The Third Task


Jane arrived at the garage first thing, she had just bought her first car but the engine needed some work. She had spoken to her Mistress about this who had told her, ordered her, to bring it to this particular garage. She was to wear only a long rain coat to cover her sexy, naked, shaven body and was to wait there until they were done. When it came time to pay she was to tell them that they could use her for the rest of the day as payment, they could do anything they pleased with her until 5.30pm. Now was that time.

Right little lady, that will be a total of $595 please?, said the overweight mechanic holding out his hand. Jane felt her face flush as she untied the belt around her waist and lifted her head to look the guy in the eye. Her coat fell open revealing the skin between her breasts right down to her shaven mound, she was exposed and guy was taking full advantage, his gaze clearly aimed between her legs. She began to speak, “In lieu of payment, I would like to offer you the use of my body to do with as you please until 5.30pm”, this caught the guys attention, he managed to look away from her exposed body and back to her face. “You mean I can do anything I want to you and you’ll just let me? I’m a bit weird you know you might get hurt!” he answered. “You can do ANYTHING to me, I wont resist, I am here at the request of my Mistress and I must do as she says”. My man smiled at her and then shouted to his colleague, “Jim, sh the shop, we’ve got a new toy to play with” he said as he lead Jane out into the garage part of the building, anyone walking past the open bay could easily look in and see but despite this the mechanic took hold of her coat and slid it down her arms leaving her naked.

Jane stood there not moving an inch as Jim pulled the heavy metal doors shut and padlocked then, even if she wanted to leave it seemed she was trapped now, her heart began to race in excitement and fear at what these two weird mechanics were about to do to her. She was watching Jim walk back towards her with a big grin on his face when the other guys fat arms pushed under her arms from behind and grabbed her tits with greasy hands, Jane winced in disgust as he caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples between his fingers. He let go of her and moved in front of her joining Jim admiring her body, she looked down at her tits smeared with engine grease and then looked back to them. Jim had a puzzled look on his face, “So I can do anything I want with her Ted?”, “Yeah”, replied Ted. “So I can fuck her, or beat her or anything?!” Jim asked again, Ted looked over at Jane, Jane’s face went bright red, “Anything you want” she said, forcing herself to keep eye contact.

Jim slowly walked up to Jane, picking up a wrench on his way, the kind that locks into place. He positioned the teeth around her nipple and then squeezed down on them, Jane closed her eyes and bit her lip as agonising pain shot through her left tit, Jim let go of the heavy wrench and let it hang from her flesh, Jane barely managed to stay standing as her tit was yanked downwards by the weight of the wrench, stretching her tender flesh. Jim stepped back and laughed as he watched the young girl struggling to compose herself, Jane didn’t even attempt to use her hands to take the weight of the wrench, instead she stood and endured the abuse, she knew she had another four hours to go.

Ted rummaged in a work box and then found what he was looking for, a rusty old wrench that was the same as the one hanging from the girls left tit, he began to rub on Jane’s right nipple causing it to grow hard, only then did he attach the wrench in the same manor as Jim had done on the left side. The pain was even greater this time as the rusty teeth clamped on to her aroused nipple and yanked it downward, she could barely keep standing as the weight on her chest was so much. After admiring the sight Ted picked up a set of jump leads, he attached one of the positive ends to the wrench hanging from her left tit, then he pinched some flesh further up her breast and attached the negative lead there, she screeched as the sharp teeth of the giant crocodile clip pierced her skin, the process was then repeated on the other side.

Fear filled Jane’s mind as she watched the two guys open the bonnet of a car and attached the negative cables to the battery, she knew what was coming and it scared her. She knew she was about to be electrocuted and didn’t even know if the current in a car battery would kill her, despite her fear though, she kept her hands crossed behind her back and watched as the positive clips were attached together and then moved closer to the battery.

