The Next Step


Chapter 1

Tanya and Mark had been married for six months when they discovered they had a mutual interest in BDSM stories. Mark had been looking at sites on the internet and had found one particular site appeared quite regularly in the browser history. After further investigation he found that the site contained stories about women being bound, whipped and tortured in all manner of different ways, he eagerly worked his way through the stories and began to get very excited by the idea of these things happening to his wife.

Tanya was a gorgeous young woman, 25 years old, perfectly slim body and full firm breasts, she was proud of her body but had always fantasised about it being abused and tortured, the very thought turned her on. For the last few months, since just before her marriage to Mark she had been reading stories of abuse and torture of woman on a web site. The stories she enjoyed the most, the ones where the most outrageous, humiliating things happened to women, were written by an author known only as Jo.

Mark had confronted Tanya about her internet activity and they had a long discussion about the stories and had since read the stories together. At first they just picked random stories off the site, but after a while they both decided that they preferred the depravity of Jo’s stories and read them together every night, afterwards Mark would take her right in front of the PC. The sex they had after reading the stories was the hardest and most animal either of them had ever had and they loved it. They talked and fantasised about what it would be like for Tanya to be the woman in the stories, her tits roughly bound and beaten, fucked in all of her holes by strangers. They talked about it, but they would never actually go through with it, Tanya thought.

Tuesday night Tanya came home to a very excited Mark, he explained to her that he had contacted the author ‘Jo’ to see if he would write a story specifically about them. The author had agreed and had requested a picture of them both naked. Mark admitted that this was a bit strange but assumed that it was all part of the creative process and sent the pictures off to the stranger. At this point Tanya was furious; she could not believe that he would do such a thing and they had a huge argument about it, resulting in Mark eventually storming out.

After Tanya had calmed down she checked their email and found that Jo had actually already written the story and there it was sitting in their inbox. Although she was still annoyed about the whole thing she couldn’t resist reading the story… was amazing. As she read the words she imagined herself, her tits bound tight and burning a bright purple colour. In the story Tanya had given herself to the abuser and loved the torture she was enduring, she imagined welts forming on her ass and thighs where a cane had struck her and strange, huge cocks forcing their way deep inside her; she came right there and then. When Mark finally came home she was waiting, she had hand cuffed herself to the bed head, naked and blindfolded. There was a sticky note on her stomach that read “Use Me!”

The next day it was Tanya who checked the email first, there was another email from Jo, he wanted to know how they had enjoyed story and if they were ready for the next step. Tanya replied explaining that she had loved the story and was interested in finding out what he meant by “the next step”. Mark looked on, excited by Tanya’s obvious enjoyment of this contact. They both checked the email on Thursday night and found an email from Jo with only one line of text.

“Send Tanya to me, I will show you the next step”

Tanya was astonished by this guy’s arrogance; they didn’t even know who he was or where he lived. Mark on the other hand was excited; he had already found out in their early correspondence that Jo lived in the same city as them; only twenty minute taxi ride away. He knew that Tanya would be sceptical about that idea but he slowly started trying to convince her that it might be interesting and that she could just tell him to stop and walk out at any time.

“It’s not as if we don’t know where he lives, is it honey?”

It had taken two weeks of convincing, but finally Tanya allowed Mark to reply to the author.

“She is ready for you, send your orders”

The reply came within an hour;

“Send her to me Saturday; you will receive a package from me with more instructions tomorrow”

The next day, Friday, Tanya and Mark both took the day off work to wait for the package; it arrived just after 11am. Mark opened the box and took out a note and read it out loud,

“Tanya will come to my address tomorrow night at 7pm, she will come alone in a taxi which will arrive at your house at 6.25pm; she will wear the garments in this package ONLY! There are some other items in the package; Tanya must put them in their proper places NOW! Mark must then take a picture of each of them in place and email the pictures to me immediately. The items are only to be removed for fifteen minutes at any time unless sleeping, Tanya is not to have any physical contact with Mark before tomorrow evening, nor is she to cum”

Tanya was slightly shocked by this and extremely reluctant to even look in the box, never mind follow through with any of this. However she decided to go ahead as it seemed to please Mark and she was curious as to the contents of the box anyway!

Mark pulled out the garment that she would be wearing; it was a very small, white dress that she could see would barely cover her at the top or the bottom! There was no underwear though, the next thing that came out of the box was a pair of black stiletto shoes; they looked higher than anything she owned herself. Mark laid these on the sofa and looked back into the box with a smile!

“What, what is it?!” Tanya asked.

Mark then pulled out a large black butt plug; it was about a half inch wide at its widest point and three inches long. It was greasy and had obviously already been lubricated. Her husband stood it on the coffee table as she looked on, almost shocked by the obscene thing. Mark was already pulling out the next item, a seven inch long, one inch wide black vibrator with remote control, it was lubricated like the butt plug and to Tanya’s eyes it was the biggest penis she had ever seen and it scared her, but not as much as the giddy grin on her husband’s face as he reached back into the box and produced a full chastity belt compete with padlocks but no keys! Two small chains hung from the font of the belt with some kind of clamps on the end of them.

“Come on then, we better get these on you!”

“You’re not seriously expecting me to go through with all this are you?”

“We can’t back out now! It’s all organised! Look, if you don’t like it then come home and that will be that! OK?”

“OK, if you say so”.

Tanya started to remove her clothes and Mark looked on in excitement, his manhood visibly growing in his pants.

Once Tanya was naked, she took hold of the plug,

“I don’t know how I’m going to get this in! I’ve never had anything up my ass before!”

“Just leave it on the table and lower yourself down onto it!” Mark ordered.

She did so and could feel her anus start to expand as the monster invaded her ass. She had about two inches inside her but could not go an further,

“I can’t get it in”

“’Course you can” he said and placed his hands on her shoulders forcefully pushing her down onto the plug before she had time to argue.

She felt her ass expand and then contract as the plug stretched her ass and then plugged her up. She was surprised at how rough Mark had been with her, but quickly forgot about that when he picked up the digital camera and instructed her to bend over; she reluctantly did as he said and heard the click and saw the flash as her embarrassing state was recorded.

Next was the vibrator, she slid it in with some difficulty until you could just see the tip of it between her lips, even turned off it gave her an amazing sensation of fullness and she wondered how she would last for almost two days with it inside her. She didn’t have much choice though; Mark had already taken his snap and was holding out the chastity belt. When she pulled it up her legs she found that it fitted around her body perfectly covering her sex and ass, pushing on the plug and vibrator. She jumped as she felt two metal strips push up against pussy lips. The waist strap buckled perfectly just above her hips; all the fasteners at the front, Mark then slipped the padlock through the loop that would seal the belt around her and with a click there was no turning back.

