The Task


Jane had been Frank’s cyber slave for two months now, during that time she had submitted herself to him on many occasions; following his orders to abuse her body with clothes pins or expose herself in public places, she loved every minute of it. She was an 18 year old girl with long brown hair, 5′ 10” tall, perfect rounded ass and proportionate pert breasts, she was very proud of her body and worked out to keep it looking good, but she loved to abuse it too. No other person had every physical been involved with this abuse though. The order that she had received on email today though, this was something else, she read it to herself again…

“This Friday night, you are to dress in a low cut, short black dress with stockings and stiletto shoes. No underwear and no body hair.

You are to go to the local nightclub alone, once inside you will find a group of three men, whether you find them attractive or not is irrelevant. The first group of three men you find you are to walk up to them, tell them that you are a sex slave and that you have been ordered to let three different men use one of your three different holes tonight. They are to decide who will use which hole and then the first will come out into the alley, down the side of the club in ten minutes.

Advise them that you will not talk to them at all once you are outside and that instructions have been written on your body for them to follow.

Once they have agreed and don’t worry, they will, go outside and down the alley, there will be a girl waiting for you wearing combat pants and a black top. She will write the instructions on your body, allow her to do this. She will leave a Polaroid camera near you so that the men can have a souvenir. Once she has left, stand in the alley and wait for the first man, do not talk to him, but let him do as he pleases with you. Once he is finished he will leave and the next man will come out and then the next.

Once they have finished, leave your clothes and hair etc. as they are and go get the bus home. When you get home, write me a report of your night, only then may you get cleaned up.”

Jane was scared and excited by this, she knew she would do it and she knew it would make her feel humiliated and degraded, but that’s what she craved most of all.

She replied to the email “I accept this task”.

Friday night came and Jane took a shower and put on her makeup; making herself look as sexy as possible. She had told her parents that she was going to a party at a friend’s house and that she would be back late. They had gone out for a meal and so she could leave the house easily without any awkward questions about her attire; they would be in bed when she returned home. She slid into a little black dress that showed off her cleavage nicely and finished about an inch below her bum with an inch long slit up the side. There was no back to it, instead halter neck straps came up from the front and fastened behind her neck. There was no doubt about it, she looked stunning.

Jane could feel the eyes looking her over as she took the bus into town, it was only a ten minute journey though and soon she was in the queue for the club; she had no problem at the door as the bouncers took one look at her and waved her in.

It was already busy in the place and she didn’t have to go far before she saw a group of three men, all late twenties, none particularly attractive though. She was about to continue looking when she remembered her orders, “Whether you find them attractive or not is irrelevant” she walked towards the strangers.

“You wanna buy me a drink?” she said as they turned to check her out.

“Sure” one of them said and disappeared to the bar.

She made small talk with them and waited for her drink to arrive. When it did she downed the Vodka and Coke in one, Dutch courage and then she told them why she was there.

“I have a proposal for you guys, one where you can’t lose!”

The men’s eyes lit up “go on”.

Jane, who was usually quite brazen, began to blush, “I am a sex slave, my Master has ordered me to come here and offer three men the use of one of my fuck holes each. If you agree, you will have to decide amongst yourselves who will use my cunt, ass and mouth; then come out into the alley next to the club one by one to use me. By then I will have instructions written on my body, I will not communicate with you and you are not to do so with me; just do what the instructions say and then leave. There will be a Polaroid camera there too, if you wish you may take a photograph as a souvenir.”

The men looked on in disbelief,

“Your messing with us right?” One of the men said,

“No” Jane replied, “If you’d like to check you will see I am not wearing any underwear”.

The man gave her a quizzical look and then reached under her dress between her legs and felt her bare pussy. Jane didn’t move but noticed a group of women looking disgusted at her, out of the corner of her eye.

“OK”, the man agreed, “see you in a minute” he said with a grin.

Jane smiled back, turned and walked towards the door.

When Jane got down the alley the woman was waiting for her just as Frank had said; she was older than Jane, but not much older. The woman grabbed Jane, pushed her against the wall and pulled her dress over her ass. Jane felt the cold air breeze over her exposed rear and then the woman began to write on her.