She saw the blue lightening jump from the battery terminal to the clip just before the excruciating pain shot through her breasts. It was ten times worse than what was being caused by the wrenches. Her body went taut as the current flowed through her mounds for what felt like an hour, in reality Ted had broken the circuit after about ten seconds leaving the girl to fall into Jim’s arms. He led her down on her back on a dirty work bench, he spread her legs and she kept them in the spread eagled position he had put them in. Jane came round quickly when Jim released the wrenches from her tits, the blood flowed quickly back into them caused another shot of pain, then he released the jump leads from her flesh leaving four small punctures on the top and bottom of each mound.

Despite the pain she still felt Jane knew the worst was still to come, that this was just a taster of what these perverts were capable of, that thought brought a familiar type of fear to her and she felt her pussy become damp. Jim was now stood over her, his slimy hand slithering down her body and her legs, she shuddered as his rough fingers ran over her clitoris and entered her sex. Two then three fingers pushed inside her tight hole and she knew it was getting coated in the grime that covered everything else in this place. As he began to thrust his fingers into her she tried to think of something else, looking up she saw the brand new CCTV cameras mounted in the garage and knew her performance was once again being filmed. Jim removed his fingers from her fuck hole and gave them a sniff before wiping her own juices across her face and lips and walking away.

Ted now returned at the bottom end of the table between Jane’s legs, he was holding a piece of wood, about ten inches long and about one and a half inch square, although it tapered off toward one end. He also had a hammer and some nails. Without any warning the length of wood was unceremoniously shoved up her cunt so hard that she felt it slam into her cervix knocking the wind out of the stunned girl. “Jim, come and hold this”, she heard Ted say and then Jim appeared next to him. She felt more pressure applied inside her as Jim took over holding the wood in place, then she felt one her labia being stretched out over the end of the wood. Jane tried to control herself as the pain of having her pussy lip stretched to about an inch roared from her groin, she couldn’t help but scream as Ted let the hammer fall on the end of the state, pushing it further into her cervix and embedding the nail through her labia and into the wood, she was hysterical when the second nail pierced the same lip. Tears flooded her face as Jim had to hold her down and she felt her right lip stretched over the wooden stake that impaled her, she could have just about stood the nails piercing her most private parts but the pain in her belly as the wood rammed into her cervix was too much, as the forth blow came down she passed out.

Jane woke up to Ted splashing cold water over her body, she looked at the clock on the wall and realised that she had been out a good fifteen minutes. She looked down between hers legs where Jim was standing with a dirty mirror, in it she saw her grotesquely stretched labia nailed to the piece of wood, the lips themselves holding the stake inside her. “One last nail” Ted said as he bent over her again, she felt him pinch her clit and pull it away from her body, then she felt the prick of the nail push against it. She took a deep breath as the hammer fell, Jim shoved a bit of wood between her teeth and held it there as the thin nail pinned her clitoris to the piece of wood and a loud scream was forced from her mouth.

After about five minutes Jane managed to regain her composure, the men had left her on the table, with tears streaming down her face, and gone off to organise more treats for her! Thoughts flooded her mind as she considered what she had just let these two complete strangers do to her, there she was, led on a filthy table in a garage with a wooden stake stuck up her cunt being held in by her own labia which were nailed to it, and god only knows what else they had in store for her. The thought of what tortures these guys would come up with scared her, but she knew she would submit to anything they wanted to do, and she would enjoy it!

She heard one of them shout her to get up, she didn’t know which one but she complied, using her arms she pushed her upper body up off the table but as she came upright the stake touched the table pushing it painfully into her, she winced and swung her legs around hopping off the table. She looked at herself in a mirror on the wall, her nipples were red from the wrenches hanging on them earlier and there were red dots where the jump leads had punctured her tits but that was about it, her tits didn’t looked to bad despite the oil and grease smeared all over them, then she looked down between her legs, the wood stuck out about an inch and she could see her labia stretched down around it with the four thick nails pointing towards the floor. Her clitoris was stretched about half an inch down and had a nail protruding from it too, it was thinner than the other nails though. She gingerly made her way over to where Ted and Jim were waiting for her, each step pulled on her damaged cunt lips and at the same time jabbed the stake painfully into her body.

