Bad girl


Like I say in this Tumblr post (which shows the messages hinted above) I used to be such a good submissive, the only time I addressed my Dominant incorrectly was when I wanted to get punished……OK maybe I wasn’t that good a sub!

I’m totally out of practice though, it’s been years since I’ve been submissive to someone for more than a session and I’m finding it quite difficult as you can see in the messages, this isn’t the first time I’ve slipped up since Fiona told me to address her as “Miss”.

I have a date with her tonight which I am quite looking forward to, and I just know I’m going to slip up with it, it’s already earned me five spanks and she’s threatened me with something a lot worse if I don’t behave later! I think she has realised that I quite like pain and she needs to be more creative if she is going to punish me and adjust my behaviour to her liking, which is a shame! lol

Tonight I’ve been told to wear a short dress which no underwear (classic!) and when she picks me up in the taxi I’m to make sure I’m wet and that my ass goes directly onto the seat, no fabric in between.

To be honest the being wet won’t be a problem as I’m almost always at least a little wet but I’ll think of something to get me a little closer to what she’s expecting before she picks me up.

The reason I’m so excited for tonight is that we are “playing”, we discussed it earlier and she is feeling just as horny as me today and she asked if I wanted to stay over. I was a little reticent at first baring in mind how that ended last time but then my horniness overruled my brain, thankfully.

She has been sending me pictures all day, a ball gag, clover clamps, a flogger, a cane, so…..yeah, I don’t think I’ll have any trouble being wet when she arrives!

A date with a Domme


She hadn’t told me where we would be going, in fact she hadn’t told me much at all other than she would pick me up at 8pm on Friday. She had confirmed that we’d be going for drinks and food but I really struggled to know what to wear because I didn’t know if that meant a pub, a restaurant or a cafe bar or attire what would be appropriate.

Eventually I settled on a black mid-thigh bodycon dress which has quite a low neckline and shows off my modest cleavage nicely. I considered going commando but I thought my ring would be visible through my dress so instead I wore a nice pink Victoria Secret thong underneath and finished it off with some heeled gladiator style sandals.

Bodycon.jpgThe picture on the right isn’t me, obviously she is way more attractive, but it is very similar to what I was wearing which would be well overdressed for a pub but I went with it anyway. I did my hair in a thick braid and put on some striking but not too heavy eye makeup. I finished my outfit with a long gold necklace.

I was more nervous than I thought I would be, I’ve had many “encounters” and am not normally nervous but I definitely had a little apprehension while I waited for her to arrive, which she did at ten past eight.

I could see her looking me up and down as I walked to the car and it made me hot between my legs. I had wanted her to know I’d made an effort and the smile she gave when I climbed in told me she appreciated it.

There was some relief when I saw that Fiona had dressed at a similar level to me but her dress was a dark maroon and reached her knee and she had a black bolero over it. Her hair is so gorgeous, hence the image at the top, again it isn’t her but that’s basically what her hair looks like and I’m so jealous of how thick it is.

We made small talk in the car about nothing in particular, just work etc. She definitely has that dominant something about her that really appeals to me. I’ve mentioned this before, especially in rants about dominants, but so many men and women profess to be a Dom(me) but simply don’t have the natural aptitude for it. To properly submit to someone I need to feel the dominance oozing out of them without them even speaking, I felt it with Joanne, I felt it with Kayleigh and as I sat in the car next to Fiona being driven to an unknown location I could feel it from her too, and it was intoxicating.

We eventually arrived at an Italian restaurant which is one of the best restaurants in Cambridge, I’ve only ever been once but it was some of the best Italian food I’ve tasted. We exited the car and I walked around the back, as I joined her she took my hand in her warm one and we walked to the restaurant holding hands. I’ve always been very cautious about revealing my sexuality publicly but she is completely confident in herself and I really liked that, it gave me the confidence to be comfortable with it.

The maître d’ took Fiona’s name and then said “This way Miss [Fiona]” and my mind immediately rolled it around in my head, “Miss [Fiona]…Mistress Fiona…Mistress [Fiona]”, and I quite liked it.

Once seated Fiona ordered a bottle of wine and we looked over the menus, I thought she might try and prevent me from choosing my own food but she didn’t. It would have been a very predictable move and it boded well that she wasn’t being predictable, I liked that, she did however ask me what I had chosen and when the waitress came she ordered her own food and then said “and my date with have the Calamiri to start and the Spiedino de Pollo for her main”.

I smiled at the waitress who’s face faltered just for a second as she realised we were on a date and then she smiled back and went off with our order. My date also had a wry little smile on her face, I wasn’t sure whether she was marking her territory or trying to make me blush but I didn’t rise to it, instead I took a sip of the delicious wine to hide my grin.

We chatted as our starters came and we ended up sharing my squid and her Italian meats, it was all delicious. Whilst we waited for the main course I plucked up the courage and asked her about the time she invaded my shed whilst I was tied up inside it, we’d already discussed how it made me feel but I wanted to know how it came about.

She had been at Hannah’s chatting about me (yes I was now blushing plenty) and Hannah had shown her my blog with me talking about my self torture plans. Whilst Fiona had known about me for a long while through Hannah she was very much intrigued by the content of my blog and between them, after a few glasses of wine, they had decided on the plan of her coming to see me while I was tied up. They thought it would be a fun surprise and add an extra element to the “scene”.

