Stranger on the Train


Everything was in place for Julie to finally fulfil her long-held fantasy; she waited nervously on the platform waiting for the train…and the stranger.

The train would take five hours to reach its destination but she wasn’t going to the end of the line, she would get off the train well before that having had her long-awaited fun and would board another train to return straight home. What her fun entailed she didn’t know, that was the strangers job and that was why Julie had paid for both of their expensive tickets.

She knew nothing about the stranger, not their name, their age or even their gender, everything had been organised anonymously online. The stranger knew a lot more about Julie, that she was twenty-eight and fit thanks to plenty of time in the gym but still curvy where it mattered, that she had long brown hair and that she was well off thanks to a large trust fund set up by her parents. Also, that she secretly had deep and unfulfilled submissive needs.

The deal was simple; the stranger would meet her on the platform and from that moment until Julie left the train she had to do whatever the stranger told her to do. The only caveat or limit that they had agreed was that Julie could refuse any command that she thought could get her into trouble with the police, although secretly Julie knew that her submissive needs ran so deep there was little she would say no to.

So there she waited, dressed in an expensive black knee-length dress and a long coat of similar length carrying a little money and the train tickets in her pocket, everything else she’d left safely at home. Her heart was pounding fast, the train was due in a few minutes so the stranger would have to reveal themselves soon and a handsome man was walking straight towards her. She turned towards him and smiled, she was just about to speak when he walked straight past her. She turned around confused, watching him walk away and then she heard an arrogant sounding voice say her name behind her.

The voice belonged to a girl in her early twenties; she was a bit shorter than Julie and had shoulder length dirty blonde hair. She was wearing a tight black t-shirt over a very short tartan skirt with thick black tights and flat black shoes. She was also wearing black lipstick and eye shadow to finish off her gothic look nicely.

She looked up at Julie and said in a slow voice “Are…you…Julie?”

After taking in the girl’s appearance Julie shook off the surprise and said “Yes, yes I’m Julie”.

She had been expecting a man, not that it mattered to her, she had long ago realised she was bisexual but the way the stranger had come across in their communications had led her to believe she was meeting a man of similar age to herself and not a barely legal girl. She had to admit to herself though; she was already getting wet wondering what the girl had planned for her.

“You have a ticket for me?” the girl asked.

Julie fished in her pocket to find the ticket and pass it to her, the response was, “I’ll take your underwear as well”.

Julie was surprised but also excited, she turned around looking for the bathrooms but the girl said, “Here is fine, we don’t have much time before the train comes”.

Julie looked around to see if anyone was looking but the platform was quiet and the few people who were there, were busy getting ready to board the train. She reached up under the back of her dress making sure the coat kept her covered and hooked her thumbs into the waist band of her lingerie and pulled them down to her knees before letting them drop and stepping out of them. She straightened her dress and then bent down, picked them up and handed them to the girl with a smile. Her bra wasn’t so easy and the girl just watched on in amusement as she threaded her arms up her coat sleeves to extract them from the bra straps and then, just as the train rolled up, she handed the girl the matching bra blushing as the cool air pushed in by the train chilled her naked pussy.

As the girl led the way to their carriage Julie could see her bring the thong to her nose and smell it; Julie blushed again knowing she had spent at least the last ten minutes making that skimpy garment wet in her crotch. They boarded the train and found their seats, Julie had been sure to find a train journey that would be quiet during the day but not because she didn’t want a potential audience, she just thought they would be able to do more if the train was a little less full.

They sat opposite to each other at a table in the middle of the carriage, Julie felt like she shrank as the girl looked her straight in the eye and asked, “Are you shaved?” Julie blushed and shook her head.

She wasn’t completely unkempt but she preferred to keep a small triangle of neatly trimmed hair just above her slit. The girl reached into her bag and took out a disposable razor and a small tube of shaving cream; she placed them on the table and said, “Off you go”.

As Julie sat on the train toilet seat shaving her pussy she could feel the wetness growing between her lips, this girl wasn’t what she was expecting but she had a good feeling about her, the next two hours were going to be exactly what she needed.