On her left ass cheek she wrote “Fuck Hole” with an arrow pointing to her asshole, on the other cheek she wrote “Fuck me hard”. Then she moved Jane’s hair and wrote “Break this” with an arrow pointing to the clasp where the dress fastened behind her neck. Then she turned Jane around and bent down pulling Jane’s legs apart. Just above her pussy she wrote “Fuck Hole” with an arrow pointing to Jane’s slit. On her thighs she wrote “Bruise me here” and “Pinch my lips” with arrows pointing to her gash. On the outside of Jane’s left thigh, just below the hem of her skirt, she wrote “Rip here” with an arrow pointing upwards. Then she pulled her dress down and reached behind her neck to release the clasp; the front of her dress fell down revealing her ample breasts. In circles around each nipple she wrote “Pinch, Twist, Bite, Abuse” with arrows pointing inwards towards her nipples. Between her tits she wrote “Rip here” with an arrow pointing downwards. Then she reattached the clasp behind her neck and told Jane to close her mouth and then she wrote “Fuck” on her top lip and “Hole” on her bottom lip. The woman then took a camera out of her bag and placed it on an old mattress that was on the floor. Jane had not seen any of what was written; she had spent the whole time staring at the video camera on a tripod that had been placed on the adjacent rooftop. The woman picked up her bag and disappeared down the alley.

Jane turned round to see the first man already making his way down the alley, a large grin on his face.

“You really up for this?” He asked.

Jane didn’t reply. As the man drew closer he saw the writing on her lips and realised that this was his lucky day. He grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down onto her knees on the mattress.

“Get it out and suck on it then” he said in a menacing voice.

Jane reached up; unfastened his jeans and pulled them down slightly and took his penis in her right hand.

Jane had never given anyone a blow job before; in fact she had only ever had sex with one person before. They had mainly done vaginal sex but had done anal once at Jane’s request. She had broken up with the guy when she realised that he wasn’t dominate enough for her. Although she had never done it herself, she had seen many women do it on porn films and it hadn’t looked all that hard.

She pulled the guys member towards her lips and stretched out her tongue, licking and caressing the head. Then she held it up and took a long slow lick from the base right up to the top and back down again; she had seen this done on one of her films. Next she took the head of the man’s dick into her mouth and began to slowly move her mouth up and down the shaft. The man grabbed the hair on the back of Jane’s head and began to thrust his cock into her mouth, pushing deeper with each thrust. Jane was no longer in control as the man thrust his cock deeper into her mouth, touching the back of her throat and causing her to gag a little. She had had a cock gag in her mouth before, which reached to the back of her mouth, so she was not completely unused to having her mouth filled in this way; although the thrusting was causing the gagging reflex in her throat.

Jane’s arms dropped to her side as the man took control of the situation; she was helpless to resist as the guy thrust his cock down her throat again and again. Every time it came out she could taste the salty pre-cum that was seeping from the end of the stranger’s dick. The guy took one last thrust and then hot salty cum sprayed over the back of Jane’s throat and inside her mouth. There was so much that she couldn’t keep it all in and some dribbled down her chin; she didn’t move to wipe it though. As his cock grew soft he took it out of her mouth and wiped it on her lips smudging the writing there; she kept her mouth shut and swallowed his cum as she allowed him to degrade her in this way. He grabbed her long hair and used it to clean off his knob before picking up the camera and taking his picture of her looking directly at him, cum all over her face and hair, then he left.

Jane turned and looked up at the camera; there was a dark figure behind it now and a green light on the front signifying that it was recording. She turned back and the first man had disappeared around the corner, leaving her to contemplate what she had just allowed to happen. Basically she had just let a complete stranger fuck her young virgin mouth and squirt his come down her throat and some of it was still drying around her mouth. She had never tasted cum before, she didn’t really like the taste of it either, although the experience had turned her on and she was sure she would allow herself to be used in this way again.