Fiona has since read all of my blog (more blushing, sometimes I seriously regret putting myself on the internet!) and said that she would never have done it if she had known what she knows now. I think that is fair.

We chatted about her while we ate our main course, she is fairly senior manager at a large company (she didn’t want me to say any more than that) and is at a comparable level to myself career wise, she also often works long hours and understands the pressures that come with the sort of jobs we both have. I think that my relationship with Kayleigh suffered greatly because of my job so it was very reassuring to know that Fiona is in a similar position.

She lives about half way between my house and Hannah’s place which means she is only ten minutes drive away (which also means she was clearly late on purpose, noted!) so that is handy.

As the night went on I did start to wonder how it would be if we were together, getting ahead of myself is a huge problem for me, with previous relationships I’ve fallen for them very quickly and all of a sudden I’m way ahead of them in terms of where I think the relationship is. I promised myself this time I would rein myself in so I tried to shake the wayward thoughts of how good it could be from my head.

After the main course Fiona ordered a vanilla pannacotta to share, she had no way of knowing this but it’s my favourite desert so bonus points there! It was nice, sitting talking and sharing the food.

She wouldn’t let me pay a penny for dinner so when we went to a nearby bar after coffee I made sure I paid for the drinks (score one for the sub!) and we stood close to each other at the bar and drank them. She has amazing chocolatey brown eyes, I’m a sucker for eyes and she has truly beautiful ones and I caught myself staring into them a few times while she talked.

KissI’m quite sure she caught me too because when we were getting to the end of our drinks she suddenly slid her hand around to the small of my back and pulled me hard against her and kissed me deeply and passionately and it felt like it lasted forever. I didn’t want her to stop but she did and when she pulled backI was suddenly very self conscious and started to look around to see who had seen us but she said my name, loud and commanding and told me to look at her, I did without thinking and she smiled and my worry faded away, I smiled back blushing.

We left the bar after just the one drink (she was driving) and headed back to the car. We drove in silence for a couple of minutes during which I ran over the kiss in my mind and then I involuntarily giggled! I looked up at her but she didn’t react, except for a small smile in the corner of her lips, then she placed her hand on my knee and slid it slowly up my leg pushing my dress up until the side of her hand was resting at the crease between my inner thigh and my pussy, I made no move to stop her, I was so wet.

She left her hand there for the whole journey without speaking of it, I subtly spread my legs a little wider as we chatted but her hand didn’t make any more upward progress. When we arrived back outside my house she said “I’ve really enjoyed tonight, I’d like to do it again” and I enthusiastically (probably too enthusiastically) agreed. She kissed me again, just as passionately and then stopped kissing but kept her face an inch from mine while she reached between my legs (which I freely opened, such a slut!) and ran a finger over my pussy.

She was checking if I was wet, which I obviously was, she smiled, I blushed, then she pecked me on the lips and leaned back saying “Out!”. I got out of the car and closed the door as she wound the window down, I leaned over and she said “So I’m stocky?” then rolled her eyes and pulled the car away.

It took me a second to realise what she was talking about but then I realised she read my blog where I said she was “taller than me and a little stockier but still very feminine in shape” and felt so embarrassed. She is definitely NOT stocky! She has a beautiful shaped body that any woman would die for.

So I had a date…


I had a really good time on Friday night, I had a date with Hannah’s Domme friend who’s name is Fiona. We went to a bar for some drinks and then out for a meal and then for more drinks! I’m going to write a full post about it tomorrow hopefully.

I’m still writing up the post about the party and the plaster cast etc but it is taking a while and I haven’t had much spare time and it really does take a lot of time to write those long posts, I will finish it asap though.

That’s it for now, I just wanted to say hello and let people know more is on the way and that I am quite happy and cautiously optimistic about this new person in my life.



I’ve been very “off” the last few weeks and am only just getting back to feeling like myself, I mentioned it in my last post but thought I was getting back on track at the time, it turns out it went on a lot longer.

A few things have happened whilst that was going on but unfortunately I haven’t felt much like writing so I apologise for that. The first is that I met up with Hannah and her sub along with her Domme friend who paid me a visit in the middle of the night. The second was the party where Luke would fulfil my Forniphilia fantasy and I’m going to fill you in on one of those today.

However, it’s probably not the one you were hoping for! I promise I will write about the part this week but it will have to wait until I have more time later in the week. This week is a little busy for me so I’ll struggle to get it to you any earlier.

So after the turbulent start (Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3) with Hannah’s friend we decided to put it all behind us and all go out for a meal together. It was a fairly casual place so I jeans and a low cut top with a long cardigan and some heels over some nice underwear, I know I’m going to get moaned at for wearing jeans but I decided this Domme had seen enough of me this early in proceedings.

I’m going to describe her now which is a little cringy because I know there is a good chance she will read this but I’ll try and be honest. She is thirty five, taller than me and a little stockier but still very feminine in shape, thin but not skinny. She has long dark brown hair  with a a blonde ombre which is quite thick and wavy, she wore it down when we met and I was very jealous, it’s gorgeous. Her eyes are quite large and dark brown, I found them to be very penetrating and would be easy to get lost in I think.