Tanya could not believe how excited this made Mark; she was slightly insulted that he was getting so horny at the thought that he couldn’t have sex with her! He grabbed the clamps and brought them up to her tits. Roughly grabbing her left nipple he stretched it out; the clamps teeth bit into her tender flesh, she let out a whimper but did not scream; she had always had a high threshold for pain. Mark grabbed the other nipple and repeated the process; this one made Tanya wince and he loved it! With his wife kitted out in some serious bondage gear for the first time, Mark took a lot of shots of her from every angle, “Jo is going to love this”, he thought.


Chapter 2

It was Saturday afternoon, 6.10pm, Tanya was going crazy. Mark had been torturing her all day with the remote control vibrator, bringing her to the point of orgasm and then turning it off; there’s was nothing she could do about it in her chastened state. However, Tanya was over this now, she was scared, in twenty minutes a taxi would arrive to take her to the author and her husband wasn’t going to let her back out now! Her nipples were in agony as she slid the thin white dress down her body and placed her feet in the stiletto’s. Looking in the mirror she realised that the dress was slightly transparent and without having to look too closely you could see the chastity belt and nipple clamps through the material!!

6.25pm on the dot the cab pulled up at the end of the drive, Tanya had butterflies in her stomach as an over excited Mark led her down the path and open the back door for her. She was very self-conscious as the dress barely covered her ass and showed a great deal of cleavage, it is not something she would have ever thought of wearing in public. As she went to get in she felt as if Mark was actually pushing her in, she sat down being careful not to flash to the driver. Mark gave him a piece of paper with the address and some cash; kissed Tanya on the cheek and whispered

“See you later” with a grin on his face.

Then the door was slammed shut and she was on her way, she couldn’t even begin to imagine what she was in for tonight.

The taxi pulled up outside an average looking house on a very normal looking street. The journey had been a nervous one for Tanya, the driver had not spoken to her but had been quite obviously trying to look between her legs on the way; she was sure he could see the belt under her dress. She climbed out of the car and walked slowly up the path, she couldn’t manage more than walking slowly in these shoes! She got to the door and found an envelope with her name on it; her heart rose, perhaps he had to go out or had changed his mind, no such look! inside was a blindfold and a note which read:

“Tanya, thank you for coming, if you follow my orders things will be better for you. Remove your dress, fold it and place it on the floor beside the door. Put on the blindfold and then ring the doorbell. When I answer the door I expect you to be stood with your feet shoulder width apart with your hands on the back of your head.”

Tanya was scared, it was still daylight and the distance to the road was not that far, it would not be difficult for her to be seen by passers-by. She decided that she didn’t know anyone in this neighbourhood so it wouldn’t be a disaster if someone did see her, so she slid the dress over her head; folded it and laid it next to the door and then she tied the blindfold around her head. It was soft but thick and she couldn’t see a thing once it was on. She reached out and knocked on the door and then assumed the position as the note had instructed.

She waited for what felt like hours but was only in fact about thirty seconds and then heard the door swing open. She could sense that someone was there but nothing was said, then suddenly someone grabbed the chain connecting her nipples and yanked it hard pulling her inside as she screeched at the unexpected pain to her nipples, but she managed to stay in her position.

Once inside, the man, presumably Jo, moved her to the middle of a room, he took her hands and buckled cuffs around them that were hanging from the ceiling; he then walked over to the wall and flicked a switch. Tanya could feel her hands being pulled upwards and it only stopped just as her feet started to lift off the floor. She realised that she was now completely at this stranger’s mercy, he hadn’t even spoken to her yet. She decided to try and talk to him about her limits.

“Excuse me, I thought we cou…” she began.

A smack came, a sharp stinging slap across her left tit that forced a scream out of her.

“You will speak when I ask you a question; otherwise you will shut the fuck up, SLUT. Your husband has already advised me what your limits are, however my intention is to push these over time!”

Tanya was shocked that Mark had spoken to Jo so much more than she knew, she decided it was better to play along though, she knew Mark wouldn’t let him do anything too bad to her.

She could now feel that the padlocks were being undone and her belt unbuckled; she felt the relief as the pressure was released from the items penetrating her holes, it felt good to get the thing off after 24 hours of wearing it. Next Jo removed the clips from her nipples, first the left one and Tanya felt the blood rushing back into her nipple, it had been a full hour since they were last removed. He rubbed her nipple between her fingers and she squirmed in pain, he then repeated the process on the right nipple. Tanya’s face went a deep red as she felt her pussy start to get moist; she could not believe that this man, she had never even seen before, could get her horny by hurting her nipples!

She heard the door open and Jo spoke to someone else, “Oh my god, someone else is here seeing me like this, who the hell could it be!?” she thought. Jo spoke to the other person,

“Take this belt and make the alterations I spoke to you about, I’ll need it for next week”, the door shut again.

“Don’t worry about him slut, it’s time to begin” he said as he unceremoniously pulled out the vibrator and butt plug.

Her legs were then strapped to either end of a spreader bar that pulled her legs extremely far apart.

The next thing she felt was a riding crop slapping the inside of her thighs, it was the first time she had ever been whipped that hard and she couldn’t believe how much it stung, she could feel red welts start to form from where the crop had hit. Once her thighs were nicely marked he began to move up her body leaving painful marks until he reached the bottom of her tits, he gave each one a smack and said

“We’ll come back to these!”

By this time Tanya could barely reply, she had never felt this kind of pain before. The process was repeated on the back half of her body, most of all over her ass which was bright red and raw by the time he had finished; Tanya was exhausted. Jo put the crop down and picked up a long cane, Tanya’s head was hung, half in shame, half because she didn’t have the energy to lift it.

“Lift your head up slut”, Tanya didn’t respond so she received a slap across the face,


Tanya did as she was told and as her head came up the cane flew down striking both her tits, causing a long red welt to form across them just above her nipples, this caught her completely off guard and she let out a wailing scream,

“Don’t make me ask twice again slut”.

Jo took Tanya down from her restraints; she was a rag doll now and couldn’t even try to resist him. He lay her face up on a table with her arms by her side, then, bent her legs up to her chest and attached her ankle cuffs to her wrist cuffs, exposing her cunt to his every whim. She heard him walk away and then heard him taking something from a cupboard, the sounds were similar to when she was at the doctors for an inoculation earlier that week; surely he wouldn’t inject her with anything would he?!

Her answer came quickly enough as she felt a sharp prick in her left pussy lip which produced another scream and brought her well and truly out of her daze!

“What the fuck was that?!” said Tanya.

The only reply she got was a hard slap on the ass. A few seconds later she felt the same pain in her right cunt lip. He removed her cuffs but told her to stay lying on the table. She then felt him writing something on her abdomen with a marker pen, she assumed it must be a note to Mark, although she knew she would never be coming back here again. He led her to the front door and outside.

“Wait for a minute and then get dressed and leave”, the door closed behind her.