Ted had been smoking a cigarette which he had almost finished, he held it out to Jane, “You’re a really fucked up bitch aren’t you? How old are you anyway?” he asked, “I turned nineteen a couple of months ago” Jane replied. “Fuck me, you are young! I want to test how far your willing to go”, Ted said, Jane started to reply that she would do anything they wanted but Ted interrupted her, “Put this out on that little pink clitoris of yours” he ordered handing Jane the cigarette. She took it from him, her mind racing at the thought of what she was about to do, with a shaking hand she moved the cigarette toward her abused nub, she could feel the heat as it got closer and then with a deep breathe plunged the burning stick into her sensitive flesh just below where the nail protruded from it. The cigarette was quickly extinguished but the intense burning sensation continued to scream through Jane, beads of sweat formed on her head and new tears flowed down her cheeks as she tried to deal with the brutal pain that had ever been inflicted on her, despite this, she didn’t attempt to remove the cigarette from her burned flesh until it was completely out, then she handed it back to Ted.

Jane could see the bulges in her abusers pants and knew it wouldn’t be long before they used her to relieve themselves, she was right. Ted moved behind her and pushed hard on her shoulders forcing her to her knees, Jim was now in front of her and pulled her head down by her hair until her head was level with his groin, he used his other hand to pull his cock out. At the same time she felt some slimy fingers being sunk into her anus, Ted was lubing her up with engine grease, the feeling was disgusting as he spread the slimy substance inside her. Both at the same time Jim’s cock was shoved into her mouth and right to the back of her throat and Ted’s dick was rammed up her anal passage, the grease acting as a perfect lubricant. As Ted began thrusting his long cock into her ass she could taste Jim’s putrid cock abusing her mouth, the taste of his unclean member almost made her throw up.

The cameras watched on as the two men spit roasted the young girl for a good five minutes before they both came simultaneously, her throat and ass both filled with salty cum, she tried to shallow it all but some leaked out and ran down her chin while some of Ted’s seed leaked from her ass and streamed down her thighs. The two cocks grew soft and withdrew from her fuck holes, she stayed where she was as they put their members away and walked away from her but one of them soon returned and she felt something roughly inserted into her asshole, it was some kind of tube and she felt some kind of goo being pumped into her hole, within seconds the tube was removed and she felt the goo start to grow hard and expand. It was a strange sensation as the expanding substance filled her rear hole, by the time it was completely solid it had expanded to twice its previous size stretching and sealing her tight asshole, she had no idea how or even if she would be able to get it out, but the feeling of having her ass sealed in this way made her pussy juices begin to drip down the stake.

Jane didn’t get much time to contemplate what it was that was filling her ass, instead she was yanked up by two chubby hands under her arms and led to the table. “Now listen to me, you let some of our cum spill out of your slut holes and that is unacceptable, you will be punished. We are going to whip your ass but first you must choose the implement of your torture”, Ted pointed to the table as he ended his sentence, there were two ‘whips’ lying there that the guys had fashioned from things that were in the garage. Jim picked the first one up to show her, it was a piece of metal wire, about three foot long, that had been unravelled so that each of the thin wires, that were intertwined to make the thicker wire, were separated. It looked like the end of a witches broom only made of metal, it looked like it could do some damage if enough force was used.

Jim put it down and picked up the second ‘whip’, it looked like a long, thin rubber cane. Again it was about three foot long and made of still black rubber, it looked like some kind of seal from some part of a car, Jane figured it would feel like a cane. Not that she knew what that felt like, she had never been whipped of spanked by anyone before, the most she had done was to whip her own ass and pussy with a belt, but even then she didn’t really do it that hard. Jane contemplated what to do, she knew that her Mistress would want her to choose the worst punishment but the pain in her pussy was still screaming out, she decided that she would take the wires, they would still be painful but not as bad as the rubber cane, “Use that one” she said, pointing to the first whip.

Ted picked it up and pushed her forward, bending her over the table, the edge of which pushed into her abdomen forcing the stake out of her body slightly, stretching her cunt lips even more causing a moan to escape her lips. Her ample chest rested on the table top, small, sharp shards of metal digging into her tender mounds, then the flogging began.