She was wearing a dark red lip stick and simple but dark make up which only served to emphasise her eyes. She wore a tight black dress that ended just above her knees and was almost met by her knee high boots, barely any skin on show but she still looked very sexy. Suffice to say I was impressed when we met but as I’ve said many times looks are far from the top of my list of perfect partner traits.

The conversation started off fairly easy, Hannah introduced the Domme and I which was a little awkward but neither of us brought up our first introduction until a lot later int he evening. I ended up sat next to Hannah’s sub either by their design or by chance (I’m fairly convinced it was the former) so it was the two subs opposite the two Domme’s in a booth. Hannah made her sub, who was wearing a very short skirt and no underwear, lift her skirt and sit directly on the seat with her naked ass and then told her to discreetly play with her clit and not speak until she was told to stop.

The waiter came and took our drinks order, Hannah ordering water for her now squirming sub, the rest of us having wine. I took the opportunity when the Domme’s weren’t looking to squeeze her knee and give her a reassuring smile but she just gave me a silent gasp back and the look on her face made me wet.

Hannah’s sub (she me to refrain from using her name) is a few years younger than me and is fairly new to the scene although she has been gay her whole life. She has really thrown herself into the sub role and has really blossomed with Hannah to the point that she is quite willing to follow demanding orders such as masturbating at the table of a crowded restaurant. Of course she is not allowed to orgasm without permission and as those who have read about my dealings with her will know, Hannah enjoys denial torture.

It was only once we the food orders had been taken and the starters arrived that Hannah allowed her to stop rubbing herself and ordered her to clean her fingers. The girl was just about to put them in her mouth after gratefully leaving her probably swollen clit alone when the other Domme piped up and said “Why doesn’t Lois clean them for her”.

I couldn’t help but smile, it did cause a nice feeling to run through me that I haven’t felt in a long time, those that aren’t submissive won’t understand but the feeling of being given an order, especially one that is inappropriate for the setting is quite a nice rush. Hannah’s sub offered me her hand blushing because we could all see it was covered in her juices and and I took her wrist and moved her fingers close to my  lips, then I grabbed her napkin and wiped her hand with it leaving it dry and then laid it on her knee.

The Dome laughed and Hannah rolled her eyes before turning to the Domme and saying, quite loudly, “I told you she needs a lot of work”. I just smiled to myself thinking “that will teach you for scaring the shit out of me!” and dug into my calamari, I could see Hannah’s sub stifling a grin as she began to eat too.

After that the night continued without any more play, everyone was allowed to talk normally although H’s sub maintained a much more respectful tone than I did. I wasn’t feeling in the mood to be that way and to be honest they hadn’t earned it from me recently. Maybe I AM in need of some retraining in the art of submission!

After the mains Hannah took her sub off to the bathroom to very unsubtly give me and the Domme some time to talk alone. We got on very well, she is clever and funny and she definitely has that air of dominance about her that I need from someone who wants to dominate me with any success. Eventually she asked if I would like to go out again, just the two of us and I said that sounded good, then as I watched she picked up my half full glass of wine and let some spit run from her mouth into it before placing it back where it was. Then, as Hannah and a slightly dishevelled looking sub returned she said, “I hope next time you will not disobey me” but I didn’t have time to answer.

No one had a desert but we all had coffee so I left my wine where it was, eventually it was time to head home but as we were getting up the Domme said “finish your wine Lois”. I considered it for a second and then lifted the glass and downed the contents before giving her a little smiling blush and turning for the door.

My sister was waiting outside and I didn’t want to give any awkward hugs so I said bye and then I was gone.

I really enjoyed the evening, I love spending time with Hannah and her sub and I got on really well with the Domme and am looking forward to our “date”, I’ll let you know how that goes!

Finally you may wonder what the picture accompanying this post is all about? Well, I am thinking of getting a septum piercing but want to be able to hide it most of the time, only putting it to proper use in play. It’s something I have been looking into and there are options for this, another thing to let you know about next time x

Blind date (part 2)


My sincere apologies that I didn’t managed to finished writing about this before I went away, there were a few pre-holiday complications and I ended up spending most of the day on the phone rather than writing about this which would have been much more interesting!

My holiday was fabulous, a really fun and interesting trip and just the break I needed, I feel much calmer and happier for it. The following is a continuation of this post

This was definitely a first, I’ve never cum whilst being submerged in water before and it was amazing and scary all at once. At first the wave of pleasure rolled over me just as it always does, starting in my pussy and my head simultaneously and radiating through my body right to the tips of my fingers and toes as I moan. Only this time when I moaned my mouth filled with cold water and the warm pleasure of my orgasm mixed with panic as I began to thrash and try to get my head out of the water in vain.

He kept my head held firmly under the water though and all pleasure from my orgasm evaporated as my lungs began to burn and I realised I couldn’t stop myself from drowning. As I realised this there was a sharp pain in my head as he dragged me up out of the water by my pony tail and I gasped in air trying to refill my lungs. As I started to come round a little from my panic I noticed the tingling after glow from the previous pleasure and began to be reminded of the pain of the clamps on my nipples and from being held up only by my hair.