After a minute had passed she removed the blindfold and looked for her dress, it was where she had left it but on top of it was a large glass of water and on top of that an envelope with her name on it, next to the glass was a pen. She quickly opened the envelope and took out a note:

“Tanya, you have done well today but your training is far from over. Please follow these instructions… Take the glass of water and pour it over your dress, making sure the whole thing is soaked and then put it on. The taxi is waiting for you down the road but he has not been paid. There is a blank piece of paper with this note, write a short note to the taxi driver explaining that you have no money but that you are a slut and you would like to let him fuck you in lieu of payment. I realise that you may be reluctant to follow these instructions and to come and visit me again, therefore I have taken out some insurance. We were not alone in the room today; one of my servants was present recording your session on video and in pictures. From this moment on, if any of my orders are not followed then this evidence will be sent to all of your friends and family, they’re information was easy enough to find on the internet. You are under no circumstances to tell your husband about this insurance. However, you can just tell him that you must obey your master’s orders, I will give him further instructions via email”

Tanya could not believe what she had just read, she was in a “no win” situation now, either she became a slave to a brutal man that she did not know, or everyone she knew would know how much of a slut she was!

She put on the dress which was freezing and made her nipples stand on end. She looked down and realised that the water had made the white dress transparent, she could read what he had written on her stomach, “CUM SLUT”, it said in big black letters. Her face turned bright red.

She walked down the path and ran quickly to the taxi waiting down the road. Climbing into the back she felt a funny sensation in her pussy and remembered the injections she was given, “what was that” she thought. She handed the driver the note and then bowed her head in shame as he looked at her in the mirror and smiled.

He drove her to a remote car park and then came to the back door and climbed in. Realising she had no choice in the matter she lay down on her back and prepared herself to be fucked by the greasy driver. He roughly pulled her legs apart and pulling his pants down climbed between them roughly fondling her cunt. As he did this she felt a pain in her groin and the driver said,

“You’ve got one swollen cunt bitch, it’s gonna feel nice and tight!”

With that he thrust his cock up inside her without a thought for her comfort; it was agony for her and she now knew that the injections had caused her pussy lips to swell up grotesquely tightening her pussy; causing her pain from even the slightest touch. The slob rammed his cock in and out of her bruising her already painful groin and then pumped his load deep inside her, he obviously didn’t get it often because there was loads of it and as soon as he got off of her and climbed back in the front she could feel the thick cum start to ooze out of her.

By the time she was dropped off at home her dress had dried and was no longer see through, she ran up to the door and her husband opened it and she flung herself into his arms. He took her inside and enquired as to how it was, she told him what had happened and how degrading it was. He asked her if she wanted to do it ever again, she recalled the author’s insurance policy and replied:

“I will do as my master orders”,

“Good” her husband answered then showed her a print out of the email that Jo had just sent him:

“You wife’s body is now my property and as such these are my rules…

Her Ass is for my use alone

Her Mouth is for use by anyone, only with my permission

Her Pussy is for anyone”


Chapter 3

Tanya went bright red at reading these words; she just sat there, the slobbish taxi drivers cum drying on her obscenely swollen pussy lips.

“There was another message addressed to me”, said Mark, “I’ll read it to you…”

“Mark, I have injected the sluts pussy lips with a serum that will make them swollen and painful for about a week, however it will also make them rub on her clit which should keep her fairly aroused throughout that time, unfortunately her pussy will be swollen shut and there will be no hope of relief! I will send another package later in the week and look forwarding to abusing my slut next Saturday”

Tanya felt so ashamed. Thanks to a man she had never seen she was now destined to be abused and used like a piece of meat and her husband wanted it that way! Strangely, at this thought she could feel herself beginning to get wet, although you couldn’t tell externally as her pussy was sealed tight by the swelling down there.

She noticed Mark walk up to her with his generously sized cock out and asked what he thought he was doing.

“I want to fuck you!” he said,

“You can’t she said, you don’t have permission to use my mouth and my pussy is so swollen it won’t work!” she could not believe she was actually stating the Authors rules to her husband.

Mark held out the note to her again,

“Read the last line”.

“I will allow you to fuck her mouth today, but that is all. And that doesn’t mean you get a blow job either, you may FUCK her mouth!”

Tanya didn’t understand that, surely they were the same thing, she soon was to find our differently. Mark ordered her to lean back on the chair and then he climbed on, one knee on either arm rest, his cock growing hard,

“Put your mouth around it and then keep still, I will tell your owner if you move!”

Then he started to fuck her face, his groin slamming into her head and his balls slapping against her chin, she didn’t move an inch. He started to get faster and harder and she could feel the head start to push down her throat, further with each stroke until she was choking on the thing. Then he pulled the head back up into her mouth and hot cum erupted into the back of her mouth, she started to choke on the thick liquid and as she gagged salty cum started to stream from her nose and out of the corners of her mouth. Mark pulled out and used her hair to wipe his manhood and then stepped back.

“Good girl” he said, then raised his camera and took a couple of shots before going upstairs to send them to Jo. Tanya just sat there, cum drying on her face.

The next week went quite quickly for Tanya, she went to work every day wearing clothes that would cover the welts on her body, which were gradually healing and trying not to move around too much as it made her cunt rub together; which was extremely painful and pleasurable at the same time. She was desperate for an orgasm and had tried on several occasions to get a finger inside herself to no avail, her lips were still swollen shut even though it was now Friday and she had expected them to have gone down by now. Every night when she got home Mark made her remove all of her clothes and then fucked her mouth with varying degrees of ferocity, she had learnt quickly how to deep throat and could now swallow all of his cum without spilling any. He usually pinched her nipples when he came which had left them quite sore all week.

Tanya finished work and drove home as usual, however when she got home her husband was not at the door to greet her as he had been every other day that week. Instead, there was a package sat on the table next to the door with Tanya’s name on it. Her heart jumped and she got butterflies as soon as she saw it, she knew it contained instruments for her torture. She sat down and opened the box; the first thing she found was a note…

“Slut, I am eager to continue your training and look forward to your overnight stay tonight! I have enclosed a syringe with the anti-serum to relieve your cunt, you can administer it yourself. Your husband was horny so has gone out for the evening, visiting a slut that I used to own, so there’s no need to worry about him, he will be there when you return. I have enclosed some items that I’m sure you’ll find a use for; I’ll expect you to be creative when finding a use for everything. Get ready in front of a video camera and leave it for Mark to enjoy when he gets home. Once you are ready you can take a bus to my house, I have enclosed another note with the directions. You must sit on the back seat of the bus in the middle with your legs open, I will know if you haven’t! Now, use the items I have provided and then email me photographic proof that you have done so, then go and catch the bus.”

She looked further into the box to find what ‘items’ she had been sent, first there was reel of black electricians tape, about half an inch wide. Next she pulled out two safety pins (the kind used for a babies nappy but thinner), two wooden clothes pegs, a small champagne cork with grease around the base, a corset (the kind that doesn’t come over the nipples), a pair of stockings (the hold-up kind), an extremely short tight black skirt, a dogs collar with a tag saying “SLUT”, a pair of stiletto shoes with a gold chain running between the heals and a syringe full of liquid. At the bottom was a tight black top with a tight neck and long sleeves.

