Only myself to blame – Part 2

Only Myself To Blame Pt2

Note: This is part two of this story, for part one click here.

The taxi pulls up outside and I give him all the money I have, get out and watch him leave. As I walk up the drive I pull off my coat, the only clothing I am wearing, and think about the last time I was here…

I’m stood at his door, naked in the bright sunshine, I knock and wait, I am tempted to knock again but know it is a bad idea so I just wait in front of his door completely naked except for the padlocks hanging from the sore nipples of my large breasts.

One minute, two minutes of wondering who could see me, who was watching me, until eventually the door swung open and he stands there looking at me, a grin on his face.

He grabs both of the padlocks and pulls on them, “You must love these if you’re coming back for more?”

I just whimper, its a stupid little noise and he laughs and says “It’s going to be even worse if you step through this door a second time.”

I don’t hesitate, I step into the house and am immediately flung to the floor by my hair and then dragged into the back room whilst trying to scramble along on my hands and knees.

The room hasn’t changed much, the floor is still just wooden boards, the same dirty white walls but the bench is gone. Each wall has a large metal ring bolted to it and he pulls me over to one and then leaves me there for a moment, I don’t know what to do so I just stand there, tears are already welling but I blink them back as he rummages through the drawers of a metal cabinet in the corner.

He doesn’t take long and is soon next to me again with a large padlock that he threads roughly through my nipple padlocks squashing my large breasts together and then pulls it upwards so he can lock it to the ring in the wall, then the world goes black as a piece of tape is smoothed over my eyes.

I’m left there, my hands free but useless to prevent my suffering. I’m not on tiptoes but my feet cannot sit flatly on the floor without severe pain in my stretched out breasts and all I can do is stand there as the pain grows, first in my breasts but then even greater in my legs.

I don’t know how long passes but there is a lot of commotion behind me, I hear power tools and the sound of boots on the wooden floor and every second I expect some new torture to be inflicted but there is nothing. It doesn’t matter though, by the time he returns my feet are flat on the floor, my legs, breasts and nipples are screaming in pain and the tears are flowing freely down my cheeks.

First he checks me, it’s no surprise, there is as much liquid running down my thighs as my cheeks. Once again I wonder why I am this way but shake it from my mind, it’s irrelevant, especially now.

When the padlock is released I fall to the floor, my legs unable to hold me up any longer and whilst I am down he pulls off the tape blindfold. I’m expecting brightness but the room is dimly lit by a single bulb hanging from the ceiling, the sky is dark outside and I realise I must have been here for hours already.

All of a sudden he is on top of me, straddling me with his knees either side of me and his ass pushing down on my aching tits. He shows me a tool, I’ve seen one before and I know what it is for, he tells me to hold still and I do, watching as the two ends of the pincer type device disappear up my nose and then as he crushes them together cutting a hole through my septum. I screw up my eyes as the pain explodes in my nose but I don’t move, I don’t scream, I take the pain.

Before my eyes open I feel a new pain and a new smell, burning, he is cauterizing the open wound around the new hole in my nose. I don’t move even when he gets off me or when he comes back and I watch him thread a large metal ring through my nose.

He pulls me by the ring walking me around the dirty gyno chair that is now bolted to the floor and this time I scream, the fresh “piercing” is extremely painful but I get used to it as he leads me around the room by it with a smile on his face. Finally he brings me to the work table in the corner and makes me bend so he can put the ring in some sort of device. It dawns on me as I watch him pouring something into the device, he is sealing the gap in the dull industrial looking ring, it’s not coming out.

Water is poured onto the device, steam rises and then the ring is freed so I can stand with it hanging from my nose it’s not heavy but I can feel it. He grabs the back of my hair and holds a small mirror in front of my face so I can see and asks “What do you think?”

I just stare, the ring is not thick but it is large enough that it circles my mouth and rests against my chin, it looks bizarre, obscene and my tears flow. The obscenity is matched between my legs where he feels my pussy pulsing and leaking in response to what I’m seeing. Why am I this way?

I’m lead out of the room, through a kitchen into the garden by my nose ring which is agony but I make no sound whilst he keeps pulling until I’m in front of a small wall of hay bales, two bales high.

“You came on the perfect day” he tells me, “I’m having the guys over tonight and I got these bales because I was told they make good urinals, they absorb the smell or something”.

He gives no more explanation and disappears into a wooden shed returning a minute later with two things in his hands, a length of rope and a scary looking metal tool. It is a straight bar with a wooden T handle on one end and a sharp hook on the other. He ties the middle of the rope to my nose ring and then smiles and tells me to bend over the hay and spread my legs.