I barely had time to acknowledge these thoughts though before he plunged me back under the water. I didn’t have a burgeoning orgasm to distract me this time but I was oddly calmer. I think I realised he wasn’t going to drown me the second time and I just went with it, holding my breathe as long as I could and then letting it out slowly until my lungs were empty and I started to feel lightheaded again, then I started to panic again and despite resolving not to I thrashed to try and get my head above the water again.

People say that drowning is a very relaxing way to die and that you just drift off, that is not my impression after experiencing the early stages of it. There was no relaxing, once I felt like I was drowning my body just took over trying to save itself and the only thing that mattered was air, relaxed I was not!

There were two more faux drownings after that, leaving me in longer each time and giving me less time to recover between each submersion. By the time he lifted me out of the water and dumped me on the floor I was a wreck, shaking from the cold and the adrenaline gasping in air as fast as I could. Whilst I was still on the floor recovering he released my leg cuffs but reattached the padlock to my wrist cuffs, my legs fell to the floor aching but I was still concentrating on breathing when he pushed his cock deep into my pussy.

He was huge, I’ve been with plenty of guys with various sized cocks but I think this is the biggest I’ve every had. He knelt either side of my splayed legs and lifted my hips, then I briefly felt his tip rub over my clit before he parted my lips and plunged into me. The water helped but I think I was also pretty wet and he wasn’t gentle, his cock rammed up into me and I felt the uncomfortable sensation of him pushing into my cervix just before he pulled back and rammed into me again.

There was no messing around, he obviously enjoyed drowning me a lot because he was rock hard and really fucking me hard with no interest in waiting for me to join in. He didn’t last long, I must have felt really tight on him considering how big he felt to me and about a minute later he rammed into me and I felt his warm cum filling me just before he vacated my cunt and dropped my hips to the floor. He must have barely cum before pulling out of me because I felt his seed run down my pussy as he exited and felt it drip onto my ass and back as he stepped over me.

I lay there for a few minutes, happy for the time to recover a little composure but very horny as I had been close to orgasm when he finished leaving me empty and wanting. When he returned he pulled me up by my hair again but this time I was able to clamber to my feet with my legs freed, he grabbed the chain still attached to my nipple and pulled me along but I screamed as he ripped the clamps straight off my nipples and I felt the exquisite agony of the blood rushing back into them, almost immediately he was in front of me grabbing my nipples and digging his nails into them while I squirmed and gritted my teeth, all the while my pussy getting hotter and wetter.

Not being able to see is very disorienting, I had no idea where I was in the room and every time he moved me I thought I was about to crash into something. As he dragged me over to the bed I could feel his cum dripping out of me and then I fell over his foot and thought I was going face first into the floor but instead landed with my upper body on the bed and my knees on the floor.

I meant to mention at the start but forgot, the bed was an ancient metal framed thing which was once gold coloured but all of gold coating had worn away so it was now mostly grey metal. The mattress was far from comfortable and the sheets looked like they had been washed a few million times. The most positive thing to say about it was that the metal headboard had plenty of roping points.

He had apparently already tied a rope to the headboard because I felt it fall on my back as he threaded it through the padlock holding my wrists together, then he pulled it and my arms were pulled up away from my back and towards the head of the bed into a very awkward and painful position and then he tied off the rope. It was a very clever way to tie me, any movement caused a lot of pain in my arms and shoulders so he’d effectively immobilised me with one rope.

Now that I couldn’t move I jumped when I felt the metal scissors on my back but he was just butting the waistband of my thong so he could pull the ruined garment away, then he used them to wipe away the mess that was dripping from my pussy. There was a moment of nothing and then he told me to open my mouth and predictably the cummy underwear went in before he pushed my chin up and tape was securely sealed my lips. It was a few seconds before I tasted whatever he had smeared on the material, it was a horrendous taste and I tried to push the thong out with my tongue but the tape was strong and I couldn’t part my lips, I could hear him laughing as I moaned trying to get him to remove it before I was sick but he didn’t and I managed to hold it back.

I felt him kneel beside me just before I felt his hands on me, running up my thighs and spreading my legs, his fingers pushing into my pussy and then into my ass as well before withdrawing so he could run his hands up my back and under me to cup and massage my breasts. It’s weird considering he had just fucked me but this was by far the most invasive thing he had done to me so far, his hands probed every part of my body and it felt very personal and intimate in a way that made me feel very violated, then it got worse.

His hair tickled my inner thighs and then his nose gently brushed my lips before his tongue parted them and ran over my clit, dipped into my hole and then over my perineum to my asshole. He ran his tongue around my rear hole for a good couple of minutes before he began to work it into me.

I’ve always considered analingus (or rimming) to be a submissive act but he really managed to turn those tables. With the position I was in, being bound, blindfolded and exposed and with him being a complete stranger to me, the fact he had his tongue pushed deep into my most personal area felt very violating and degrading, it was like he was saying “I will do whatever I want with your body and there is nothing you can do about it”.

As he continued to tongue my ass he slid two fingers into my pussy and to my shame I was dripping wet, he easily slid a third finger in and began fucking my pussy with his hand, building me up again until I biting down on the foul tasting material in my mouth as I came with his tongue in my ass and hand stretching my cunt.

Whilst he was off doing something and I recovered from my orgasm I found I had to swallow an excess of saliva that was being generated in my gagged mouth, and that whatever was on the gag had given my spit the same vile taste as the thong and I struggled not to gag as I swallowed it.