Although Tanya was disturbed by what she found in the box, she could not wait to relieve the feeling between her legs and so quickly she set up the video camera and removed her clothes, then sat down on a stool in front of it.

She pressed record on the camera and then picked up the syringe; she had never injected anything before and was very nervous about sticking the thing into her most sensitive area; but she had to have relief. As she pushed the needle into her left lip she felt an intense pain because of how sensitive the swollen lips were; she pushed the plunger half way down releasing the anti-serum which immediately reduced the size of her cunt lip and relieved the pressure she felt down there. Her pleasure was short lived though, she let out a scream as a severe burning sensation rippled through the lip that she had just injected, she thought it had set on fire, it was so bad. Once she had recovered from that ordeal she repeated it on the other lip, this was just as bad and the camera captured every grimace of pain in her face. With her pussy back to normal she couldn’t help herself as she began to rub her clit, it took about five seconds for her body to erupt into the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced.

Tanya paused the camera and quickly ran to the bathroom to clean herself up. Returning to the stool she started the camera again and then began to take the items from the box, she already had some ideas of what to do from reading online stories. First came the dog collar, she put it around her neck and fastened the buckle, the SLUT tag hanging in front of her, she blushed. Next was the cork, she had seen it was greased up and it was obviously for her ass, she turned around and bent over the stool, ass to the camera, “how humiliating” she thought as she could feel her pussy getting hot again. Pulling her ass cheeks apart she placed the cork at the entrance to her asshole and pushed hard, although not a full size champagne cork it was still wider than the plug she had used last week and she struggled to get it in. Once she had the base inside her she sat back on the stool which pushed the item into place and she felt her ass ring settle with the corks head sticking out.

With that full feeling inside her back passage she pulled out the next items, the clothes pegs, she could only think of one place for them and with a squirm she attached one to each nipple. Next was the electricians tape, the most creative thing she could think of to do with this was to wrap it around her tits, so that’s what she did, starting at the base she wrapped it tightly round causing her tits to stand out from her body. As they started to turn red, Tanya could not believe that she was actually doing these things to her own body…..and starting to enjoy it!!

The last item, other than the clothes were the safety pins, Tanya could think where he expected her to put these, she already had the pegs on her nipples! Surely he couldn’t expect her to pierce her cunt with these things!?? Finally she decided that wasn’t an option, she removed the pegs from her nipples and moved them down to her labia, squeaking as they closed on her tender flesh. Next she took a deep breath and pushed the safety pin through the top of her nipple, she screamed as she did it but continued to force it through her tit flesh and out of the other side and she was almost passing out as she clipped the pin closed. As she felt the other pin slide through her right nipple she could hardly bare the agony, then it was done. There was sweat dripping from her forehead and to her surprise, something stirring in her cunt. She was shocked to discover that the pain she had just inflicted on herself had actually got her aroused! “They are right, I’m such a slut”, she thought.

She grabbed the camera and took shots of herself from every angle before rolling on the stockings and skirt, which barely met with the stockings and the fastening the extremely tight corset around herself. She then pulled on the top which pressed on her nipples causing twangs of pain to shoot through her breasts. Her outfit complete she took a few more snaps then turned off the video camera and went upstairs to email the photos to the Author. On the way she took a look at herself in a mirror, she was disgusted. She looked like a prostitute and the pins could clearly be seen stuck out the front of her tits, which themselves already stuck out obscenely due to the tape wrapped around them.

Once the email was sent she went to the front door, put her feet into the shoes and stepped out. Almost tripping over she remembered the chain that attached the shoes, she would have to take very small steps on this trip!


Chapter 4

Tanya virtually hobbled to the bus stop which was only down the road from her house; she was trying to walk as quickly as possible so as not to be seen by anyone she knew, this hobbling motion caused her bound tits to bounce up and down rubbing her pierced nipples painfully against her top. When she got to the bus stop there were already a group of teenagers there, a few of them pointed and laughed at her and she was sure she heard one of them call her a whore, she quickly turned red with shame and put her head down, keeping it down until the bus arrived.

She carefully climbed up the steps to the bus and told the driver her destination; the amount he asked for was exactly the same as the amount her directions had told her to bring, “no money for the trip home” she thought. After paying the driver, who blatantly looked her over first, she slowly walked to the back of the bus, she had only got half way there when the driver set off sending Tanya sprawling onto the floor squashing her tender breasts and flashing her ass and clamped pussy at anyone who cared to look down at her. She scrambled up as quickly as possible, scowling back at the driver who was staring in his rear view mirror. Tanya eventually made it to the back seat and sat down before slowly opening her legs exposing her pussy and the clothes pegs lewdly squeezing her lips. She was horrified at exposing herself in this way and kept her head bowed down.

Tanya had been on the bus for about twenty five minutes when the bus stopped at the last stop before she would be departing. Her face was bright red and she had no idea how many people had seen the public display that she was putting on and was petrified that someone she knew may have seen. Tanya decided to have a quick scan to see if she recognised anyone and looked up just as an old lady walked down the aisle, she saw Tanya and then looked down at her spread legs and exposed cunt, “WHORE” she shouted, before turning her back and sitting down near the front. Following her were a bunch of school boys who looked at her and giggled before sitting down, then a few of them quickly turned around with their mobile phones in hand and took pictures of the slut on the back seat, Tanya bowed her head again and a tear rolled down her cheek. “I AM a whore!” she thought. Her stop came quickly after that and she hobbled to the front without looking at anyone, the bus driver gave her a dirty grin as she climbed down the stairs, her skirt riding up her ass, she tried her best to pull it down again and then made her way to her Masters house, there was a note on the door.

“Slut, I found your pictures very entertaining, especially your use of the safety pins. Your obvious love for piercings has been noted! Remove your shoes, skirt, top and corset and leave them on the doorstep. Then come inside and go into the front room, you will find a bench and a blindfold. Fasten your ankles to the bench legs and then put on the blindfold, then lock your wrists in the handcuffs at the other end. Then wait for me. Be quick my little fuck toy.”

“Fuck toy?” what could he mean by that she thought. Tanya had only ever had sex with her husband and two other men in her life! She didn’t have time to think about it too much though, she quickly dropped her skirt and took off the top being careful not to snag it on the pins in her nipples, god they were sore. Next she took off the corset and laid them all on the floor with her shoes. She went through the front door and into the first room on her right, the pegs clicking together between her legs. The room was completely empty but for a table in one corner and a bench in the middle, just to the right of the bench was a video camera on a tripod, “Oh god, more evidence” she thought, but there was nothing she could do now.

