The Second Task


When Jane had woken up the day after she had submitted herself to the abuse by three strangers in an alleyway she could barely get out of bed because the pain in her pussy and ass was so bad, she had bruises up the inside of her thighs a pussy lips also had bruises and blood blisters on them. Her tits were even more bruised than the day before, they were basically two black and blue mounds sticking out from her chest.

It was a month before her body was back to normal, the rip in the top of her asshole had healed up nicely although her ass would never be as tight as it had been before. Her tits had returned to they’re normal colour, the only remaining trace of they’re torment was the faint scar of teeth marks across her areolas. Her pussy had healed nicely also, the external bruising had gone down quite quickly though even after a month it was still slightly painful to penetrate herself there.

During her recovery Jane had visited a specialised pornography shop down a back alley, the one where she got all of her movies. She had only been once though, that was humiliating enough for her. She had always found the guy behind the counter there a bit disgusting but the way he had looked at her that day almost made her sick. She soon realised that the DVD of her previous task had been selling quite well in this particular outlet, “God knows how many weirdoes in this neighbourhood have seen what I’m capable of” she had thought.

Now it was three months later, her Master had only given her very light physical tasks to do since that day and had mainly given her ways in which to humiliate herself in public, he called these ‘beginner’ and ‘intermediate’ tasks, Jane now craved another ‘advanced’ task though, and she had hinted as much when she had reminded Frank that it was her nineteenth birthday this coming Friday in her latest report. Frank had hinted that he had something planned, but didn’t let on any more than that.

Friday morning came and Jane was very excited, she went downstairs before her parents left for work and received presents from them both. Her mother made her favourite breakfast and they all ate it together. Once they had finished they kissed Jane goodbye and left for work, neither would be back until tea time. She went up to check her email but there was nothing from her Master, she felt a bit disappointed but hoped for an email later in the day, she decided to take a shower.

Jane had just removed all of her bodily hair and finished her shower and was getting dressed when the door bell rang, she put on her top and ran downstairs, excited because she knew it would be a present for her. The package was about a foot square by about a foot and a half high but not very heavy, Jane signed for it and thanked the delivery guy before taking the parcel back up to her room.

She placed the box on her bed and sat cross legged in front of it and then ripped off the packing tape. Jane opened the box and found a smaller box inside, it was a high resolution web camera, she knew this must be from her Master as no-one else she knew would have thought of this as a present. It wasn’t the only thing in the box though, she removed the camera and looked through the rest of the contents one by one.

First was a remote control love egg with ‘clit clip for extra stimulation’!, a small padlock and keys, a black rubber anal plug with detachable pump, a small bottle of ‘extra heat’ deep heat oil, a packet of 30 syringe needles, a roll of electrical tape, a ‘self use’ female catheter and last of all a small bag marked ‘sterile’ containing a length of thin wire about the width of fishing line, one end had a loop on it, the other looked very sharp and pointy but had a small slit down the middle of it that looked kind of like the eye of a needle. By the time Jane had removed all of the items she was getting quite nervous, while she had been hoping for another ‘advanced’ task, some of these things seemed to be quite extreme. Underneath all of the ‘presents’ she found a empty brown prepaid jiffy bag addressed to a woman in New York, in the corner it said THREE DAY DELIVERY. There was also a note…

“Slave, it is time for another advanced task and as it is your birthday, we are going to make it a bit special!

Set up the camera on your computer and then log on to the usual chat room at 1pm, create a private room called ‘Slave Jane’s Self Torture’ and then invite me to it, I will be inviting some friends to join us. Once everyone is online I will order you to activate your camera, that will be my only order today though, the guests at this little birthday party will give you your orders from then on and you will follow them as if they were mine. They will ensure ALL of your new ‘toys’ are used.

I have sent you a very high resolution camera so that the feed that I will be recording will be of suitable quality for transfer onto DVD and resale, your last performance was quite profitable!

