Only myself to blame – Part 1


I’d been parked on his road for over an hour, just sitting in the car, I’d tried to resist the urge to come here but I couldn’t, what was wrong with me?

When I’d asked where he lived he had clearly warned me. He’d given me the address, but told me that if I turned up at his door I’d regret it. He said he wasn’t a nice person, in fact he said he was a sadistic bastard who loved to torture women and make them suffer and he wasn’t lying.

I’d been here once before, I’d sat on this road in my car nervously and then approached his door and knocked. He had taken a moment to ask who I was and then invited me in politely when I’d explained; I was almost disappointed at the politeness. Then he punched me in the stomach; I saw stars and fell down.

I’d tried to keep up as he dragged me down the hall and into a back room. The room had bare floorboards and a wooden bench in the middle, he forced me down onto it on my chest and whilst I was still dazed he’d put several belts around me pinning me to the bench and then used tape to fasten my wrists and ankles to the legs. The bench was bolted to the floor and I couldn’t move, I was completely helpless, I was crying.

He knelt in front of me and looked into my eyes, he almost looked sympathetic; he then pushed a rubber ball into my mouth and put tape over it. He disappeared and I heard him rummaging through drawers, I waited, scared….and deeply aroused.

I’d worn a nice little summer dress over some expensive lingerie; I’d bought it all new for the occasion. There was a pain on my back, a scratching pain as he ran scissors up it, cutting my dress away but not taking care to avoid my skin. The lingerie was shredded too and yanked away roughly leaving me naked. The bench was thin and my large breasts hung either side of it like a cows udders.

He knew I was an anal virgin and was scared of doing it, I’d told him, I’d given him all the information he needed. He took that next, my anal innocence, quickly and roughly he pushed his very hard cock into me and I screamed into the gag. Tears exploded from my eyes as he sodomised me without mercy until I heard him grunt and he came inside me. I could feel my ass gaping after he pulled out, he pushed his fingers into my pussy and laughed when he found I was dripping wet. When he walked back in front of me his cock was covered in blood, he cleaned it with my dress and zipped his jeans back up.

He left me for a while, helpless and crying, but more turned on than I’d ever been. Eventually he came back and held a tool in front of my face, it had long handles and like pincers at the end, it looked like a horrible device and my pussy warmed wondering what he would do with it.

He played with my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples painfully, from my position I could look at then dangling below me and could see my nipples growing from his abuse. Then I watched as he positioned his new tool just behind my nipple, it pinched but only slightly. He had a handle of the tool in each hand and I just managed to take a deep breath before he pushed them together with all his strength.

The pain was ridiculous, I screamed like I’ve never screamed before but the gag was very effective. My whole body trembled but his bondage was effective too. He pulled the tool open and something bloody fell to the floor, I was certain he’d just cut my nipple off and watched in horror as he applied the tool to the other one and I returned to my world of screaming and pain.

I don’t know how long he left me there, whimpering, scared and in shock. I could see my nipples; they hadn’t been cut off, but what had he done? Eventually he came back, he cleaned my nipples with wipes which stung severely, then he stepped away and I heard a new noise.

It was a blow torch, panic overtook me again and I pulled against my bonds, I couldn’t break them, I couldn’t move at all. Then he was below me again I heard a sizzling noise, I felt extreme white hot pain and I passed out.

I woke up sat in a wooden dining chair and he was sat in a similar chair opposite me, I wasn’t restrained. My pussy was sore and when I opened my legs and looked there was a pool of cum between them, he’d fucked me while I was unconscious. He saw me looking and smiled, “That wasn’t me. I gave you a shot to keep you out and invited a few friends over.”

I looked at the window, it was dark, and hours must have passed.
He spoke again, “I’ve put flesh tunnels in your nipples and then cauterised them so they won’t heal up”.

I looked at my aching nipples slightly in shock, he’d mutilated them?

He clicked his fingers to make me look at him and held up two packets, “These are high security padlocks, they’re almost impossible to cut through. The keys are entirely unique”.

He opened the packets and tipped out two padlocks and two keys; he used the keys to open the padlocks and handed them to me.

“Put them through your nipples and lock them” he ordered.

I looked at him and then at the locks, they weren’t huge but they were quite heavy, they looked very industrial. Looking down I cupped one of my throbbing breasts and twisted it slightly, I could see right through it! He’d cleaned it up, the hole was perfectly round and sealed, like it was meant to be there, I threaded the lock through the hole, it fit perfectly. I put both padlocks in place and let them hang unlocked; they were heavy and pulled my nipples and breasts down painfully.

He said “Don’t make me tell you again.”

I reached down and closed each lock, the click of the locks causing a jolt of arousal to pulse through my used pussy.

He smiled and I blushed, he was happy with me, I think. He handed me some pliers and told me to put the keys in them, I did and then he handed me a tool with a wire attached and a circular bit on the end.

“Turn it on and hold it to the edge of the keys, it will damage them enough so they won’t work anymore”.

I looked at him and spoke for the first time, “What if I don’t?”

“Then take the keys and leave, never come back”.

I pressed the switch and pushed the tool into the keys, my eyes focused on the metal grinding away whilst my pussy leaked onto the chair.

He took the tool and the ruined keys off me; I looked up at him, begging in my eyes,
“Fuck me?”

He laughed then pulled me up by my hair and dragged me to the front door; he physically threw me out of the door and slammed it shut behind me.

I sat in my car outside his house crying and masturbating for an hour before I drove back to my empty apartment…

It took weeks but the holes have healed well, my nipples are now permanently erect and rub on my bra, they are so sensitive as well, I’m constantly aroused and always wet these days. I take off my padded bra letting the padlocks hang painfully free then remove my dress and climb out of the car.

Before I know it I’m stood at his door, naked in the bright sunshine, I knock….

Note: For part two of this story click here.

Written by Lois Tyler
Edited by C. Edwards
Published 21st September 2017