The bench had ‘A’ shaped legs at either end and a padded beam a few inches wide at about waist height. The two legs nearest to her had straps at the bottom and at the opposite end she could see cuffs attached to the top of the bench. Tanya proceeded with the instructions of the Author; she placed her left leg next to the left strap and buckled it around her ankle, then placed her right leg and buckled the leg in place. The bench legs were wide enough apart for it to be an uncomfortable position for Tanya. She leaned forward and let the bench take her weight; it was in a perfect position for the top half of her body to lie across it, with a tit hanging either side. Tanya noted the position of the cuffs and then tied the blindfold; it was the same one she worn on her first visit, she could not see a thing. She then reached out for the cuffs, she could just about reach her wrists into them and then clip them both shut. That was it; she was once again bound, naked, at the mercy of a stranger, only this time she had done it to herself. Tanya realised that being in this position, helpless, had begun to turn her on. Her pussy was getting wet and she could feel a need growing inside her, but she did not know what it meant!

Tanya had been bound to the bench for about fifteen minutes contemplating her thoughts when she heard the door open, but it wasn’t just one set of footsteps she heard, it was a group of them. They were heavy footsteps as well, like workmen’s boots on the wooden floor. One of the men grabbed her ass and gave it a good squeeze; the hand was rough and hard.

“Wait, who’s there?” Tanya asked.

The only reply she got was stinging slap to the side of her right breast. She could hear lots of men’s voices in the room and every now and again she felt a hand grope her ass or tits and sometimes a rough finger penetrated her pussy or toys on her cunt lips, all she could do was wait.

Suddenly she felt someone grab the safety pin on her left nipple and roughly pull it to the side, she had begun to get use to the feeling of the pin in her nipple but this new assault brought new pain, then the person let go of the nipple and she felt it pulled towards the floor stretching out her nipple and tit painfully, some sort of weight had obviously been attached to the pin. She then felt the process repeated on her right nipple, “what a sight I must look” she thought. Once her tits were painfully dangling she felt the marker on her body again, this time on her ass, she could not tell what was being written but felt a number of arrows being drawn pointing to her cunt. Next she felt the marker on the side of one tit, then the other one, then someone grabbed her long hair and pulled her head back,

“Keep your mouth closed” she heard an unfamiliar voice say,

She did as she was told while something was written on her top lip and then the bottom. Finally she felt the clothes pegs yanked from her pussy lips and squirmed as the blood rushed painfully back into them.

Tanya was left alone for a minute and the next thing she felt was something pushing at her cunt opening, “OH MY GOD” she thought, I’m going to get fucked by a complete stranger,

“Wait!” she shouted, “I don’t want this”.

Then she felt the pressure disappear from her cunt and the person walk away and then come close again. She heard the ‘whoosh’ of the cane a moment before it impacted her swollen, stretched tit; she almost passed out from the pain which was excruciating! She could feel the burning as a large dark red welt formed where it had hit,

“SHUT THE FUCK UP CUM BUCKET” a voice shouted.

Moments later a rock hard cock thrust up her cunt and started ramming into her groin time after time, a hand grasping each of her hips to gain a deeper thrust. It felt to Tanya like that dick was hitting the top of her womb it was in so far. It wasn’t long before the guy shot a load of cum up the restrained girl and pulled out, there was no rest for Tanya though, another shaft replaced it almost immediately and began its assault on her womanhood, thrusting in and out until she felt another load of hot spunk explode into her womb, but her ordeal was not over by a long way yet and she knew it. Tears began to flow from Tanya’s eyes as the next rapist took his place behind her and others began to fondle her abused tits.

By the time the slut felt the tenth dick go soft in her pussy and pull out; Tanya had actually had three orgasms. She was so confused as she didn’t understand how these rapists had caused such a response from her body. She also felt extremely relieved when nothing more was inserted into her bruised fuck hole. Instead she felt two clips tighten on her pussy lips and then pull downwards, something had been hung from her groin but she did not know what. She heard the footsteps again as everyone left the room.

It was another five minutes before she heard anyone else enter the room. She was aware that cum had started to literally drip from her hole. Someone was behind her again and she prepared herself for another fucking, it did not come as expected though. First she felt the cork slowly teased from her ass and then a greased finger massaging her asshole layering it with some kind of lubricant, then the finger pushed its way inside and began smearing the stuff inside her anal canal. It left her briefly only to return with more of the cold gel to push inside her. She now knew what was coming and was scared; he was obviously going to put a larger plug of some sort into her.

The next thing she felt though was the marker again, this time at the top of her ass and then a long arrow down the crack of it. Seconds later she felt it, the head of a large penis putting pressure on her sphincter, she didn’t have time to react as the man exerted such pressure with the thing that it was already stretching her ring around itself. Tanya felt a knotting in her stomach and let out a scream as her asshole was obscenely stretched and then retracted as the head passed through and the man’s long shaft plunged deep into her anal canal to the base, it felt like she had been punched in the guts.

Tanya assumed this man must be Jo, as the rules state that her ass was his alone. There she was, impaled in the ass on the huge dick of a man she had never even laid eyes on, she was disgusted with herself. The cock then began to slide back out of her and soon she could feel her anal ring begin to stretch again, it was the worst pain she had felt yet. He paused for a moment with the head of his cock stretching her before pulling out completely and then he started the process again. Five times he slowly penetrated her in the ass before he began to thrust his pelvis against rear cheeks harder and faster each time. He did not take long fucking her before he sprayed the inside of her bowels with his spunk, then he roughly pulled out of her and walked away.

Tanya was left there, cum dripping from her cunt and ass leaving a slimy layer all over her groin, the words “CUM HOLE” written across her ass cheeks with arrows pointing to her well used cunt and the phrase “MASTERS FUCK TOY” written above her ass with an arrow running the length of her crack and ending at her open asshole. She could hear the click of a camera going off and the drip of the cum dripping from her pussy into some kind of container that was hanging from her cunt lips, suddenly she felt a sharp prick in her ass and drifted quickly away to sleep.

When Tanya awoke it was morning and she was in a new position, the tape, pins and weights had all been removed from her body as well as the blindfold, in fact she was relieved to find that there was nothing on her body what so ever, although she was still restrained. She felt a cold breeze over her groin and realised that her pubic hair had been removed completely. Her new position was lying on her back on some kind of gynaecologist’s bed, her legs in stirrups which were quite far apart and there was a pillow under her lower back raising her ass off of the table. This provided anyone with easy access to her pussy, ass and inner thighs. Looking up she could see herself in a large mirror that was mounted on the ceiling, she could see the straps holding her down at her waist and just below her breasts; her arms were above her head tied with a rope. Tanya tried to move her legs but they were also tied, at the knee and ankle to the stirrups. At the side of the table the video camera stood, with a red light on the front indicating that it was still recording her ordeal.

