The Geek Slave


Brandy was one of the most popular girls in school, not least because she was drop dead gorgeous.  She was 5′ 10″ with flowing long blonde hair that came half way down her back, her slender figure was kept in good shape by the cheer-leading team for which she was the perfect candidate with her tight ass and 32C/D mounds, she was as near perfect as any high school jock could hope for, except for one thing.

Brandy was no Bimbo, she did well at school and despite advances from all of the most popular guys in school she was well know for not having gone with any of them.  She was by no means a virgin though, in fact she was known for being a bit of a slut but none of the guys at school could ever give her what she needed, or so she thought.

That is why she ended up at the start of year ball alone again as she started her final year of school.  It had been a good night so far and most people were reasonable drunk on the punch that had been spiked at the beginning of the night, as always when she got tipsy Brandy was horny.  Knowing she wouldn’t get any satisfaction from any of the guys ogling her from the side of the dance-floor she decided to head for the bathroom and relieve herself like she had done at virtually every ball since she started school.

She walked out of the hall and down the corridor towards the bathrooms, as she walked her ankle length dress skirted the floor and with every stride her right leg protruded through the long slit in the side that went all the way up to the top of her leg threatening to expose her frilly lingerie thong.  As she approached the bathrooms she noticed a guy sat of the stairs, it was Thomas, one of the least popular guys in school and someone Brandy had never really spoken too, he looked sad to she walked over to him.

Thomas was in the computer club and considered by most to be a geek, more interested in a his games console than women.  “Are you OK?” she asked politely, he replied with a sad sounding grunt which made Brandy feel even more sorry for him, she sat down and started to talk to him.  It was like pulling teeth but she finally managed to get out of him that he had asked one of her friends to dance and she had slapped him down, quite cruelly.

Brandy sat and talked to him for a good fifteen minutes, she was still horny and steered the conversation onto sex.  It turned out that Thomas was still a virgin and that he had always had a thing for Brandy, she didn’t return the compliment but it did give her an idea.

She dismissed the idea almost as quickly, in fact she couldn’t believe she had even contemplated it.  She said bye to Thomas and headed for the bathrooms determined to get herself off as quickly as possible and get back to the party, she’d been away too long as it was.

Once in the bathroom she entered a cubical and pulled her dress apart at the split, her hand went straight down her thong.  She began rubbing her clitoris and labia but strangely her thoughts kept flashing back to Thomas, she didn’t seem to be able to concentrate on anything else, she knew what she had to do but couldn’t believe she was going to do it.

She straightened her dress and stormed out of the bathroom, Thomas was still where she had left him and she grabbed him and as she went passed saying “Come with me”, he followed almost stumbling over as he did so.  Brandy led him out of a fire exit, down the path and right around behind the bike sheds, it was lit dimly by a broken lamp but was dark enough so that no-one would be able to see from a distance, and nobody ever came round here, even in the day.

Brandy fell against the shed with her back and pulled Thomas to her, pushing his body into hers, he had a look of shock on his face but he tilted his head as if to kiss her, she pushed his face to the side and grabbed his left hand, she guided it through the slit in her dress and between her spread legs, pushing his fingers into her pussy.  Despite his inexperience he wasted no time in going to work on her sensitive clit through her panties, the juice was virtually running out of her.

She left him to it and pushed her hands into the sides of her dress, cupping her breasts and pinching her nipples, she arched her back and threw her head back maoing all the time.  Due to his lack of knowledge Thomas was going at her cunt far to eagerly, it was too hard, too fast and too rough, just the way she did it to herself.  Brandy managed to hold it off for a few minutes but before long she was overwhelmed by an explosive orgasm, she clamped her legs shut trapping Thomas’ hand between then, half of his fingers inside her along with the crotch of her thong.

Once she had calmed down slightly she relaxed her legs and Thomas pulled his hand out, it was covered in her juices, she didn’t expect what came next, Thomas moved his hand towards her face an pushed his forefinger into her mouth.  Half through shock half through exhaustion she did nothing to resist, she closed her lips around his finger and he slowly pulled it out leaving the juice and slime inside Brandy’s mouth, they repeated this for all of his fingers and she swallowed her vaginal ejaculate for the first time ever.

To her surprise Brandy now found that her horniness had not been completely satisfied, she pushed Thomas back and he fell onto a bench, she pulled her dress over her knees and knelt between his kneels, she wasted no time unzipping his fly and pulling out his rock hard cock, it was bigger than she would have imagined, she held its base with one hand, held her hair back with the other, pursed her lips and sucked the head into her mouth and then slowly lowered her head until his cock touched the back of her mouth, then she slowly raised her head back up.