Just then the second man turned around the corner walking quickly; almost jogging and she wondered which of her fuck holes would be used next. The man arrived in front of her; he had obviously spoken to his friend as he didn’t even attempt to talk to her. Instead he looked at her face and smirked, she just looked straight back and she felt her skin begin to warm on her face. The guy looked for writing on her body and focused on what was written on her chest, she fought the urge to follow his gaze. Suddenly he reached forward and grabbed the material covering her breasts and pulled it, ripping it down the middle. Jane was stunned by this violent act and looked down to see her dress ripped right down the front, far enough so that she could see her belly button. The remains of the front of the dress still covered her tits, but just barely. She was about to yell at the man when she noticed the note between her breasts and realised that this was an order from her Master, she looked back up at the man and smiled, though inside her mind turned to how she would get home in this state.

There wasn’t much time to think about that now though.

“Pull your dress up” he ordered.

With some hesitation Jane reached down and grasped the hem of her skirt, then slowly began to raise it. She felt the cold air breeze past her sex as it was revealed from under her dress, in all its shaven glory! Jane remembered the notes that had been written on her down there, but didn’t dare look down and read them. The man did though, he found the directions to his designated ‘Fuck hole’ and also the instructions to abuse her most private parts. He told her to spread her legs which she did quickly but he wasn’t satisfied and kept ordering “More” until she was stood with her legs about three feet apart. He reached down and began to fondle Jane’s pussy lips and clitoris; the warmth of his hand felt good after the cold air and Jane began to get aroused again. She could feel the juices begin to form inside her as the stranger continued to stimulate her; the man took one of her pussy lips between his finger and thumb and squeezed as hard as he could nipping the skin in between them. Jane let out a gasp and almost screamed as the pain shot through her pussy. He released his grip and then repeated the process on the other lip, Jane took a deep breath and closed her eyes, she had tortured her own pussy in this way before, but it seemed to be so much more painful when this guy did it to her.

He released her lip and pushed her backwards causing her to fall onto the mattress on her back; he unzipped his trousers and then knelt between her legs. Jane had her forearms flat on the floor holding her back off the floor and her knees bent and spread apart. She saw his cock fall out of his pants, already rock hard; he slid his hands under the front of her dress and fondled her tits, the dress, in its ripped state, fell away from her breasts to either side. When he removed his hands from her mounds he noticed there were more notes written around her nipples, he just smirked and grabbed them and gave then a hard squeeze forcing a squeal out of Jane; she had always had sensitive nipples and could barely stand having clothes pegs on them for any length of time.

There was no need for lubrication as he slipped his hard member into her sopping wet hole and began to bang away at her. He didn’t waste any time as he rammed his rod into her cunt punching his pelvis into hers, bruising her groin. She could feel the head of his dick slamming into her cervix and the orgasm rising inside of her. She had never felt this horny in her life, who’d have thought that a complete stranger fucking her so brutally and violently could turn her on so much. The guy grabbed hold of a nipple in each hand and gripped it tightly, using it her tits as leverage to force his cock harder into her young fuck hole. She was on the verge of the biggest orgasm she had ever had, when he twisted her nipples almost 360 degrees and shot his load deep into her womb; the pain and the pleasure was too much for her and she let out an almighty groan as the orgasm exploded inside of her, the man had to cover her mouth so that no one would hear.

As her shattering orgasm passed the guy withdrew, wiped his dick on her dress and then put it away. He picked up the camera and took his snapshot, a full length photograph of her lying on the floor; legs spread revealing her wide open cunt dripping with cum, tits on display just starting to bruise at the nipple and the degrading writing all over her body. Jane was all of a sudden very ashamed and humiliated; she had no idea who this guy was who was taking this perverted picture of her, or what he intended to do with it. He looked her in the eye and said,

“Your one fucked up whore!” He then turned and walked off down the alley.

He disappeared around the corner and Jane pulled herself back onto her feet, she knew it wouldn’t be long before she was back on the floor but wanted to compose herself all the same. She pulled what was left of her dress back over her bruised breasts and pulled the bottom of it back down into place noticing the cum stain beginning to form on the front. She then tried her best to straighten her hair which was now full of dried cum. As the third of her abusers turned the corner she felt cum begin to seep from her stretched slit and run down her leg; a mixture of her own and the strangers.