See you soon, Master”

The mixture of feelings that flowed through Jane as she read the note was immense. She was so excited at the prospect of another orgasm like the one she had experienced that night along with all of the other feelings that she had gone with her abuse, yet she was scared, she now knew what her master was capable of making her do but she had no idea who these strangers were, or how perverse they’re tastes were. Last time she had submit herself to strangers, she almost got her nipple bitten off!

She decided to put that out of her mind, it was 10am now so she only had three hours to get the camera working and get ready for her ‘party’. It didn’t take her long to set up the camera and test it was working correctly, she placed the camera on the desk and then set her chair just far enough away so that people would be able to see her entire body, head to toe. She was surprised at how good an image the camera brought back. Next she moved her bedside table next to the chair and laid out all of the items she had been sent, looking over them again made her very nervous. Then she got ready.

She got out her best sexy lingerie and put them on, a lilac lacy thong with matching push up bra and suspender belt. Then she slid some stockings up her slender legs and clipped them on at the top. Then she sat down at her desk and put on her makeup, she tried to make herself a mixture of sexy and slutty although she knew that in truth, full slutty would have been more appropriate for her. By the time she had finished this it was 11.30 and she decided to go downstairs and get some lunch. She went into the kitchen and began to prepare a sandwich, she noticed her next door neighbour in his kitchen across the fence but continued to make her sandwich wearing only her sexy underwear. The prospect of him seeing her like this excited her.

She finished making her lunch and took it upstairs to eat but could only stomach half of it as the excitement and nervousness started to well up in her stomach. She decided to try and take her mind of it for now and sat down to read her book for a while, time flew and before she knew it her alarm went off signifying it was 12.55, just enough time for her to slip on her white summer dress and take her place. The dress was short, ending an inch or so from the bottom of her bum, the top was cut to show off her cleavage with straps over the shoulders, the whole thing was quite tight fitting.

Jane took her seat and logged on to the chat room where she had met Frank, she talked to quite a few people in here and they would all see her create the private room. She clicked the option and typed in the name, when she clicked OK she saw the message pop up in the main window “User Jane3726 has just entered the private room ‘Slave Jane’s Self Torture’” and she knew that there would be questions from her online friends tomorrow.

She sent an invitation to her Master and almost immediately his name popped up in the list, he had obviously been waiting. A few seconds later some more names started to appear in the list too, ‘MasterBen’, ‘Master Sam’, ‘Lord Dom’ amongst them, the next one concerned her the most though, ‘Mistress Pain’. Jane had never had any feelings toward the opposite sex and often felt disgust at the idea of being forced to touch another woman. A few more names appeared and then the order came from Frank251, “Activate your camera slave”, Jane clicked on the option at the top of the screen and a small box came up at the side of the screen containing a live feed from the camera. Everyone present confirmed that they could see the feed clearly and a few commented on how good looking a slut she was.

The first command came, “Mistress_Pain> remove your dress and leave it on the floor” Jane immediately unzipped her dress and slid it down her body, lifting her bum up slightly to allow it to fall completely off her. “Mistress_Pain> and the thong…” came the next line, Jane obeyed and started to realise that it was the Mistress who would be leading her torture today. “Mistress_Pain> That’s better, now open your legs and show us all your eager young cunt”, Jane moved her knees to the corners of the chair, “MasterBen> MORE”, she opened her legs as far as they would go so they almost at 180 degree’s to each other, this splayed her pussy lips open and exposed her hole to the virtual room of strangers.

The next order came from a different person, “Master_Sam> You are now going to insert your catheter”, the onlookers could see the worry in Jane’s face, although she had read the instructions while she was waiting, the idea of performing this medical procedure on herself was terrifying, but she had no choice. “Master_Sam> Use the lubricant that came with the catheter and cover the catheter”, Jane did as she was told, the whole thing was only three inches long with some sort of valve at the end, “Master_Sam> Now spread your labia and find your urethra”, she did this and felt the small opening inside her, “Master_Sam> Insert the end of the catheter and push it inward and upward”. Jane followed her orders pushing the tube up her urethra wincing as she felt it enter her bladder, she looked down to see the tube fill with her hot pee. “Master_Sam> Very good, now take a piece of tape and secure it to yourself”. She attached the tape and stuck it to her labia, the catheter stayed in place but she could feel it nipping her inside.

