In the works

I started a new story that I’ve been planning out in my head for a while today, let me know what you think of the setup for it. I have a definite plan of where this story is going which is a first for me, I usually just make them up as I go along and then have to go and work out any problems afterwards.

Anyway, comments are welcome as on all my posts!

Sarah slipped the key into the lock and opened the large wooden door, stepping off the street into the expensive London home of one of her employers. She knew the house well, she had been coming here on and off for the last eight years, originally as the Turner’s babysitter and now as their cleaner.

It wasn’t a huge house, the Turner’s were wealthy but not rich by any means, they were comfortable enough to have the cleaning service that Sarah worked for around once a week to tidy and clean the house whilst they were at work.

Sarah liked to clean the kitchen and bathrooms first as they were most difficult so she set to work on them. She tied her long brown hair into a tight pony tail to keep it out of her face and then slipped off her shoes, jeans and jumper. Underneath her street clothes she wore some tight little denim shorts and a little vest top, she found them much more comfortable to work in and it meant her normal clothes kept clean, plus there was no one there to see her so what did it matter? She slipped on her croc shoes and got to work.

Once the those dirty jobs were out-of-the-way she headed up the to the master bedroom to collect the laundry, she’d let the cycle run while she cleaned the bedrooms. When she opened the laundry basket there was a skimpy black lingerie thong lying on the top of the pile and for some reason rather than tipping the basket out so she could sort them into colours and whites she picked up the thong.

In her twenty-five years she’d never owned expensive lingerie like this, it wasn’t that she couldn’t afford it, her wage wasn’t amazing but it allowed her to live the way she wanted without depending on anyone. Sarah moved in front of the mirror and held the underwear in front of her crotch, it looked like it would fit her.

She smiled to herself and turned to throw the garment back into the basket but as she did she caught the scent of something she hadn’t smelt in a long while. She picked the thong back up, brought it to her face and inhaled, the pungent scent of cum and pussy filled her nostrils.

Sarah felt the warmth begin to grow between her legs and she moved the ball of black lace closer to her face until it touched her nose and then she quickly jerked it away, it was cold, and wet. An urge overtook her and before she knew it the crotch of the thong was in her mouth and she sucked on it filling her mouth with the taste of cock and what she imagined pussy tasted like and she desperately wanted to unbutton her shorts and touch herself.

Unbidden the faces of the Turner’s flashed before her eyes and she let the lace fall from her mouth as her face flushed and shame overwhelmed her. She quickly threw the underwear into the basket and picked the whole thing up to take to the laundry room.

Despite the uncomfortable warmth and wetness in her own underwear she tried to push the thought of what she’d done out of her mind and concentrated on finishing the cleaning. The last thing she did before leaving was put away the now washed, dried and ironed laundry, she left the lady of the house’s underwear until last. She put the pile of underwear away, the black lacy thong on top and left the house eager to get home and release some of obviously pent-up frustrations in front of her computer.

Poor boobs!


Well that was an interesting weekend, as expected I hated wearing my chastity belt all weekend but Saturday night was great fun, my breasts are bruised all over, much worse than in the picture above.

I’ve started writing about it and will hopefully finish tomorrow but in the meantime I woke up with a little scenario in my head and made it into a short story. You can read it here on my blog or here on Tumblr. Enjoy!



I don’t know if this happens to anyone else or if it’s just me but small ideas that I have just seem to escalate into these huge crazy plans!

A few weeks ago my Mistress and I were discussing various kinks over a bottle of wine, as you do, and I mentioned that I have been having thoughts about cuckolding or rather more accurately, cuckqueaning. For those that are unaware a cuckquean is a female who’s husband or partner sleeps with other people, it is basically the female version of a cuckold.

Mistress pressed me and I ended up revealing that I liked the idea of her forcing me to watch her have sex with a man and then forcing me to clean them up afterwards but never take an active part in pleasuring them or myself. This is most certainly psychological masochism on my part because I would not enjoy seeing her with someone else especially as she is 100% bisexual and I know she enjoys straight sex and only gave it up to be with me.