When she sat back down there were two bottles of water and three nasty looking clamps on the table, they were all metal and had sharp-looking teeth. The girl picked up one of the clamps and told Julie to lean forward. When she complied, the girl reached into the neckline of her dress and fondled Julie’s breast, rubbing her nipple between a finger and thumb until it was hard. Then she reached in with the clamp and let it bite down just behind her nipple. The pain was intense and Julie moaned but the girl was already massaging her other nipple and before she knew it the same sharp sensation bit through her other nipple. She hadn’t even realised she’d closed her eyes but when she opened them the girl was sat back in her seat watching Julie moan whilst cupping her own breasts.

The girl said “are you wet?”

Julie replied by nodding but the girl said, “I can’t hear you.”

So Julie looked her in the eye and blushing, said “yes, very”.

The girl asked “Why do you want this?”

Julie responded “I don’t want it, I need it; to be controlled, humiliated, it’s who I am, I hate it but I need it.”

The girl smiled and said “Rub your clit, don’t stop unless I tell you but DO NOT CUM!”

Julie’s right hand was moving before she consciously thought about it and seconds later it was doing slow circles around her clit. Julie silently masturbated for about ten minutes while the girl just looked on in amusement, she was adept at bringing herself to orgasm so was on the edge fairly quickly and every moment after that was just an effort to not cum despite the constant stimulation.

Once again Julie hadn’t realised she’d closed her eyes but they shot open when the stranger grabbed the nipple clamps through her dress and yanked her forward by them. As she involuntarily moved forward the girl spat in her face and then let go. It was all Julie could do to keep herself from cumming, she was surprised at how degraded she felt from that simple act and surprised at how much she loved it!

The girl told her to “rub it into you face, all over”.

The spit had landed just below her left eye and she tentatively raised her free hand and began to smear the girl’s saliva all over her face.

The stimulation in her pussy was becoming too much and she meekly said, “Please can I cum?” the girl’s response was to slap her across the face.

Several people looked round but the girl ignored them, stared at Julie’s shocked face and said, “You can cum when I tell you to cum, don’t ask me again”.

“Drink your drink” the girl said. Julie opened the bottle and immediately noticed the smell, she looked at the girl who was taking a drink from her own bottle of water but stopped to say,

“I’m a squirter” and then smiled wickedly.

Julie kept eye contact with the girl as she put the bottle to her lips and took a mouthful of the girls ejaculate and swallowed it. The taste wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible and Julie managed to drink it without pulling a face but she was still drinking a strangers pussy juices and she couldn’t help but hate to love it.

Next the girl told Julie that she was going to redo her makeup, she handed her a face wipe and told her to remove what she had on. Julie was a little mortified to be in public wearing no makeup but dutifully cleaned her face and then lent forward so that the girl could do what she wanted. She started off with dark eye shadow just like she was wearing herself and it quickly became apparent that the stranger was mimicking her own style on Julie. She finished the look off with some matt black lipstick and then handed Julie a small mirror to look at herself, she looked every bit the slutty Goth chick.

She was done with the makeup and Julie was desperate, her fingers had been running circles around her engorged clit for so long that it felt like she could feel her pulse in her clit but she knew things would get worse if she asked to cum again so she just tried to slow her fingers a little.

It was about to get worse though, the girl smiled at Julie and then disappeared under the table. Julie felt the girl’s hands between her knees and then they were roughly pushed apart and immediately she felt the girl’s lips on her swollen clit. She moved her own wrinkled fingers away as the stranger’s tongue took over circling the engorged nub. Julie dug her nails into her own thighs as she tried with all her strength to hold back the orgasm but the girl was an expert at this and within a minute she was begging again as quietly as she could manage.

“Pleeease, oh god please I need to cum” but instead the girl immediately stopped and Julie yelped in pain as the third clamp closed around her incredibly over sensitive clit.

Virtually the entire carriage looked at her as she tried to get some kind of composure back, she blushed when she heard someone say, “Fucking goth dykes, get some self-respect”.

When the girl appeared back from under the table she was grinning from ear to ear and said “I told you not to ask again!”

Julies pussy was aching with pain and desire from the girl’s cruelty but there was only fifteen minutes left of their journey and she doubted she’d be allowed to cum before then, she didn’t mind though because she could rush to the bathrooms at the station and finish herself off as soon as they got there.

Just as that thought ran through her mind the stranger got up and held her hand out to Julie motioning for her to get up and follow. It was obvious where they were headed and she had renewed hope that she would get to cum on the train after all, they both looked around before slipping into the toilet unnoticed.

“Take off your dress” the girl said as soon as the door is closed.

