A Rape Fantasy


Lydia had been watching the local news; there had been warnings for women not to go out at night if possible and especially not alone. Tonight’s report was on the fifth in a string of brutal rapes that had happened in the area recently, they didn’t reveal many details though but they did say that three of the victims were already in counselling for the traumatic ordeal they had been through and all had been hospitalised for a period of time, though Lydia suspected this was for forensic tests and things.

Listening to the reporter describe how the latest victim had been snatched while down a back alley quite near to her house, Lydia began to get wet. She had long fantasised about being raped by a stranger, forced to do unspeakable things against her will, after watching the news at lunch time she had to go upstairs and frig herself, she was so hot.

Ever since she had heard about the first attack, Lydia had been making plans. She was only nineteen, about four years younger than the other victims, but she knew that if the guy caught a look at her, he would definitely take the opportunity to have her. She had snuck out late at night for the last three days in a row, walking down as many dark back streets and alleyways as possible wearing only her skimpiest going out gear, so far nothing had happened.

She turned off the TV and quietly opened her room door; she listened but heard nothing as everyone was sound asleep. She snuck downstairs and out of the house, she had become quite adept at leaving without a sound. Soon she was walking past the scene of the latest attack, there was Police tape all around it, she continued down the wooded path unable to see more than a metre in front of her. Suddenly she felt a strange sensation like she was being watched; she swung round but couldn’t see anyone there. Her heart was racing now, what if this wasn’t such a good idea, she could get herself killed after all. She turned around and quickened her pace towards home. She felt a certain amount of disappointment as she gave up on realising her fantasy; she had never felt this scared in her life though and knew it was the right decision.

She didn’t even realise there was anyone there until the strong arm grabbed her from behind, she instinctively tried to scream but he quickly covered her mouth with his other hand. Lydia wriggled and squirmed to get away, fear and adrenaline coursing through her veins. The man’s grip was tight though, she didn’t stand a chance as she was dragged away from the path and into the woodlands, losing her shoes along the way.

Suddenly she was swung around and pushed forward and fell over a large fallen tree, the man had hold of her hands behind her back and fastened them there with some kind of zip tie. Lydia felt a sudden rush of helplessness as she was held down, bent at the waist over the tree, her tight ass cheeks poking out from under her short skirt, she knew she should shout for help, but she didn’t. That feeling only intensified as she felt the stranger reach under her skirt and caress her ass, applying pressure between her cheeks through her thong, she also felt moisture between her legs.

The gentle caressing didn’t last long though as he grabbed hold of her underwear and yanked them down her legs, she heard him sniff them and chuckle; she assumed he had found the wet patch. Suddenly she felt him grab the back of her hair, yanking her head back he stuffed the thong into her mouth and covered it with a piece of duct tape, Lydia’s eyes widened as she tasted her own pussy juice for the first time, it tasted sweet to her.

There was a small slit up the side of her dress, he grabbed each side of it and pulled. The thin fabric ripped easily; he broke the straps and pulled the garment from her body. She gasped as the cold air made contact with her now naked body causing goose pimples to form all over. That didn’t bother her though, she knew the time had come, her fantasy was about to come true, he was about to rape her and her pussy was now soaking as she anticipated losing her virginity.

The rapist was not gentle, grabbing her thighs he lifted her feet off the ground and forced his way between her legs, his nine-inch hard cock found her lubricated hole and thrust into her. The hymen that she had been so careful to keep intact all these years broke easily as the intruding cock was forced deep inside her. She screamed in pain as it pushed into her cervix, the mixture of pain and pleasure was amazing. He began to pump into her, his balls slapping against her as his pelvis bashed her groin painfully, she began to moan.

It didn’t take long inside her tight hole before he shot his load into her; she felt his hard cock spasm as his seed flowed into her. The feeling was unlike anything she had experienced and couldn’t help herself, her orgasm consumed her and she let out an almighty moan of ecstasy, even muffled by her gag, the man could hear her pleasured sounds and knew she was enjoying her ordeal.

Lydia felt the cock slide from her slippery hole and his cum immediately began to run down her leg, he lent over her and spoke in her ear.

“I’m going to remove you gag for a moment, if you scream, I’ll kill you”

Lydia nodded her head and then allowed him to slowly pull the tape from her mouth, when it was off she opened her mouth allowing her thong to be removed. She looked up at the man, he was quite tall and well built, wearing all dark clothing and a black balaclava, she felt him wipe the cum from her inner thigh with her underwear and clean up her juice from around her formally virginal cunt. He then screwed it back up and as he shoved them back into her mouth, a large glob of cum smeared over her tongue; the salty taste was unpleasant but she savoured the humiliation of the act, he then replaced the tape.