The door opened slowly, but no person came in, instead a large grey Doberman dog walked in, its large tongue hanging from its mouth with drool dripping from it. Tanya was scared, she had never liked dogs and assumed the feeling was mutual as they had always barked and snapped at her in the past. She pulled at her restraints but couldn’t move an inch, the dog walked to the end of the table, between Tanya’s open legs and sniffed at her pussy. She could feel the dried cum on herself and assumed it must smell disgusting down there but the dog seemed to enjoy it; to Tanya’s horror the dog took a long lick from her asshole to her clit leaving slimy dog spit along the length of her slit. Tanya was repulsed by this but somehow, it aroused her! The sensation of the rough dog tongue along her lips and across her clit was amazing, she had never felt anything like it when a man had gone down on her. She turned red with shame as her pussy started to get wet again. The dog smelled her arousal and began to lap at the juices that her hole had begun to produce, which only served to increase the sensation building in Tanya, her breathing deepened as an orgasm built inside her. As the unbelievable orgasm burst out of her she let out a loud moan and thrust her pelvis towards the animal’s mouth, she knew it was so wrong but she wanted more; it was the best orgasm she had ever experienced and it was given to her by a dog!

“What am I doing” she thought, “this is disgusting, what is wrong with me!?”

She heard a whistle from outside the room and the dog ran off, leaving a mixture of drool and pussy juice smeared over Tanya’s groin. Tanya’s heart sank; she was actually disappointed that she wouldn’t get another orgasm from the dog! She watched the dog leave and as it went through the door a big stocky man passed it and entered the room. He was wearing a t-shirt and jeans and had a balaclava on his head so that she could not see his face; although she recognised his voice as soon as he spoke, it was the Author.

“You really are a dirty slut aren’t you? You just let a dog lick your cunt and ENJOYED IT! What’s the matter with you? You must be punished for this perverted act and your love for my dog has been noted!”

It was only then that Tanya noticed the cane in his hand and with fear in her heart she knew what was coming.

The first blow came to her stomach just above her pubic mound and nearly snapped her in two; the second was just as bad only an inch above the first. Tanya could feel the angry welts begin to rise as the third SMACK came just above the second. By the time he had reached the strap at the bottom of her tits Tanya’s face was covered in tears and she was screaming for him to stop, but he didn’t, instead he continued up her body and over the mounds on her chest, leaving a one inch gap each time. The blow that hit Tanya’s sensitive, already bruised, nipples almost knocked her out it was so agonisingly painful. Small droplets of blood rose from her nipples as he moved on to his next stroke, he only gave her about ten seconds to recover between each hit. He reached the top of her abused tits and stopped; but only long enough to put down the cane and pick up a whip with four tails on it and walk around between her legs.

“Now for your disgusting cunt” he sneered.

She held her breath as he brought the whip down between her legs, slapping into the slimy drool that had begun to dry there. The next few stokes worked their way down her left thigh, leaving a criss-cross of red marks as they went, then he worked his way back up the inside of her right thigh and then back to her pussy mound until the whole area was a tangle of red lines raised from her skin.

Jo swapped his whip for the cane again and then walked round and above Tanya’s head. She felt the bonds on her wrists loosen and then her arms were free; she brought them down to touch her abused body. He then released the straps that held her at her chest and waist, her instinct was to get up but he put a little pressure on her shoulders to make sure she didn’t.

“One more stroke” he told her, “I want you to hold the lips of your cunt hole apart for me”.

Tanya looked up at him with shocked eyes.

“NOW” he said.

Tanya reached down between her legs with trembling hands, her whole body hurting as she moved. Her pussy was sore to the touch as she took a lip in each hand and gently spread them apart; she looked back up at her master and saw him smile beneath his balaclava. She heard the swoosh as the cane came down over her body and felt the intense, burning sting as it impacted with her exposed fuck hole. Her vision began to blur and go dark as she passed out.

“Excuse me love”, “wake up, you’re here”. Tanya woke with a start to a strange man speaking to her, “Your home, time to go!”

She was sat in the back of a cab wearing a long grey coat tied in the middle. She could feel something metal between her legs and around her waist. Her face and hair was covered in some kind of slimy liquid which she quickly realised was cum from the smell; It was all down her front as well. She remembered the container between her legs from the day before and realised that this was probably the same cum that seeped from her pussy; the cum of her rapists!

“Come on love, you need to get inside, you’re a mess!”


Chapter 5

It was Wednesday morning, five days since the taxi had left her back at her house, bruised and humiliated. Mark had been fascinated by the pattern on her body and had used her mouth vigorously that day, adding to the layer of cum that already covered the top half of her body. He hadn’t allowed her to get clean until the next day and had taken quite a few pictures of her which were sent to the author. She had also discovered what the metal thing between her legs was. It was a chastity belt made of thin metal strips about an inch wide, one running between her legs that narrowed as it squeezed between her ass cheeks and one around her waist. They seemed to have been welded together so that there was no way to remove them without tools. The belt had caused her a lot of problems going to the toilet, she had to just let it spray over the thing and then clean herself up afterwards; this had been especially annoying at work. She had also not been eating much as it would be almost impossible to go for a shit in the thing; her diet for the last five days had consisted of salad and Marks cum.

Tanya arrived at her office; she worked as a manager at the head offices of a large corporation. She was wearing a grey knee length skirt and a white polo neck jumper (to cover the marks!). Underneath, she had a lacy bra and thong set paired with hold-up stockings. Her secretary advised her that she had a letter and that it was on her desk, Tanya thanked her and continued into her office which was in the corner of the tenth floor of the high rise building. The internal walls were all glass but were covered by blinds which she usually kept closed; the external windows were also glass but had no blinds. She sat down at her desk and picked up the letter, it was hand written and had no post mark which she thought was strange. She opened it and took out the note it contained, her heart skipped a beat, she recognised the paper as the same as the notes she had received before, from Jo! She unfolded the paper and read the note:

“Slut, you will be relieved to know that today your chastity belt will be removed. In your lunch hour go to the tattoo parlour on 32nd street and tell the receptionist you have an appointment under the name Fuck Toy. They will take good care of you”

Tanya’s eyes widened as she read the note, she was happy that this metal monstrosity would be coming off but dreaded the thought of another stranger removing it. It was a long morning as she waited for her lunch, by 11:30 she decided she couldn’t wait any longer and told her secretary she was going for an early lunch. It didn’t take long to get to 32nd street and find the tattoo shop. She waited outside for a few minutes; afraid to go inside, then she finally plucked up the courage and walked in straight up to the counter.

“I have an appointment”

“What time for and what name please?” the receptionist asked.

Tanya looked at her feet, “I’m not sure of the time actually, the name is……….Fuck……Toy” she said, turning a scarlet colour.

“Oh! I see, come through then” said the reception girl.

Tanya followed her through to the back room where they found a fat tattooed man.

“Ah, you’re the fuck toy are you? Get your clothes off then!”

The girl left and Tanya just stood there.

“I was told I wouldn’t get any trouble from you. Now strip” the fat tattooed man said.

Tanya was concerned about the consequences from Jo if she did not do as she was told, so she slowly removed her clothes one by one until she was stood in front of the man wearing nothing but her metal belt.