“Mistress_Pain> Take the love egg and remove the soft covers from the teeth of the ‘clit clip’ please”, Jane picked up the toy and looked at the clip on its end, there was soft material covering the end of the clips, obviously to prevent any pain while using the ‘pleasure toy’. She pulled these off to reveal the sharp plastic teeth which had been used to hold the covers on, “this is going to hurt” she thought. “Mistress_Pain> Insert the love egg into you slut hole and attach the clip to your filthy clitoris”, Jane did not hesitate at this command, she was actually quite eager to insert it, she reached down and slid the plastic object into her vagina easily, just below the tube protruding from her pee hole, she had been wet all morning so was well lubricated. The next part was harder though, she used one hand to pull back the hood of her clitoris revealing the most sensitive part of her body to everyone there, then she used the other hand to open the teeth of the device. As the sharp teeth dug into her she let out a gasp and then had to clench her teeth and hold back a scream, the feeling soon settled down though and although a sharp pain remained she managed to control herself and return her gaze to the camera with a smile.

There was no rest though, the next order appeared straight away, “Mistress_Pain> remove you bra”, Jane quickly took it off and dropped it onto the floor in front of her. The onlookers examined her pert breasts, teeth marks still faintly visible around her nipples. “Mistress_Pain> Take the tape and wrap it TIGHTLY around the base of your left tit”, Jane reached over and picked up the roll of tape, finding the end quickly and pulling a stretch of it out she carefully positioned it underneath her mound and then pulled it up and began to wrap it around as tightly as she could. She wrapped it around five times before the message appeared on screen for her to move to the other tit. She repeated the process on her right mound, when she had finished her tits were stuck out obscenely in front of her and starting to turn red. She noticed that they looked bigger this way and decided that she kind of like the look of them as well as the tight feeling it had produced in them.

She replaced the tape on the table and looked back to the screen for her next instruction, “John_The_Dom> Pick up the anal plug and lubricate it with the deep heat”, Jane had been extremely worried about this, she had only been anally penetrated twice before, the last time being three months earlier when the stranger had ripped her asshole with his huge cock. Despite this she picked up the rubber plug, although it was quite long it wasn’t actually too thick and she thought it might be ok, they’re choice of lubricant however, was going to sting like crazy. She poured some of the oil onto her hand and began to smear it over the plug, she could feel the heat in her hand as the oil went to work. Once she had cover the whole thing she held it by its base and wiped her hand on a towel she had left nearby.

When she looked up at the screen again the next order had already been typed. John_The_Dom> Turn around and bend over the chair then use your free hand to open up your asshole, we want to be able to see into it. Stay there for thirty seconds, and count out loud, then insert your new plug. Once it is all the way in, you can count to thirty again and then attach the pump and sit back down”. Jane got up and turned around then bent over the chair leaning on it with her stomach, she reached round with her left hand and gripped her ass cheek with her fingers right next to her puckered hole, then she pulled, opening up her asshole for all to see. She felt a wave of humiliation as the group peered down her rectum and she counted to thirty aloud.

“…twenty nine, thirty”, she reached behind her with the thing having to stretch to get the point to come into contact with her open hole. As she pushed the end of it inside her she immediately felt the burning sensation grow in the sensitive skin of her asshole. She knew if she let it get any worse she would never be able to push the plug in so she took a deep breath and pushed it in as hard as she could. To her surprise it slid in quite easily and her sphincter retracted around its end, Jane lowered her arms back to the chair and began to count to thirty again, her voice wavering as the burning erupted in her anal passage.

By the time she reached thirty again a sweat had developed across her body, she picked up the pump and reached round and attached it, then turned again to sit and face the camera, her face had gone a scarlet colour and her tits were now turning a deep red/purple shade. She couldn’t sit properly because of the tube protruding from her ass so she slouched on the end with the pump hanging out between her legs.