I’m scared but I comply, lying my stomach and ample breasts on the spiky hay and spreading my legs for him. There is a sudden thud and I jump but then I see the metal tool protruding through the hay bale near the floor, he comes around and puts the rope into the hook and then returns behind me to pull the rope through the bale.

He keeps pulling the rope until my face is against the hay and then ties it off before putting ropes through at various other points to bind my ankles and wrists until I’m stretched out, tightly bound and unable to move. He slaps my ass hard and then I’m blindfolded again and left alone.

A lot of time passes but I don’t know how much, the temperature drops and I start to hear voices inside the house, occasional shouts or cheers. All of a sudden they are louder, a door has opened and then there is a yelp from a woman and I feel sudden contact,  warm flesh pushed between my legs.

The woman squeals “No, please, I don’t like gir…” but her pleas are muffled by my pussy.

She licks me on my horny clit, my juices must be coating her face as she sucks on my little nub, she’s not great but she’s good enough in my already aroused state, I moan and my knees start to weaken then all of a sudden a cock pushes into my ass.

I’ve only taken one cock there before as far as I know, his, and my inexperienced ass isn’t ready for this brutal fuck. I don’t know who it is but they are rough and cum quickly inside me whilst the girl continues her attentions, I cum, I can’t help it.

They pay no attention to my twitching body, the next cock is in my ass before I know what is happening. He is fat, I can feel his belly resting on my cheeks as he fucks my ass just as roughly as his predecessor and before long his cum is mixing with theirs.

The third guy is much bigger, it burns as he forces it into me stretching my hole and a scream escapes my lips but is quickly silenced by a fist in my side which knocks the wind out. I catch my breath just in time for a rag of some sort to be stuffed into my mouth, I’ve no idea what is on it but it tastes foul and I start to feel groggy.

The other girls mouth is never allowed to leave my pussy whilst they gang fuck my ass and as fatigue begins to set in her attentions change from pleasurable to painful, my clit raw and overstimulated. It is far from over though and long after I lose track of how many times my ass has been used, I pass out.

I wake up suddenly when water splashes on my face, except I quickly realise that it isn’t water, the men are using the hay bales for their intended purpose except most of it seems to be going on me instead because my entire body is soaked in their piss including my hair and the blindfold.

I dose in and out of sleep for the next few hours, waking only when one or more of the guests come to piss on me or fuck my ass, sometimes they are already cumming in me before I even come round, they don’t seem to care either way.

Morning comes and the sun rises, I wonder if anyone can see into his garden, if people are opening their curtains and seeing my used body draped over these piss filled hay bales. I wonder what they’d think of me and it makes me so wet, that’s when he comes out.

He checks me and laughs a loud, cold laugh when he find my pussy hot and wet. “What the hell is wrong with you?”.

When he unties me I once again can’t stand, my body aches terribly and I just fall to the floor and curl up. He leaves me for a little while and then cold water hits me all over and he tells me to stand.

I struggle to my feet and follow each instruction as he has me turn and bend so that he can clean me thoroughly, the water stings insanely when he aims it directly at my abused asshole and I wonder how badly they have ruined it.

When I turn around I ask timidly “How many?”.

He smiles, it almost looks caring but then he says “How the hell would I know sweetheart? There were twenty guys so that’s your minimum but I know at least half went back for seconds so you do the sums”.

I nod and a tear escapes my eye, it’s disgusting and I know it, I’m horrified but it makes me so horny and he knows it.

“Are you done with me?” I ask.

“hmmm, that depends” he starts, “I had something planned for if you came back and last night wasn’t it, you just happened to stumble upon a party and ended up being part of the entertainment.”

“That being said, the boys put you through the ringer and I wouldn’t stop you if you wanted to go and I’ll be honest, if you stay I’m going to do something fucking awful to that pretty pussy of yours.”

I bit my lip at his words as fear and anticipation flooded my body, I could see his cock swollen in his jeans and knew he wanted to complete his plans and it made me so hot.

“Will you fuck me?” I ask.

He smiles “I’ll tell you what, I’ll tell you my plan for you, every detail. If you stay after you know what will happen then yeah, I’ll fuck that pussy before I ruin it.”

I nod and he begins explaining his plan.

The sex is rough, brutally so, he takes me from behind and rams himself into me so hard that I’d fall if he wasn’t holding me up with my hair. I cum before he does and again as he fills my pussy with his seed and holds me tight against him until he’s done.