“Hmm, nice job, shame to take it off really! Come here and bend over the table. Your marks seem to be healing nicely!” She walked over to the table and bent over it putting her hands on the top. “Now brace yourself” the man ordered.

She felt some kind of metal cutters slide underneath the belt where the two pieces attached at the back and then it was roughly pulled and twisted as the man attempted to cut through it. The metal dug into her between her legs as the man wrestled with it; finally he cut through and bent the pieces away from body.

To Tanya’s surprise the man reached between her legs, grabbed her groin and lifted her clear off the floor before grabbing the remains of the belt with his other hand and removing it; then he roughly put her back down onto the table. Tanya was slightly shocked but started to get up, relieved to be free of the thing, but the man pushed her back down.

“Stay there, I’ve not finished yet and I need to take my payment yet, definitely worth the work for a sexy young thing like you!”

“Oh no!” she thought, “He’s gonna fuck me!”

Even though Tanya had been fucked so many times, by so many different men recently, she still felt ashamed and degraded whenever it happened, she could never get used to it.

She heard the fat tattooist unbuckle his belt and open his pants, she could immediately smell him, a disgusting odour passed by her; he obviously didn’t wash very often! She imagined what his dirty cock must look like as she felt it enter her and begin to pump at her pussy, it didn’t take much effort to enter her as she was already wet, the thought of this disgusting person fucking her had turned her on! It didn’t take long for the man to shoot his load inside her; he pulled out and quickly ripped a length of duct tape from a nearby role and stuck it from her bellybutton to her asshole. He then pulled up his pants and told her to stay where she was; he grabbed a butt plug and forced it painfully up her dry ass forcing a small screech from her. He took a marker pen began to write on her ass, on the left cheek and wrote “Fuck me for only $1”, on the right cheek “Replace tape when done” on the other. Then he told her to get dressed and leave.

Tanya virtually ran out of the shop keeping her eyes on the floor, she was so embarrassed, she wasn’t even tied up and she let that disgusting man fuck her; secretly, it had turned her on! She rushed back to the office and tried to look as composed as possible. Her heart sank as she saw another note on her desk; she sat down and could feel cum squelching inside her. She read the note:

“Slut, I have had your belt removed so that you can become the whore you are. You see currently you are just a slut, someone who will allow anyone who wants too to fuck them. A whore is a prostitute; someone who gets paid for sex and that is what you will become today. Clear you schedule between 2pm and 3pm and book a conference room for that time. Make sure you get one with some privacy. At 1:55pm go to the room, take something to use as a blindfold, a paper cup and some duct tape When you get to the room, close the door and remove your pants, put them in your mouth and put a piece of tape over it. Bend over the table and pull your skirt up to you waist and put the cup next to you. Stretch your hands out in front and to the side of you and put your palms flat on the table. You are to stay in this position until 3pm; then you can return to your desk with your takings! If you fail to comply, the punishment will be severe!”

As she read the note tears began to flow from her eyes, she could not believe he was going to make her do this at work, what if she was to get caught; she would be fired for sure! Despite this fear, she was more scared about the consequences of not doing as she was told; she couldn’t imagine what could be more “severe” than this! She called her secretary and cancelled her appointments and then emailed building services to book a conference room. The only one available was two floors down, but fortunately was in quite a quiet area. She made a note on the request that a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign to be put on the door.

Time dragged from then on, she had butterflies in her stomach and considered that it felt quite like excitement, but she decided that there was no way this could possibly be exciting for her; to be used like a whore in this way, she must just be scared. Who knows what was going to happen to her in that room, in her place of work!

Tanya looked at the clock, 1:55pm and time to go. She got up from her desk, picked up the piece of duct tape, cup and scarf that she had already prepared and made her way to the elevator. There was a man and a woman already inside when the elevator arrived and she made small talk with them as she travelled the two floors down, trying to hide the duct tape, cup and scarf as best she could, so as not to draw any questions; although she was sure they thought she was acting strange.

She entered the conference room at about 1:58pm and quickly shut the door behind her; making sure the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign was on the handle outside. The conference room was on the corner of the building, meaning the two outside walls were glass providing a great view out over the city, or into the conference room. The internal walls however, were solid except for a small frosted window in the door. Tanya closed the blinds and then slid off her lingerie knickers and balled them up in her hand; she took one last look at the door and then stuffed them into her mouth. Despite being quite skimpy, she was surprised by how much they filled her mouth. She closed her mouth around her underwear and stuck the duct tape over the top sealing them inside. Then she moved to the end of the conference table, the tops of her thighs touching it, she placed the cup on the table and then took the scarf and raised it to her eyes then wrapped it round and tied a double knot behind her head. There was no turning back now, so she took a deep breath; grabbed the hem of her skirt, pulled it up around her waist and bent over the table, she then stretched out her hands and laid them flat on the table and waited. She could feel the cool air conditioning blowing across her ass and her heart beating extremely fast in her chest; then she heard the door.

The door swung open quickly and then shut again, someone was inside, someone could see her exposed like this and it could be anyone! All she had to do to stop this was stand up and pull her skirt down, but she didn’t do that, she stayed exactly where she was and let the warm wet feeling grow in her pussy.  The person walked over to the blinds and Tanya heard them being opened and felt the sun shine on her bare ass through the window. Then the person came closer to her; she could feel their breathe on the side of her face.

A woman’s voice whispered to her “No one told you to close the blinds whore; you will be punished for that! I have brought you a tail to wear, do not remove it without permission.”

With that the woman shoved a large plug up Tanya’s ass, stretching her sphincter and then allowing it to retract as the head of the thing disappeared inside her. When the pain in her ass subsided slightly Tanya noticed that she could feel hair hanging down over her ass and realised that the woman had been literal about giving her a tail! Before the woman left she made sure Tanya’s legs were spread wide. Tanya wondered who the hell it could have been, although she didn’t have time to think too much as the door swung open and closed again.

She quickly felt someone behind her and then felt strong hands grab her ass cheeks and examine them; Tanya wondered what the fat tattooist had written on her earlier. Her first ‘customer’ then put something into the cup beside her head and unbuckled his trousers. She screeched behind herself made gag as the man ripped the duct tape from her pussy and let it hang from her belly; plunged his dick into her sopping wet pussy and unceremoniously fucked her like she was a blow up doll. Despite the fact that she would never have invited this assault on her sex, she felt an orgasm building inside her and was almost there when the customer shot his hot load up into her womb and then almost immediately pulled out and replaced the tape before zipping up his trousers and leaving the room.

Her second customer was a little more inventive. After depositing his money in the cup, he pulled Tanya’s top up above her tits and then unclipped her bra, fortunately it was one with removable shoulder straps and he was able to remove it without moving her, although it did hurt her nipples when he yanked it from beneath her. This opened her tits up for a torrent of abuse and the next seven guys after a cheap fuck also grabbed, squeezed and twisted her breasts as they pumped into her cunt and deposited their seed inside her before replacing the tape, which was still very sticky.

