…completing my own thought. 

Thank you everyone who commented, some interesting ideas. I thought I would add my own as well. 

Our coffees are almost finished when you face changes, you become more serious and your eyes darken. You look me in the eyes and say “give me your underwear”. 

I feel my pussy dampen and I reach under my skirt and slide my knickers down my legs as stealthily as possible in the busy coffee shop. I hand them to you and you smile as the dampness touches your hand. 

The bra is more difficult and I am blushing as you watch me struggle out of it. Once I hand it to you I am left wearing only the thin white blouse, short skirt and heals that you told me to wear. 

You pull a long chain out of your pocket and hand it to me, there is an unlocked padlock on one end and a leather strap on the other. I don’t see a key but I know what you want me to do so I wrap the chain around my neck and fasten the padlock in front, as soon as I do you take the other end of my leash and yank me roughly out of the cafe and down an alley. I don’t even have time to see if anyone saw me being led out on a dog lead!

You take me a little down the alley until you find the smelly food bin from the cafe and tell me to kneel next to it. My pussy is soaking as I kneel on the dirty floor with the rubbish. 

You pull the chain forcing me to look up at you and then say “open your mouth”. When I do you clear your throat and spit into my mouth, I instinctively close my mouth and swallow your spit which brings a big smile to your face. I blush ashamed. 

I watch you look around and then walk across the alley talking my knickers from your pocket and using them to pick a piece of dog shit off the floor.

My eyes widen as you come back to me and once again say “open your mouth”. My lips stay sealed and in response you give me a sharp kick between my legs and my pussy explodes in pain. 

You say it again and this time I look up at you, cheeks Crimson, and open my mouth. You immediately drop the dog shit in my mouth and I immediately close my mouth, fill it with spit and swallow it all down whilst trying not to gag. 

When I open my eyes you have your cock out, my immediate thought is you want a blow job but instead a stream of piss hits me straight in the face. You piss all over me, soaking my clothes and making my blouse see through. 

I’m dazed as I watch you walk over and pick up your phone from on top of a bin, then smile at me and walk off down the alley. I lean back against the wall and my fingers find my clit and moments later I’m cumming. 

I wait in the alley until my blouse is dry enough so my nipples aren’t visible and then wrap the chain around my neck a few times so it looks like some kind of goth necklace before walking home hoping I don’t see anyone I know. 

Just after I reach the safety of home I get a text message, it is details for our second date and a link to xvideos. I open the link and see a video of everything that happened in the alley and my blush and get wet both at the same time. 

I got back your text and reply “see you then”.