The first blow came down ferociously across her backside, the bush of wires dealing stinging blows across both cheeks, Jane let out a yelp. “Count them out loud” she heard a voice order, she wasn’t sure from who. “One” she said in a quivering voice. The second blow came down sending sharp pains through her ass again, “two”. By the tenth strike tears were flowing freely from her eyes, her ass was glowing red with bruises and welts forming all over and small cuts glistened, the deep red colour contrasted well with the white foam that protruded from the girls stretched hole, between sobs, Jane uttered the word “ten”.

Jane stayed still bent over the table, she could feel one of the mechanics dicks rubbing up and down the crack over her ass, they were masturbating over the sight of her abused ass, it wasn’t long before she heard one of them groan, then the other and she felt their second load of cum spray over her ass cheeks. Almost immediately two pairs of hands began massaging the salty cream into her battered flesh, pains shot through her as their pressure and the cum stung her fresh cuts, she led there and endured the humiliation her pussy now flowing with her juice.

Once they were finished one of them grabbed her hair pulled her back upright, she glanced at the mirror on the wall, trying her best to examine to damage but she was spun round and quickly lifted onto the table, the cold steal and the shards of metal stung her tortured rear as she led on her back with her knees up and legs spread. Both men were between her legs now and she could see pliers in one of their hands, a wave of relief washed over her as she realised that the stake was about to be removed from her pussy. Suddenly pain shot through her cunt as the nail was yanked from her clit, it retracted to its normal position but the pain did not subside, instead it was joined by more as one by one the nails were pulled from the stake releasing her stretched labia but leaving them with visible holes, two through each lip. As the stake was withdrawn from her cunt the mixture of emotions was too much, it felt amazing as the thick length of wood was remove and accompanied by the immense pain in the surrounding tissue Jane let out a loud groan, the orgasm that had been growing inside her for the last two hours exploded through her body and she was completely oblivious to the two strangers watching her writhe on the table.

Jane opened her eyes again once she had recovered from her ecstasy, she could feel them doing something with her pussy, tugging her lips, but she had no idea what. She looked down at them, she couldn’t see much but one of them had some kind of power tool in his hand, her heart skipped a beat, “what the hell are they gonna do to me now” she thought, she knew that she could get up and try and run from them, but she didn’t, instead she lay there while two ugly strangers prepared to do god knows what to her. She felt a sharp pain as something was threaded through one of the holes in her labia, then she heard a clunk and something squeezed tight on her cunt lip, she sucked in air through her teeth, the pain was intense but bearable. Three more clunks were heard as they used the tool on the other holes in her labia, then Ted held up the tool, “do you know what this is slut?”, he ask, Jane shook her head. “It’s called a rivet gun”, he held up a rivet, “we use it to attach these hollow rivets to thin pieces if metal. You said we could do anything we wanted to you, so we did!”, he held a mirror between her legs and Jane stared into it at her pussy. Embedded in her pussy lips she could see metal rings, with a half centimetre hole through the middle of them, her new labia piercings made permanent by the shiny metal rivets.

Her head fell back to the table and she stared at the ceiling, what had she allowed these two weirdo’s to do to her? “I think she likes them” Ted said as he climbed onto the table between her legs, he pants were down and his cock was hanging out, already hard. He wasted no time in ramming his rod home, Jane’s cunt was sopping wet, strangely the sight of her grotesquely modified lips had made her horny as hell. She laid there and stared upwards as the first mechanic violently ravaged her before the second climbed on and had his turn, once they had both finished Jane had still not cum so Jim took the wooden stake and continued to fuck her aching hole with it until her body forced another orgasm out of her. They left her where she was for the cameras to film her, lying on her back, legs spread with a wooden stake protruding from her modified pussy, cum oozing from either side of it.