I’m not allowed any time to clean up afterwards so his cum is leaking down my thighs and dripping on the floor as he leads me back to the room with the dirty and ripped gyno chair and pats on the seat. I know what he is going to do, it’s brutal and cruel and no one will fuck my pussy after it’s done, I hop into the seat and place my legs in the stirrups so that my “pretty little pussy” is fully on show and exposed. I take a last look at it and rest my head back.

He grunts and I cry out each time he squeezes the “flesh punch” and creates a new hole in one of my pussy lips. The pain is intense and is followed quickly each time by the heat if the metal he is using to cauterise each hole as he goes. I’m almost delirious as I keep my unbound legs spread and let him mutilate me.

The final two are the worst, he slides one arm of the tool slightly into my pussy and punches a hole through the side wall of my pussy opening, then repeats it on the other side and I am literally screaming from the pain, he doesn’t even bother to gag me, he just carries on his “work” and seals the holes with heat.

I either pass out or my mind drifts for a time as I lie on the chair with my pussy pulsing in pain. He smeared some cream on that he said would stop it swelling but I can feel that it hasn’t been fully successful. Eventually I look down at the slit between my legs.

I’m surprised at how neat a job he has done, it looks almost how it did before except a little more puffy. That and the five large holes that are in each of my pussy lips and the angry redness of the skin around each of them. I gingerly touch the holes, pushing my nail through them and am still doing this when he returns.

He puts various items on a metal trolley and wheels it between my legs then moves to my side. He tilts the chair slightly forward so I am more upright and then moves behind me, his hands coming over my shoulders to play with the padlocks in my nipples, pulling and twisting them.

I reach down and take the first packet, the largest of the padlocks. They are all the same kind as the ones in my nipples and I remember what he’d said that time. High security, impossible to cut, permanent. I took out the lock then dropped its key into a ceramic dish that was also on the trolley.

The lock went easily through the new holes in either side of my pussy opening and with my eyes closed I click it shut.

In my ear he whispers “That’s a good girl, that’s the end of sex for you, keep going”.

Each padlock was slightly smaller than the last and when I clicked the last one closed they sat on top of each other between my legs, they were almost pretty, in a way. I lifted my legs out of the stirrups and stood, feeling the weight and significant bulk of the metal now permanently between my legs.

It was painful and I had to cup them with my hand as I gasp “fuck!”.

My mind races, what had I just done to myself?

He was next to me again and handing me a match, I light it and  it into the ceramic bowl with the keys to all of my locks and it burns blindingly bright. After a few seconds the light dims and I can look at the bowl again only there are no keys now, just a puddle of bubbling liquid metal.

As he watches the last pieces of the keys melt he pulls my hand away and the locks swing freely between my legs, he plays with them and I gasp in pain but at the same time….pleasure. Grabbing one of my nipple locks he pulls me out of the room and towards the front door but them suddenly stops and turns to me.

His cock is rock hard in his jeans and impulsively I reach out and grab it, it feels huge. The pain explodes between my legs and I collapse to the floor, his knee has come up against the locks and rammed them into me and I can see stars it hurts so much.

Before I know what is happening I am on my knees, up against the wall with his cock in my mouth, then in my throat. He rams it into my mouth like it is a pussy, it is brutal and quick and he cums down my throat before yanking his cock out leaving me coughing and spluttering on the floor.

The front door opens and he pulls me by my nose ring depositing me on path outside and then he spits in my face.

His last words before he slams the door are “If you come back again, you won’t leave”.

I was bed ridden for two weeks following this visit, my pussy was agony whenever I stood and I had to build up to walking. My ass bled the day after and was raw for days and I developed a saw throat, I couldn’t see a doctor for obvious reasons.

I had to leave my job because I couldn’t go back with the huge ring in my nose so I got a home working job that I hated but no one had to see me, I stopped going out almost altogether.

Eventually my body healed as best it could and I started to pleasure myself again. Where as before I would push a vibe inside and rub my little clit now I found that on all fours I could twist the forward most padlock up and grind it against my clit while I fucked my ass with a dildo and cum from that.

I spent a lot of time in that position, the padlocks on my pussy and nipples kept my attention on those parts of my body almost permanently, I stopped wearing clothes and came to love the way the industrial looking metal hung from my body and it was one of those times looking in the mirror that I made the decision, I was going to go back.

Written by Lois Tyler
Published 14th May 2018