I screamed more from surprise than pain as something hit my ass with serious force, the gag prevented much noise from escaping though even when the second blow landed and my brain started to catch on to the sensation coming from my ass. I think it was a cane based on the marks I had the next day, he was relentless with it whatever it was and rained down blows all over my ass which was raw and burning almost immediately. He kept on hitting me over and over again for a long time, no asking me to count, no requests of me, just a sustained beating of my ass that had tears soaking the inside of my eye patches. Amazingly I would find out the next day that the skin was never broken although my ass was a mess and sitting is still a little uncomfortable a week and half later.


When he finally stopped I could hear him panting from the exertion, it must have been quite tiring swinging the cane for such a long period of time, I know it was exhausting to be on the other end of it. I think he sat down for a bit in the chair opposite the bed, it felt like he was staring at me and it made me feel exposed and vulnerable.

If that is what he was doing he obviously liked what he saw because a few minutes later his hard cock pushed between my ass cheeks and found my tight little hole. I think he must have lubed himself because he managed to get the head into me with relative ease and then he just put all his weight behind pushing the rest of himself inside me.

Like I said before he has a large cock and my ass is fairly tight but that didn’t stop his burying it in me until his balls rested against my pussy. I felt like my ass would rip, I’ve never felt so full in my ass before and it was equal parts amazing and agonising, if you’ve never had anything up your ass then it’s hard to describe but it is certainly a unique feeling to be so deeply and fully fucked in there.

He held himself fully inserted for a minute and then began to thrust, I thought he might be more gentle this time but that clearly wasn’t his thing, he began the same rhythm of hard deep thrusts that he had used on my pussy and I moaned into the gag whilst he truly did violate me ass until he came in me for the second time. Just like before he painfully pulled his cock out of me as soon as he came leaving me empty and wanting.

Once again I was left alone for a few minutes and then I felt him tying rope around my leg, just above my knee, then the same on the other leg and then my legs were pulled apart by the rope as he pulled them around the legs of the bed and tied them off. This caused me knees to be spread wider meaning making for a more uncomfortable position but also made me lower down which put more pressure on my arms. He then reach between my legs and I could feel a slight tugging on my large clit ring then it was pulled hard away from me which was so agonisingly painful I can’t describe it. I shouted into the gag and shook my head but he removed his arms and I realised he tied my clit ring to the bed with it pulled in a horrendous way.

I stopped screaming at him when I heard the door shut and then heard only silence.

I assumed he wouldn’t be gone long but after what I guessed was twenty minutes I wasn’t so sure, I found that if I slid my body a little downwards I could relieve some of the pull on my clit which was a lot more bearable. The problem was it put extra pressure on my arms and shoulders but it was worth it to relieve it on my poor little clit.

It seemed like he was gone for hours but in fact I think it was about one hour, the door opened and I turned my head even though I couldn’t actually look at him, I did hear what I thought was a carrier bag though.

His hands were on me again then, groping all over my body in the possessive way that he had done before, probing my wet used holes, he scooped some cum out of my ass with his finger and wiped it on the tape just below my nose so I was treated to the mixed scent of ass and cum then he came close to my ear.

He said “I’m tired now cunt. I’m going to get into this bed and sleep for a while and if you wake me up you will really regret it.” I nodded resigning myself to staying in this painful position for the next few hours and then I felt his hands on me again.

He placed a hand on each of my ass cheeks and I felt they were wet, he ran them all over my ass then down between my cheeks and pushed a finger into my rear hole. The burning started about that time, I’ve no idea what he put on my but it stung horrendously on my caned ass and ass he ran his hands over more places the burning spread to them. He continued from my asshole down between my pussy lips coating my pussy inside and out with the substance until both my pussy and ass were on fire. The last thing he did was to run a finger over my outstretched exposed clit.

I vaguely remember the bed moving as he climbed onto it and definitely heard him laughing as I writhed below his feet.My tearful eyes were wide open behind the patches as I tried not to scream into the gag, I didn’t want to keep him awake and incur a worse fate but it was incredibly difficult when my most sensitive parts burned so severely that I genuinely feared that damage was being done.

The next hour was horrendous, the burning was intense and the position painful and uncomfortable. Any attempt to change position just made it worse for one part of me or another and I ended up retreating to how I was before.

The burning eventually began to fade but the strains on my body continued for the rest of the night and by the time I heard him begin to stir my limbs were painfully numb (if that makes any sense at all) and I was covered in a layer of sweat. He made no effort to talk to me as he climbed out of bed and came round to me.

He undid my clit ring first, then each of my legs and then my arms, when he did those I basically just collapsed to the floor and listened to him chuckling. He ripped off the tape and I spat out the ruined thong and achingly moved my jaw around. It was hard to move my arms and pain shot through them as I forced them back to a normal position eventually getting my body into a foetal position where I stayed until he pulled me up by my pony tail.

My hair was pulled tightly as he led me into the bathroom and into the bath on my knees, I thought he would make me swallow his piss but instead he just let it go in my face and let his dark yellow morning pee run all over my head and hair.