The bathroom is surprisingly large for a train; Julie put her coat on the floor in the corner and then slowly lifts her dress over her head being careful not to knock the clamps that are still crushing her nipples and clit. Once she’d placed the dress on top of her coat she stood, nervous and naked in front of the girl who then said “Knees”.

Realising it wasn’t her who was going to get relief; Julie lowered herself to her knees and before she could even look up the girl’s hand was on the back of her head pulling her face into the girl’s naked crotch. Julie hadn’t even seen the girl pulling her tights and underwear down, and she began to lap at her pussy like her life depended on it.

It wasn’t the first time Julie had been between a girls legs and it didn’t take her long to coax an orgasm out of the girl’s pussy; which was just as wet as Julie’s. The hand on the back of her head kept her face pressed into the girl’s crotch whilst she put her phone away after, unbeknown to Julie; she had been filming the performance.

The stranger smiled when she released Julie’s head, looking down at her with juicy cum all around her mouth, she handed Julie a piece of paper and a pen and said, “Write what I tell you and don’t turn around”.

She could hear the girl messing with her clothes as she knelt in front of the toilet so she could write what would be dictated, but as the girl spoke Julie began to panic. “I was left here because I desperately want to get fucked by a stranger, if you find me here please use my pussy before you use this key to free me”.

As she wrote the last words the girl handed her a key attached to some tape and told her to stick it onto the paper. Julie did as she was told but at the same time turned and begged the girl, “Pleeease don’t do this, please”.

The girl was stood directly behind her dressed in Julie’s black dress, coat and heels. She was just finishing reapplying her makeup and as Julie looked her up and down she couldn’t believe it was the same person, the stranger had transformed herself from a slutty Goth girl into a stunning socialite.

She resumed her begging, “Please don’t make me do this, anyone could find me…”

The woman held out her hand while putting a finger to her lips, dangling from her hand was a bright red ball gag. Julie took the gag and as she looked the woman in the eye and forced the large ball into her mouth a mascara laden tear ran down her cheek, she was resigned to her fate. Next she was handed a pair of handcuffs and told, “Bend over the toilet and cuff your wrists around the pipe”.

As Julie complied she could feel the humiliation washing over her, she knew her ass was going to be in the air and both her holes would be completely on show, and worse, vulnerable.

She waited for a few moments, completely helpless, and then her world went black as the woman slid a heavy blindfold over her eyes, the last thing she felt before the door shut was her hand written note being stuck to her lower back with some tape.

Mary used a coin to lock the bathroom door from the outside and smiled just as the train rolled into the station. She taped an “Out of Order” sign she had previously made to the door and then stepped onto the platform. Multiple men and women looked at her, she looked every bit the wealthy socialite and with the evidence she’d just collected she now owned Julie, she’d make her a slave and blackmail her into the way of life Mary had always wanted.

She threw Julie’s return ticket in the bin as she headed to the next platform where the train home was already waiting for her.

Julie’s body was aching by the time she was found, it had taken the train another three hours to complete its journey to Edinburgh and another twenty minutes for the driver to find her on his last check before leaving the train for the night. After reading the note he disappeared for ten minutes before returning with a friend, she listened as they discussed what to do, finally deciding to go ahead and do what the note said.

The driver had gone first, being that he had found her; she could feel his large gut resting on her ass as he pounded her pussy which despite herself, was dripping wet. The second guy was rougher, he pulled her hair for leverage as he rammed himself into her over and over before pulling out and spraying his cum up her back and into her hair. When he was finished he pushed the key into her hand and said, “You’ve got five minutes to get off this train before I call security”.

She freed herself quickly and pulled off the blindfold, there was no one else there. The clamps that had been biting down on her sensitive nipples where excruciating to take off but were nothing compared to the moment she squeezed open the clit clamp; she almost passed out from the pain. She didn’t have time to worry about it though so dressed quickly in the only thing that was left there, a tiny tartan skirt, a skin-tight black t-shirt and some flat black shoes. She hadn’t been left underwear or the woman’s tights and the clothes barely covered her modesty.

She was wiping the black tears from her face when she realised she had no train ticket, she looked around frantically and then ran from the toilet to where she’d been sitting but found nothing, more tears ran from her eyes as she stepped off the train but despite her predicament all she wanted to do was find the bathrooms because she was still desperate to cum.

Written by Lois Tyler
Edited by C. Edwards
Published 17th January 2017

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