To Tanya it seemed like she had been laid on that table, without moving an inch, for hours but really it was 2:45, just enough time for one more customer. She heard the now familiar sound of the door open and the man approached her from behind and pay his money. Then she squealed again as the tape was once again ripped from her pussy lips and then the head of his cock pressed against them. She felt herself begin to open as his member pushed between her tender cunt lips stretch them open, this was not your average dick. Tanya winced behind her blindfold as she felt her pussy strain against the huge thing that was slowly penetrating her; he applied more pressure and forced it up inside of her, right up into her cervix; it felt like someone had shoved a baseball bat up her. The pain in her groin was immense as he pistoned into her bruising her inside and out. She felt the pressure in her belly as cum sprayed into her womb and the huge dick was withdrawn from her stretched hole and the tape was replaced tightly sealing all of the cum inside. He gave her a slap on the ass before leaving the room.

Shortly after that Tanya heard the same light footsteps enter the room as she had heard nearly an hour earlier. She heard the woman pick up her bra which had been thrown on the table above her head and listened as she did something with it, the woman ripped some tape off and did something with that to, Tanya didn’t move. When the woman had finished what she was doing she whispered some instructions to Tanya.

“Stand up, take a step back and get on your knees”.

Tanya gingerly did as ordered, ass and tail sticking out behind, tits still stuck out in front. “What a sight I must look” she thought.

She felt the warmth of the woman’s body as she climbed onto the edge of the table in front of Tanya, the woman ripped the tape off Tanya’s mouth and threw it on the floor along with her lingerie. Then the woman slid her own knickers down her legs, rolling them up with the wet crotch on the outside and then wiped it across Tanya’s mouth leaving a layer of musty female cum on her face. She put her hand round the back of Tanya’s head and as she pulled her forward into her crotch she said “Time to make ME cum whore” then squeezed her face into her groin.

Tanya had never been with a woman and had never wanted to yet here she was, her face buried in the pussy of a woman she had never seen. She didn’t know what to do so she just started to lap at the girl’s clitoris and hole which seemed to work as she bucked her hips into Tanya’s face. She worked at the cunt for about five minutes, sucking and licking the girl’s juices until she came and ground Tanya’s face into her cunt smearing juices all over her.

The girl pushed Tanya back so she was sat back on her feet and then ordered her to remove the blindfold. Tanya was eager to see the woman she had just given head to and reached up to pull off the scarf. To her horror, it wasn’t some stranger that she saw in front of her, it was Jennifer, her secretary that was there with her legs wide open. Jennifer bent down and moved her face close.

“Get dressed and get back to work as soon as your face has dried. Don’t clean any part of your body. Just put your underwear back on and go back to your desk, Bye!”

With that she grabbed her own underwear, hopped off the desk and left Tanya, knelt on the floor.

Tanya knelt there for a minute stunned as she didn’t understand how her secretary had got involved with this and now she had to go back to work for two hours with her subordinates pussy juices dried all over her! How could she even look people in the face?! She didn’t have time to think about it for too long though, the conference room was booked from 3pm and she didn’t want anyone else to see her in this state. She stood up and slid her knickers back on, they were wet through with her own saliva and felt extremely uncomfortable as she pulled them into place, she had to move the back part to the side and hook it around the tail that still protruded from her Masters private fuck hole. She straightened her skirt and then examined the back of it; she was relieved to find that the tail made a slight lump in the back, but nothing too noticeable. Then she reached out and grabbed her bra but dropped it immediately as something pricked her fingers. Tanya had completely forgotten about Jennifer messing with her bra but as she turned it over, to her horror, she realised what her secretary had been doing.

The inside of both cups of her bra were covered in notice board pin tacks, with the pointy side facing inward. There must have been fifty tacks in each cup, all carefully taped into place. Tanya’s heart rate quickened as she glanced at the clock and realised she only had a couple of minutes before the conference room was invaded by staff. She reattached the shoulder straps and slid them up her arms until the cups just reached her already tender breasts; she winced as the points of the tacks scratched her hard nipples. There was no time to do this slowly, she took a deep breath and pulled the straps behind her and fastened the catch, realising only too late that Jennifer had also tightened the straps. Tanya could only just hold in her screams as the tacks bit into her ample breasts like teeth piercing through the skin and she felt an intense burning sensation as the pain spread through her chest. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead and she had to wipe a tear from her eye as she put the shoulder straps in place. She took her earnings and stuffed them into her skirt before grabbing her scarf and making for the door. A man came in as she was leaving and brushed up against her chest causing the tacks to bite into her tits even further, she cringed but carried on walking to the elevator, cum squelching inside her abused pussy which had now become little more than a rented fuck hole.

Tanya spent the rest of the day shut in her office and had not even looked at Jennifer as she had walked back in; she didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of see the pain and humiliation that she was feeling. Fortunately Jennifer had a week’s leave booked starting the next day, so Tanya wouldn’t have to see her for a while once she got through that day. She had spent the last two hours of the day sat at her desk, trying to put aside the pain in her tits from the torture bra and the pain in her ass from the ‘tail’ that was pushing on her anus due to her sitting position and getting on with some work.

When 5pm came Tanya was just about to get up to leave when Jennifer came into the room and closed the door behind her. She walked round Tanya’s desk and stood behind her boss then bent her head down to the side of Tanya’s. Tanya kept her eyes forward and didn’t look at the girl who was four years younger than herself.

“I’ll be off now Mrs Raynor; I’ll see you in a week”.

As if to emphasise the end of her sentence she reached around and squeezed Tanya’s breasts, one in each hand. Tanya closed her eyes tight and tried to keep from screaming out; she did not move her hands to stop her young abuser, instead, she grew aroused. Jennifer let go after a few seconds and then left the room without looking back. Tanya packed up her things and left the office for the day, her cunt filled with the cum of nine men who had paid a dollar each to fuck her, her tits still under constant abuse from the torture bra that she had strapped onto herself and her new tail protruding from her ass. She almost felt excited about seeing Marks reaction when she got home to him.

Written by Lois Tyler
Edited by C. Edwards
Published 3rd June 2005

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    • Lois

      There isn’t a sequel to that one, it was the first one I wrote and I couldn’t work out how to continue it. Maybe I could pick it up again now. We’ll see x

  1. david smith

    I enjoyed this story immensely and also look forward to a continuation.
    Perhaps it could turn out that her secretary’s father owns the business . Tanya becomes the company slut, set up in one of the conference rooms permanently available during working hours to all staff and available as an escort after hours with approval from her husband for a fee. I think she would still have to visit Jo each month as he owns her still. In her new capacity she could be used to help seal deals with o/s clients who would have interesting ways of using the slut pushing her past any limits she still imagined she had.
    Also i think the company xmas show would make a good chapter with every one using her and then each has the chance to set her a torture to complete by herself or to directly torture her .

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