Ted and Jim were now returning with another tool, on one side of the tool was a rubber bowl and Jane could see a tube running from the tool off into the garage somewhere. Jim had hold of the thing and lowered it to Jane’s chest, the ‘bowl’ fit just nicely over her left breast leaving about a centimetre gap inside. “We use this to suck out dents in bodywork” he said smiling, then he clicked the switch and the tool buzzed to life, she immediately felt the pressure in her tit as there air was sucked out and the tool attempted to do the same to her tender tit meat. Jane’s hands had been above her head the whole time and she did not attempt to move them now, the feeling was uncomfortable but didn’t really hurt. After a couple of minutes her left tit was released and the tool went to work on the right, she looked at her tit which was a little bit red and seemed to be slightly bigger than before, the main difference though was the change in sensitivity. When Jim had lifted the tool across her body, he had rubbed against her nipple, the sensation was amazing as her nipple felt as it was ten times as sensitive as before!

Once the suction treatment was complete Jane was ordered into the middle of the room, she complied and stood there with her hands on her head, breasts pushed forward and legs spread, the two abusers could see they’re own cum dripping from her open cunt. The stake had fallen from her slimy hole the moment she got down from the table, despite her best efforts to hold it in. Ted now held it in his hand and was rubbing it against her now extremely sensitive tits, the slime from it smearing across her chest. “Now you were punished early for leaking our cum yet you continue to do it, I think we need to punish you again. We are going to whip your slut tits this time, and we will use the whip that you neglected to endure earlier, I want you to stay there and keep those lovely mounds stuck out in front, they wont be lovely for long!”. Jane’s heart sank the lowest it had been that day, the rubber cane would inflict brutal pain wherever it was used, but her oversensitive breasts would be the worst.

Jane stuck her tits out as far as she could and waited for the first blow to fall, it struck the top of her tits and knocked her to the ground, a red mark appeared immediately, despite the stinging pain she returned to her position and said “one”. Her tits were caned with the rubber menace ten times, each time Jane would stagger or fall before returning to her position and counting the blow. Her tits were a mess, purple welts had formed in stripes across them and they had begun to swell. Tears were streaming down her face and her body was coated in sweat as the abuse continued. Finally the tenth blow came down right of her nipples, she screamed out in agony as the mechanics completed they’re whipping, falling to the floor barely conscious Jane glanced at the clock, it was five fifteen, nearly time to go.

They left her on the floor for ten minutes before returning, Ted ha her coat in his hand. She climbed to her feet and faced her abusers, she had never met them before but had the feeling she would again. Jim reached out and dropped something into her waiting hand, she looked down to see two small metal padlocks in her hand, there were no keys, she looked up at them but they didn’t speak, she knew what to do with them. Taking one of the locks in her right hand she reached between her legs, she threaded the padlock through the hole in one labia and then through the opposite side before clicking it shut, she felt her face turn red as the two men watched her chastise herself. She took the other lock and repeated the process before looking back at the two men, Jim spoke with a smirk on his face, “I found those locks in your glove box, we don’t have the keys!”, they both began to laugh, if it was possible Jane just turned redder.

Ted walked round and held her coat out while she slid her slender arms in before pulling it across the front of her body and tying the belt. He body screamed as the material pressed against her raw ass and tits, from the outside though, she looked completely normal. Ted handed her the keys to her car, she walked over to it and climbed in gingerly, more pain filling her ass as she put her weight onto it. Jim was opening the front doors as Jane started the engine and then she drove out into the street leaving the two strange men behind.

Fifteen minutes later Jane was outside her Mums work and her Mum was climbing into the passenger seat beside her. She bent over and kissed Jane on the cheek, “those mechanics have done a good job today then?” She asked.

Once she was back in her room Jane stripped off the rain coat and examined her body, her tits and ass were welted and swollen and would take a while to heal, her pussy was changed forever though. She took pictures from every angle before writing her report and emailing the whole lot to her Mistress who was very grateful to receive it, she wrote back again expressing how much fun should knew she could have with her slaves new pussy and reassured Jane that she would get the chastity removed eventually. The scariest line of the email though, was the last one, “Your car will need servicing next month, at least we know a good mechanic!”.

It was two days before the foam in Jane’s ass finally disintegrated and the first thing to leak out was the mechanics cum, the rest of her body would take a lot longer to get back to normal, hopefully it would be before her next big task.

The End

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