“John_The_Dom> Squeeze the pump as many times as you like until you feel like you are as full as you can go”, Jane thought this was a bit of a strange request as they were allowing her to choose how bad this would be. Despite that she decided she would follow the instruction properly and pumped it about ten times which left her feeling quite stretched inside. She immediately regretted her dedication as the next message came up “Mistress_Pain> Three moor pumps!”. Jane slowly squeezed the pump three more times and felt a pain in her gut as her anal passage slowly stretched. She was then ordered to remove the pump, which she did, and replaced it on the table knowing that she would be like this for a while as the pump was required to deflate the plug.

Jane sat back up properly feeling quite uncomfortable, the fullness in her ass was made worse when her weight put pressure on the rubber still protruding from the hole. Despite her discomfort though, the ordeal was making her horny as hell and she hoped they would turn on the love egg soon. She read the next line, “Mistress_Pain> Now for the really fun part! Put a towel under your ass to collect the blood”, and panicked at what it said, she did not know exactly what was coming but knew that if it was going to make her bleed it would be extremely painful and difficult to do to herself. Her mind flashed back to three months earlier and the sight of her mangled tits covered in blood, the image only served to turn her on more though and she strengthened her resolve. She reached down and picked up the towel then lifted herself up with the other hand and slid it under her bum and legs before slowly lowing herself back down to rest on her anal plug.

She half expected what was coming next when the message appeared on screen, “Master_Sam> Remove the wire from the sterile bag and unravel it, hold on to the sharp end”, Jane took out the wire and held it on her right hand, “Master_Sam> Now pinch your right labia with your left and hand and pull it outwards so it is taut”, Jane obeyed like a good little slut as the virtual room of onlookers watched her, “Master_Sam> Take the wire and thread it through your labia close to the front and pull it all the way through so that the loop is against your lip”. Jane read the message twice before even moving, the uncompassionate way in which this Master_Sam issued his orders frightened her, she was still staring at the needle when another message popped up, “Mistress_Pain> DO IT NOW BITCH!”, it said. Jane knew there was no way out, she would have to do as she was told, of course if she’d wanted to she could have stopped this then and there, but the thought never entered her mind. She moved the end of the wire down to her outstretched cunt lip and pressed it against the lip, feeling it scratch her sensitive skin she decided that the best course of action would be to just take a deep breath and push it straight through without stopping, and that’s what she did. The sharp wire pierced through the flesh easily and popped out the other side and she just kept pushing it through until the loop was the only thing still sticking out, the pain that shot through the young girls pussy was immense, it was similar to the feeling of a clothes peg on her lip, only amplified by a factor of ten. As she threaded the wire through her pussy flap her eyes rolled back into her head and she broke a sweat again, the pain intensity of the pain was only matched by the pleasure that it was giving her to torture herself in this way, and it was far from over yet.

Next she was ordered to repeat the piercing on her left cunt lip but slightly lower down and from the inside out then back to the right from the outside in, each time she couldn’t help but let out a small scream and a whimper. She had thought it would get easier with each one but by the time she reached the end of her labia she was in agony, each piercing producing more pain and a bigger scream then the last, thankfully it was now over though. She glanced up at the image from the camera and saw the state of her lovely pussy, the wire loosely ‘laced’ the whole length of it, a new message appeared, “Master_Sam> Why have you stopped? You need to go back upwards yet!”, tears began to form in Jane’s eyes as she realised that she was only half way through this agonising procedure. “Master_Sam> You will need to pull it tight or you’ll run out of wire”, Jane looked again at the image of her pussy laced up like a shoe, she put her hand down over her cunt, two fingers on either lip and then with a tug she pulled the wire through the new piercings and tightly sealed her pussy around the catheter valve which was just log enough to stick out through the labia. As she did this she let out a loud scream and tears poured down her pretty face smearing her makeup. It took a minute or so to compose herself and then she looked back at the on screen image, there were red lines blood running down onto the towel from each of the holes in her labia.