I don’t often voluntarily engage is this sort of psychological torture because I have struggled with it in the past but I feel so comfortable with Miss Fiona that it is something that has started to drift into my fantasies again after a long time.

Anyway, we discussed it at the time and then it wasn’t really mentioned again until yesterday when she announced that it would be happening this weekend. An old Dom friend of her’s is in the UK for a few days and he will be coming to visit us on Saturday. We discussed it at length and she reassured me that there are no romantic feelings between them and that he will be gone after the weekend, he simply enjoys sex, likes my Miss and agreed to take part in this scene. She assured me we wouldn’t go through with it if I wasn’t happy and I could safe word out of the scene at any time and it would stop so we agreed to go ahead with it.

However, whilst discussing the details of how it would happen, again over some wine, things escalated. Miss had been hoping that the chastity belt option would win the poll, in fact she voted for it herself, as I have been reluctant to wear it due to me really disliking it immensely and for some reason she has never really pushed the point, until now. She decided that as she would be otherwise engaged she wouldn’t be able to guarantee I wasn’t pleasuring myself whilst watching her and so I would wear my belt for the whole evening. Obviously I protested this because I hate wearing the belt so now I’m wearing it all weekend.

There was one other problem, tomorrow was the day we had put aside for my punishment, the punishment you chose of 655 needles being pushed into my breasts. Mistresses hated the asymmetry of having 327 in one and 328 in the other so she decided, with a large smile on her face I might add, that she would push 327 needles into each of my tits and then find somewhere “fun” to put the last one!

BoundHonestly my breasts aren’t that big, I wear a 30-32 C bra and I’m not even certain there is enough room for that many needles. Mistress intends to bind them tightly first which will make them more of a ball shape and may create a larger surface area where it is possible to push needles in. I’m quite excited to see what it is going to look like whilst quite petrified about how its going to feel to have that many needles in them, it will definitely be a first for me. I’ve spoken to a nurse (a friend who is also in the scene) and they said it will be safe as long as the needles aren’t too large a gauge but there will likely be significant bruising so I should plan on covering up for at least a week afterwards.

I’m not exactly sure what order everything will happen in, Miss will deal with those details, but I do know that my other duties for the evening include cooking and waitressesing. It’s going to be an interesting evening to say the least, I think I am looking forward to it and fearing it in equal measure and they usually turn out to be the best scenes so overall I think I’m excited!

My clit ring


For those that don’t know, in order to fulfil one of my fantasies I had my clit hood reduced in size and very large ring inserted into my clit piercing without my prior knowledge or permission, you can read about it in this post.

It took me a very long time to get used to these modifications to my pussy and, if I’m honest, I have never really got used to the ring, it’s size makes it almost impossible to wear comfortably whilst wearing clothes and even when naked it’s weight pulls my clit which is a cross between constant pain and constant stimulation.

Of course that was the intention when it was “installed” and it was a very devious plan by Luke, the reduction of my hood meant that my clit was never covered and therefore never protected from the stimulation or irritation provided by whatever clothing is covering it. Then there is the ring, it’s quite thick so when it is in place through the piercing behind the main nerve bundle of my clit it pushes my clit outward making it protrude even further from it’s reduce hood and therefore get even more stimulated/irritated by clothing.

All of this is really irrelevant though because the ring was sealed and therefore irremovable, by me at least and the whole point of allowing it to be done was that I then had to endure it for ever so despite wanting to remove it several times I didn’t have any intention of doing so.

Then something happened a couple of months ago, I’d had a nice soak in the bath and was doing my makeup, naked, in front of my chest of drawers. I knocked something off the top and as I squatted down to pick it up somehow the ring got caught on one of the knobs of the drawers and caused the ring to be yanked as my body moved down. I felt a sickening pain (not in ANY way a good pain) and looked down to find blood leaking down my thigh.

On closer inspection and after some calming down and cleanup I discovered I’d turn the skin/flesh next to the piercing on one side. Fortunately it had torn backwards away from my actual clit, and I really truly mean fortunately because if it had torn the other way it could potentially have severed the nerves to my clit making it essentially paralysed (or so I’m told).