When he was done he pulled out back out of the bath by my hair and walked me into the bedroom again, he padlocked my wrists behind me again and then walked me a bit further. He pinched my left nipple and then a very tight clamp was placed on and I bit my lip to avoid making a noise, then the same on my other nipple. The clamps were the metal teeth of an old wooden coat hanger with clamps to hang trousers from and he let it hang from my nipples twisting them harshly. Then he pulled me forward and then yanked it upward, making me catch my breath, and then obviously hung it from the rail.

I didn’t need to go on tip toes but at the same time I couldn’t stand flat without pulling on my already tightly crushed nipples so I sort of hovered in between whilst he went to the toilet and had a shower before messing around in the room packing his things.

Finally he came and unhooked the hanger and led me by a few steps before forcing me to my knees and pushing his cock into my mouth. I sucked him like a good slut despite the lack of the use of my hands, he filled my mouth and pushed into my throat sometimes but he didn’t cum in the last of my holes. Instead he pulled me over to the bad and laid on it pulling me by the hanger until I straddled him and then guided himself to my pussy before saying “do it slowly and enjoy it”.

I nodded and gently slid down onto him, his thick cock filling me deliciously as I pushed down until my clit ring lay on him. It was tough on my legs without the use of my arms but I slowly fucked him and to be honest it felt amazing, I kept it slow and steady for a good ten minutes until his hands on my hips told me to speed up and then he quickly came inside me again. I’d kept them quiet but I’d already come a couple of times from the fullness and grinding myself into him on the downward thrusts.

When he came he grabbed the hanged and yanked it, I think he intended to rip it off but the clamps were too tight and I ended up just falling on him. He left me there for a minutes and then rolled me off him and led me, again by the hanger, into the bathroom. He knelt me down on the floor and then used my pony tail to bend me over pushing my head down until I realised he was pushing my head into the toilet and the smell told me immediately it hadn’t been flushed.


I heard him cough up phlegm and then spit and felt it go in my hair, then he closed the seat as best he could with my head in it and then I heard the sound of tape as he wrapped it around me and the seat. He unlocked the padlock on my cuffs and then the last thing I heard was the door to the room opening and closing.

Even with my arms free it took me about twenty minutes to get the tape off and free myself from the toilet. When I had I flushed it and then sat back on the floor and undid all four of my cuffs before eventually dragging myself off the floor and heading for the bed, I was so tired.

I climbed into bed but then had to jump out again, he’d scattered a load of drawing pins (thumbs tacks) under the covers and several were now stuck in my thigh, I brushed them off and brushed them out of the bed and climbed in. I peeled the patches off my eyes and blinked as even the low light seemed bright, then closed my eyes and went to sleep.

I woke up a couple of hours later when I rolled over and drawing pin stuck into my stomach. I got up, showered and tidied the room before I left and headed home.




Sorry! I kind of lost it a little bit the last few days, I blame the alignment of the Earth with the Moon and Mars. I’ve no idea if that happened or not but it’s as plausible as any other reason I can think of for the sudden reignition of very strong feelings that have been dead and buried for so long.

I have now, I think, pulled myself together a little and possibly regained rational thought. I spoke to Kayleigh over text on Thursday night and she was really nice about everything despite admitting being quite shocked to receive my message out of the blue. We talked a bit and it turns out she is currently seeing someone, a vanilla someone, although it’s still fairly new.

She did ask if I wanted to meet up and go for a drink to talk so we have agreed to meet up next week one night so we will have to see what happens then. It would be nice to just have a friendship with her to be honest, even if that’s all it can be.

Oh, and she still had the address for this blog so has read everything on it, which is a little mortifying! So if you comment about her please don’t be mean, she is really a lovely person and I never meant to portray her as anything less.

In the meantime, there is tonight to get ready for!

…completing my own thought. 

Thank you everyone who commented, some interesting ideas. I thought I would add my own as well. 

Our coffees are almost finished when you face changes, you become more serious and your eyes darken. You look me in the eyes and say “give me your underwear”. 

I feel my pussy dampen and I reach under my skirt and slide my knickers down my legs as stealthily as possible in the busy coffee shop. I hand them to you and you smile as the dampness touches your hand. 

The bra is more difficult and I am blushing as you watch me struggle out of it. Once I hand it to you I am left wearing only the thin white blouse, short skirt and heals that you told me to wear. 

You pull a long chain out of your pocket and hand it to me, there is an unlocked padlock on one end and a leather strap on the other. I don’t see a key but I know what you want me to do so I wrap the chain around my neck and fasten the padlock in front, as soon as I do you take the other end of my leash and yank me roughly out of the cafe and down an alley. I don’t even have time to see if anyone saw me being led out on a dog lead!

You take me a little down the alley until you find the smelly food bin from the cafe and tell me to kneel next to it. My pussy is soaking as I kneel on the dirty floor with the rubbish. 

You pull the chain forcing me to look up at you and then say “open your mouth”. When I do you clear your throat and spit into my mouth, I instinctively close my mouth and swallow your spit which brings a big smile to your face. I blush ashamed. 

I watch you look around and then walk across the alley talking my knickers from your pocket and using them to pick a piece of dog shit off the floor.

My eyes widen as you come back to me and once again say “open your mouth”. My lips stay sealed and in response you give me a sharp kick between my legs and my pussy explodes in pain. 

You say it again and this time I look up at you, cheeks Crimson, and open my mouth. You immediately drop the dog shit in my mouth and I immediately close my mouth, fill it with spit and swallow it all down whilst trying not to gag. 