Next, she heard the man rustling with some branches, she suspected he was leaving her now, after all he had got what he came for and so had she. She soon realised this was not the case when she felt the stinging blow across her exposed ass, she tried to get up in panic but was shoved back onto the tree trunk; another blow came slightly further down. Lydia struggled futilely trying to get up as the rapist continued to whip her ass and thighs with a branch from the nearby tree.

She had received twenty hard strikes from the branch before he stopped, welts had begun to form on her ass cheeks where some of the hard blows had landed and tears were flowing from her eyes; her screams could just about be heard from behind her gag. Fear had engulfed her now, she had wanted to be raped but this was something else, her ass was on fire, yet despite all this she was shocked to find that her pussy had begun to respond to the whipping, it was actually turning her on! She cried some more.

The man grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up; she was pushed forward causing her to fall to her knees and then flat on her face. It knocked the wind out of her a little and she didn’t even struggle as her ankles were bound together; though she did put up a futile effort when he pulled her legs behind her and fastened her ankle and wrist restraints together. The helpless feeling from before now shrank in comparison to the situation she was now in, hogtied, naked and at the mercy of a rapist who had already given her a severe whipping.

Lydia then felt her whole weight being lifted off the ground, she had no idea what was happening now but she could feel that her pussy was just as wet as it had been before she was raped, what with her juices and his cum; it was like a swamp down there. As she was lifted upright and turned around she noticed a large dirty traffic cone on the floor, it had obviously been dumped there at some point. She was carried past it; the man holding her tightly by the waist, she didn’t weigh much. Suddenly she was swung back around and positioned over the cone, her mind raced and she tried to pull her legs together but her restraints prevented that, her knees were spread apart.

The man began to lower her toward the cone, she was fighting against her bonds but it was of no use, the tip of the cone was about an inch wide and it slid easily into her, thanks to all of her self-lubrication. By the time she had been lowered three inches on to it, the cone had already stretched her pussy to one and a half inches, she was screaming to the man to stop but he was taking no notice of the muffled voice. He slowly released his grip on the girl allowing her to sink further onto the cone, another two inches disappeared inside her and she was stretched some more until her tight hole couldn’t take anymore as the girth of the cone halted her downward progress.

Lydia tried to calm down despite the immense pain in her pussy which was now holding her entire weight, she tried to grip the cone with her thighs to relieve some of the pressure on her cunt but the restraints would not allow it. The man was in front of her now, she could hear him laughing behind his balaclava, he reached out and began to play with Lydia’s nipples, they were already hard from the cold but still responded to his touch; she had always had sensitive nipples. He rubbed them for a while and then began to pull and twist them a bit sending small jolts of pain through her tits, it made her jump slightly but was not too unpleasant. He left one nipple alone and moved his hand down to her clitoris, squeezing and rubbing it between his fingers. She responded immediately, despite the pain and humiliation she was feeling, or possibly because of it, and she began to get horny again. He increased the speed of his actions and she began to squirm against his fingers, trying to push her clitoris into them, the cone held her steady though. Just as her orgasm approached he stopped and stepped away.

Lydia didn’t know what was going on, she had kept her eyes closed as the stranger had brought her to orgasm but now as she opened them all she could see was flashes of light. It took her a second to realise that the flashing was actually coming from a camera; he was taking photos of her. A new wave of humiliation washed over Lydia, she had not expected to get so degraded and abused, this was not part of her fantasy. Despite these feelings and the fear that she might not make it out of this alive, she knew the whole experience was more erotically exciting than anything she had ever even dared to dream about. Once he had finished with the camera he went back to her clitoris, it only took about five seconds before the orgasm exploded through her. The pain in her cunt was forgotten as the pleasure overwhelmed her, she barely noticed as the new lubrication allowed her to slip further onto the cone, her pussy now lewdly stretched to over two inches.

She was still enjoying the feeling of cumming when she was rudely disturbed by a new torture, the branch bit into the flesh of her tits with even more ferocity than it had done on her ass. Fresh tears sprung from her eyes and the screams resumed as the relentless whipping of her tender young tits continued; not an inch of them were left unmarked as he alternated the strokes between the top, bottom and sides of them. Large welts quickly rose where the branch had hit, bruises forming where the thicker parts of it had struck, he let the last hit fall directly on her nipples forcing one last scream out of her.