After excessive use of plasters (band aids) to keep the two sides of the tear together as best as I could I spoke to Luke and then travelled to see him, he had arranged for the nurse who supervised the insertion of the ring in the first place to come as well and she looked at it as well and advised that the ring be removed and a stitch to be inserted.

Luke had to use some HUGE bolt cutters, which he had to rent from somewhere, to cut through the ring in two places and then feed the piece that remained through my body out. All the while I was sat in his arm chair with my legs spread wide and a tower under my ass in front of him and his nurse friend who I barely know!

In all she put one stitch in the tear and a butterfly stitch on either side of the piercing and then a sticky bandage thing over the whole are and advised be to leave it until the tear and piercing had healed up. That meant no clitoral stimulation for about two months, I lasted three weeks which is I thought was pretty good!

So that’s the update about my pussy, no more ring, giant or otherwise. It’s been a long time since my clit was originally pierced (I had a ring before the large ring) and it’s taken some getting used to having no jewellery down there anymore but on the plus side my pussy is once again a blank canvas. This all happened a few weeks ago so it’s pretty much healed up now and I’ve run plenty of tests to ensure all sensation has returned to the area ;).

I’ve got loads more content to write and am hoping to have time to do so over the next few weeks, plus I’m still adding stories for you to read if they float your boat. If you do read them I’d really appreciate it if you’d leave a comment and tell me what you thought, what you liked and didn’t like and what you’d like to read more about. I do intend to start writing more stories so any input would be very much appreciated!

…completing my own thought. 

Thank you everyone who commented, some interesting ideas. I thought I would add my own as well. 

Our coffees are almost finished when you face changes, you become more serious and your eyes darken. You look me in the eyes and say “give me your underwear”. 

I feel my pussy dampen and I reach under my skirt and slide my knickers down my legs as stealthily as possible in the busy coffee shop. I hand them to you and you smile as the dampness touches your hand. 

The bra is more difficult and I am blushing as you watch me struggle out of it. Once I hand it to you I am left wearing only the thin white blouse, short skirt and heals that you told me to wear. 

You pull a long chain out of your pocket and hand it to me, there is an unlocked padlock on one end and a leather strap on the other. I don’t see a key but I know what you want me to do so I wrap the chain around my neck and fasten the padlock in front, as soon as I do you take the other end of my leash and yank me roughly out of the cafe and down an alley. I don’t even have time to see if anyone saw me being led out on a dog lead!

You take me a little down the alley until you find the smelly food bin from the cafe and tell me to kneel next to it. My pussy is soaking as I kneel on the dirty floor with the rubbish. 

You pull the chain forcing me to look up at you and then say “open your mouth”. When I do you clear your throat and spit into my mouth, I instinctively close my mouth and swallow your spit which brings a big smile to your face. I blush ashamed. 

I watch you look around and then walk across the alley talking my knickers from your pocket and using them to pick a piece of dog shit off the floor.

My eyes widen as you come back to me and once again say “open your mouth”. My lips stay sealed and in response you give me a sharp kick between my legs and my pussy explodes in pain. 

You say it again and this time I look up at you, cheeks Crimson, and open my mouth. You immediately drop the dog shit in my mouth and I immediately close my mouth, fill it with spit and swallow it all down whilst trying not to gag. 

When I open my eyes you have your cock out, my immediate thought is you want a blow job but instead a stream of piss hits me straight in the face. You piss all over me, soaking my clothes and making my blouse see through. 

I’m dazed as I watch you walk over and pick up your phone from on top of a bin, then smile at me and walk off down the alley. I lean back against the wall and my fingers find my clit and moments later I’m cumming. 

I wait in the alley until my blouse is dry enough so my nipples aren’t visible and then wrap the chain around my neck a few times so it looks like some kind of goth necklace before walking home hoping I don’t see anyone I know. 

Just after I reach the safety of home I get a text message, it is details for our second date and a link to xvideos. I open the link and see a video of everything that happened in the alley and my blush and get wet both at the same time. 

I got back your text and reply “see you then”.