When I open my eyes you have your cock out, my immediate thought is you want a blow job but instead a stream of piss hits me straight in the face. You piss all over me, soaking my clothes and making my blouse see through. 

I’m dazed as I watch you walk over and pick up your phone from on top of a bin, then smile at me and walk off down the alley. I lean back against the wall and my fingers find my clit and moments later I’m cumming. 

I wait in the alley until my blouse is dry enough so my nipples aren’t visible and then wrap the chain around my neck a few times so it looks like some kind of goth necklace before walking home hoping I don’t see anyone I know. 

Just after I reach the safety of home I get a text message, it is details for our second date and a link to xvideos. I open the link and see a video of everything that happened in the alley and my blush and get wet both at the same time. 

I got back your text and reply “see you then”. 

Date night

So I’m feeling better, thanks for the 0 comments asking how I was! 🙂

I’ve had a few texts with Kayleigh over the last few days, one of which was to let me know that Thursday would be the night we were going out. She also let me know which restaurant we would be going to (a very nice one) and that time I should book the table for. Of course I will be paying also, she seems to like making that point! I hope she isn’t just in it for the perks!

Anyway, I am on my way home from a client meeting now so am not going to have much time to get ready. Fortunately I’ve just got a text from her narrowing down my outfit choices! I am to wear a short, tight-fitting dress over a black lingerie thong and bra, minimum five inch heals and I should have my hair pulled back into a pony tail.

Fairly specific instructions I think you’ll agree but I think I have the perfect dress in mind. It is a dark pink colour fitted halter neck dress with no embellishments, it’s plenty short enough without being too slutty and will go well with some pink heels I have. I just need to find something to wear over it because it’s not too warm out!

I don’t know what is going to happen, we will be in a restaurant after all but I have high hopes that something will happen I have to admit! I’m getting a taxi in to town and fortunately I am working from home tomorrow so it doesn’t matter so much if I’m late home! Oh god, I’ve been trying to keep my excitement in check for two days but now I’m sat on the train writing this I can’t help it, I’m really excited!!! I wonder what she’ll be wearing! She looked so beautiful in the dress she wore at New Years, god that seems like ages ago now!!

Ok, almost home now, just have to drive home, order a taxi, get a shower and get dressed! Wish me luck!Sand for god sake leave comment, even if it’s just to say hi!It would be nice to know who is reading this gibberish!!!

An interesting night

I was going to write about this tomorrow but it looks like I’m having one of those nights where sleep doesn’t come easy, perhaps this time though it is because of tonight’s activities!

After my post earlier I went and got ready, I curled my hair like it was on New Years Eve and did my make-up. I went for a toned down version of going out make-up as I thought the full monty would be a bit much for the cinema!  Next I put on a nice pair of purple lace french knickers with a matching bra then a black mid-thigh pencil skirt and a purple top that shows a bit of cleavage. I finished the look with some black wedges.

I headed out with plenty of time to spare with a black knee-length coat over my outfit to keep warm (the weather is crazy here!). After parking I made my way to Starbucks and bought myself a very expensive bottle of water, then found a table in a corner and waited.

My heart was pounding when she arrived about ten minutes later, I don’t know why she was having that effect on me!  She was wearing light blue jeans with rips in the knees (and one just below her left ass cheek  although I only found that out later) and a green vest top with a coat over the top.  She came over and I got up and we hugged and then sat down.  I was a little stuck for words so she broke the ice with “I’ll have a Grande Cappuccino and you’ll have a Venti Americano” and a smile.

I got back to our table a few minutes later with her delicious looking drink and my very large black coffee (I hate black coffee!) and returned to my seat across from her.

My nervousness soon eroded as we began to chat like to normal people on a date, she asked about my job and things and I asked about hers.  She is 21 years old, 22 in July, she works in an office in Cambridge as a secretary but lives just outside the city, like me, in a flat with a male flat mate but she barely sees him because he works nights.  She is not entirely “out” as a lesbian although some of her friends know, though she most definitely is a lesbian apparently.

We talked for about an hour and it all felt very natural, we very much “clicked” as they say despite the age gap which had concerned me a little before tonight.  She had finished her drink and I was only half way through mine having tried to avoid drinking it as much as possible however she had other ideas. She said “Finish your drink we need to get going or we’ll miss the film” to which I replied “It’s OK I’ve had enough”.  She looked directly into my eyes (she has wonderful big blue eyes by the way) and stared at me for a few seconds, then said “Finish your drink”.

There was something about the way she said it and the way she looked at me that just brought out the submissive in me big time.  I gulped down the rest of the cold coffee (I really hate cold coffee!) but was unable to prevent my face from screwing up as I did so.  She just smiled and said “Let’s go”.

The cinema is only a short walk from the Starbucks and we spent it talking about the first Sherlock film and if I’d seen it and if I liked it etc.  When we got into the cinema it was fairly quiet, possible because she’d managed to find the only cinema in England that doesn’t do Orange Wednesdays!  I purchased the tickets and the £9 of pick and mix sweets that Kayleigh wanted.

