do close my legs, this time she hasn’t swatted me with the leather end of the whip, she’s hit me with the hard stick part of it and damn it hurt like crazy on the sensitive flesh of my inner thigh!

She says “Open your legs birthday girl, you’ve got another 27 to go yet!” (it was my 28th birthday) so I open my legs and my eyes at the same time, she has a wicked grin on her face now that she has got a good reaction from me. I manage to keep my legs open for the next four strikes on that thigh, she leaves about an inch gap between each and stripes all the way down my thigh, then she moves around the other side of the bed.

Once again the first blow is just below my pussy and it is the worst one yet, I yelp loud and can’t help but close my legs but she just grabs the one she is “working on” and yanks it towards her before striking it again…and again…and again…and again.

Getting for all at once, all extremely hard is a lot to take and it almost brings me to tears but I bite my lip and keep the screams inside!

My thighs are on fire, the stinging, burning feeling where the crop has hit are agony but I love it and I know I am sopping wet. Kayleigh brushes my hair out of my eyes with her hand and kisses my forehead, “only 18 to go” she says softly.

She is still on my left hand side when she picks up the chain connecting the nipple clamps and holds it up in the air. She keeps pulling until my nipples are stretched out and the clamps are biting hard, then she smacks the crop into the top of my tits.

For some reason I wasn’t really expecting it despite the obviousness of what she was intending. My body jerks and I feel the added bite of the clamps and the sting of the crop at the same time and can’t help letting out a little scream. Kayleigh drops the chain and disappears to my laundry basket, returning after a few seconds with a pair of my dirty underwear which she stuffs into my mouth, I bite down on it.

She picks up the chain again and makes it taut before laying another blow on the top of my tits, closer to my body this time, it isn’t quite as hard but it still stings.¬† The next one it is just above my nipples and that stings like crazy and I’m screaming into the gag whilst tears escape my eyes involuntarily.

She climbs onto the bed and straddles me, slides her hand between my legs and runs her fingers up my very wet slit and smiles, then climbs off the other side and picks up the chain again.

I brace myself, close my eyes and bite down hard on my panty gag. The first one hits me right next to my chest on the very tender skin under my breasts, but she doesn’t stop there,¬†she continues with two more strokes, one in the middle and one just below my nipples.

By the time she lets go¬†of the chain my screaming is loud despite the gag and I’m pulling at my wrist cuffs, my tits are on fire and I just want to grab hold of them but I can’t! She watches me writhing on with bed while she absentmindedly strokes the little tuft of hair above her pussy which I can see is glistening with her own juices.

I’ve just about calmed down when she tells me to turn over, I comply obediently and am rewarded with ten hard and fast whacks¬†on my ass. I can take these much easier¬†as I have taken many crop on my ass but my the end it is still red raw and burning hot.

I am not expecting the penultimate one when it lands just below my shoulder blades. I’ve got quite a bony back and this is quite a different pain to the blows on the fleshier parts of my body, I yelp and spit out the panty gag before burying my face in the pillow.

She gives me a moment to recover from that one but them tells me to hold up my feet. Now I came take quite a heavy beating but I enjoy it the most in my groin, on my ass and on my tits. It gets gradually less enjoyable as you move away from those areas. Being hit on the feet is NOT enjoyable for me, but I bent my knees and held me feet in the air.

The pain was excruciating! She hit me right in the arch of both feet and stung like nothing she had done so far! Despite that though I didn’t scream or yelp or moan, I just screwed up my eyes and went completely silent!

I didn’t even notice she had gone until Kayleigh¬†came back and sat on the bed beside me. I jumped a little as I felt something cold on my welting ass and then felt her begin to spread the cream all over. I thought it was some antiseptic or something at first until I felt the stinging in the welts and the¬†familiar burning sensation of deep heat.

She smeared it all over my ass and then turned my over and I watched her smiling face as she rubbed it into my tits and then spread my legs and coated my thighs.  The stinging burn that had settled down at most of the crop strikes became worse than ever as the deep heat kicked in and my whole body became hot and I started panting. I was so horny.

Kayleigh finished on my thighs and moved her hand to my wet pussy she ran her fingers up my throbbing slit being careful to avoid my clit. I had just started to feel the deep heat on my most sensitive area when she pushed her two fingers inside me and began fucking me with them, my pussy was immediately on fire with lust rather than from the deep heat.

When I came only moments later she pulled the clamps off my nipples and I had an earth shattering amazing orgasm, the sensations through my whole body contributing to it.

Whilst I recovered she unlocked my cuffs and released my aching arms, then held me tight to her, it was the most content I’ve felt in years.¬† After a little while she rolled onto¬†her back, spread her legs and looked at me, I obediently went to work on pleasing my Domme.

That is pretty much the end of the story of my birthday, the next morning Kayleigh went off to work and I spent most of the day trying to recover from a serious hangover! The marks from the crop weren’t as bad as I had expected but you could clearly see where each one had landed. I treated them with some cream but I was sore for a good¬†few days. The ones on the bottom of my feet made it particularly hard to wear any decent shoes for nearly a week!

The fallout from the big announcement has been much smaller than I thought, my friends seem to have taken the news well although I have had to have the same conversation three times basically explaining myself for keeping it a secret so long and not trusting my friend to love me anyway.¬† it’s all good now and I can be fairly open about it with all of them which is just a massive weight off my shoulders to be honest, it feels so much better than I thought it would to just be the real me in front of them, or at least most of the real me!

The piercing is healing well but it has a bit to go before its fully healed yet. I’m not wearing the tag on a daily basis yet, in fact I’ve only just started wearing underwear on a daily basis but when I do start wearing it, this is what it will look like!

Kayleigh¬†says she wants me to start wearing is as soon as possible so it won’t be long before this is hanging from my clit¬†on a permanent basis. The piercing feels amazing most of the time, its not¬†quite as constant a sensation as it was but it is still constantly stimulated to one degree or another, it will be interesting to see what effect hanging the metal tag from it all day with do!

Last weekend I had planned to show Kayleigh the full extent of my toy chest but something happened and I had to go and visit my Mum so, it will be happening this weekend instead. I have romantic meal planed for Saturday night, after which I am just going to show her the whole thing and see what she things. Could make for an interesting night I will let you know!