After another prompt for the screen Jane began to run the wire back up to its starting position putting a new piercing in between the previous ones all the way up leaving a total of ten in each lip! These ones were much more difficult though, with her pussy already tightly sealed it was difficult to get the wire in the correct position and she left quite a few pricks in the wrong place before she got it right. By the time she had finished her face was soaked with a mixture of sweat and tears and her pussy was a wash with blood, after threading the last piece of wire through and pulling it tight, the two ends matched up almost perfectly, Jane slouched back in the chair panting with her eyes rolled back in her head. What a sight she looked, her bound purple tits rising up and down quickly with her heavy breathing, her legs spread as wide as they would go with her lewdly sewn up, bloody pussy as a centre piece.

The guests left her to recover for a few minutes but as she managed to lift her head back up and refocus on the screen, another order came in. “Mistress_Pain> You have done well slave, now take the towel and clean yourself up, I want all that blood wiped off. You will need to clean your wounds with soapy water later”, Jane slowly pulled the towel from underneath her body, not even attempting to lift herself up, then she carefully wiped the blood from her pussy trying her best to go around the new holes through her abused sex. It took a minute or so for her to finish but she did a fairly good job of getting rid of the blood leaving everybody to see the criss-cross of wire sealing the love egg and her abused clitoris inside, the catheter valve looked obscene poking out of the laced hole.

“Mistress_Pain> Unlock the padlock and leave the keys on the table, put the padlock through the loop on both ends of the wire and close it”, despite her shame at this order Jane obeyed and listened to the click as her pussy was locked tightly closed indefinitely, this didn’t bother her too much though, after all, she had the keys right next to her. This confidence was shattered with the next message that appeared, “Mistress_Pain> Slave, we are going to take a break now, but you have things to do during that break. Place the pump and the keys in the envelope that you received in the package, seal it and then take it to the closest post box, I understand there is one at the end of your road. You may wear clothing if you like but you only have fifteen minutes to be back in your seat, naked, legs spread. You will be punished if you are late”. Jane was horrified that they would do this to her, the envelope would take three days to get to its destination so if she did this she knew that she would be stuck like this for at least six days, she didn’t know if she could endure that, but she knew she would have to find up.

Jane brought her legs together and raised herself to her feet, she couldn’t walk properly as the mass in her ass pushed out inside of her, though closing her legs had actually relieved some of the pain in her cunt. Hobbled over to her bed, picked up a pair of jeans and clumsily slid them up her legs. They were a fairly loose fit and didn’t cause too much discomfort, she took a thin polo neck jumper from a drawer and put it over here head, it was the only thing she could think of that wouldn’t expose the state of her tits which were now becoming quite a dark red/purple colour. To the passer by she would look fairly normal, little would they know of the abuse her body was undergoing. There wasn’t much time so she bundled the pump and keys into the envelope and sealed it, then she slipped on some shoes and ran downstairs as bet she could. It took her a couple of minutes to get to the mail box as she had to find a way to walk comfortably with her ass spread open from the inside. She managed to find a way to do it without looking strange to passers by, except for the fact that it meant she had to keep her luscious ass stuck out further than usual!

By the time Jane returned to her room there was only a couple of minutes left before her deadline, she had discovered that it was a lot more difficult to go up the stairs than down as the huge object had tried to stretch her back passage open and escape as she came back to her room, it was a painful reminder of her situation. She quickly stripped off her clothes and sat back down just spreading her legs as a new message arrived on the screen, “Mistress_Pain> Your just in time my little pain slut, that’s what you are isn’t is? I can see the lust in your face as you inflict these pains on yourself! Answer me!”, Jane was startled as she read, so far she had not uttered a word, “Yes Mistress” she said, “Mistress_Pain> Yes what?”, “Yes Mistress, abusing my body makes me very horny Mistress” Jane admitted a her face turned bright red, she hated admitting this truth in front of all these strangers.