Once he had finished with her tits he allowed her to rest for a minute, then he took a knife and cut her bonds, her arms fell to her sides and her legs fell either side of the cone, the flats of her feet just about reaching the floor; she didn’t attempt to move. She watched her attacker walk over to a nearby tree and retrieve a video camera that had been filming the scene; he continued to point it at her and told her to get off the cone. Lydia pushed up onto her tip toes, wincing as the cone slid out of her abused hole. She kept her head down and didn’t look at the camera, she felt so ashamed and humiliated, a feeling that she had found she enjoyed. At full stretch she just about cleared the cone and fell forward off it, her pussy retracted slightly causing even more pain and she fell to her knees in front of the cone. He threw some duct tape in front of her and told her to fix her dress; she was quite weak but managed to run a piece of tape up the side, sealing the rip.

Lydia didn’t know why she was complying with his demands, if she tried she could probably have run away into the woods and he wouldn’t have found her, instead she followed his next command and put her dress back on, it didn’t look as sexy as before! Next, she was told to remove the tape from her mouth, then remove her thong and put it back on. Lydia complied, feeling disgusted with herself as she pulled the slimy garment up her legs, a mixture of his cum, her pussy juice and spit smearing on her thighs.

The next words from her attacker’s mouth were like music to Lydia’s ears;

“You can go now if you wish”, he said.

It was painful for her to walk but despite this she began to walk past the man. She would go to the police and her parents would come and look after her, but then he said something else.

“I am still horny though, if you’re not in any rush, I would like to have a go at fucking that tight ass?” he said in a soft tone, stopping Lydia in her tracks.

Her immediate response was to tell him to fuck off and run away, but for some reason she had to think about it. She knew that this whole thing was disgusting and perverse, she had already allowed herself to be raped by the man and then he had tortured and abused her against her will. But she couldn’t help feeling excited at the prospect, even though she knew it to be so wrong. Lydia turned to face the man and looked him in the eye, he pointed to the tree.

The rapist continued to film her as she walked back to the fallen tree, she pulled down her thong and stuffed it into her mouth; all the time looking into the camera, then she turned and bent over the tree before reaching back and pulling up the back of her dress. She clamped a hand around each ass cheek and pulled them apart, fully revealing her tight asshole.

The man replaced his camera in the tree and came up behind Lydia, he was already rubbing the end of his cock along her still gaping cunt, coating it in slime and then she felt it at her asshole. She pulled on her cheeks as hard as she could, trying to open herself up, the man pushed his cock in an inch, Lydia screeched behind her gag. As his cock slowly pushed its way inside, Lydia had to bite her lip to stop from spitting her gag out and screaming, she had never thought that it would be so painful. Despite this, she didn’t try to move or stop it, not even when he began pistoning inside her, each thrust causing her to jolt forward. It wasn’t long before he was slamming his body back and forth into her, causing agonising pain where she had been whipped earlier. Lydia felt his hot cum shoot up into her bowels and then his cock shrank and slid out of her. She stood back up and turned to face her rapist.

“I don’t want you to lose that cum, there is a stick on the floor, use it to plug your leak” he said.

Lydia gingerly bent down and picked up the stick, it was about an inch thick and three inches long, about half way down it increased to about an inch and a half. She turned back around and bent over; reaching behind she pushed the dirt covered stick into her stretched hole, she struggled to get the thicker part in but the man pushed it hard and it went in with a pop; her sphincter closing around the narrower part sealing her up. She stood back up and turned around, then removed her gag and slid her soaked thong up her legs again.

When she looked back up there was no one there, the man had disappeared and all she could see was darkness. She found her way back to the path and headed for home, contemplating what had just happened.

Once home she snuck in quietly and went up to her room and examined her body in the mirror. Her tits were bright red, accentuated by darker red lines and purple spots; her ass and the backs of her thighs were similar. She got undressed and got into bed; she had to lie on her side so as not to aggravate her injuries. She fell asleep with the stick still protruding from her ass and slept well.

There were no more attacks reported on the news and the rapes were never solved. Lydia went on with her normal life, she got a job in an office and moved into a flat with one of her friends, she had boyfriends on and off and was happy. Every so often though, she would be walking home from a club or a friend’s house, or just out for an evening stroll and he would strike. She would be raped in every hole with cocks, crowbars, branches or anything else that came to hand. She would be beaten and tortured and she would love it, then she would go home, get into bed and get on with her normal life.

Written by Lois Tyler
Edited by C. Edwards
Published 6th August 2005

6 thoughts on “A Rape Fantasy

  1. Steve

    Warped maybe but I have enacted a similar scenario with a willing girl once. Only difference is the stick went up her vagina! Enjoyed reading that and look forward to reading more. 😊 X

  2. Scott

    Not as far fetched as one imagines. As a Counselor, i have those who have been forced, taken, by one or several, and over time, the need for more grows. The sensations that a boyfriend or husband cannot give.. One becomes hooked on the need.

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