The man walked straight up to her, read the note on the outside of her thigh and ripped the slit in the side of her dress right up to her waist level spinning Jane round so her side was facing him. He laughed as he saw how much this had exposed her body and then spun her around so her back faced him and her hair swung over her shoulder. He was just about to force her down on to the ground when he saw the note on her back, “Break this” it said pointing to the clasp of her dress. With a chuckle the man grabbed the straps on either side and yanked them apart, snapping the plastic clip. It seemed this was the only thing still holding the rag up and it dropped away to the floor leaving Jane standing naked in the alley.

“Turn round, let me look at your sexy young body then” said the man.

Jane turned to face him, arms by her side, not even attempting to cover herself up; her face was bright red, she hated exposing herself to this guy, he was the ugliest of the ugly bunch and she felt dirty with him looking at her.

He took a step back and read all of the notes on her front.

“Those titties look sore, let me make then better” he said before bending down and taking her left nipple in his mouth.

Jane actually found this attention quite pleasant after the abuse her nipples had received so far. The man ran his tongue over and over her nipple and she felt it become more and more sensitive, then the man moved over to her right nipple and she felt the cold air on the left one causing it to grow even more. Her right nipple now became over sensitised as well and it was beginning to turn her on again, just then though he dug his teeth in at the edge of her areola. Jane’s eyes widened and she tried to pull away but the man just bit down hard breaking the skin along his teeth line. She thought he was going to bite her nipple right off and tried to push him off causing his teeth to scratch down her nipple before he released his grip. There were tears flowing from Jane’s eyes as she looked down at her cut and bleeding nipple, she looked up at the man and was about to say something when he interrupted

“I’m just following the instructions, now they tell me clearly to bite both of your nipples, one down one to go”

Jane’s face turned from angry to scared.

“Now I’m going to bite down on your other nipple now, as hard as I like and you’re going to just stand there and let me…..OK?” he asked.

Jane thought about it quickly and realised that the guy was right, her Master had given the instructions and she had to follow them, she nodded her head.

The man took her left nipple into his mouth and positioned his teeth, closer to the nipple this time in the middle of the areola. Jane took a deep breath in and then the stranger clamped his teeth down on her nipple, squashing and cutting into it; it only took seconds for the skin to break and blood to seep out. Jane screwed her face up and tried her best not to scream; she had never felt pain this intense, she knew that if he bit any harder he would go right through, but she held her ground and didn’t try to move away. Through the intense pain in her breast, she could feel the beginnings of another orgasm brewing inside her, she thought about the possibility that one day she would be able to cum from this sort of extreme abuse. The man released her and she looked down at her mangled nipples, bloody and torn, but the sight turned her on.

The man’s next order was for her to turn around and kneel up; he pushed her head down to the floor so that her ass was stuck up in the air. He knelt down behind her and she felt his hard member between her legs, he was lubricating it on some of the juices still running from her pussy. She then felt the head of his cock at the entrance to her ass, slowly pushing and opening her rear fuck hole. The guy might have been ugly but he sure had a big dick, she tried to relax her muscles as much as possible but it still felt like the thing was ripping her open.

“I’ve never had anal sex before you know” he said, “all my girlfriends have said it hurt too much and made me stop; they said my dick is too big. Fortunate for me, you have no choice!”

Jane tried to ignore him as the huge head passed through her sphincter and she bit her top lip to stop her screaming out in pain. She didn’t know at the time, but the guy could see droplets of blood form as her asshole actually ripped slightly at the top. Once the head was through it was easier though; although still extremely painful as he rammed his monster up her anal passage, each thrust felt like a punch in the guts but her moans didn’t stop him pumping away.

With the tightness of her ass around his fat cock it wasn’t long before he was ready to come. Just before he did he reached down and grabbed hold of her tits, smearing blood from her nipples over them. The guy made one last thrust using her tits to pull forward before firing his load deep into Jane’s bowels; she felt the thing spasm inside her causing stabbings of pain in her stomach. He didn’t waste any time pulling out and her ass began to bleed again as he ripped the thing out of her. He turned her over and waved his cock in her face.