Apparently this was taking too long for Thomas, he grabbed both her wrists and twisted them behind her back until her elbows touched and wrists were up behind her neck, she squirmed but he held them there with one hand showing surprising strength.  With the other hand he grabbed a handful of hair and began controlling the pace of her sucking, Brandy was in no position to protest so instead she just went with it, giving the blowjob of her life, it took only a couple of minutes before he released her hair, forced her head down against his body and shot his load all over her mouth and throat.

He had gone limp by the time he released his grip and Brandy was able to raise up off him, her lipstick was smeared and there was cum on her chin.  She stood up and wiped her mouth, he stayed where he was.  Brandy decided it was time to go, she slid her soaked thong down her legs and picked it up off the floor and threw it in Thomas’ lap, he looked up at her and she said “Something to remember me by”, then she turned and headed back inside.

There were a few questions to answer when she got back to the party but she just said she needed to get some air and left it at that, she didn’t see Thomas again all night despite keeping an eye out for him.  When she got home, she found she had a new fantasy to masturbate over tonight.

The following Monday Brandy saw Thomas a few times in the corridor but he kept his head down just like normal, they only shared one class and it wouldn’t be until Wednesday but it looked like he was happy to pretend nothing had happened, she supposed that would probably be best.

Tuesday went by like any other school day and it wasn’t until Wednesday afternoon that something ‘different’ happened.  Brandy happened to have been first into class and was waiting for the teacher and her classmates to arrive, to her horror Thomas was the first to walk in closely followed by the teacher.  Brandy kept her head down as Thomas walked past her so was not expected the folded note that slid across her desk.  She didn’t look up but unfolded the note and read it to herself, then she read it again…

“Half way through the lesson excuse yourself and go to the girls bathroom on the next corridor.  Go into a cubical but do not lock it.  Open your blouse and remove your bra and panties.  Sit on the toilet seat, lean back and pull up your skirt (that shouldn’t be hard considering it is shorter than a whores!), begin masturbating and do not stop even if someone comes in, you may come back when you are finished.”

Brandy couldn’t believe what she was reading, who the hell was he to be giving her orders, orders like THIS!?  She wanted to confront him about it there and then but kids were now filling the room.

It was forty minutes into the hour long lesson and Brandy had thought about nothing except the note, at first she was furious but now she couldn’t help notice the dampness in her groin.  She had been fighting a conflict inside about whether or not to do as she was told, her darker side won out.

After excusing herself with ‘female pains’ she headed for the bathroom, fortunately it was deserted so she went into the nearest cubical and pushed the door to behind her.  She quickly undid her blouse and deftly remove her bra and then her panties leaving them on the floor.  She sat back on the toilet seat, raised her skirt and went to work on her clit.

She didn’t even hear anyone come in, the door just flung open and there was a bright flash in her eyes.  Thomas picked up her underwear and walked away, Brandy was so shocked she couldn’t raised her voice enough to shout after him until he was gone.  She quickly fastened her shirt and straightened her skirt, her erect nipples pushed through the shirt but what could she do?  She headed back to class, she could feel the cool breeze rushing past her dampness and realised she was still desperate to come, even more so now.

Everybody was leaving when she got back, she folder her arms over her chest and went straight for her cardigan, wrapping it around her quickly.  She grabbed her bag and left without even looking for Thomas.  It wasn’t until she looked into her bag when she was back in the bathroom that she found the black leather chastity belt in her bag, complete with two  small padlocks, there were no keys.  Brandy pulled out the note that was with the belt, it was fairly simple…

“Put on the belt”

…and there was an address at the bottom.

Brandy was as horny as she had every been in her life, she wanted desperately to plunge few fingers into her pussy, but instead she removed her skirt, buckled the leather belt tightly around her waist and locked it.  Then she pulled the strap from the back between her legs, it fit perfectly with a narrow section between her legs and a flared section to cover her ass and cunt, she buckled it tightly so that it was almost crushing her throbbing slit, then clicked the padlock shut, she was chastised.

With her skirt back on, the belt was more or less hidden but she want willing to risk getting caught wearing it, she skipped the rest of school and headed to the address on the note hoping Thomas had done the same so he could release her sex and make her scream in ecstasy.

She arrived at the address twenty excruciating minutes later and knocked on the door.  To Brandy’s surprise an old lady answered the door, she asked for Thomas but the woman didn’t know anyone by that name.  Brandy turned and slowly walked back down the path with tears welling in her eyes, she had willingly given control of her most intimate parts to a strange guy, and she had no way of finding him!!!

The End



(To be continued…..)

2 thoughts on “The Geek Slave

    • Lois

      I don’t think I actually intended this to have a sequel but I have had some ideas subsequently that could turn into one, maybe I’ll get around to writing one.

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