An Everyday Visit To The Office


Suzy walked out of the elevator and up to the receptionist’s desk,

“He’s already waiting for you Miss Foster” the receptionist said without even looking up, “In the conference room”.

Suzy headed past her and towards the conference room, she had been here many times and knew her way. She wore a mid-thigh length grey pleated skirt and a white blouse which was buttoned far enough up so that she showed a bit of cleavage without looking slutty.

The conference room was in the corner of the building away from the offices, its walls were made of glass but closed blinds covered all but the door. As she approached she could see a man in an expensive business suit talking into a mobile phone; she could not hear what he was saying as the glass was sound proofed so that no one could listen in to important meetings. The man was 50 years old, starting to go grey at the temples but still handsome. Suzy entered the room, closed the door behind her and shut the doors blinds as the man finished on the phone.

Suzy said “Good afternoon”

The man simply said “Sit!” in a commanding voice and pointed at the edge of the large rectangular glass conference table.

Suzy moved over to it obediently and slid her firm ass cheeks onto the table, allowing her long slender legs to hang from the edge. She watched him release his belt buckle and pull the leather strap from his trousers before he said


She opened her legs as wide as she could, her skirt sliding up her thighs and revealing her lacy lilac thong covering her vagina and neatly trimmed length of pubic hair. Once her legs were open she leant back putting her hands down on the table either side to support herself.

She closed her eyes briefly as the first stoke landed at the top of her right inner thigh, though no more than a whispered gasp escaped her lips. The second strike struck her left thigh in the same position, but he was now in his stride and then next stinging swipes landed on alternate thighs moving slowly towards her knees; the skin was already beginning to burn and turn red and pink. After ten minutes and two passes over each thigh the whipping ceased and Suzy let out a deep breath that she had been holding.

The man took two minutes to recover his breath while Suzy held her position, she had barely let out a whimper through the whipping of her thighs although she was screaming inside, not because of the pain although it was intense, but because she was so horny, nothing made her crave an orgasm more than a good beating.

“Breasts” was the next word from the man’s mouth.

Suzy dutifully leant forward again and undid all of the buttons of her blouse; her lacy bra matched her thong. She released the clasp between her ample mounds and the bra fell away to either side, when she leant back on her hands again both the bra and blouse fell completely under her arms bearing her naked chest.

The man had put his belt down now and was holding a twelve inch plastic ruler; it was a couple of inches thick and only had a bit of give in it. Suzy took a deep breath as the man moved in front of her with the ruler raised; she tensed her chest muscles as it came down directly on the top of her right tit with an almighty slapping sound, although nothing would be heard outside the room. As with her thighs the next strike came down upon the alternate tit and then the man began a constant wave of slaps on alternating mounds and working his way around each one. With each blow Suzy breathed in, pushing her chest up into the ruler as it came down, her pussy now aching for relief as she savoured every excruciating bite of the ruler. The last and most brutal hits were saved for her nipples and they didn’t come with the slapping flat side of the instrument, instead he turned the ruler so that the thin corner came down and connected directly with her right nipple. Suzy could not help a short scream escaping her mouth as a blood blister formed right where the edge had hit. The man was not deterred however and the left nipple received the same treatment and she let out another scream, though this time the skin was broken and a drop of blood appeared there.

The man turned away to give himself another couple of minutes recovery and Suzy stayed there panting, a slight layer of sweat appeared over her body as she prayed in her head that she would soon be allowed to come.

The man took up his belt again and said “Ass”

Suzy knew she would have to wait; she slid off the table and turned around before bending over it and raising the back of her skirt up to her waist, holding it there. The cold glass table was soothing on her battered breasts though she didn’t welcome that particularly.

Not being able to see behind herself she was unprepared when the belt bit into her right ass cheek, though she knew the routine by now and clenched her butt as the next blow stung her left. The next few minutes were a blur of pain as the man rained down blows all over her ass with such ferocity that she thought she must have done something to upset him. After ten minutes Suzy’s ass was the colour of beetroot and she knew sitting would be a painful for a few days, though in her mind that was not really a bad thing. She stayed where she was recovering the composure that she had lost slightly during this phase of whipping, several times loud screams had escaped from her when the belt came down upon an already tender spot, though she enjoyed the pain, it was sometimes hard to stop her body’s natural reaction to it like, the welts that she could now feel burning on her thighs, breasts and ass.

After a few minutes came the order Suzy had been waiting for, “Cunt”

She would finally be fucked and allowed to release the orgasm that she was teetering upon. She knew it would not be a gentle fuck, but that was not what she craved anyway; she wanted to be fucked so brutally that her pussy was black and blue in the morning, though she had never had the pleasure of such an extreme sadist yet. She raised her body from the table, leaving a small smear of blood from her nipple and turned around; the material of her skirt stung the fresh welts on her behind. Turning around she again caught sight of the handsome man wiping a trickle of sweat from his temple, she slid her ass onto the table again resuming the position from before with a winch of pain, then lowered herself backwards until her head touched the cold glass, she was now lying down with her legs hanging from the table, her ass at the edge. To finalise her position she spread her legs once again and the skirt again rose up her thighs, she helped it with her hands until it was around her waist and tucked under her body, then she clasped her hands behind her head and waited.