Jane knew what was coming next, there was only one item left on the table now, and that was a pack of thirty needles, she looked down at her obscene purple tits stuck straight out from her chest and knew that they would soon become pin cushions, the thought of it made her horny as hell and she longed to cum. The next orders cam from a new source, “Tom> Open the packet of needles and remove one”, Jane did this, “Tom> hold on to your right tit with you left hand and place the tip of the needle on top of your nipple and then push down firmly”, Jane followed the instructions to the letter, biting down on her lip as the pain shot through her already abused tit, a stream of blood flowed from the hole over the purple mound and down her stomach. “Tom” then made her inflict the same torture to the other nipple, he wasn’t finished there though, his next order was to pierce the first nipple again, this time from the side and Jane did it without hesitation and couldn’t hide the pleasure it gave her, she truly was a pain slut. The ordered came and Jane continued to pierce her poor nipples until there were three sticking through each bloody nipple, forming a star at the tip of each mound.

Tom then moved to the rest of her breasts, starting at the top her ordered her to insert a needle directly down into the flesh, Jane complied embedding the sharp point half way in, she winced as it entered her body but also felt a twang of pleasure in her sex, a feeling that was repeated and inserted the next eleven needles in a circle around the purple ball, each one causing a stream of blood to run down her body. Then, without even being ordered to she moved to her other breast and repeated the torture there, she was enjoying this and couldn’t help herself, the guests just sat back and enjoyed the show.

Once Jane had finished, her tits were a colourful work of art, needles protruding in every direction from the purple mounds, highlighted by the lines of red blood that had run from the piercings. She looked on at the picture on her screen and could not believe it was her, she felt shame because of what she had done to her gorgeous body, but that just brought her nearer to the orgasm that she now longed for. She wouldn’t have to wait long though, a new order came from a now familiar source, “Mistress_Pain> Slave, pick up the remote for your love egg and turn it on, then replace it on the table. Then put your hands on top of your head and keep your legs spread wide, you are to hold that position until told otherwise.

Jane eagerly switched the vibrating toy on and turned it up to high, she wanted to orgasm so bad. She felt her cunt immediately react and the slight pain that it caused in her clit only served to heighten the feeling. She placed her hands on top of her head and relaxed her arms, it didn’t take long for the orgasm to rise up inside her sex and she was soon trying to rub her pussy into the chair, she wanted to reach down and rub her clit but knew that was now impossible. Within a minute the orgasm rocked through her body, she screamed out in ecstasy and juices started to seep from between her tight lips, she held her position though.

Jane had not moved for half an hour and had begun to regret setting the love egg on such a high setting. She had experienced five of the most earth shattering orgasms of her life but now her pussy was starting to feel raw and she was sure the vibrating teeth were cutting into her clitoris. Despite that it was another half hour passed by, she didn’t even know if anyone was still watching but still she kept her position and the orgasms kept coming, with each one her body rocked up and down, bouncing her perverted abused tits up and down. Jane watched as one by one the guests left her ‘party’, leaving her there still not allowing herself relief from the pleasure that was now causing her so much pain.

Finally, a message arrived, “MasterFrank> You have done well my pain slut, you may turn off the egg, remove everything that you can and clean yourself up once you have written your report. You will receive freedom from your bondage when your Mistress decides, I have no control over it for I have sold you to her for $5, from now on she is your owner and you are her play thing. In the mean time she will be sending you messaged to your cell phone advising when you are to activate and deactivate the egg. See you again”

Jane felt an immense sense of disappointment and shame as she read that her Master had sold her on for a measly $5, she was also scared, for if today was anything to go by, her new Mistress was an extremely sadistic person. Jane wrote her report as quickly as possible and then turned off the love egg, it was agony to pull the needles from her nipples and she could still see holes through them afterwards, the tape was pulled off and her tits began to return to they’re normal colour, except for the bruising around where the needles had been. Jane looked down at them, she knew that from now on, they would rarely look normal.

She got up and took a shower, washing the blood from her body and opening the valve in her catheter and emptying her bladder, this also served to release some of the pressure in her ass. She finished her shower and then began to get ready for her birthday meal with her family, she had no idea when her Mistress would release her holes so she wouldn’t have to eat much, who knows when she would be able to use the toilet. She was now the pain slave to an extremely sadistic woman that she knew nothing about, the future would be interesting to say the least. Jane get dressed and went downstairs to meet her mum as she came through the door, little did her mother know the constant abuse her daughter was enduring.

The End

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