Went we went into the screen she directed me to the back row of seat on the side that the entrance is on.  To explain that a bit better, the screen is rectangular with one corner taken up by the entrance so that side of the room has less seats on it.  We were on the back row of that side with her nearest the aisle but a good five seats in.  There were about twenty other people in the screen with us but Kayleigh had chosen seats away from everyone else, I hoped this was a good sign.

The trailers started as we sat down so we didn’t talk anymore and I wasn’t offered any sweets 😦  Then the film started and we watched…

About an hour into the film I noticed her messing around in her purse, her hand emerged with a post-it note which she handed to me.  I read it to myself: “Kneel on the floor, fold your arms behind your back and touch the seat in front with your nose. Stay there until I tell you to move.”.  My heart was racing! I glanced around the room clocking where everyone was and then looked at her.  She had a very serious look on her face and she mouthed “NOW” to me.

The floor wasn’t carpeted and my knees were sore as soon as I put my weight on them, but I folded my arms behind my back and leant forward until my nose touched the seat in front, all I could see was the back of the seat!

As I knelt there my heart continued to pound, I was a little scared of getting caught, although I didn’t really think that was an issue, and I was also extremely excited! I could feel the moisture start to grow between my legs as I thought about what her view must look like and what she must think of me kneeling on the floor in a public place just because she, someone I hardly know, told me to.

It is a long, long time since I have felt like that, submitting to a real person who I feel a connection with, it is an amazing sensation.

I stayed still and listened to the film and nothing else happened for about forty minutes (its hard to tell how long exactly) until I heard her seat creak as she leaned forward.

I flinched as I felt her hands go under my skirt, riding it up a little, then her fingers hooked around the top of my knickers and slowly pulled then down. A let out a barely audible gasp as the crotch peeled away from my damp pussy and then she pulled then down to my knees.  A slight tap on my inner thigh told me to spread my legs a little which put tension in the underwear between my knees holding it in place, then she sat back in her seat again.

My heart was going crazy now, I was horny as hell and my face must have been like a beetroot, I could feel it burning.  For the rest of the film my mind was completely on my position, the vulnerability of it, the submissiveness of it, the humiliation of it!  I just wanted her to touch me, to do something but she didn’t and I knelt there (knees aching) until the credits rolled.

She quickly leaned forward and told me to get back in my seat which I quickly did, pulling up my knickers and sitting back down in one movement. Once I was seated I turned to look at her and she was looking directly at me, my face burned bright red again but I couldn’t take my eyes of hers.  Eventually (it felt like ages but was probably only a few seconds) she got up and I followed suit.

She held my hand once we got outside as we walked to the car park where both our cars were parked but she didn’t say anything and I was lost for words. Eventually we reached my car and she positioned me between her and car.  I saw her glance around quickly and then she kissed me with the same rough intensity that she had on New Years Eve.

This time I kept my hands to myself and just returned the kiss as passionately as I could.  I felt her hand come up between my legs and obediently spread them a little, she pulled her head away a little when her fingers touched the wet crotch of my knickers.  She smiled a wide grinning smile and I just blushed again, the she continued the kiss as her fingers rhythmically rubbed up and down my pussy through the underwear.

I was about to cum after about thirty seconds and I think she knew it, possibly from the way I wasn’t concentrating on the kiss anymore or from the way my breathing changed, I don’t know but all of a sudden her hand disappeared and the kiss ended leaving me in a daze.  She shook her head and wagged her finger at me and said “Not until I say you can, OK?”.  I just looked at her and blushed all over again! She repeated “OK?” and I slowly nodded, she just stared so I said in a shaky voice “OK” and she smiled a really wicked smile, then she said “I’ll call you” and walked away towards her car.

I watched her all the way to her car, then watched her get in and drive away, she didn’t look back once.  I climbed into my car and locked the doors, then just sat for about ten minutes.  I so wanted to finish myself off but she said not to, I was very frustrated in a lot of different ways.

I was still horny when I got home (in fact I’m still horny now) but I tried to take my mind off it by taking my make-up off and putting my clothes in the wash, then I went to bed……and laid awake for a couple of hours.

I have loads of things going through my mind, the one I’m thinking of right now is what she meant by “Not until I say you can”? Did she mean generally when we’re together I’m not to cum until she says, that’s a fairly common one in D/s relationships, or did she mean I’m not allowed to cum from when she said it until she says I can?!  That would be difficult for me, I’m an at least once a day kind of girl!

Then there’s the way the evening ended, what was that?  The intense passion and then nothing!  I was hoping for more, I was gagging for more!  Is that what she wanted or was it just not doing it for her?  I loved the evening, I loved what she did, what she made me do, I want more!

Oh dear this isn’t good!  I think I’m hooked on her and I barely know her, I think I need to take a step back, cool down a little….

…..when is she gonna call!?

Excited and Nervous

I’m excited and nervous about tonight! It’s been literally years since I’ve been on a date and I have no idea what sort of date this will be! I’ve changed outfits again now and I think I’m going to stick with this one…probably!

Just had a shower and got all clean, selected some nice underwear and am about to go do my make-up. I’m meeting her at Starbucks at 7.30, I haven’t heard from her since the other day and I’ve been an obedient girl and not contacted her, it just occured to me that she might not show! I hope she does! Why am I so nervous? I barely know her and I have six years on her! This is crazy!!

I’m rambling again! I best go and get ready in case I have to change outfits again.