The man was now between her splayed legs and was untying the ribbons at the side of her thong, once released it fell away, exposing her slit and hung down from between her ass cheeks. Her slit was already sopping wet and wouldn’t need lubrication to receive the man’s member, Suzy closed her eyes in anticipation and only heard the swish of the belt a millisecond before it struck down the length of her exposed pussy. She instinctively closed her legs and brought them up to her stomach, curling almost into a ball, the unexpected, searing pain bringing tears into her eyes.

She barely heard the man when he repeated “Cunt”.

Shaking slightly she opened her eyes and forced herself slowly back into position while the man waited patiently, she looked between her legs and could already see her pussy turning crimson and swelling slightly. The belt struck again, this time slightly to the right, the screamed again but this time managed to hold her position, this was the first time her cunt had ever been beaten and the pain was ten times that of any beating she had received before. The belt came down again, this time to the left; more screams and tears ran down her cheeks. She looked up again; the man was now holding the buckle of the belt up to her, though she could barely see it through her tear filled eyes.

“One More?” Came the man’s question.

Suzy looked down at her cunt again, it was now clearly swollen and a deep red colour yet she could see the juices that had splattered out of it when the belt had hit, she knew inside that this was going to be the best orgasm she had ever had. Suzy nodded her head and the man wasted no time, he folded the belt in a different way so that the buckle was at the end furthest from his hand instead of inside it, he raised it up and took aim.

Suzy strained against the instinct to move out of the way as she saw the belt swing behind the man’s shoulder, further back then she had seen him swing yet, then it came back into view and swung down past her field of vision just before Suzy’s only screams filled her ears and a biting, stinging, slapping, burning pain filled her mind from between her legs; she had coiled up again, the belt was still trapped between her legs.

She panted and tried to contain her tears as the man gave her a few minutes to recover, she hoped that the room was as sound proofed as she thought, otherwise people would think she was being murdered! She was just coming to terms with the terrible pain in her pussy when the man spoke to her again.


She didn’t know what to expect, whether more beating or what, but she moved back to her position on the table and checked out her groin again. It was redder than before and probably a bit more swollen. The most noticeable thing was the blood red outlining of the belt buckle that was emblazoned onto her labia; she could only see the top of it but knew the whole thing would be there, possibly forever.

The man moved in between her legs again, only this time his pants were down and his cock was out, rock hard and pointing straight at her, the time had come. The head of his cock pushed roughly against her swollen lips parting them slightly and then he pushed hard, her juice was now virtually dripping from her tightened hole; he still found it difficult to penetrate her because her opening was so badly enlarged. Finally he entered her and embedded his sizable cock all the way into her, by the time his groin punched painfully into hers she was already in ecstasy, an ecstasy which continued unrelenting for the next ten minutes until she felt his hot cum decorate her insides. The orgasm that was induced by him pulling his limp rod from between her still tightly swollen opening was her tenth, each one better than any before.

Five minutes afterwards he was dressed again and Suzy was fastening her blouse, her bra and thong already in place. Once she was finished he opened the door and she walked out, straight past the receptionist hoping that she would not notice her bright red thighs. She entered the elevator and hit the lobby, which she reached very quickly from the thirty third floor, exiting she headed straight to the doors and out into the street. She found the car she was looking for and climbed into the passenger seat, she said a quick hello to the driver and then drove off.

Fifteen minutes later they pulled into a drive and parked. They walked side by side into the house and up the stairs and kept going until they reached the end of Suzy’s bed. The guy, who was two years younger than Suzy at nineteen, spun her around to face him before ripping open her blouse sending buttons flying in all directions, it was then pulled down her back trapping her arms. Her bra was unclipped releasing her crimson breasts, then the buttons holding the side of her skirt closed got the same treatment as the blouse, leaving it to fall to the floor. Once the ties on her thongs were undone and it had slid away too, she was virtually naked and the guy pushed her backward onto her bed, his cock was out now.

As he bent down over her and pushed his cock between her now obscenely swollen cunt lips, using the older man’s cum for lubricant, he squeezed her tender tits between his fingers and said “Jesus Sis, Dad really went to town on you today, didn’t he?!”.

Written by Lois Tyler
Edited by C. Edwards
Published 18th January2016

4 thoughts on “An Everyday Visit To The Office

  1. Submissive Sought

    Definitely my favourite so far. Even before the final twist in the tale.
    Though the traffic cone in the first story was pretty hot too.

  2. Jaz (also Strict-but-Fair)

    Nice.. I liked it. Not as extreme as some of the others – but lovely. And once again – the mind of that lady… speaks…volumes..about the author

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