“Look at the state of it” he said angrily to her.

She looked at it and saw a mixture of blood, cum and traces of shit all down the shaft.

“I can’t put it away like this” he said and then he grabbed her head and plunged it into her mouth, “clean it” he ordered.

In her surprise Jane closed her mouth around his dick and tasted the blood, shit and come as he pulled it out depositing the waste into her mouth, she had no choice but to swallow the mess.

The man turned her back over and put her back into the same position as before, Jane thought he was going to have another go and looked around but instead she heard the click of the camera as she was captured forever; bent over with her asshole still stretched an inch wide with a mixture of blood and cum seeping from it. What a disgusting slut she was.

The man left quickly and Jane got back to her feet, she reached round to her ass to find out why it still stung so much and found blood seeping from it. She knew it would never be the same; SHE would never be the same. For now though, she had to sort out getting herself home looking the way that she did; she knew she wasn’t allowed to clean herself up, so she would have to leave the cum on her legs, dress and hair as well as the blood smeared over her mangled tits. She took the straps to her dress and raised it over her breasts, wincing as the material came into contact with her bloody nipples. Reaching behind her neck to fasten the clasp she realised that it was broken, she let out a small sigh and then did her best to tie the straps together. She looked down at herself, the split down the front still showed all of the skin between her breasts and down to her belly button, but at least her tits were covered up. She looked a mess, but at least she wasn’t exposing anything that would get her arrested.

Jane walked out of the alley towards the bus stop, fortunately the bus was just arriving and she wouldn’t have to wait for it. She climbed up and dropped her money into the bucket. She didn’t make eye contact with the driver but could feel him staring at her, as were all of the other passengers. She sat down and tried to hide herself as much as possible, but there was no hiding the shame on her face as she heard some women behind her tutting.

Ten minutes later Jane was off the bus, she was fairly sure the driver had got a good look at her ass as her dress had risen up whilst she descended the steps from the bus. She walked as quickly as she could to her house whilst trying to keep from exposing her flesh; she had to hide a few times to avoid the gaze of neighbours. She got into her house and quietly ran upstairs, being careful not to wake her parents, she could feel more cum and blood seep from her holes as she went but left it to run down her thighs.

She pulled off the remains of her dress and sat down on her wooden chair in front of the computer and turned it on to begin her report. As she wrote it she couldn’t help but reach down between her legs and rub her bruised pussy, the still fresh memory arousing her once again to orgasm. It was half an hour later when she finished her report with the line….

“Now I am sat at home writing the report, a pool of the strangers cum forming on my chair. I will have to clean that up before bed!”

Jane got up leaving the pool of bloody cum on her chair and went for a shower, she was very careful to clean around her nipples pussy and ass to make sure she didn’t get any infections in the cuts there. She gingerly touched her asshole to find that it had shrunk nearly back to its previous state, but she could still easily push a finger inside whereas before this was difficult without lubrication. Even though she had removed most of the blood from her tits, they still looked a mess, large teeth marks ran over each one and her nipples were a dark purple colour. Looking in the mirror she thought she looked like she had been beaten up, she also thought that she looked sexier than she had done in a long while.

Jane gently put a robe around her and went back into her room; she looked at her computer to find she had an email from her Master. She opened it excited to find out what he thought of her report:

“Slave, I am glad to hear that you enjoyed your task this evening, there will be more tasks of this level in the future. You may have noticed that the scene was videoed, I will be making this into a DVD to be sold in specialist shops in the future and so that others can see the lengths you are willing to go to for your Master.

Now it is time for you to rest, before you do though, please clean up your chair……with your tongue.

Good Night”

This brought a smile to Jane’s face, she was happy to have pleased her Master. She could barely stand the taste as she lapped up the cold, bloody cum that had leaked out of her fuck holes earlier and once again she felt disgusted by her own actions, then and for the whole evening.

She got into bed and contemplated what her Masters next big task would be.

Written by Lois Tyler
Edited by C. Edwards
Published 10th June 2005

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